Lawn looking lousy? Grow green grass with these 5 tips

Lawn looking lousy? Grow green grass with these 5 tips
sod lawn

sod lawn

To some homeowners, a healthy lawn shows dedication and pride in their property. They work all year for a lawn that looks as nice as a Major League Baseball outfield on opening day.

A well-manicured yard is part of keeping up with the Joneses, and a lush lawn makes neighbors green with envy.

Don’t goof up on your grass this spring. Check out these tips for a greener lawn.

1. Realize how to fertilize. Chris Crenshaw, owner of highly rated Crenshaw Landscaping in Brentwood, Tennessee, recommends using a slow-release fertilizer to sustain a green lawn. He says you won’t get a lot of growth right away, such as with fast-release fertilizers, but over time you’ll see the benefits. “Slow-release fertilizer spreads nitrogen over a period of a couple months,” he says.

2. Toil with the soil. Philip Germann, owner of highly rated GreenLawn Specialists in Lewis Center, Ohio, says homebuilders often lay sod in newer neighborhoods on top of rocky clay that is full of construction debris, which hinders lawn growth. “If you water and fertilize perfectly, you can possibly overcome this,” he says. Germann says aerating and composting helps improve the condition of the soil, and converts struggling sod into a luscious landscape.

3. Don’t mow too low. Crenshaw says that for every inch of grass above the ground, there’s an inch of roots below. If you mow too close to the earth, the roots may die out, leaving you with a lackluster lawn by summer. He says 4 inches is the perfect height to sustain healthy grass.

4. Drench an inch. Germann says over-watering is just as bad as under-watering. He says the general rule is to water the lawn an inch per week, but you may need to water a little less in cooler weather and a little more in hot temperatures. “Your lawn’s water needs will depend on your soil type and weather,” he says. There are also controls on some irrigation systems that measure temperature and rainfall, and then adjust watering accordingly.

5. Don’t feed the weeds. According to Crenshaw, if you use a product that contains both fertilizer and weed killer, you need to carefully follow the directions. He says weed killer only sticks to weeds when they’re wet, so if you apply it when your lawn is dry, you’ll essentially fertilize the weeds. He suggests spreading these products in the morning when the dew is fresh.

The grass CAN be greener on your side, but it takes hard work and dedication. If you get in over your head, contact a highly rated lawn care professional.

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Before you begin taking steps to green up your lawn, you first want to find out what your particular grass requires to grow at its best, says Basse. (Photo courtesy of Angie's List member Steve M. of Indianapolis)
Before you begin taking steps to green up your lawn, you first want to find out what your particular grass requires to grow at its best, says Basse. (Photo courtesy of Angie's List member Steve M. of Indianapolis)

With so many things to consider, preparing your lawn for spring can be overwhelming. One highly rated provider breaks down the basics to a beautiful yard.

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James McGrew

Subject: Rust in my lawn

My home is approximately one month old with sodded lawn. I've cut the yard twice and now have the rust/ orange Color in the yard. If you walk through it your shoes will turn a rust Color. What can I do to get rid of this condition?

Melissa LoBianco

Subject: thick green grass

Please help....I love a beautifully plush green lawn...we just moved into a new I do not know where to begin...the grass is not thick at all..has bear spots and a ton of moss!! I have tried EZ seed for the bare spots..but lime on the lawn..and do not know what to do next....its not full at all!! Can ya help me pls

Mike Lafollette
Mike LaFollette

Subject: Hi Melissa,

Hi Melissa,

Lime changes the acidity of the soil, so you definitely don't want to use it unless a soil test determines you need to raise the pH. To fix your bare spots, I'd remove all of the dead grass and any other debris so you get down to the bare soil, then add some new compost, and apply grass seed. New grass seed must remain moist through the germination period, which may require daily watering until it establishes. If you have moss, I assume you have a shaded yard. In that case, you'll want to purchase grass seed that works in shady environments. Hope this helps.

Jake Lakota


For some reason asking how to make a lawn GREEN is a difficult question to answer. I applied a LOT of 10-10-10 to a small lot. The grass was green and lush - it was gorgeous. But, in my area you cannot get 10-10-10 anymore and when I spread the fertilizer I either BURN the grass, or nothing happens but mostly my grass is not as green as that lawn I had. Also, when I spread the fert., it coms out too fast or slow and I need 9 bags of 50,000 to cover an area of 1 acre but it has a 3500 sq' house and a POOL! And my grass is NOT GREEN!!!

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