The Real Cost of a New Roof

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Subject: Roofers

I live in Florida and there is no way I would be on the roof replacing it unless it was winter time. These guys work their a's off in the heat or cold. They will not turn down a job because of anything other than rain and still will get around that too. These guys deserve to get paid like anyone else. Its funny how you can get an attorney that rips you off for $300 to talk b.s but that same attorney will nickel dime the roofer. You want to get paid for your job well so does everyone else so shut up and pay them. Don't want to get ripped off get 5 or 6 estimates go somewhere in the middle. For the cheap one that takes the lowest bid good luck you will call the better guy to fix your problems.


Subject: Comparison of Metal Roof Manufacturers

Contractor ladies and gentlemen....
Do you folks have any insight as to whose metal sheeting is best for standing seam *aluminum* roofing (in particular, PVDF coated)? Some names I have seen include MBCI, Firestone, Pac-Clad (Petersen Aluminum), and Whirlwind. Are they all the same? Or is there a standout in terms of quality? Also, with respect to the PVDF, is there any difference between Trinar, Duranar or Fluropon or the house-formulated versions? I'm looking at putting on a roof relatively soon in Wilmington NC. Of course I should ask the guys bidding on my work, but I always like to gather unbiased opinions from folks like you as well. Thanks in advance!!! GJ


Subject: Standing Seam & Kynars

The standing seam systems you've mentioned are all excellent. You may want to consider using a steel substrate unless you are within a mile of a coastal area. The aluminum substrate is very good for corrosion resistance in a salt air environment but you will simply overpay if you are inland.

The paints you mentioned are both Fluoropolymers (Kynars). Trinar is simply the trade name for the AKZO Nobel paint and Duranar is the PPG brand name. They are all excellent and will perform to your expectations. But, you may want to consider having your home stand out. There are decorative coatings available that will give your home an exceptional look. Call Petersen Aluminum in Atlanta and ask them to send you information on decorative finishes from their supplier Steelscape. You will like them.


Subject: Crooked contractors

I've learned that large contracting companies are a bunch of scammers I called a company to fix the piping of my wood burner because water was leaking from it and they sent a couple of Albainian roofers who came to my house and told me I needed a whole new roof because they can see nails protruding from the shingles I had my roof done 2 years ago and experienced clowns like this before I paid $6,500 to rip 2 roofs and replace it from my high ranch single family home so what did I do about these clowns , I called the New York State department of consumer affairs which sent an investigator to my house and set up another visit from that company with an investigator on the scene and guess what ,that company failed their test and was fined $10,000 for fraud . What I learned is that the big companies are usually untrustworthy where as small buisnesses a fair and trustworthy shop around my friends.


Subject: Roof in Nashua,NH

Just had my roof finished today. 12 square for $5,400
That included ripping off one layer and installing 6' feet
of ice shield along bottom front and back, deposal of old
shingles, ridge vent and flashing around vent pipe.
Roof was a simple 26'x42' Ranch with a 6/12 pitch.
Contractor been in business for 40 years and did it
with his Son in 2 days ... about 16 hours total.


Subject: Price

That is a very high price it should have been no more 4800 but u seem happy thats what matters


Subject: Roofing question

What would anyone consider the cost difference in hand-nailed vs. gun-nailed roof installation. I contracted for $10,500 for a 32sq tear off, re-roof. Then the installer asked for an $1,800 material supplement after the job was completed thereby increasing the job cost by $1,800. This job was not hand-nailed as promised and I need to know what would be a fair cost difference.


Subject: Roofing Question

Hand nailing simply takes more time. Cost for loose nails is less than nails for coil gun. It does however take some skill to hand nail and be competent. However I have never charged extra to hand nail. It's slower but some folks want that extra touch. $1800 seems excessive to me even if I did charge extra for that service

Ramiro Garcia

Subject: im a 25year expenerience roofern remodeler.

If the roof was a 1story house ,n just tearoff and install new30lb felt, DLMetal drip edge, 20"valley flashing on 2valleys,n 30years shingles, starter strips about4pipe vents flashing,3/4roof air vents, hauloff all trash clean up to. Total cost about$7800.00 materials and labor.. Rami G. Texas's.


Subject: what??? hand nailing vs. gun nailing???

