Is it Worth the Cost to Reupholster Old Furniture?

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mia gwynn

Subject: burn holes

I have to small burn holes on my 6 month old microfiber recliner couch .I would like to know can this be repaired . how and who could help me.


Subject: seeking to donate quality sofa and chair

I have a Natuzzi sofa and chair that was given to me by a friend. I believe they were purchased between 2202- 2006. I intended to have them reupholstered and keep them, but they really are too large for my living room. I would hate to just bring them to the dump, but I'm having trouble finding any organization that teaches reupholstering or a company that would take them for free, to repair and sell, to their own benefit. Any thoughts?


Subject: Free couch

The Salvation Army accepts & resells furniture. The Purple Heart will pick furniture up, & you might want to check with local churches - some support "furniture banks" that accept donations for families in need (who will truly appreciate the gift of your furniture!)


Subject: Donating furniture

Your options depend on where you live. Many junior colleges have trade programs which teach upholstery. Goodwill accepts used furniture, and in some areas trains people to reupholster it. Also, in many locations Goodwill offers pickup of donated furniture.

Joyce Henry

Subject: Reupholstery Material

I have a (3) piece living room sectional made by Benchcraft that I purchased 25 years ago. The cushions and frame are I good condition. However to save on Reupholstery expense I plan to pre-purchase my cloth. How do I determined how much cloth I will need to buy for the Job?


Subject: Should I..?

I have a Heritage Henredon FLW couch (100") and love it. It is in the "lovely" avocado green from the 50's, ultra comfortable, and have 2 matching FLW end tables. The couch is quite sun faded (no rips or tears) and have considered having it reupholstered. Should I? Simple answer is: Yes and enjoy it for what it is... a quality couch that has lasted 60 years.


Subject: Reupholstering

I have 2 antique, high backed, wing chairs in red velvet that is dirty and full of cat hair. One of them has tears in the fabric on top from the cat clawing into it. The backs of the chairs don't look bad and the cushions are perfect because they were covered in plastic. I want to know if the price is worth reupholstering them? If I wanted to try cleaning them first would it be worth it?


Subject: Reupholsterying

You can have the seats cleaned and just have the tops (backs) recovered in a complementary fabric. Will save money that way too.


Subject: Cost of Fabric

Just wanted to add that if you decide to reupholster your sofa instead of hiring someone to do it, you can save yourself a bundle by shopping around for quality fabric. There are many options available.


Subject: Rocking chair glider

I am shocked to find out that an article about reupholstering furniture would cause so much hate. I think it would be better is there was a virus that got rid of hateful people, and comments like that, that serve no purpose.

The quality and sentimental value of someone's furniture holds much more value than your hateful comments.

I found your comment disgusting, and the content of this article very helpful.

Isabelle Trombetta

Subject: Reclaimed sofa

I have a 24 year old Bassett sofa that made the rounds with my kids at college. It was always the favorite spot to nap or sleep on because it was very comfortable and well made. I never imagined it would survive college apartments for two boys, but when they graduated I had a hard time parting with it. It was still very sound structurally, but the fabric was worn and dirty. My youngest son had taken costume design in college and using his sewing skills he decided to try to restore and recover the old sofa. He did an amazing job with about $300.00 in fabric (coupons at Joanne Fabric)! I purchased a few professional tools for him but the total cost was well below a new sofa or professional reupholstering! He may have found a second career and his recovered sofa is of far superior quality to any other in my home!


Subject: fabric peeling

I have a living room (3) peices that has started ripping after 2 years of ownership is it best to get it reupholstered?

rachel warner

Subject: cost to upolster

I have a recliner that I bought 2 yrs ago. What would it cost to upolster. Would I be able to buy the fabric on my own and bring it in

Anthony Edwards

Subject: Recliner

I own island custom upholstery and I use a lot of customers own fabrics but some places will charge you to use your fabric. A recliner usually takes about 8 yards and usually cost about $350 to $500 to recover at my shop just depends if recliner has attached pillows to the back an foot rest


Subject: What material is best?

Is a plain off white or linen color cotton duct material an affordable choice for upholstering a 6' Sofa? About how much can I expect on average for the labor of upholstering a sofa 6' long?

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