Is Surveying Your Property Worth the Cost?

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michael tarpey

Subject: my lot points picked up and marked

I think my neiboir has put his fence up in my yard.
He clams its in his yard. I need something to prove one way or other.

Michael Tarpey

Joshua Dalmacio

Subject: Boundary survey

Arizona boundary survey depending on the terrain and the local surveyors knowledge of the area can range from 600 to 2000. It's always best to get multiple estimates as you may run into a surveyor who has done the majority of the work already.

Charlene Williams

Subject: Boundary surveyor needed

Need my boundary clarification, mainly on one side of property, where stakes were removed.


Subject: Land Survey costs

For a small residential Lot, of a subdivision Block, within the County of Sacramento, CA, the cost can be approximately $5000-$7000. The cost goes up from there. Maybe there was a Survey completed down the street recently which measured out the entire Block which you are a part of. The cost could come down around the $2500 mark for what is called a Corner Record. However, your Lot may have been surveyed in the past and property corners were set. The cost can be as low as $400 to recover the existing previously set markers.

Chad Thundercock

Subject: Survey

Average cost nation wide is about 900


Subject: land survey

$275? Here in California I'm looking for a land surveyor and the proposal is ~$2000 !! wayyyy up

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