Tips for reporting unresponsive contractors

Tips for reporting unresponsive contractors

by Angie Hicks

Dear Angie: Last May, we hired a contractor to replace our concrete driveway.  He did a very nice job, but we now have a medium sized crack near our entry door that is difficult to ignore. Others have pointed it out as well. We spoke to the contractor who set up an appointment, but then was a no show. He rescheduled after we called him again, but again was a no show.

We have since left several messages on his cell phone, emailed him, and left a message on his business line. No response. This contractor is listed on Angie’s List. Aside from making a formal complaint through your site, do I have any recourse to get him to repair this unsightly crack? – Theda J., Milwaukee.

Dear Theda: It seems you’re having quite a tough time getting a hold of this contractor. The first thing I always recommend doing is what you’ve already done: put your complaint in writing. By emailing or even sending a letter through the mail, you’ll have a written and dated record of your account of what has happened to the driveway.

If you find that the contractor continues to ignore you – or won’t work with you on a solution – I encourage you to file a report with Angie’s List about your experience. We notify service providers when they are first reported on to us and encourage them to monitor their reports. If your driveway contractor sees your report, he or she could be propelled into action to protect the company’s reputation.

If you choose to submit a report on this contractor to Angie’s List and you assign a grade of C or lower, our Complaint Resolution Service team will reach out to you to offer our help – it comes free as part of your membership. This is a process in which a complaint resolution specialist will go to bat for you and encourage the contractor to resolve your issue.

Our CRS team is great at reviving communication. We find that most contractors care about their reputation and are willing to work to resolve issues to the satisfaction of our members.

Angie Hicks is the founder of Angie’s List, a provider of reviews you can trust on contractors, doctors, dentists and other service professionals. More than 1 million consumers across the U.S. use Angie’s List to help make tough hiring decisions easier.


Cletus Valvecore

Subject: Incompetent Contractor

We are not members of Angie's List but have had dealings with a contractor who claims he's listed. Unfortunately, these dealings have been far from satisfactory.
My question is how do we file a report with your organization so others may avoid being subjected to unprofessional conduct?

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