Member says Cincinnati podiatrist agreed to deliver medical records

Member says Cincinnati podiatrist agreed to deliver medical records

Member complaint

I set up an appointment for my husband with Dr. Ruth Ann Cooper of Cincinnati to get a new pair of prosthetics for his feet. This was his first contact with Dr. Cooper. I had a hard time fitting my husband in for an appointment as the available office hours were limited and the staff was very nonchalant and not very cooperative in finding a spot that would work for our schedule. Prior to any consultation, the office manager entered the room and explained that this doctor required the patient to pay in full for the services and materials upfront even though we have health insurance. He said that once the insurance company approved the claim, they would reimburse the client the balance (because they knew they were charging over the amount the insurance company would accept). In over 40 years, we have never seen such a practice.

The prosthetics arrived late without explanation. When the prosthetics arrived, we went for a fitting visit. We were asked to come in for a third visit once the prosthetics were worn for 30 days, which we later learned wasn’t included in the initial package. Upon arrival, they asked us to pay $75 upfront for the visit; we refused. The insurance company reduced the fee to $50.

After such poor service, false claims and hidden costs, we decided that we could no longer stay with this practice. We explained to their office manager that once we received our medical records, we would pay the balance. They refused to release the medical records to anyone except another podiatrist.

I want copies of my husband’s medical records released to our new doctor.

Sheryl Buechly, Batavia, Ohio

Provider response

Thank you for the information you provide to us. We appreciate the feedback. Dr. Ruth Ann Cooper has been in practice for over 22 years in Cincinnati. Dr. Cooper is board certified by the American Board of Podiatric Surgery and is a Fellow with the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons. Dr. Cooper has many thousands of satisfied patients and enjoys a very successful practice as a result of her dedication to her patients and her profession. Unfortunately, due to health care privacy laws, we are prohibited from commenting on a specific patient’s health care.

Randy Cooper, business manager



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