Journeyman or Master Carpenter?

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Rp Cutcher

Subject: Master Carpenter/Journeyman

I can sympathize with Lee (above comment), regarding proper designation of a field-trained, schooled, and experienced Carpenter. Master Carpenter was in fact a designation widely utilized in the 1940's and 50's. I consider myself a 'Master Carpenter' because I went through a 2 year Carpenter Apprenticeship Program (in Detroit MI) involving classroom study, home study, and on-the-job training, and upon completion was designated as a Journeyman Carpenter. I then spent many years learning the fine points of structural framing and finish carpentry. Most of my professional life has been as a State-Certified Class A General Contractor and Construction Manager, but I still regard myself as a Master Carpenter. I've paid my dues, and have earned the designation. Rp Cutcher

Lee Nieminen

Subject: Master Carpenter

I believe it is nonsense that a Carpenter "who has in-fact mastered many area's of the field" does not have certifications comparable to that of Plumbers and Electricians. Funny, the structures that Plumbers and Electricians apply their craft is constructed by the Carpenter. I have excess of 30 years experience in all areas. I am "NCCER" certified Journey level "industrial" Carpenter, and was on a municipal job for 11 years. I built their structures, remodeled, designed and built their office furniture, and supervised their facilities maintenance. 9 years later comes a Journey Electrician, "no experience in facilities maintenance." and then a new Public Works Director. The Director, with Electricians assistance, combines our crafts and designates the Electrician as Supervisor to "Facilities Maintenance" due to Electricians "State" Certification. The Electrician then hires his Electricians helper, (no certification) and than informs other departments that his helper follows him in our department's "chain of command". Needless to say, our salaries were reflected by our new "assumed" positions. After 2 more years, and a faithful attempt to adjust to this "demotion," I made the noble decision to Terminate my employment with nothing but a high school diploma, 1 year college credits, NCCER certification, and previous military, in my 50's!

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Dictated by Federal LAW , you will need a Licensed and EPA Certified HVAC Contractor

to make such repairs . In fact , by law , ONLY A licenesed HVAC contractor can buy or install

said eguipment , NOT A handyman nor general contractor !


YES , You should have an A.C. sleeve surrounding the through the wall unit . These sleeves will usually accompany NEW products , either as a package or an add on equipment purchase.


Contact a Licenesed PROFFESSIONAL at once !


     It depends on what type of ramp you need. If it is built out of wood you could look for a carpenter or a deck company. If you are looking for a concrete ramp a mason would be what you are looking for. There are also metal ramps and I believe some medical supply companies may carry them or be able to steer you in the right direction. As for insurance coverage I am not sure. You may have coverage and would be best talking to your agent. Depending on why you need this ramp there may even be programs through your local government or even some of the local charities might help. It might be a project a local Scout Troop might help out on.