Locksmiths Say Deadbolt Key to Home Security

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Subject: Photograph...

Love how the guy in the "example" photo is installing a single cylinder deadbolt right next to a window... Oops...


Subject: Nail in stud is blocking deadbolt

We recently had a new door installed and it's the same as the old door. The old lock was reused -- it worked fine and would close completely. I can see that more wood was dug out to accomodate the bolt -- not sure why since it's the same lock. The problem is that a nail is now protruding from the stud into the hole, blocking the bolt from completely closing. It closes some, but not completely. I have 2 concerns. Does that compromise the security that it's supposed to provide? Also, we're going to put our house on the market soon and I'm concerned a potential buyer will see that it's not quite right and cause them to wonder what else in the house is shoddily done. And would you say that's a shoddy job or am I being too picky?


Subject: Bolt should travel complelty....

I realize this is an old post, and OP probably sold his house by now... But just in case anyone else has this problem try this - open the door and extend the bolt half-way. Now, push the bolt back with your finger. Now try it after you extend the bolt all the way.... On a well functioning lock you can push it back in if only partially extended but can't if you fully extend the bolt.

So, the bolt should extend into the frame all the way, and if something is blocking it that something should probably be removed - but the bigger question in this case is why there are seemingly random nails protruding through the door frame. That nail shouldn't be there unless someone was just pounding them in haphazard - or may have been a trim nail but that is easily removed...

Good luck...

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