So I'm guessing your $10,500 job.... was the cheapest bid you got... What was the next highest one?? That breaks down to $328/sq minus roughly $130/sq for materials leaves $100/sq to rip and $100/sq to install... hhhmmmm Where'd he get rid of them???? How many people? I don't know any legitimate company that would even do that job with air guns for that price let alone hand nail everything???? or at least any legitimate company that has insurance and legitimate employees Also,,, Was there any bad rotten sheathing that needing to be replaced after they ripped the roof?? Maybe you should have researched BEFORE you hired them... Did you ask for references?? Ask for proof of insurance?? Ask how much experience??? or did you only ask "How cheap can you do it for?" If so... then you got what you paid for. inexperience,,, at an inexperienced price.

Joe P from Denver

Subject: What my Roof Cost

I had 21.21 Squares of roof. I got 4 estimates for tear off and replacement with Owens Corning impact resistant Duration Shingles.

Lowest bid was $9,423. With $55 per sheet for decking replacement. They replaced 4 sheets around a chimney. Highest bid was for $12,389. Took them two days for 7-8 guys and the roof looks flawless. Tear off required carrying all waste down 8 stairs to sidewalk and it is a two story home. And shingles had to be hand loaded on roof since crane wouldn't reach.

So that is $444.27/square.

Jason Fibish

Subject: Cost of living?

I did a quick calculation of the cost per square (before I saw you had it calculated below) and decided I needed to pack up my family and move to your area. :0 That it significantly above the national average, for a Duration shingle (around here, Duration/ Tru Def, is my second favorite). I don't know the particulars of your roof, nor the cost of living increase in Colorado over every other area, but for a single layer flat (4/12 to 7/12) roof, with new flashing everywhere, ice and water shield, new drip edge, wood replacement included, new pipe collars, and hauling everything away, in my area it would cost between $4,500 and $6,400 (that's between $200 and $300 per square). For the price given you, my company could install a super premium shingle (hatteras, super shangle, landmark TL). For a 25 mile radius of me though, cost of living is low. We as roofers are closer to $200-$250 for a standard 1-2 story (walkable) roof. Go a little bit further (Charlottesville, Harrisonburg, or past that to Richmond) and the standard is $250-$300 per square.

With all that said, Not all roofers calculate strictly by the square. The amount of square is important so you know how much material to purchase, but there are other factors. What I find most important to measuring a roof, is climbing on the roof itself. I would be weary of anyone who give you an estimate from the ground. Either they assuming that all your roof decking is in good shape, as well as your flashings, penetrations, and structural integrity, or they don't intend to deal with that stuff anyway. Since I pay my guys by the square, I do calculate that amount + material + dump fees, as a base rate. I then add how much me as a company wants to make. That amount can also depend on who I am contracting too (I refuse to make a profit as a company, on church buildings for example). it also includes the cost of insurances (workers comp and liability). The average amount is between $500 and $3000. I then calculate in my time consuming tasks. Is it super steep. is the landscaping going to be a pain to protect. Does the roof have 50 different planes. Do I have to hand carry in every bundle from across the street. (the most difficult job I've done here, cost the homeowner about $294 per square).

While the lowest price is not always from the best contractor, the same must be said about the highest price. I've lost jobs to contractors charging a few thousand more then me, that have no business up on a roof. I've also lost contracts to guys who use Mexican crews (not racist...they are indeed from Mexico), pay them half what I pay my guys, and in turn can charge $1000-$2000 less. While I hesitate to say someone in my area will provide the same quality as I do, for the same price or less, I am not naive enough to believe that another roofer out there doesn't love roofing as much as I do, knows as much as I do, and will charge any price to get the contract, just to feed his family. Disclaimer: I do feel there is NO ONE who can put on a better asphalt, GACO, epdm, cedar, or synthetic slate roof then me and my guys.

What I'm getting at; without know how much gas or groceries cost in your neck of the woods, or if you have a standing seam copper roof attachment, or even 10 skylights, I can't say your quotes are unreasonable. I will say to not look at bids as being high or low, but look at them to see what each offers. Who has the best workmanship warranty/ guarantee. Who has better references. Who do you feel good about when talking to them (I'm biased here as I don't use salesmen). While price will almost always be a factor, don't let it be the deciding factor.

