Is Tree Root Killer the Answer to Your Sewer Pipe Clog?

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Betty Allen

Subject: Root Clear

Will it clear a sewer pipe if it is pluged with more them roots?Also how much do you use


Subject: Angie's List articles on plumbing

So, author Justin sounds informed, but what is his expertise? Is he a horticulturalist, so we have some reason to trust his advice about trees? Is he a Master Plumber, so we have some reason to trust his advice about plumbing?

In the article about "main sewer lines" , linked to in this article, there's both a contradiction and an error. The article says in one place that homeowners are responsible for the pipes that go to the edge of their property and yet also says that they usually are responsible for the pipes that connect with the city sewer pipes. That's a contradiction.

The error is that it depends upon the city. Check your city's policy.

In the end, saying "call a plumber" isn't very helpful or something everyone wouldn't have already thought of.


Subject: Angie's List comments on articles on plumbing

So, author Amelia sounds informed, but what is her expertise? Does she think that homeowners don't know this stuff? That you can't have learned this over the years? That a hardware store person wouldn't be able to tell you this exact information? That this information somehow isn't freely available for anyone to know? Or that you need to be a horticulturalist to know about what will kill a free root? Or a Master Plumber to know that? Does she call classically trained chefs before scrambling eggs in the morning?

In the end, saying any of this isn't helpful at all. So what's the point, to reassure her ego? To feel superior?
I'll just sit here and be smug on the internet with Amelia. It's what we do.

ground drainage systems

Subject: Is a tree root killer the answer to your sewer pipe clog?

If you had a clogged Sewer, the only way to know if you had tree roots in your sewer was to dig up the pipe and inspect it and see the cause of the blockage.The way most plumbers remove tree roots in a sewer pipe is by way of a "drain snake". The drain snake has a cutting blade on the tip and when the blade arrives to the root intrusion, it will cut and rip the roots from the sewer pipe.

Charlotte Whittington

Subject: root killer

Root killer was added to my toilet pipes. Will this effect the avocados on my tree.
Are they safe to eat?


Subject: kill the roots first

Consider using aluminum chloride AlCl3 this kills the roots and the tree will die starting from the roots. To protect the iron pipe you have to go through it with a 10 to 15 feet long pex flex pipe. Apply the aluminum solt immediately after treating the draining with a 100 ft long heavy dyty snake ( rent by home depot). Cuting the culprit first (the mature tree) it isn't quick solution. Killing the roots first it is better. In one year or so the tree will die. The first sign will be the bark popping up. You have two options. Dig all the draniage and replce with PVC pipe ($8000 to $15000), or get reed of the tree. If you choose the second option you will start from the roots of the tree. Finding aluminum salt it is a chalenge. I produced it by combining aluninum scrap with hydrocloride acid. To acelerate the reaction I used a battery charger. It is very danderous, the mixture starts boiling and you might hurt yoursel or go bling. I have a BS in chemistry. If you google then you might find AlCl3 or Al2(SO4)3 salt and buy it. You need at least 10 lb. salt to treat at least 5 times with 2lb. each treatment.

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