Salon and client can’t settle their bad hair day

Salon and client can’t settle their bad hair day

Member complaint

I went to the Jo’ Paris Salon & Spa in Scottsdale, Ariz., to have my by hair colored by stylist Bethany Betz.

She attempted to color my hair, but only did half the job, then charged my credit card the full amount and told me she’d finish another day. Before doing the job, she assured me I’d get a refund if she couldn’t do it correctly. When I got home, I got upset over the halfway attempt and bad quality of the color. I went to the salon to complain and get a refund, but they refused. The stylist then called me and said she wouldn’t refund the money or fix the color and to not come back in. Jo’ Paris does not support their customers. I found another salon and they said it was the worst color attempt they’d seen. Now I have to dispute the charge with my credit card company. I want a $170 refund.

James Miller, Scottsdale

Provider response

I’m glad the member found a salon she likes. However, it’s important that all the facts are stated. Before the client came in I had a thorough consultation with her daughter who used to be a stylist, about the condition of your hair and goal of the appointment. The virgin, untreated hair was very fine and dark and had broken pieces. I told them I could lighten the base, but the highlights would have to be done gently at first so the hair wouldn’t get further damaged. We did the service and the client said she was happy and her hair felt great. I offered to put in a few more foils so it appeared blonder, but she declined. A week later, I followed up and the client did want additional highlights and a pedicure. I made the appointment, but she didn’t show up and when I called said she’d be another 30 minutes. I told the client we needed to reschedule and she got upset and said I ruined her hair. She never mentioned this before. After more rude remarks she said she’d come back in a few days. I confirmed the appointment, but she showed up a day early. When the front desk told her it was scheduled the next day, she caused a huge scene and laid on the front couch for an hour and complained. She had to be asked twice to sit up. After this I emailed the client and said I was no longer comfortable having her as a client. She called the company owners and then sent her husband in to harass our front desk staff. This is a professional salon and I stand behind my work and won’t be bullied.

Myriam Ovarnine, owner



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