Tips for Driveway Stain Removal

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Sheila Kristof

Subject: Sand stain

A sand that hardens was used for the border of bricks of my new asphalt driveway A lot of the sand remained on the asphalt itself. How should I tackle the stain? It does not brush or wash off. I would very much appreciate your advice.
Sheila Kristof

H. Edwards

Subject: Tire black stains

Does anyone have a suggestion on removing old long standing stains from tire shine sprays? They have left four ugly spots on my driveway right where the four tires sit when the car is washed.

C Barrett

Subject: Driveway cleaning

I have found that putting some sand on the affected area will absorbe the oil. I just put sand (dirt) on the oil spot and leave it.
A couple of days later I just sweep it away.

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I am facing just such a project and have received a number of bids (all from Angie's List reviewed contractors). The lowest bid was a bit over $5/sq ft and the highest was about $9/sq/ft for my 630 sq ft driveway in Rockford, IL. 

Generally about $1-3/SF (note - measured by SF, not SY) - $1 range is for a 1 to 1/2-2 inch overlay, $2.50-3.00 range normal for two 2" layers for a new driveway or a rebuild (remove and replace) you really want to last.

Most people pay around $2/SF for a 2-3" thickness.


If the state requires a contractor's license, then he needs to have a license in each state he intends to work in - plus state/local business licenses as applicable.


This does not mean there are not a lot of contractors who cross state lines without proper licensing - the penalties in may cases are not real severe and are just a fine, not criminal, so many take the chance.


As you say - argh  - many contractors are not really businessmen and have zero legal education, so many people get burned.