Angie's How To Maintain Your Locks

Date Published: Nov. 12, 2019

Time: 5 Minutes

Dirty locks are more likely to jam or break. Maintain your door locks at least twice a year so you don't get locked out! This takes about five minutes, and can save you from needing a lock replacement, which can cost $200 or more. Make sure you clean all your locks, not just the front door!

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Tools & Materials Needed 
lock lubricant (details in step #1)
paper towels or cloth

Any liquid lubricant that doesn't evaporate can actually make your lock dirtier because new grime will stick to the liquid. You should also avoid using powdered graphite, which can clog the lock as well. Instead, use a graphite- or Teflon-based spray that is specifically designed for locks. These products will flush dirt out, and then evaporate, leaving an adhesive coating on your lock that won't attract extra dirt. You can buy lock lubricant at your local hardware store for about $5.


Insert the plastic stem of the lock lubricant (included with the can) into the lock and spray. Use your paper towel or cloth to wipe up the dirt and grime that comes out of the lock, and continue spraying until the drainage is dirt-free.


Open your door, insert the key and move it to the locked position so that the bolt is sticking out. Spray this entire area thoroughly and wipe away any excess dirt.