Jason Fibish


Subject: Keeping cost down

Is there a way to keep the cost of a new roof down? Will buying the materials and having the roof already torn down for the roofers be worth it to keep my costs down?

carol zivanovich

Subject: roofing question

I know roofing is a roof job but I was just given a bill for $1696 additional wood for my house it is approx 1500 sq ft house with roof dims. I am a first time homeowner old house with roof leaks no doubt needed much work got quote of $6950 but now this the work they did so far looks very tight had to replace a lot of fascia and know undecking but the killer was 288 ft of plywood decking at $3.50 which was $1, would have been nice if this guy to gave me a heads up when they did the teardown...I am a senior citizen, disabled and this cleans me out still have to come up with final installment of $2085..I know it is too late but how do ifnthey are being honest with me..what questions can I ask this is first home I ever owned and it has me in the poor house after 4 yrs....I am not accusing anyone but before I write out these cks I need to know if it is reasonable and customary...All my gutteers are missing...when the replaced the fascia they don't put them back I was told....all my under soffets is hanging off the city inspector said the decent thing to have does is at least nail the hanging have to replace my missing gutters I am desperate for younger brother used to help me but he died a few years ago and I am lost...please help me!!!!


Subject: I just paid $7,800 for a tear

I just paid $7,800 for a tear off on my 47 Sq house. I got a material list from the roofer and I shopped around for the lowest price on the GAF shingles that I wanted and had them delivered. The company had 5 guys and insurance and finished in 2 days.

PM feller

Subject: 7800 tear off

If they tore off/shingled the house for that price, the contractor made $4,900 profit and each guy made an average of $280 a day. At least that's what it appears to be. How much did u pay for all materials total? My guess is you paid a total of $300 per square for labor and materials which is not bad....


Subject: roofers

Roofers think they're are doctors - and want to charge you as such. Don't be scammed or fooled by high prices for menial labor. If you do the math some want $50 a man hour for banging nails in!!!!! My cardiologist doesn't charge that much for an office visit!!! And I'm SURE his training and his INSURANNCE is far more than any roofer or roofing company. They're high-fiving as you wite the check! SHOP AROUND

Jeremiah Sickler

Subject: Don't hire a contractor

Where I'm from insurance companies pay around three hundred dollars per 100 square feet or square, you can get materials for around 100 a square.
So you find a contractor, who want to charge at least the 300 the insurance company is willing to pay. You award them the job, they find out what color you want and make a phone call and order all your materials from sometimes the same company that has the dumpster he's also gotta order, who delivers materials and dumpster at the same time.
Then he finds a crew to do the work, requires them to have their own insurance and tools, and pays them anywhere from fifty to a hundred a square. He never sets foot on the ladder, picks up a piece of debris, or breaks a sweat and makes probably twice the money the guys doing the actual work do. Order your own materials and dumpster, there's showrooms at the supply house and salesmen who are more than happy to help you get it all ordered and delivered to the roof of your house, and they may even know of a roofing crew who would love to do the job, or place an ad somewhere looking for one, they usually make fraction of what the contractor was going to charge.
Don't hire anyone who you couldn't ever see being a roofer, or seems a little too anxious, or just doesn't make you feel completely comfortable about it. You should be able to tell who knows what they're doing and who knows how to talk about it.
Best chances are the guy you want to do a good job for you will make a few bucks more and wanna go the extra mile to please you. You'll probably come out ahead financially as well. And probably actually know the name of the guy who's covering your biggest investment.

Do I Look Tired To You?

Subject: $50 dollars per hour / Why not Try D.I.Y

The mistake you're making is we do not just bang nails in, that is only a small proportion of the job. We are experts at roofing, and and even better experts on judging people and pricing their jobs, and, after my judging you by your post above, I/we would unknown to you decide to refuse to work for you at the order pricing stage, using some good excuse such has recommending that "You should get at least three or four estimates, ten would be better, then afterwards DO get back to us. What you don't know and would never guess is: We do not want your business, trade or order. Good workers like us are also experts at walking away from jobs, we also know roofing can be fun if you can get rid off the dead beat clients who ring playing big shots trying to save $500,00,

PM feller

Subject: Cardiologists

I have news for you but your cardiologist makes a hell of a lot more than fifty an hour!! Try $300 an hour!! What you pay at the counter is not what they make. Plus you are actually with the doc for 15 minutes not an hour. Don't forget what your insurance pays or your public assistance pays. You are very misinformed. Roofing businesses pay through the roof ( well played) for insurance and workers comp. Please do your research. If you don't think that roofers deserve good money then bring your booty up on a roof and give it a shot. We will see what you think after a 12hr day in 90* heat. Have a great day!!


Subject: Seriously?

Everyone wants a deal, that's a part of life, but roofing is not a menial task, otherwise you and everyone else could do it. The work (if done right) is tough and there are many steps to follow. You can look a video and get the gist of how it is done; however, not doing certain aspects the right way can kill a roof. I've seen tear offs needing to be done on 7 year roofs because the ice and water shield and felt were not properly installed and the drip lines on the Architecturals were not stepped out correctly, I could go on and on , but the point is the roof of a house is the barrier between you and Mother Nature, don't skimp or cheap out on your largest investment, Doctors are over pricing everyone and getting away with it and they don't work nearly as hard as a roofer.


