Take care of termites in your Los Angeles home

Take care of termites in your Los Angeles home

Termites are small insects that live within the earth or your home. They survive by feasting on the wood of trees, timber and the wooden elements in your home. Silent and stealthy, they can be incredibly destructive to your home. Found throughout the United States, they regularly invade Los Angeles homes.

These wood-eating insects can enter your LA home through the ground. Because they dine on wood, they can come in through any space where the wood comes in direct contact with the ground. They can also build mud tunnels to reach wood that is above grade. When attempting to determine if termites might be in your house, look closely at deck posts and porch steps, as these are common entry points. Other species of this insect can  enter through crevices in any wood part of your home.

Though there are many species of termites, there are two types commonly found in Los Angeles. Subterranean termites enter through the ground or mud tunnels. Drywood termites will find an opening anywhere in the wood of your home, seal themselves inside the crevice and go to work. Experienced pest control specialists throughout the Los Angeles area know how to treat both kinds of termites and can take care of the problem for you.

Check Angie’s List to find highly rated Los Angeles exterminators who can help get your termite infestation under control. Angie’s List member Gerald Ament recently chose highly rated Center Termite & Pest Control Inc. of Lynwood, Calif., after seeing signs of an infestation in the wooden beams in his living room ceiling.

“They arrived on time and did a thorough inspection of my entire home, confirmed that there were termites in the ceiling beams as well as signs of termites in an upstairs window sash and the attic,” Ament says. “I made an appointment for the next week to have the job done.”

Termites can cause substantial damage to any home. Dining on the wood structure of your home, they can seriously compromise the strength of wood beams and structures, as in Ament’s case. A standard size wooden beam can easily be snapped in half after a termite colony has spent some time eating the cellulose in the wood. Don’t take chances by delaying treatment. At the first sign of infestation, call for professional pest control services.

Unlike problems with ants or fleas, termites are far more than a nuisance. They pose a threat to your home itself. The sooner treatments are rendered, the safer and more secure your home will be. Professionals can often treat the problem more quickly and far more effectively than you can on your own.

Ament says his termite issue was immediately addressed, and the treatment was effective.

“Center personnel arrived on time and set about eradicating the termite nests using their nontoxic local chemical applications,” he says. “This involved drilling small holes into the beams and window sash. They thereafter covered the small holes and were able to match the stain in the beams.”

Preventing termites from infesting your home can begin with cleaning the areas around your home. Wood debris should be removed or stacking it nicely on an elevated surface. Ideally, firewood should be stacked 6 inches off the ground and at least 6 inches away from your foundation.

Seal all exterior cracks and crevices with caulk, and pay careful attention to the areas around windows and doors. Check the foundation to be sure that all openings for wires and pipes are fully sealed. Keep things dry. Dripping pipes can attract insects, so inspect the house thoroughly to be sure that everything is clean, dry and well-maintained.

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