How to Sell Your House Without a Realtor

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Joshua P

Subject: Are Realtors Scum?

I am not scum and I am a realtor. My background in college was design and marketing and I went into Mortgages at a huge company. I've created start up companies for major chains. I am now loving my job as a Realtor. Just like any job, there are people who don't care and there are people who are doing because they love it and wouldn't want to do anything else. Realtors do have a bad reputation. Well so does Mc Donalds, Ford, Cable Companies.. ect.ect. I can say that Zillow is close to what is accurate when it comes to zestimates, but they dont take into account what the current market value is. I'm not above serving sodas and fries. But when Im making 30k a month I dont see a reason to. If you love what you do you will never have to work a day in your life.


Subject: Parasite. Your overstuffed

Parasite. Your overstuffed commissions that have you "living large" are at the expense of homeowners who raise families and in many cases the equity is their home is the most valuable asset they have. Why don't you let us know your name...sure its published, that is if you are so proud of your work.

Esma Dubur

Subject: Home sale

I agree in some aspects of the realtor handling your transaction and on the other hand the negatives.
The realtor is focused on selling your house for their pocket first!
If they sell your house $10,000. below market that is a quick sale for them, not good for the seller as the commission difference is minimal! Realtors have relationships with title companies, beware that is also not in the sellers best interest, because the title company is focused on making the realtor happy not the seller! Also, big big item! My realtor told me I had to pay for title insurance, I needed to leave my curtains, I needed to pay closing costs, etc. None of this made sense to me! Since the contract shows buyer or seller. Be ware seller! Pick wisely, You must have a pre-qual (which really means nothing, a pre-approval is best! There are services that you can list in MLS have the lock box and only pay 3% to the selling agent, that is a lot of money you save! No strangers walk through your house, as one realtor stated. Thank you and good luck!


Subject: Realtor Scum

I love how only real estate agents are the only people that are negative on FSBO. It's because they have no training or expertise to offer the selling/buying process, just costs.
I can't wait until the Internet gets rid of these leaches.

Better brush up on the mc menu, because I'll be large sizing my soda and fries.

Mike ross

Subject: FSBO or not

Not gonna try to convince one way or another,but there is a reason that over 85% of real estate transactions are achieved through licensed professionals.... Aside from having unknown people marching thru your home, or getting an offer and tying yourself up only to find the person is not pre qualified to get a mortgage and the amount of time you have wasted.... And or having home sit on the market in excess of 90-120 days ( red) flag...all to save a commission??? Nonsense.... Why trust your greatest asset to chance or calamity.... Makes no sense


Subject: home selling

you are correct, a person may have put too much into the home that it is the largest and most expensive in the neighborhood but not too much for the outside of the neighborhood. Is it harder to sell while renting sometimes you have to rent the house to be getting something while selling to afford two places while selling one. Does that pose a problem?

Craig Ross

Subject: Online exposure is key

I really like the information in this article related to web-based marketing. I think that is really key right now. Technology allows you to get the word out about your home for sale so you can find the buyer yourself and save on the commissions. I have had success finding a buyer and then just paying a real estate agent a discounted commission to do the paperwork, which I am fine with. some of the best sites out there that I have found for the marketing mentioned in this article are and you are doing it on your own.

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I bought my last house and also sold it FSBO.  For me, both ends of the process were simple and relatively hassle free. 

I advertised in the paper once a week and had an open house every Sunday for about three weeks.  I also had an FSBO sign in the front yard that I would put balloons on (for attention) when I had the open house.  It sold quickly. 

The cost of an attorney to go over the paperwork was MUCH less than the price of a relator.  I bought one of those ready-made packages from the nearest office store, read it over and made a few changes to it.  Then I had the attorney look it over.  I think it saved some money having the attorney just look over the document and make changes rather than having him create the entire thing. 

 When I decide to move out of my current house, I will definitely go FSBO again.

Yes! Movie tickets, 2 hours at the spa, 10 rides at your local "iFly", etc. Bottom line: You know your clients. Find out what they do to reward/pamper themselves and give them that!

Hope this helps!

David Gowans