Subject: Menial labor

My uncle, an experienced DIYer, was just cleaning gutters on his roof and fell off, breaking his back and ended up in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Eventually died from complications of fall. It was "menial labor" that cost him his freedom and everyone else's who cared for him. Too cheap to hire a roofer to do the job despite pleas from my aunt. Can only imagine the danger "real" roofers face daily.


Subject: ignorance

It's not important until you have pots and bowls catching water during a storm jackass

raul madrigal

Subject: thats wrong

where do you get 50 dollars a man hour. your cardiologist works in ac and doesn't carry 85 pound bundles up ladder all day long 110 degree weather. I have seen a lot of homeowners greedy try doing thereself thinking not hard and charge to much end up calling anyway and costing more cause messed up things that wouldn't have had to be changed. somethings you can get by with for another 20 years no problem just if hiring big companies and so forth they are going fix every little thing possible to write the biggest bill possible. I can tell you know its worth every penny I do it daily and trust me you think its a lot but if you look into roofing insurance and the cost of owning a roofing business you will understand. basically college just allows you to work in clean environment and out of the elements outside but you can still make good money with no degree at all just be prepared to work a lot harder. trust me a lot harder then just banging nails as you state.


Subject: really!?

roofing is a horribly hard, hot, painful type of work. I'm a contractor who builds roughly 16 houses a year. I'll build any part of my projects, EXCEPT the roofing. I will always hire that out as it is the worst part of the project to do. Takes the highest toll on your body. As you're shopping around for your better deal, do some research before you compare a cardiologist to roofing. The insurance is higher than you would imagine, the risk is phenomenal if rain is a possibility, and the Men who do the work EARN what they get paid


Subject: doctors?

Climb up there risk your life and pound your own nails then.
Doctor's wil not risk their lives to protect you, your little dog, and flat screen, from whats outside.
Roofers are the real unsung heroes who protect every last possession you have. All of the doctors who I have worked for have appreciated and respected the risks and hazards involved plus the skills required to put a roof on that will probably last longer than the installer will on this planet. We have to make money we have to charge accordingly. The price is fair when you consider that my product maybe protecting your home long after you're gone. We may look grungy and grimy at times but our job is to protect you and everything you own. Show a little respect to the real working man. Or you know you can probably always do it yourself. Go out there with a tear off crew for one day and then we'll see what you got to say after that.

Jason Miller

Subject: People who think they know what they dont know

First of all roofing has some of the highest workman's comp insurance in the workforce at 26%. Second the taxes an employer pays on his/her employees basically matches what the employee pays in himself/herself. All said and done an employer pays around 70% in addition of his employees wedges. Roofers make around $20 an hour add 70% that's $34 an hour. So your telling me making $14 a head an hour to cover shop costs, office costs, tools, gas, advertisement, let alone paying for ones family is high???? Do you know how much work and employees you would need to make ends meet? $50 an hour is just for a rot repair costs. I would hate to tell you what roofers have to charge to replace a roof to stay in business. At $50 a man hour a contractor would not make it out of the driveway. FYI a cardiologist makes around 500k a year. That's roughly $250 an hour. I am a contractor that charges $55 an hour for rot repair. I work about 80 hours a week all spring, summer, and, fall, and 30 hours a week in the winter. I made $79,000 last year running a crew of 5. And third of all what do you know about this anyway to open your mouth.


Subject: Menial labour?

