Angie's How To Use Lemon Juice to Brighten Your Whites

Date Published: Nov. 12, 2019

Time: 5 Minutes

Nothing starts the judgment train faster than wearing a white shirt that's leaning pretty far towards yellow. And don't get us started on nasty sheets! Luckily, the key to brightening your whites is simple, cheap and easy – all you need is a few lemons.

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Tools & Materials Needed 
_ cup of lemon juice
less-than-bright whites
laundry day
1 Prepare Your Lemon Juice

You'll about _ a cup of lemon juice to restore that pearly white glow (if it's a small load, _ should be fine). If you're old school, you can fresh-squeeze your juice, but a store-bought bottle of lemon juice will work, too.

2 Add the Juice to Your Laundry Cycle

Pour the juice into the next whites laundry cycle that you run. Keep everything else the same, and your whites will shine!

3 Optional: Give Pit Stains Special Treatment

If you're dealing with some gnarly undershirts, this may not be enough. So, take half of a lemon and rub the juice on the stubborn pit stain in question. Let it sit overnight, and then add it to a laundry cycle.