Raised garden bed

Angie's How To Build a raised garden bed

Date Published: June 13, 2014

Time: 2 Hours

Have you ever considered consuming the fruits of your own labor? Gardening at home will save you money and provide you with a hobby to enjoy for years to come. In a suburban or urban environment, raised garden beds help those with minimal space grow their own produce. It’s time to get growing! Stop sitting around the house in a vegetated state and learn how to build your own raised garden bed. 

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Tools & Materials Needed 
Shovel or spade
Mallet or sledgehammer
Framing square
3-inch screws
1Find a location, determine bed size and cut accordingly

Find a nice, flat area that receives plenty of sunlight. You’ll also want to make sure it’s not in an area where it will create a tripping hazard. The garden bed project featured in this article is 4 feet by 10 feet and made out of cedar, which is rot-resistant. To build the frame, cut two boards 10 feet long and two boards 4 feet long. Also, create ten equal-sized stakes by cutting one end of the lumber to a point. These stakes will hold the bed in place and keep the frame together. If you don’t feel comfortable making these cuts, you can take the lumber to a hardware store and give them your measurements.

Raised garden bed (Photo by Steve Mitchell)
2Construct the frame

After cutting the lumber, begin securing the pieces of wood together with the 3-inch screws. The two longer pieces should be on the opposite side of one another, same with the two shorter pieces. This will give you a perfect rectangle. When joining them together, situate the boards so the short pieces cover the ends of the long ones. Use your framing square to ensure a flush fit. Then, drill three screws in at each spot where the boards connect.

Raised garden bed (Photo by Steve Mitchell)
3Remove the grass

Use your shovel or spade to remove the layer of grass inside your raised garden bed. For grass near the frame, use a hand shovel to avoid damaging the frame.

Raised garden bed
4Drive it home

Now for the stakes. Drive one in at each of the four corners on the interior of the bed. Use your mallet or sledgehammer to pound them into the soil. You’ll want to make sure they’re flush with the frame and not loose. Place the other six stakes along the outside of the two long pieces of the frame. Place three stakes at equal distance along each long board. Once the stakes are in place, secure them with three of the 3-inch screws.

Raised garden bed
5Remove excess wood

If the stakes protrude from the top of the bed, you’ll need to make them flush. Take a saw and cut along the top of the frame to get rid of the excess wood.

Raised garden bed
6Fill with soil and start planting

Fill the bed with garden soil and plant your favorite vegetables