Ha! "Menial labour". That's absolutely hilarious. $50 an hour for a roofer is an extremely fair price. $50 for the skill and speed of a trained roofer will get much better value per hour than for hiring 2 unskilled and unacknowledged people at 15 dollars an hour each, that take 3 times as much time anyway, costing you $90 for the same work that the roofer could accomplish in his 1 hour at $50. Try roofing for an entire summer. If you work hard, you feel like you've been hit by a car after work every day. And if you're lazy and slow, have fun making any money in the roofing industry because there is so much competition for low job bids that we are constantly having to negotiate lower. Some days I can barely even walk. You spend countless hours of your free time driving and using a lot of gas to get to places to give free estimates, calculating materials, setting up ladders, talking to haggling clients, etc. The chronic lower back and joint pain that still affects you throughout the winter and into the next season before you start up again. The visits to the chiropractor, the hot water bill for all the long showers you spend attempting to get the grime off you, the raw fingertips and burns from handling hot shingles and metal. The sunburns from the sunscreen sweating right off you. Do you know how hot it gets up on the roof? There's no shade, and the dark shingles absorb all the heat onto the roof. Let's not even get into having to blowtorch a flat roof on a hot and humid summer day. You can drink cases upon cases of water and you'll never have to take a bathroom break because every drop of it will leave your body in the form of sweat. The frequent wasp stings, and sometimes you find ill tempered raccoons in the roof that aren't happy you're tearing up their home. Shoes that last a month, and clothes get torn up fast. A brand new pair of gloves will last me about 3 tear offs, and forget wearing gloves when shingling. You need the dexterity of your fingertips if you plan to align them straight and make them look nice. The wear and tear on your vehicle, not to mention your car/truck gets dirty inside no matter how clean you try to keep it. The tar and asphalt grime that stays on your hands and under your nails for a days no matter how much you wash them, and so unless you're on vacation, your hands will always look dirty. Fiberglass splinters, chemical fumes, sheet metal slicing your hand, nails stabbing you. Standing on a slope all day isn't fun for the ankles. Hanging from a rope on steep roofs isn't fun either. The ridiculous cost of tools and maintenance. Paying for storage space for all the tools and equipment. Any good company will pay taxes and have insurance. Insurance in my area is 14.8%, and taxes 13%, so that takes up close to 30% of your bill. Dump fees, trailer maintenance, etc. The amount of calories you need to consume to be able to do this "menial labour", as you say. I burn between 4-5000 calories on days I work. That ends up costing big money in grocery bills. Energy drinks aren't cheap either. Imagine waking up at 6am after a week long of 10-12 hour days and still having to go in and do more when you can barely move. Your evenings are either spent sleeping as you pass out within an hour of coming home from work, or if you're awake, you're up writing estimates for people. Days off a often spent going to the warehouse and scheduling material deliveries because they're closed by the time you finish on days you work.

Perhaps try doing your own roof, and then see how many hours you get into it before you decide to call a roofer in to finish it up. I've had dozens of people call me to finish up a roof they've started, and half the time, if they've even made it to the shingling part, they've screwed it up so badly that you have to tear it off again and start over. It's not just banging nails in, as you say, or else there wouldn't be so many people I've seen that have royally screwed up the installation they've attempted. I've had some people call me to come finish their roof after telling me they didn't realize it would be so much effort, and I get there to see they haven't even gotten a measly 100 sq ft torn off.

There's an excellent video on youtube showing a guy who documented himself replacing his entire roof on his own.

It was maybe between 1500-2000 sq ft and took the guy almost a month, and with a helper too. I would have had that done in 2-3 days with me and a helper. That's to give you an idea of the amount of work it takes. Paying me at $50 an hour would save you considerable money over paying that guy $15 an hour, AND you wouldn't end up with the mistakes that he made. So, take all of what I said into consideration next time you decide to call roofing just some overpriced "menial labour" and "banging nails in".


Subject: Business Owner

Unfortunately, most can go around and pick up a hammer and call themselves a construction company. Then they get approved by an unsuspecting client and get ripped off, and we get the bad rep. I understand the frustration.
However, there are good companies out there, get several estimates. Ask for a certificate of insurance and workers comp, and for it to state they are covered in roofing. That will weed out most as workers comp in my area is 35% of every $100 in payroll. Ask for referals and go speak to them. Dont pay anything up front, if you do make sure you have a legally binding contract that complies with the home improvement act.
Regarding $50 an hour, it is a business! Your paying for an experienced company to manage and install your new roof up to codes designated by your local building department. If its a successful company like mine we pay for a shop and office location, workers comp, insurance, auto insurance, gas, dump fees, equipment fees and maintenance, admin fees, legal fees for an LLC, advertising, and we also do some non-profit work. You probably have a car or phone where the CEOs make multi-million dollar bonuses on top of making millions, maybe you should take it out on them. Your paying them part of their 10,000 an hour pay right?
I charge $115 square to tear off one a one story below 7/12 pitch, $35 a square to install dimensional shingles. Thats only with one layer, no re-decking, includes installing ridge cap, pipe vents, roof vents, ice and water shield and underlayment.
I charge $30 a square extra per layer for more than one layer, $30 square extra for anything 7/12 pitch and up. Other factors factors could impact price like terrain, distance traveled, height of work, special equipment, custom products, skylights, custom flashing etc...
The good roofers out there really deserve some praise, and if you run into a good roofer that has what I mentioned above, please do not insultingly waste their time and haggle on pricing. They have a hard business to run with a lot of expenses, try going into a applebees and telling them your only paying 2/3 the price of a steak before you order it.
My neighbor took another crews estimate because they were lower, they installed his shingles with staples, 2 square blew off in a 65 mph wind storm 4 years later. They didnt come back to fix it, they were not insured or did not have workers comp and they wrote a check to an individual.
Do your homework, hire a pro!

