Materials for your Cincinnati doors

Materials for your Cincinnati doors

Homeowners have many decisions to make when selecting a door for their homes. One important criterion is the door's insulation R-rating. A higher R-rating means lower energy bills and better sound insulation. Though insulation may help during cold winter months, there are many other factors to consider when choosing a door made of the following materials:

Wood: Many people like the authentic look of a wooden door for historic homes or country ranches. These doors can be also custom made. The trade-off comes in high maintenance since fresh coats of paint or stain must be reapplied periodically. Most painted doors are made of soft wood, making them prone to dents.

With wood doors, more layers equal more insulation. One-layer doors provide almost no insulation, while three-layer doors are among the best insulators of all.

Aluminum: Sturdier than wood, aluminum doors can take a beating from the weather and don't require much maintenance. The light weight of aluminum doors makes them easier to hang for a door installation contractor. It also doesn't corrode easily.

Aluminum doors are prone to dents, which are costly to repair. Homeowners in areas prone to hail or high winds, or who have children playing nearby would be wise to choose other materials.

Fiberglass: Fiberglass is lightweight and also easier to install. Fiberglass won't shrink or expand like real wood or peel like painted wood.

On the down side, it can dent, turn yellow and is not an ideal insulator. Fiberglass may become brittle over time if subjected to extreme temperatures. It can also be hard on the wallet, as it is somewhat expensive.

Vinyl: Vinyl is a budget-friendly alternative to fiberglass, but it is less durable, as it can warp in extreme temperatures. Vinyl is highly flammable, which should be considered if the doors are close to common living spaces or bedrooms.

Steel: Steel doors are sturdier than other materials and can have a superior R-rating if properly insulated. Steel can rust, but coatings on the steel make it fairly rust-resistant. Disadvantages to steel are mostly aesthetic; steel comes in fewer style options and can't replicate the look of wood.

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