Is It Worth the Cost to Fix Gap Teeth?

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I had a huge gap between two of my top front teeth all my life, so I very rarely smiled. I had to retire from my job at age 60, and I had a bit of money. I had that gap fixed with porcelain veneers, and I couldn't be happier. I smile all the time now. Luckily, my dentist also accepted Care Credit. Had I known years ago that a simple credit card could have paid for the work over time, I would have done it.

Ivon aubrie

Subject: Gap teeth

Im a 16 yr old girl and im struggling with my gap teeth....i legit want to smile with my teeth in pictures again...if this pain will bring me back my confident smile then its worth it...this site has helped me alot to understand more about gap teeth. Thank you so much! I do have one question tho, my 2 gap teeth infront has also gone through root canal it still possible to fix my gap teeth without causing any problems from root canal surgery?


Subject: Teeth price

1 month before i remove my one teeth (top backside 2nd one)from india,now i want fix one teeth,so may i know how mouch cost and what is the procedure . thanks .


Subject: Gaps in frout teeth

I. Have 2 gaps in the frout of my teeth i had my whole life an my parents don't have the money to get them fixs I need to know how can I. Get them fix i. Have Medicaid.. Please help me ..


Subject: GAPS

I have braces now, and my orthodontist states the last gaps within my teeth will not close. It is February and he has been fighting these since November. So he is suggesting fillers by the dentist. They are small gaps. But on the left of both of my canines. They appear to be natural gaps, but need to be take care of other wise will make my other teeth shift. How much do you think this procedure would be to complete. Just a rough estimate if you can! Thanks,


shaiwal yadav

Subject: filling the gap

My lower one tooth had been broken since 2007 n nw m 20 yrs old and its grown can it b filled permanently..i want to knw me out

nilima sonwane

Subject: Gap in below 2 teeth of front

Hi...., I m from India. I have gap in front side of below 2 teeth. please suggest me which treatement is suitable me in less cost and how much chrges taken for u suggested cost.

john harness

Subject: gap

All of you need to get a gap...grip.
I've had a gap all of my life and it has
made me more confident.
I had to get 'over' all of the judgement.
This took a lot of self worth and it
built a no bull crap mindset. It is what
you do in life and not what you look like!
My parents did not have the money to
pay for such things. I didn't ask.
I went along with my life. If it isn't your
teeth it could and will be something else.
Trust in that. If you have the money...fine.
I would hire you despite. A lot of money
is spent because of ads that make us feel
not part of the croud....make your own



I would advise any young person to forget about buying the fancy first car and take care of their teeth, fixing whatever is wrong. In today's world we are judged by our "looks"....and they can affect being hired for jobs, etc. Why would you not want to make yourself more marketable in this competitive world? Had mine done at age 60, and wish I had done it when I was in my 30's.


Subject: Too expensive..

Ugh, the gap in between my teeth has been affecting my confidence since grade school. I'm 19 now, and I'm no longer covered by insurance - so I have to pay for everything out of pocket. This really sucks, I'd like to get braces because it seems like the best long-term choice, but they're way too expensive.

Swapnali utekar

Subject: Gaps between teeth

I have many gaps between my upper teeth.. Almost 5 6 gaps i have.. Plz give me some suggestion and coz of the smile also dosent come proper

Jessa Smith

Subject: Bands can fix teeth gap

I had gap on my front lateral incisors since birth.. I tried one product online who offers bands for cheaper price for only 37$ and it comes with retaining bands already. So I tried to use it for a month and now I see some changes and my gap between my teeth are gone! It hurts while on the process and I panicked why so I contacted there support and good thing it's normal.

Cynthia Wilson
Cynthia Wilson

Subject: Tony, what you pay to replace

Tony, what you pay to replace a tooth depends on the procedure. For instance, a dental bridge or an implant.I suggest that you consult at least three skilled and reputable dentists in your area.  Get quotes on all your options and understand the pros and cons of each procedure. Compare prices and view samples of their work.  Whatever you do, start with a healthy mouth and make sure any cosmetic work you get doesn't cause other problems.


Subject: I have big gap in front two

I have big gap in front two teeth and it's cause the one to two teeth on the side to become crooked. All of my other teeth are straight and have no problems. What might I need to do and how much will that cost?


Subject: teeth gap

Many teeth have in gap.I am not interested in braces treatment.any another treatment said me


Subject: I am 23 years old.I am having

I am 23 years old.I am having gap between my front two teeth. Can I minimize the gap between my two front teeth without braces? I have no interest in getting braces. I don't need to straighten out all my teeth. I'd just like to push my two top front teeth a bit closer together and that's it.

