Angie's How To Schedule a Routine Checkup for Your Furnace

Date Published: Nov. 12, 2019

Time: 30 Minutes

If you haven't scheduled an HVAC service yet this fall, schedule one now! Most expensive and inconvenient furnace failures can be prevented if problems are diagnosed in the early stages. Note: This is different from the spring service because it's focused on your furnace, while the spring HVAC service is for your air conditioner.

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1 We don't recommend trying this yourself.

Call a certified HVAC technician near you to prevent damaging your furnace and to ensure that it's properly maintained. These systems are very complex and require extensive knowledge and experience to maintain.

2 Give a local HVAC technician a call and schedule a basic furnace maintenance check-up.

During the early fall, most HVAC contractors will work with your schedule and visit when it's most convenient for you.

3 We highly recommend you schedule your furnace tune-up in the early fall.

You'll avoid the long waits and high prices that come with winter, the peak season for furnace repair visits.

4 Here's a quick checklist to go over with your HVAC contractor:

Inspect your heat exchanger for cracks and deterioration - Remove and clean the burners - Check and adjust the fan switch - Clean and adjust the pilot and pilot assembly - Inspect the safety controls - Inspect the gas line for leaks - Inspect the combustion air openings to ensure that they aren't blocked or restricted - Inspect your flue pipe - Secure any loose panels - Inspect and test the controls - Apply lubricant to all motors and bearings - Inspect and adjust belts and pulleys - Replace the air filter - Check and calibrate the thermostat

5 In between check-ups, it's important to regularly change your furnace filter.

Set a schedule.