Proposed bill cracks down on puppy mills

Proposed bill cracks down on puppy mills

In May, federal lawmakers introduced a Senate bill known as the PUPS Act, for Puppy Uniform Protection Statute. The legislation would close a loophole in the Animal Welfare Act that currently allows large, commercial breeders who sell puppies online to escape licensing and regulation.

"Man's best friend shouldn't be treated like a cash crop," says Wayne Pacelle, president of the Humane Society of the United States. "It's a much-needed upgrade to our nation's laws that will help protect dogs in mass-breeding facilities from cruelty and harm."

The HSUS estimates there are more than 10,000 puppy mills in the country, with Missouri and Oklahoma leading the states in unlicensed dog breeders. Missouri alone is estimated to have 3,000 breeding operations that produce nearly 40 percent of all dogs in the pet trade.

"Missouri's laws on commercial dog breeding are outdated and vague, and they need to be strengthened," says Barbara Schmitz, Missouri's HSUS director.

In a grassroots effort, the Missourians for the Protection of Dogs gathered nearly 200,000 signatures to help end the inhumane treatment of dogs in puppy mills.

Currently awaiting certification for the November ballot, The Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act would require large-scale dog breeding operations to provide each dog with sufficient food, water, housing, exercise and rest between breeding cycles. Among other things, it would prevent stacking of cages, wire flooring and prohibit any breeder from having more than 50 dogs.

Earlier this year, Oklahoma and Iowa also passed legislation to crack down on puppy mills. Ten states passed similar laws in 2009.

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I question the substance and actual wording of ANY law proposed and/or supported by the HSUS. When they tried to enact legislation in AZ a while back to ban the use of steel jawed traps, the wording would have, in reality, banned all hunting and fishing in our state, it was so vaguely written. This was their intent. They purposely use a name that allows around 70% of the general public to erroneously believe that they are an umbrella or parent group for all the local Humane Societies in the US, and that donations to them are primarily used to fund shelters and rescue groups. In fact, they are NOT affiliated with local Humane Societies or shelters in any way, and LESS THAN ONE HALF OF 1% OF THEIR FUNDS ARE PASSED ON TO SHELTERS.
Go to www.humane for more disturbing facts about this scam charity.
It appears that Angie's List needs to do a story exposing unscrupulous charities, starting with the HSUS!



As a breeder involved in show dogs for 35 years, I've learned that some of the worst legislation is promoted with sentimental jargon rather than actual facts. HSUS and PETA are not promoting animal welfare, but the elimination of domestic animals. Donations to these groups goes to lobbyists and politicians, not to help animals. Please screen your references before using this type of group in your articles.



American Kennal club will accept for registration. Claim they are against puppy mills but will register any dog with papers and the registration fee. Could do much more.

Roy Allman


American Kennal Club will register any litter with paper and the fee and declare them as pure breed. Best help to puppy mill racket.

Bobbi Iannetta


We definitely need to put a stop to "Puppy Mills"! Not all, but so many pet stores get their dogs from these terrible places. Yes, we do need more enforceable laws to put a stop to these treacherous, cruel and unscrupulous imbeciles who only care about how much money they can make. I haven't read this bill (but will). I also want to know who is the actual sponsor. Just because a proposed bill tugs at your heartstrings doesn't mean it is a good bill. We need a bill that has teeth and no hidden agenda-I won't know until I read it. I agree with "earthdogmom"-DITTO about HSUS. Check out charity watch organizations before you donate any of your hard earned money. I support many organizations that really do give their money to the actual animals and people for their welfare. The last organization I would contribute to would be the HSUS-just research them. We can help do our part also-PLEASE SPAY AND/OR NEUTER your pets. Take a stand and lambaste your friends, family, neighbors, and strangers for adding to the brutality that innocent animals are subjected to. You can do it politely, but firmly. By the end of this day, 9,589 dogs and cats will be euthanized in U.S. shelters alone. I don't understand why, but maybe these people are just really uninformed-do your part. Thank you!



earthdogmom wrote
"Every dog I have had since 1980 has been adopted"
I applaud your support of animal welfare. I also support animal welfare, care, placement, adoption etc every way I can. Unfortunately, the HSUS preys on the passions of people like us to raise 100's of millions of $'s for animal RIGHTS legislation such as working to bar the right to own pets. Only 0.5% of their budget goes to animal care. FIVE TIMES that goes to the pensions of their executives and employees. They have been downgraded by several charity watch organizations because of their excessive expenses and fees. They are NOT a credible source for animal welfare information or legislation.



It's a great law,but how will it be enforced and where will the money come from. What will the fine be for the puppy mills that break the law. The best way is the first offense, close them down. This will help get rid of some of the 10,000 puppy mills around the country. Also the buyers should pay a fee to the state for the cost of enforcing these laws then they might consider go to a shelter to get there pet.



Anyone who does not support this bill, is also not respecting god and his creatures. The cruelty is unreal. Karen strange couldn't have a more appropriate name. It is not only starnge but downright bizarre that a person would want to analyze numbers in their state, instead of take the opportunity to improve it, and in turn other states and the welfare of all animals on the whole. Shame on anyone who won't support it. That's just sick. I'll pray for your empathy and enlightenment.



"Man's best friend shouldn't be treated like a cash crop," says Wayne Pacelle, president of the Humane Society of the United States."
It isn't the breeders who are sitting on over $100 million a year, it's HSUS. WHO is making money off dogs??? If they shouldn't be treated like a cash crop then shelters and rescues should be giving them away. Regardless of the amount, money is paid for shelter dogs, cats and other pets.



Too many unscrupulous people are allowed to "breed" certain kinds of dogs with no thought or concern about their welfare. For example, I always see people "getting rid of" unwanted puppies at WalMart. I would vote for this law in my community or anywhere else. I would also vote for the idiot puppy mill owners to be neutered or spayed. Every dog I have had since 1980 has been adopted.



Is this a list to find competent workers.. or a list to tout the HSUS.. I won;t be using your site.. too much propaganda..
by the way.. looks like you operate on referrals.. I won;t be referring nor sending my freinds to refer.. I will take my chances in a world that does not support veganism

Karen Strange


How interesting that HSUS and their allies of animal rights groups always tout that Missouri has so many breeders. In stating those numbers, they are also including shelters, pounds, humane societies, boarding facilities, hobby/show licensed and licensed commercial breeders. Should there be a large number of unlicensed breeders in the state, I challenge them to produce the information so we can get them licensed. Of course, the numbers don't exist. The ballot measure by HSUS is nothing more than a money maker and a training ground for animal rights activists to eliminate an industry. Ask me how I know? HSUS has stated it in their own words!

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