Katie Jacewicz
Katie Jacewicz

Subject: Ask your dentist

Hi Pavi, your best bet would be to discuss the issue with your dentist. He/she would be able to recommend treatments or solutions that would work best for your situation. Thanks! Katie from Angie's List

Manjitsingh Bhalla

Subject: Gap Teeth

Truly, it is worthwhile for those who really want their oral appearance just good, yes without such gapped teeth. And more importantly, we have the dental treatments that are typically more favorable of doing so, bringing in the most suitable treatment method at cost effectiveness. Yes, dental bonding or dental veneers prove to be the good ones. Yes, appropriate to an extent of teeth gap, one has to be adequately careful about the costs of the treatment, very well getting along with favorable results!

Kenyana Jones

Subject: gap teeth price

Hello I have a minor gap in my top row and a over bite and I was just trying to figure out the prices to cure it.


Subject: gap teeth

i have a gap teeth.but it is not much broad.and i am worrying about it.can i fix it with low cost at my locality?if no is there another way that helps me to fix it?

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 I am familiar witht he ClearChoice Dental Implant Centers across the country, in particluar, the one in Overland Park, KS.  They are a "one stop" implant center.  The doctors there are at the top of their field, and an advantage is that you have all of the specialists that will be working with you in the same place.  That would have to make communication easier between doctors.  They usually offer seminars for patients and I think, offer free consultations, which is always worthwhile.

  If you chose to go the other way, some Prosthodontists will place and restore the implants themselves. In other cases, an Oral Surgeon or Periodontist will place the implant and a Prosthodontist or General Dentist restores it.   Fees can vary quite a bit from office to office and with the different options for restorative materials.  Some offer free consultations, for others, they charge a fee that might be applied to any future treatment in some cases.

The first step is to schedule a few consultations with different providers, which it sounds like you've already done.

The most important factors when deciding which practitioner to work with:
.1.  You should feel comfortable asking your doctor any questions so that you have a good understanding of the procedure itself, healing time and long-terem outcome, and possible complications.  Write down a list of questions and take them with you to the consultation.

2.  Ask about the experience of the practitioner. How many similiar procedures have they completed?  Have they had any major complications with any cases?  Ask to see photos if possible.

3..Figure out if it works out better for your schedule, to go to a "one stop" provider or to separate providers for the placement and the restoration of the implants.

4. Follow your instincts.  If you feel rushed, didn't get direct answers to your questions, didn't communicate well or had any other negative feelings, this probably isn't the doctor for you.

5. Consider insurance coverage and financing options.  If your dental plan covers implants and it is important to you to use a preferred provider, you will want to check your list.  Many times, insurance does not cover implants, or at least not all of the steps.  You may want to inquire about payment and financing options.

I hope this at least helps you feel a little less confused and a little more directed. Please don't hesitate to contact me if I can be of further help.
Beth L. Gehring,DDS, PC
816 NW Vesper
Blue Springs, Mo 64015
As a  Dentist, I am sorry to hear about your denture nightmare and I know how frustrating that can be.  I am surprised that your doctor wasn't willing to work with you on some type of solution.  A few options would be either remaking the dentures once more,  or offering to return some of the money and have you return the dentures.   Unfortunately, the doctor has put in a lot of their time and lab expenses, but the patient also  has time and money invested.  You might try sending a letter re-explaining the problems you hand and offering an acceptible and fair solution.  Be sure to keep a copy of it and any correspondence you receive from the Dental Office.  In the event that you don't get anywhere, you have documentation of the problem. 

At any point in the process, did they have you sign something saying you were happy with the denture set up?  Some practitioners will document the patient's acceptance at the try-in appointment, before the denture is processed.  At that time, changes in tooth arrangement, size and color can be made with minimal lab expense. 

If the letter doesn't get you anywhere, you might try going to the governing body of the dental profession in your area.  I am a dentist in Blue Springs, Missouri, USA.  Here, we have the Missouri Dental Board  (or the Dental Division of the Missouri Department of Professional Registration.)  This is the entity that licenses us to perform our professional duties in our state.  They often have a process to file complaints against a provider if you were unable to resolve the problem yourself.   After your complaint is received, they will contact the doctor to get their side of the story, then try to mediate a solution between the two parties.  

As far as a new set of dentures, you might seek out the services of a Prosthodontist (specializes in dentures and removable appliances - extra training and certification beyond general dentistry) or go to a local dental school.  The students are supervised and checked off at each step by professionals.  Most dental schools also treat patients through their faculty practices, and you can often get the services of a specialist at a lower price. 

I hope this information is helpful to your situation, and I wish you well. 

Beth Gehring, DDS
816 NW Vesper
Blue Springs, MO  64015  USA
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