Pool Level Dropping? Is It a Leak or Evaporation?

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Subject: water level inground pool

I see alot of consistency with the 1/4" rule of thumb and it is usually less than 1/4" daily but I have another family member, whom shall remain nameless <grin>, insisting there is a leak. Because there used to be days in past years when she would never see any water loss. But, I know we have not seen any worhtwhile rain in 2 months, and the air so very dry. If there were more humidity, the rate of evaporation would slow down and if more rainfall occurs, there is a bit of help there too. I can't get her to accept these things but I've examined every nook and cranny of this pool, skimmers, drains, etc.... It's inground and I know all the areas prone to leaks. Skimmers usually. And I've seen some days with no drop but many times, it's only 1/2 centimeter water loss daily. It does come close to 1/4" and I have to think sometimes it's possible for conditions to be really bad to promote a bit more than 1/4" of evaporation in a given day. Maybe not as often at that rate. But the point is, I am pretty sure this 1/4" rule of thumb is quite accurate. And the best way I've seen to deal with it in the summer months is to use a water level monitor that has an auto-fill so you can connect a hose to it and it will turn on whenever the water goes below your desired level. I am not sure about the winter months though. I do know they say having a solid cover should reduce evaporation levels by as much as 90%. Who are they? Well, you know what I mean. "THEY" is probably the resources I've explored.

But good luck to those managing this type of issue. I think pool automation is a great thing to get into. I would love to make a total smart pool that maintained itself in as many ways possible.


Subject: Covered pool (winter) evaporation.

Currently I am using a cover which drains excess water on the cover.... my problem is that I have to monitor and add water throughout the winter months..... I don't think it is a leak, water level is consistent with evaporation during the summer months. I loved the idea of water being drained automatically.... but this is an issue which is forcing me to rethink.

Brad Harris

Subject: pool water evaporation

Hi I have a 16ft by 42" deep above ground pool. I the past few days i have noticed the water level has dropped. There is no holes in my pool could the be just water evaporation from the heat? I have no heaters in my pool whatsoever but it stay directly in the sun all day long! I live in south Alabama and it gets purty hot here. Could this just be water evaporation from the pool being in the sun all day long? There is no shade trees around my pool at all at time the water is kinda hot bc its in the sun all day long from sun up to sun down.

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My order of preference - first choice a jacuzzi/hot tub repairman (from a jacuzzi/hot tub/sauna distributor), second choice a plumber (many do not work on hot tubs, jacuzzi's and sauna because they cnanot afford to stock parts). An electrician might be able to fix it if it is a connection problem, but such motors are seldom repaired if the problem is internal, just replaced - which would be a jacuzzi repairman/plumber type job.

You will have to find out what your model costs new - looks like they run from about $400 to 1700 depending on size. IF yours is at the lower end, might be just as cheap to replace it, with parts and labor. If not low end, then repair probably works. Typical pricing of components that might have gone out - switch $80, timer/control unit $130, heating element $100 (probably most likely to have failed) - so if only one of these went out, figuring $100-200 labor, probably cheaper to fix it. I would contact your dealer for a better idea.

BTW - here is a Saunatec instruction on maintenance on the heating element and rocks, failure to follow can shorten heating element life, if that is what went out (and probably the simplest to replace) -