San Diego flooring company takes kitchen tile outdoors

San Diego flooring company takes kitchen tile outdoors
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It’s common for homeowners to use similar cabinets and tile in a kitchen, bathroom, family room or bar area. Angie’s List members Larry and Terre Laske of San Diego took that concept one step further. They wanted to add the porcelain tile they used in their kitchen onto their patio, two years after the kitchen flooring had been laid.

Fortunately for them, highly rated Metro Flooring of San Diego was still able to order the tile. Even though the tile cost more than it did two years before, Terre says their salesman sold it to them for the price they paid back then. The hard part wasn’t over, though.

Terre says she and Larry wanted the patio’s layout pattern to match the pattern used in the kitchen and flow seamlessly outdoors. That required careful attention to the tiles’ color variations during installation. Otherwise, they would have groups of all grayish or reddish tiles on the patio, Terre explained. Before they could lay any of the tile, the workers also had to waterproof the concrete patio, she says.

“I was very impressed by the two guys doing the work,” Terre says in her review. “They completely understood what we wanted, and knew what they were doing.” Terre says Metro Flooring doesn’t typically install outdoor floors. Nonetheless, the owner assured her that the tile was commercial grade and he guaranteed the workmanship with a six-month warranty.

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