Indianapolis Exterminator Lists Top 5 Worst Pest Infestations

Indianapolis Exterminator Lists Top 5 Worst Pest Infestations
removing bees

removing bees

Nothing sends a chill up your spine like the idea of bugs and rodents crawling all over your skin. If the thought creeps you out, imagine accepting the difficult job of removing these pesky pests from someone’s home.

It’s a job Jim Muir, general manager of highly rated AAA Exterminating in Noblesville, Indiana, has done for the past 26 years. Below, he shares the creepy crawly tales of his most memorable encounters in pest control.

1. All eyes on me

After hearing scratching sounds in her basement and noticing a horrible smell, a homeowner called Muir for emergency help. He says he immediately noticed that no lights worked in the basement. When he reached the bottom of the stairs and turned on his flashlight, Muir told the homeowner her basement floor looked nice with black marble-like specks on its surface. The homeowner told him the floor was made of concrete, and it shouldn’t have specks. Muir says he then realized the specks were feces and immediately turned on his flashlight to look around the basement. “That’s when I saw hundreds of eyes staring at me, and when I backed up, hundreds of rats began scattering around my feet,” he says, adding that he couldn’t get out of the basement quick enough. It took two months to complete the job, and Muir says he removed hundreds of carcasses from the ratty basement.

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2. Don’t let the bed bugs bite

Muir says he received a call from the family of a bedridden woman after they noticed small bites and a rash all over the woman’s skin. The woman slept on her love seat and as soon as Muir examined it, he easily identified the culprit — bed bugs. To put it in perspective, Muir told the family he’d never seen more than 30 bed bugs at a time, however he estimated the love seat had more than 2,000 of the reddish-brown bugs. Since the woman couldn’t afford to buy a new sofa or pay for exterminating services, Muir offered to take on the job free of charge.

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3. Good luck!

Muir remembers a time when ladybugs were considered good luck. However, he says one exterminating job changed his opinion of the spotted beetles. When temperatures drop, Muir says ladybugs look for a warm place to spend the winter. On this particular home, Muir says the sunbathing ladybugs covered the entire east side of the home and made their way into cracks in the siding and improperly sealed windows. “I could barely make out the color of the house because there were so many bugs,” Muir explains. The homeowners couldn’t even open their side door without letting hundreds of the ladybugs inside. Fortunately, the ladybugs disappeared within days of Muir’s treatment.

4. Who let the dogs out?

Muir’s most terrifying encounter happened while he was inspecting a tight crawl space. “It was so tight I was scooting on my stomach and couldn’t even look behind me,” he says. After he got several feet into the crawl space, he says he felt something large and furry crawl on his leg. He couldn’t see to identify the animal and instantly felt panicked. As he backed out of the tight space, he heard a dog bark. Thankfully, the homeowner’s dog crawled in the hole behind him and it wasn’t a more hostile wild animal. “It scared me half to death,” Muir says.

5. Killer bees

Throughout his career, Muir says he heard stories about Africanized bees and their aggressive nature. However, he says until recently he rarely encountered an aggressive bee or wasp. But during a call to remove a yellow jacket hive, Muir says he found himself in a sticky situation. Per protocol, he used a 16-foot pole to poke the hive. “As soon as I did that, over 300 yellow jackets started attacking the pole and swarming towards me,” he says. Muir abandoned the pole and retreated to his car until the yellow jackets returned to their hive. He says he waited until after dark to remove the hive under the cover of darkness.

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