Snow removal work leaves garage door damage

Snow removal work leaves garage door damage

COMPLAINT: Judey Wolfsberger, Aurora, Ohio

"I hired The Friedler Co. in Twinsburg to snowplow my driveway. During the course of the winter, they damaged my stone wall, dug up landscape lights, bent the base of my basketball net and put a dent in two panels of my garage door with the snowplow blade. I wrote the company, and [president] Scott Friedler agreed to fix the damage. After calling twice, he sent two men out that fixed everything but my garage door. I wrote Scott again to remind him of the garage door, but I haven't heard anything."

DESIRED RESOLUTION: "I would like the two damaged panels on my garage door fixed."

COMPANY RESPONSE: Scott Friedler, president

"We made two requests to a local garage door company to contact the member, and assess and repair the damage at our expense. The contact apparently hasn't been made. As a result of this, we have asked the member to obtain two quotes for the repair. We will pay for the repair or reimburse her - whichever she prefers."

STATUS: Resolved

Editor's note: Wolfsberger informs Angie's List that she did receive a check from the company to reimburse her for the garage door repair.

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