D hoyt

Subject: R u serious ?

Menial labor...are you serious? $50.00 an hour won't get you a good roofer!!!
I know you have never roofed a house...or you would'nt have that opinion!
My mechanic charges 75. My plumber 85. My electrician 90. Roofers work
harder than all combined and their license,insurance,bond,rates are the highest in the
Industry.As a general contractor I charge an average of 75.
Per man hour for residential projects which is the going rate in this region.

Jason L.Willoughby

Subject: Roofing prices in the Indiana, Ohio,my area

Hi I am a third generation roofer serving the tri- state area.The prices in these three states range from 230-300 $ per 100 sq. Ft.on reroofs add more for flashing details and penetrations and10% more per pitch change over a 8/12 , on tear offs 300-400$ depending on layers accessibility, pitch.I have grown up in the buissness,working in it all my life,25 yrs its dangerous,hard,skilled work.Us roofers deserve and work for every penny we earn.I feel to be called a roofer ,not just a shingle installer you should be proficient in all materials that best applys to the job weather its modified, rubber,metal,vynal ,hot process.


Subject: Where do you people live??

I am a Contractor,, I have NO IDEA where half these people come from quoting prices from 1980.. LOL LOL $250/sq labor & mat??? lay off the pipe... That was the price when shingles were $30.00/SQ, $60/SQ went to business expenses and the remaining $160 went $70/sq to rip and dispose, $90/square to install..... AND that was in the 80's... Since then,,, gas prices have more than quadrupled along with the cost of everything else, including INSURANCE... If you want it done cheap, do it yourself... HOP up on that roof, grab a shovel or ripper, and get to it... LOL BE careful,,, don't fall,,, wear gloves so you don't get blisters and don't forget don't get a nail in your foot... :) oh and you'll want to start early in the morning before it gets hot and you start tearing up the shingles with your feet... You get negative points for that.. :) Let me know how it goes ... OR in the 21st century,, expect to pay $350 - $500+ a square for A.) $120 for removal and disposal of 1 layer of shingles, paper and drip edge,) B. install NEW FELT, DRIP EDGE and ROOFING ( $130 a square) C. Materials for decent QUALITY SHINGLES, SYNTHETIC FELT, NEW DRIP EDGE and proper vent and fasteners ($130/sq) and that's CONSERVATIVE.... not taking into account Steep pitch, more than one layer of roof, more than one story off the ground.... etc etc.... Pretty much any legitimate contractor wouldn't even do the job for less than $350/sq... If they are,, I highly doubt they have insurance... NOW,, how "Cheap" do you want to be when you "think you saved money" but when "someone" falls off your roof or the roof leaks due to ignorance.... and now you need to fix the roof,,, your attic insulation,,, and your ceiling.... or worse, try to fix a person... What exactly did you save... Roofing is an expensive business for a reason.. It's A. DANGEROUS.... and because of it being "dangerous"... To run a "proper" business cost more,, making it B. EXPENSIVE,, and on top of that C... ROOFING is A PAIN IN THE ASS!!! IT'S HOT,, IT'S DIRTY, IT'S DANGEROUS AND IT'S HARD WORK.. Remember that next time you're sitting at your desk bouncing your pencil in the A/C...


Subject: Contractor,

If you are a "contractor" I hope you have someone else doing your "contracts". If they are anything like you post, I can't believe you get many jobs. All of this talk about "deserving" $50 to $75 a hour by some of you is just talk...

hard work, hot sun, climbing a ladder, blisters, sore knees and on and on

I would guess most of you are paying the actual people who are doing those things about 1/4 of that amount. So again why do you deserve this money? Hell most of you are there to talk someone into the job and there the time the job starts and again when it's time to pick up the check. If you really believe it that hard of the people who are actually up on that roof. That way us home owners aren't paying twice. Most actual roofer that I know and I've been around construction for 30+ years...

are being paid so little they are also getting government asst. in rent and food stamps.

The "contractor" will be the one driving the new $45,000 truck. The ones doing most if not all the work will show in in the junkers. Eating a ham sandwich at lunch paid for with the food stamps they are getting because you greedy sob want to keep that money for yourself.

