Low-e film and argon gas increase window insulation

Low-e film and argon gas increase window insulation

Part of my business is selling energy efficient windows that contain a glass package using low-e and argon gas.

Low-e stands for low emissivity. Simply put, this is a metallic coating applied to the glass that reflects heat. The great thing is it works both ways on a window, reflecting heat out in the summer and keeping heat inside during the winter.

Argon gas is simply a gas that is heavier than air and adds increased insulation to the window. Windows with this package are not under any pressure, as the argon gas displaces the air adding to energy efficiency.

Some older, builders-grade windows were little more than two panes of glass held together with a bead of caulk.  In time, with expansion and contraction due to the weather, this type of seal can fail leading to moisture in the windows. High quality vinyl replacement windows use a type of spacer that moves with the glass eliminating this problem.

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