Should You Pressure Wash Siding?

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Subject: Power washing residential homes

Im in the process of starting a residential exterior washing company and one of the obstacles im having is water. Some people say that you can hook up to the home owners water and do it that way. Others are saying buy a machine with a tank so you dont use the home owners water. If i hooked up to the homeowners water i wouldnt be charging for the use of water. Should i offer a discount for water hookup or no. Thanks everyone

Jared Greene

Subject: Water supply & advice

Most professional power washers utilize a "buffer tank" which is a holding tank between the water supply and the equipment. This ensures that the machine is properly supplied at all times. Also, many professionals have equipment that the home owner's water supply simply can't keep up with (for example, as a professional power washing contractor, I run a hot water skid unit that produces 8.5gpm/3,000. The average residential water supply in my market is 5.5gpm. So, when you see a power washing contractor that has a water tank, it's likely a buffer tank, NOT just water to be used on a specific house. For an average 1500 square foot house, you will use between 350-500 gallons of water. The wear and tear on your vehicle to carry 500 gallons of water is immense, not to mention additional fuel costs for hauling 4,000 lbs behind your truck in water alone.
Water usage rates in my market are .004 cents per gallon. So if my services utilize 500 gallons, it will cost the home owner $2. My average ticket price is roughly $300. I have never personally had one of my clients say anything about water usage. But I imagine if they were anything less than pleased with the amount of water I used, I would likely discount their invoice by $4 to cover double the amount of water I used in an effort to keep them happy.
Please remember, simply purchasing professional grade equipment does NOT make you a professional. That's the same mentality as going to a Home Improvement store and purchasing an axe and considering yourself a lumberjack. There are SERIOUS factors to be considered such as OSHA, HAZMAT Regs, chemistry, water dynamics, and the extensive experience necessary to know the results of professional grade solutions and the manner in which they react with different substrates. Professional power washers are literally responsible for the care and maintenance of their client's biggest personal investment, their home. When a landscaper cuts grass too short, the grass browns and then comes back within a couple of weeks. When an amateur power washer makes a mistake, replacing siding will cost tens of thousands of dollars. That brings me to the fact that professionals ALWAYS carry general liability insurance coverage from a respected agent in the power washing industry to protect their clientele and themselves. Personally, I post a copy of my general liability insurance coverage on my website each time it renews to show my clientele that I AM insured. This offers them peace of mind in knowing that they are protected should an incident occur. However, most professionals do not make mistakes that would cause damage to a client's property. This is also the largest advantage of low-pressure house washing (aka "soft washing).

- J. Greene
Professional Power Washing Contractor


Subject: Power washing discount

I would say yes to providing a discount for using homeowner water. Our water/sewer rates have increased dramatically so finding a home washer that provides option of own water (or discount for using ours) would be an incentive to hire. Good luck with your business!

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It is obvious that some folks have no clue what they are looking at in that picture I posted earlier. That is a low pressure (100psi) detergent application. Hasn't even begun the rinse process. Not a final product. An "action" shot DURING the process.

Poster has zero clue. Anyone needing a scaffold or ladder for that job simply knows nothing of the washing industry nor its common practices.

We are Memebrs of UAMCC and PWRA. Have the largest subscriber base on my youtube channel dedicated to teaching pressure washing contractors. 


We wash over 1000 houses per year. All safely with low pressure and with feet firmly on the ground. Most Angie's list reviews and Super Service Awards in our area.



Again, be sure to hire a Pressure Washing Company and not a lawncare or painter. While some may be capable, in our experience, generally NOT the case as proven in this very thread.


May sound harsh, but the truth quite often is.