Service ratings, reviews keep Angie's List fresh

Service ratings, reviews keep Angie's List fresh

Reports from consumers like you are the lifeblood of Angie's List. Fresh stories of your experiences with service companies make our ratings a true and timely snapshot of how well, or how poorly, a company is delivering for its customers.

So we're always grateful when we hear from you — whether you report online at our website, through our call center, or through the postal service.

We understand how busy everyone is. I don't always remember to report on the hires I make either. So we all need an occasional reminder that it's important not just to check the reviews and ratings on Angie's List, but to submit reports afterward.

I spend a lot of time talking about how consumers can get the best service and alerting them to important trends. That information doesn't come to me in a dream: it comes straight from Angie's List members' experiences and service companies' expertise.

I was the only employee at Angie's List for a long time. I collected and compiled all the reports and I put the magazine together, too. While I'm not on the front lines anymore, I still keep a close eye on things.

The other day, for example, I came across a report on a Columbus plumbing company from Steve Miller, a member since 2001. Steve has set a high bar for us all. He routinely submits reports, he covers a lot of categories and he tells a great story.

The one that caught my eye was a recent case where he called a plumber he'd already used (and reported favorably on) to buy and install a water heater for $800. Months later, the heater wasn't working. It was the weekend, but he was surprised that his call went unanswered. So he called again. Again, no return call.

Frustrated, he found another plumber on Angie's List, who charged him $179 to tell him he needed to order a new part. Come Monday, the phone rang and it was the owner of the first plumbing company. The owner apologized for not responding and asked if the work was still available.

"I was pleased he'd taken the time to try to rectify the situation, but he went even further," Steve says. "He paid for my service call to the other company, and he came out and installed the part for free. Now that's good customer service."

We're thrilled to have members like Steve who really get the whole concept of Angie's List. He's reported spending as little as $42 and as much as $9,990 in categories including doctors, dentists, handymen, appliance repair, chimney sweeping, masonry, painting, gutter repair, water softeners, electricians, tree service and gas grill repair.

As Steve puts it: "You're so much in the dark without Angie's List. The only way the service works is for us to submit reports. I report because when I find someone great — or awful — I want to let people know about it."

If I was still living in Columbus and I had a plumbing issue, thanks to Steve, I know who I'd call for help. He's clearly doing his part to keep Angie's List vibrant and fresh. Are you?

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