Should I Buy a Car from a Dealership or Private Seller?

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Pamela P

Subject: Sketchy "private dealer"

My boyfriend is looking for a car and he came across this guy named "Kurk" selling a car, and claiming that he has a "private company." My bf has been exchanging words and numbers with the guy, negotiating with him. Although, when it comes to the day of meeting with him about the car, my bf asked him about the name of his company, and whether the car was titled under his name, he replied, "why?" ....To me, that's very weird and sketchy because if he was an honest man, he would've answered without hesitation. HELP! I don't want him to get scammed or anything like that and end up with a hoopty, or the car breaks down when he's about to leave with it, or even worse the car is stolen or something. Is this guy trust worthy?

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Personally, I would never spend the money on a new car, regardless of any incentives offered.  Nor would I ever buy a used car from an individual.  You never know what is under the hood...

I would find a reputable dealership and look for a certified pre-owned vehicle that has a clear carfax report, and a make/model that is highly rated by Consumers Report or another reputable source.  I'm going thru that process right now. I'm taking my time until the right vehicle comes up for sale thru a dealership I trust.   


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