Member says Coral Springs remodeler performed shoddy patio work

Member says Coral Springs remodeler performed shoddy patio work

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I hired DM Painting & Pressure Cleaning of Coral Springs, Fla., to paint and rescreen my patio screens, pressure wash my home and sidewalks and replace rotted fascia. I signed a contract for $3,300 and gave them a strict timeline because I was leaving town. Delayed work caused a delay in my travels. The owner, Dilson Munoz, assured me his team of people could do the work, but a painter who was inexperienced installed the screens, which later fell out of the windows. Munoz promised repairs, but he stopped showing up to my house, and never returned to do the pressure cleaning and resealing of the patio. I want a refund of $815, the cost of what another company charged to rescreen the patio.

Roberta Bonfiglio, Pembroke Pines, Fla.


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Lisa harper

Subject: Dilson Mumoz is a Thief

I hired Dilson Munoz to paint my garage and paint the interior of my home in January 2016. I paid him a down payment of $3,300. He took the money and never returned to complete the work. He refused to return phone calls. As of April 6th, 2016, He has refused to return my money and he has not performed any of the work. I am a single mother of two children, and $3,300 is a lot of money for me. Please do not be fooled by his friendly appearance. He will take advantage of your kindness and is very smooth in how he continues to ask for more money. He will also try to gain your sympathy by saying he is trying to keep his workers in a job . He preys on innocent single women. There are also claims on the Internet of him taking advantage of an elderly woman. Please be careful and protect yourself. He also fails to keep his contractors license active and was working illegally as a contractor when he first contracted with me to do work.

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