Member says Riverside handyman did shoddy work

Member says Riverside handyman did shoddy work

Member complaint

I hired Charlie Mann the Handymann of Riverside, Calif., to build large wooden shelves above the garage door and perform other miscellaneous repairs. Each shelf weighed approximately 60 to 80 pounds and was suspended from the ceiling and from the wall that runs above the garage door. One of the supports was bolted into drywall and not the stud, and the shelf fell partially. It would have fallen completely, but it was caught on the garage door track railing. It would have hit me on the head if I had been working under it as I had for the past week. The second major support for the shelf was partially pulled off the ceiling because the bolts he used were too short. The entire backside of the shelf that was supposed to be bolted to the wall became completely detached from the wall and was resting on part of the garage door mechanism. This blocked the garage door from opening, so my car was stuck in the garage. I had to hire another handyman to fix it.

Additionally, they chipped one of the sinks, and I will have to replace it. He did a messy job, getting paint on the concrete at the back of the house, a new garden hose sprayer and the windows, and left a mess in the backyard and under every window he worked on. The paint on the window trim doesn’t match the original color. He never returned to match the paint as he stated. He burned my brand new garage floor in two spots. I had to scrub the spots for a couple of hours to remove them. I also removed the paint spilled onto the garage floor. After replacing a faucet, a valve under the sink dripped. He also incorrectly installed an electronic door lock. It didn’t function when he finished the installation, so I had to fix it. On the day he was scheduled to make corrections, he didn’t show and didn’t take my phone calls. I did speak to him on a different day, and he was rude, said he finished the work and hung up on me.

I want to be reimbursed the cost of hiring other people to complete his shoddy workmanship as well as hiring someone to scrape paint off the windows. I want the sink he damaged replaced, and paid at his hourly rate for my time cleaning up after him. Also, I want him to buy a new doormat and hose sprayer attachment.

Ken Post, Newport Beach, Calif.

Provider response

I want to offer this client nothing. The member emailed me about the storage shelf, and I replied. He said he would have someone else tend to the matter. He isn’t just a stone’s throw away, or even just across town — he’s 46 miles away. I think most people would’ve picked up the phone and told me about the unfortunate event. Out here in California, they have a lemon law that applies to automobiles that have a history of some mechanical failure. The manufacturer is given three opportunities to fix the problem before the court steps in. I was given no opportunity and if I was so messy, why would he invite me back for a third time? He put an extra $100 bonus in a deposit he made directly to my bank the day after our first visit.

Charlie Mann, owner



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