Virginia Beach mason replaces brick step foundation

Virginia Beach mason replaces brick step foundation

When the step-off pad of Angie’s List member Brian Rechtenbaugh’s Chesapeake, Virginia, home became worn and looked aged, he decided to replace it. However, he liked the existing look of the brick foundation surrounding the cement step, so he looked into replacing the brick first.

Rechtenbaugh searched companies on Angie’s List and found four companies to provide quotes. Rechtenbaugh then hired Virginia Beach-based Johnson’s Brick Repair for the $700 job.

Even though Johnson’s had the lowest price quoted, Rechtenbaugh says his decision was ultimately based on the highly rated company’s positive reviews.

Rechtenbaugh says owner Jeffrey Johnson efficiently communicated with him through text message. “Upon calling him, rather than taking the time off from work to meet him at the house, I was able to send him pictures via text of the scope of the work, and he was able to give me a rough estimate of the projected cost based on the texted pictures,” he writes in his review of the company.

A few days later, Rechtenbaugh says Johnson and a crew of three arrived to complete the work. According to Rechtenbaugh, the Johnson’s crew built the foundation with cement and carefully measured so any rainwater would run off the step correctly.

After Johnson’s finished the work, Rechtenbaugh hired another company to pour the concrete and complete the project.

Rechtenbaugh enjoyed watching Johnson and the crew work. “My favorite part of the project was watching the teamwork involved in laying the bricks and observing how the step-off pad was created,” he says. “I would definitely hire them again. They had great teamwork and a very reasonable price.”