Selling your home means selling a lifestyle

Selling your home means selling a lifestyle

Selling a home and selling a lifestyle go hand in hand. At the end of each day, most people just want to come home from a long day, relax and have fun! Life is stressful enough. 

The trend in homes for 2014 is to create that nurturing outdoor space that fulfills you with the lifestyle you desire. The same is true when selling your home. Buyers are not only buying your home but they are buying the lifestyle it portrays. 

A recent analysis was performed to determine how many houses for sale were “perfect for entertaining.” About two percent of houses on the market had that claim – up 15 percent from 2012. The top five metro areas with listings using that phrase were Los Angeles, Denver, Dallas, Phoenix and Houston. The most common entertainment feature was the deck. It goes to show, people love outdoor spaces.

While most homes around the country can’t compete with homes in Los Angeles that have outdoor kitchens and swim-up bars, you’ve got to take what you’ve got and turn into a place that’s “perfect for entertaining.” 

It’s evolved over time, but in most of today’s real estate markets, buyers are looking for outdoor spaces that reflect more casual get-togethers. A home with a kitchen that walks out to a fun patio or deck is what most homebuyers want today – especially if you are selling in the spring or summer markets. 

Here are two ideas to help you create or enhance the “perfect for entertaining” outdoor lifestyle look buyers want, no matter what your price range or location:

Determine if you have an outdoor lifestyle “wow” factor. If not, you can create one. What do you envision there? Look online or in magazines if you need some inspiration.

Take that idea to the next level. Make sure your table and chairs are freshly painted or stained. Buy a new, colorful umbrella and open it up. Get some bright cushions and pillows for your chairs. Add some ambience. Don’t overdo it, but create the magazine look you love. 

Remember, when you’re selling your home, it’s show time and you’ve got one chance to make a first impression. If necessary, hire a great home stager to create a look for you that sells.

Selling your home that offers a lifestyle and fun atmosphere makes more sense than selling the square footage and a four-ton central air conditioning unit. When your buyers are swept off their feet by envisioning living a lifestyle they can imagine for themselves, they will buy your home faster and will pay you more money for it every time.

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