Indianapolis barber shares tips on Movember mustache care

Indianapolis barber shares tips on Movember mustache care
Movember mustache

Each November, legions of men channel their inner Burt Reynolds and grow a Movember mustache. They grow these superb ‘staches to raise funding and awareness for men’s health issues, mainly prostate and testicular cancer.

According to The Movember Foundation, the 30 days of mustache growing began in 2003 in Australia. Since then, the movement has raised $556 million to fund 832 men’s health programs worldwide.

Whether you’re a first-time Movember mustache grower or a seasoned vet, William Hogg, manager at highly rated Red’s Classic Barber Shop in Indianapolis, shares advice that will help you grow better facial hair and keep your mustache looking tough.

1. Trim your tea strainer. Hogg says besides cutting and styling hair, barbers should offer a range of other services, such as trimming mustaches. He says a man that desires a nice, cropped mustache should trim it twice a week to keep it looking good. However, he says men who prefer a thicker mustache may only need to trim it once a week or less. “It varies on different people’s style and how clean they want to keep it,” Hogg says.

2. Comb your crumb catcher. Along with trimming, you’ll want to comb your mustache. According to Hogg, if your goal is to have a curl at the end of your handlebars, combing will help train your mustache to twist at the ends. Combing also helps keep the hair growing where it’s needed. “If you’re brushing or combing [your mustache] it keeps it flowing through its natural pattern,” Hogg says.

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3. Wash your whiskers. Hogg says washing your nose neighbor with shampoo isn’t necessary because as you wash your face with soap and water, you’ll also clean your mustache. He says there are products such as pomades and oils to keep the frizz down and aid in styling. He says the oils come in pleasing scents and help moisturize the skin under the facial hair. “We call that [oils and pomades] the spiffy stuff,” Hogg says.

4. Study your ‘stache supplements. While oils can help moisturize skin, they aren’t ideal for every mustache. Hogg says some oils contain allergens that will cause some people to experience skin irritation. Read the label to determine what’s in the oil before placing it on your mustache. “If you’re allergic to peanuts, then there’s probably certain oils you can’t use,” he says.

5. Find the right fit for your flavor saver. When designing a mustache, Hogg says you need to be cognizant of your style, facial features and rate of hair growth. He says someone with large facial features needs a heavy mustache. If your face is narrow, you’ll want a slim to medium mustache. If you have a prominent upper lip, consider a handlebar mustache.

If you need help trimming or styling your Movember mustache, consider visiting a highly rated barber to help cultivate the ultimate upper lipholstery.