Tired of deck maintenance, homeowner upgrades to composite

Tired of deck maintenance, homeowner upgrades to composite

The maintenance ritual became tiresome. Every few years, Angie’s List member Charles Lance set aside time to sand, stain and occasionally replace rotten wood on the multi-level, cedar-wood deck that accompanied an in-ground pool in his Georgetown, Texas backyard. “I didn’t want to spend my free time doing it,” he says.

He occasionally paid someone to do the work for him. Either way, maintaining the deck was tedious and cost him precious leisure time or $500 for work that would only need to be repeated in two or three years.

So Lance decided to replace the entire deck with composite material, a job completed last January after researching the material, getting estimates to complete the work and provider references.

The $26,000 cost was a steep investment, but worthwhile to Lance. “I don’t have to worry about rotting and morphing boards,” Lance says. “You don’t have to stain it at all. I just have to hose it down and sweep it off.”

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Member Charles Lances says replacing his multi-level cedar deck with composite material means less time spent on maintenance. (Photo couresy of member Charles Lance) (Photo by )

Lance thanks highly rated Austin Deck Co. of Austin, Texas, for the transformation. He selected the company after reading member reviews on Angie’s List. “I liked the comments [members made] about their reputation and working with their customers,” he says. “Abe [Oeltjen] was the contact person that we dealt with and he was easy to work with. He never promised anything that he did not do.”

In addition to demolishing the old deck and building a new multi-level deck with all composite material, Lance says the provider enlarged the size of one deck, reduced the number of benches and made one bench larger. Lance says he’s very impressed with the employees’ workmanship.

“The corners [on the deck] are perfect,” he says. “The crew worked hard to make the deck a beautiful addition to our backyard.”