Pet Proof Your Home, Pet Care tips

Pet Proof Your Home, Pet Care tips

Pet proofing your home ensures that everyone, including your pet, can live comfortably without worries.

Furniture: Instead of opting for woven fabric, look for leather or faux-leather. It’s easy to wipe down and it doesn’t give claws and paws places to get latched on. If that’s out of your budget, a simple, machine-washable slipcover can come in handy for getting rid of fur balls or pet dander. Micro-suede is another option that’s easy to keep clean. For bedding, check out easy-to-clean duvet covers—they look great and they’re pet-friendly.

Flooring: If you’re partial to a soft fabric under your feet, consider modular carpeting, which comes in individual square pieces so you can simply replace damaged areas. If you’re looking to replace your floors, check out tile, vinyl, laminate or stone. They’re easy to clean and they won’t wear out like carpeting does. Hardwood floors tend to scratch easily.

Wall coverings: If you have allergies, get rid of your wallpaper. It traps fur, oils, dander and that “pet smell” you’re constantly fighting.

In the yard: A chemical-free green lawn is still possible, even with an active dog. Those dried-out patches where your pup does his business are caused by nitrogen in your pet’s waste. Ease the eyesores with a few simple steps:

  • Make sure your dog is hydrated. His urine will be more diluted, and you’ll have fewer yellow patches. Don’t forget to let him out more often though.
  • Check the protein content of your dog’s current diet. A high-protein diet is also a high-nitrogen producing diet. Make sure to check with your vet before making any dietary changes.
  • Add earthworms to the spots to help aerate the soil and move the nitrogen around.
  • If digging is a problem, get a sand box for your dog and teach them to take their energy out there. A shallow layer of chicken wire, ground pepper or even a small blown-up balloon in the hole can also be good deterrents.

Car: If your dog is anxious about road trips, prove that a car ride can mean more than a visit to the vet or the kennel by taking them out for short drives to a pet-friendly park or bakery.

  • To minimize shedding on your seats, try laying down a blanket made of easily-cleaned material like nylon. You should also give your pet a good brushing before they get in the car.
  • If your animal moves around a lot, consider a harness or crate to keep them safe and secure.

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To ensure both you and your pet remain safe, they should ride in the back. If the window is open be sure it is high enough to prevent an unintended exit from the car... all manner of things can get your pets attention, even at 55 mph!

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