Now that's the real world of a roofer

Jeff Dowdy

Subject: Roof Cost

My roof is being replaced by an experienced local contractor and cost is $245.00 square for lifetime shingles. I'm in Charlotte, NC area and I have a high pitch roof. Cost includes tear off.


Subject: reply to outdoorguy79

You go boy, you hit the nail right on the head. No pun intended. I couldn't have said it any better or different .
Thank you, your posting was very helpful. .

Hickory PaintedHorse

Subject: tear-off

Been roofing 35plus years pices vary according to level of expertise, experience, and contract verbiage


Subject: cost per square

Typically All materials with tax is around 125.00 per sq and Labor is the same for a 1 layer 4/12 pitch tear off. Total base is usually $250.00 per square 20 sq roof =$5,000 Pitch change and number of layers can increase. A job like this is done in 2 days. Typically roofers can make $300-$1,000 bucks a day. I've done it for 15 years....


Subject: Roofing Costs

I had three estimates for tearing down and replacing a 39 square roof. The low bid was $10,932. This was also including 6 new skylights velux. GAF HD dimensional shingles. So shop and get at least three quotes.

Floris Jansen

Subject: Dryer slow

There are three things that can make a dryer slow: clothes go in too wet (use faster spin cycle), air is not hot enough (use higher heat setting, check thermostat / burner are working properly), or not enough air flow (so wet air doesn't get removed fast enough). The third is the most likely. Check your lint filter, the hose to the outside (you can remove it from the back of the dryer), and the actual outlet (usually there is a flap that is opened by the air flow- did it get stuck?). Restricted air flow can lead to fires - not just long dryer cycles! You can get special long flexible brushes (Home Depot etc) to clean out hard to reach places - lint will really "cake" I your hoses and restrict the flow. A 10% change in diameter results in a 40% reduction in flow! Finally if the hose to the outside is quite long you may find a booster fan will make a world of difference - this gives the dryer more "oomph" to move the air through. I installed one myself (found online) and it solved my problem. And now that air moves faster I don't get so much lint buildup either.

Woody J

Subject: Dryer

Sounds like no hot air. Check settings plus open door after ten minutes operating and check if warm/hot inside. Not so? Heater wire broken or temperature selector switch open connection

Stuart Radcliffe

Subject: Roofing the way you should.

The cost to do roofing comes down to how efficent you are. Some roofing brands do not cover a full square so you need more material at the end of the day. Dumpsters are inefficent due to the delivery lack of ability to clean up untill they are gone. etc.
it was mentioned that you can roof over the existing shingles, this is not allowed by the NC building code since we are in a moderate hail area. The cost of not tearing off the shingles and inspecting the deck is far more expensive in the long run. I have found that the lowest price is not the least expensive. Just do it right or go home.

Joe Guevarez

Subject: Great advice

I agree with over 30 years in construction. Counting your pennies will cost you dollars in time.

Mark Greer

Subject: Correction to Roofing Article

A standard roof about 22-26 square, I think that's about right, but all tools and higher quality materials after tax to do the labor myself on 27 sq. was $4900, so I would like to know how you get as low as $1000. Also, a tear off starting at $100 per square? Roofers almost ALWAYS do tear offs these days. A tear-off consists of a $150 dumpster rental and about 3 hours with a shingle remover. It goes fast. $2600+ to do a quick scraping?


Subject: Huh!

Are we really going to be that naive? Know how much compensation and general liability insurance costs are for a roofing company? What about OSHA fines? Payroll and matching deductions? Equipment maintenance? Insurance on 3 or 4 trucks
and trailers? Medical? The cost to keep trained and experienced employees? I guarantee I'm forgetting a dozen more things but you get the point. When you hire a contractor he's not getting paid by the hour. He would never stay in business to be around when you need that workmanship warranted the most. Listen, here's a quick and dirty break down of a responsible estimate, for both the home owner and the contractor. One layer, one story, walk-able. Depending on squares, dumpster - $200-400, tear off -$100/sq, Install -$100/square, material -$160/square.
New vents and flashings are extra. That's all she wrote.

Troy Walker

Subject: Quick Scraping?

