Should I change dentists?

Should I change dentists?

Altering a professional relationship, especially with a health care professional like your dentist, can be stressful — yet sometimes necessary. If you are unhappy with your current dental situation, it might be time for a change. Fortunately, Chicago offers a wide range of highly rated dental professionals.

Six reasons to change dentists:

  1. Relocation: If it becomes a burden to visit your dentist due to the location of the office, it might be time to look for a new dentist.
  2. Time insensitive: If you consistently have to wait longer than 20 minutes each time you have an appointment, change dentists. A dental office is a business, so the professionals there should respect your time. The patient’s time is just as valuable as the dentist’s.
  3. Incompetence: Most dentists pride themselves on the quality of their work. However, there are times when the repairs aren’t good enough. If you think your dentist is performing unsatisfactory work, it’s time for a change. The trick is finding a new dentist who is willing to correct or complete the work started by another.
  4. Unprofessional behavior: It may be rare, but dentists are human, and some occasionally engage in behavior that is less than professional. A patient has the right to expect a dental professional to be trustworthy and reliable, especially since the dentist-patient relationship is so intimate. There may be times that you can’t control the situation, such as when you are under the influence of anesthesia.
  5. Billing irregularities: If you feel like your medical bills don’t reflect the work completed, or they deviate from a predetermined price, it might be time to seek a new dentist.
  6. License revocation: You always want to make sure your dentist has a valid license provided by the state of Illinois. Dental licenses can be verified using the Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Regulation website.

The best way to find a great dentist is to check patient reviews, and consult friends and family. Angie’s List has consumer reviews on thousands of highly rated dentists in the Chicago area.