What Are Average Carpet Cleaning Prices?

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Subject: cleaning carpet

I just want to say that i started cleaning carpets ccommercialy early 1990 s and things have changed ALOT there are now very green dry cleaners that do not use caustic chemicals and are very safe for pets and people and when you consider carpet is usually less than . Inch thick. How DEEP do you need to clean. But don't get me wrong beleive when done right both steam and dry have a place thanks

Bill Yeadon

Subject: moving furniture

It all depends on the furniture. Most cleaners will move smaller objects such as end tables chairs and other items. It all depends on the company.

My suggestion is to ask when you are are booking the service. Most cleaners will never move breakable items. In other words remove lamps , knick knacks, etc from anything to be moved. Electronics, pianos, TV's are never moved due to liability issues. Most beds are never moved due to the chance of the frame being damaged.

If the company states open areas that is exactly what is cleaned,

Once again discuss this with the company before you book the service. And remember the premise "you get what you apy for."

David Hebert

Subject: moving furniture

Moving furniture is in most cases an option , you can have the cleaners move what they deem is reasonable to move or not.
The cleaners moving furniture will cost you more in most cases


Subject: Steam vs Dry Cleaning

While Dry Cleaning will take 1 hour to dry, Most Professional Steam Cleaners can have your carpets Dry in as little as 2 hours if you choose a Certified Cleaner.

As a steam cleaning Professional all I can say is that.. when I empty my waste tank and my machine pulled out 8 pounds of hair, debris and dozens of gallons of water that looks like Hershey syrup.. I dont see any chemical pulling that kind of volume of waste out of carpets and sticking it onto a bonnet. When you clean a Metal air filter you hose it out.. not wipe it down. Carpets are a Giant Air Filter. Wiping off the top layer physically cannot remove as much debris and soil as Deep Steam Extraction.

That is why I am called out to several jobs per month that a dry cleaner had cleaned only weeks before.. the bonnet cannot even pull out all of the soap that they put onto the carpets and the soap attracts dirt fast. not to mention the pounds of dirt and debris that is left at the base of the carpet yarn.

Just my professional opinion.. that's why I chose to offer steam cleaning instead of dry cleaning.


Subject: SunCal Carpet Clean

We use the Steam Cleaning method, pre vacuum, pre condition, then we steam rinse at 230 degrees, and our powerful truck mounts suck all the dirty water and access moisture back to our trucks. By the time we leave it only takes 1 to 2 hours to dry. with good ventilation.


Subject: Carpet cleaning

I think carpet cleaning is best understood using common sense, hot water extraction (steam cleaning) literately forces hot water throug somwhat high preasure jets at the end of an extracting tool. The tools used can vary, 2jets-4jets-6jets, there can be other types of tools used. pre spraying and allowing the (safe) presprey chemicals time to dwell. In short I clean carpets and floors for a living, I prefer hot water extraction. I have a preimium package that uses an extraction tool other than a traditional "carpet wand" the tool cleans and extracts using six jets and duel action extracting. My premium package includes, vacuuming hot presprey all areas to be cleaned, spot and stain perpetration, furniture blocking and moving, 6jet dule action hot water extracting tool, air movers to help in drying, deodorize and grooming. The cost is $50 per room and creates a "wow factor". Most of the time this requires 2 people and simply can't be done for less.

Another Pro

Subject: Get a Pro

The guy above is right. You need water around 190 degrees 170psi and powerful suction to really get the job done right. My company would have done 3 rooms for $99! Would have been worth the extra $40 to get it professionally done. Just sayin.


Subject: Research Shows

I must protest and agree with carpet cleaning soil removal no studies to my knowledge have been conducted about high pressure low pressure or even high volume extraction. However rigorous clinical studies have been independent and shown to support common knowledge that my Kirby deep cleans And chemically reduces allergens as well as leaves a deep clean And dirt-resistant Scotchgard as well as moisturizing the carpet to protect it for many years to come.. there are also products to neutralize pet dander allergens and odors as well as urine that can also balance the pH of your carpet if necessary. And that is backed by clinical research. Not to mention the grade of HEPA filtration.. and your carpets will be completely dry less than 1 hour after treatment.. more information to come based on future responses

Mark Dullea

Subject: Carpet Cleaning Soil Removal

In the article above, Angies List allows itself to buy into and endorse the questionable and unproven claims of the practitioners of hot water extraction cleaning. There has never to my knowledge been an evaluation of soil removal from carpet carried out by a professional and neutral testing service, such as a government or university laboratory. Such claims are simply marketing blather and cannot be substantiated. My company has been cleaning carpeting and rugs for 25 years using one or more low-moisture processes. I can't recall how many times our customers have told us that their carpets look so much cleaner from our work than from what so-called steamers were able to achieve. Plus the convenience of low-moisture/rapid-dry cannot be approached by cleaners using traditional wet methods. Our year-after-year AngiesList Straight "A" ratings back up my statements
Angies List needs to rewrite the above material.

Amanda I

Subject: best carpet cleaning service

prices vary from place to place. Most reputable cleaning companies will give you a free quote.Go here boo.vg/3HHl you will find a full guide how to select the best carpet cleaning service with the lowest price.


Subject: Carpet Cleaning

I do all my carpets myself. I have a Bissell Pro heat machine and I use Genesis 950 to clean my entire carpeting. It's $60 for 2 and a half gallons. I can do my whole house for that. On top of that I don't have to wait around for a company to show up and I can clean whenever I need to.


Subject: Pay a professional

you did ok using the Genesis 950 solution, but did you and your carpet a disservice by using that Bissell Pro Heat. It just don't have the cleaning and extraction power of professional equipment that costs tens of thousands of dollars. Not saying all professionals are good, because it still depends on the technician's experience and work ethic, but the worst carpet cleaning service will still have better equipment than what you used. Your floor should be completely dry in no more than eight hours.

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RUN, don't catwalk away !

If there is a strong urine smell, you have to assume their realtor noticed it even if they were acclimated to it and had them clean the carpets so there would be a chance of selling it. The fact there is still strong odor means it has saturated walls, run down behind baseboards, saturated carpet and mat and subfloor, etc.

Short of a total strip-down of all flooring and baseboards, shelves, mantles, etc and complete sanitizing and chlorine bleach treatment of thereby exposed surfaces followed by repainting and reflooring, you don't have a prayer of getting rid of it. If they let their cats spray and urinate in the house they probably did it all over the house, not in one area, as cats tend to want to go to the bathroom in a "clean" area, not in one fixed spot like dogs.

You are looking at probably $20,000 to get rid of the smell for sure, and even then if the house gets humid in rainy or hot sticky summer weather, the smell could come back out of subflooring, etc.

There are a lot of houses out there - I would bet you looked at this one with intent to buy because it was cheap compared to the competition - well, now you know why, and if you buy it I bet you will know why again every time you come into the house, and get run over by the same train when YOU try to sell it.

Just walk away.


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