No one can remove 2600 square feet of shingles in in 3 hours.
It takes an hour to set up some kind of barrier on each side of the house to protect the walls from falling shingles , along with ground tarps for the shingles to land on so you can keep all of the nails from getting lost in the grass.
It will take another hour to sweep and clean up the roof, around flashings and in the gutters after all of the shingles are off of the roof.
And it will take at least another hour to pick everything up off of the ground and put it in this $150 dumpster that won't be large enough to hold 26 squares of shingle tear off. (26 squares of cheap shingles weigh about 3 tons) There are not many people that can move 3 tons anywhere in one hour.
That doesn't even leave you any time to do the actual work of "quickly scraping" 2600 square feet of roof in 3 hours, including setting up any safety equipment.


Subject: Wow! $800/hour to remove shingles?

Where can I sign up? Alternatively, I should get a quote and then subtract $2600, finish that part of the job myself on a Saturday morning an have professionals do the install. Thanks for the tip.

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Wow, i aum surprised you didn't get 10 answers already with roofers say X was the best or N was the best or A was the best. In reality you are focusing on the WRONG THING!

5 estimates? Why 5? Why would you do that to yourself? Normally if you are dealing with reputable companies you don't need more than 2 estimates. I advocate to people to always get at least two estimates and if the roofers are saying something very different or if the roofers are way way way off in price, get an equalizer, get a 3rd.  Obviously if you don't trust a roofer disqualify that roofer immediately.  I beliee you have now fallen into "Analysis Paralysis" which is what happens when you have too many opions.

But back to the topic, I said you are focusing on the wrong thing. Why did I say that? Because you can take the best shingle in the world and if installed wrong is compeltely garbage. i can take the worst shingle, known to fail, and if installed properly will last some ammount of time. So you should focus on the roofer, not the product. The roofer is more important and a good quality roofer will only want to install good quality product.

The roof is a system comprised of many components, not just the shingles. You have the water proofing underlayment such as ice shield, the water resistant underlayments such as felt. You have the shingles, the ventilation and the flashing details. All of these things add up to equal one roof. Neglect one and your roof is doomed to fail.

But the roof is more than just product it is detail, know how and heart. Heart? yes heart. It takes the utmost CARING the utmost DESIRE to want to install a good roof. It's hard work and easy to fall into the train of thought as to do what's easier, instead of what's faster.  Faster and easier seldom ever equals better. At the end of the day you ened a roofer that cares about your roof.

So what product is best? That's hard to say. Each manufacturer has multiple plants and it seems each plant puts out varying levels of quality. I will tell you in my area Atlast is known as a cheap commodity shingle. I have Tamko Heritage on my house but I stopped using it because I was having seal failue issues and at the time they offered no contractor certification program, but I hear they started up one. Ownes corning is a decent product backed by a great company. I don't install very many OC's though. I primarily install CertainTeed Landmark shingles and my feeling is that they are the best on the market in my area. I'm sure others will disagree with me.

But don't miss the point, the roofer is more important than the shingle.
I appreciate the fact that with homeowners like you who want to beat the insurance co out of deductibles, so then my rates and every other homeowners rates can also go up just to save you.....Thanks for NOTHING..[8o|]

Any roofer worth using should be able to do the roof with NO MONEY DOWN.


The only scenario I would ask for a deposit is on a crazy odd ball shingle that had to be special ordered.

The question was, Can it be done? The answer is yes. The real question is "Should" it be done? The answer is, no, not unless it is an emergency.   But also let's clarify winter, because we are having a pretty mild winter, so there's kinda not a problem this year so far. I'll refrence "below freezing" from this point forward.

As a certified and licensed roofing contractor, my reputation is on the line. I debate this topic quite often with other roofing contractors who seem to care more about profit than a job well done.  Well, I can tell you from past experience having been a professional roofer for 14 years as of the time of this posting, that the chance for failure increases exponentionally when installed below freezing.  It's better just not to risk it.

Personally I will not, unless absolutely necessary and the customer signs a disclaimer of limited liability, install a roof below freezing and really really want to install the roof at 40 or above. The shingles need to seal, and will not seal unless they warm to about 70 degrees F ambient temprature. This does not mean it needs to be 70 outside, because the shingles will warm from the sun.  

So what can be done to install the roof below freezing? Well first, the roof should not be gun nailed below freezing. This is because the shingles become brittle and it's easier to "blow through" with your nails. It's also harder to regulate air pressure when it is cold, I speculate because of barometric pressures, but I am just guessing.  Therefore the roof should be hand nailed. This takes more time. Furthermore since the seal strips will not seal, they must be manually sealed with proper compatible adhesives. This will also take more time, and more material. I once spoke with a roofer in Alaska who builds tents around the houses he is working on and covers them with tarps and heats with propane heaters.  Now that takes real time!    The question is, are you prepared to pay for this extra time? Can you wait a few more weeks?