How To Sell Gold Jewelry

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Subject: markings 750 (18K) AND 14K ?

I have an Italian gold nectlact that has both marks?
Why would they put both marks on one piece of jewellry?
I need to know the truth from some who isn't trying to buy it.
I've met nothing but scammers so far.


Subject: Never to sure.

I would assume coming from a gold shop that its marked with the correct karat of gold used, but you cant be sure unless you test it yourself or get it tested. Ebay has gold purity tests that arent hard to do and dont require you to do much at all.


Subject: 18 carat gold charm braided bracelet from Italy

I have a yellow gold ladies braided link bracelet from Italy. 8 inches in length weighs 16.3 dwt, 16mm in thickness and has hollow links partially textured and partially polished. Where is the best place to get the most money if I want to sell.


Subject: teardrop

Hi i have a single earing 750 spain 3.4g tiffany an co signiture . Im trying to sell it , how much ?

OC Jewelers

Subject: Gold Scrap vs. Jewelry

Consider that there may be added value in your particular piece of gold jewelry. If it has specific markings, is made by a sought after designer, or is rare in some way, It may have reached "collectible" status. In many of these cases, a reputable jeweler will let you know this fact, and negotiate to purchase that item from you. It may have nothing to do with the gold content, or it may be gold content plus some extra value.

Tracy Wilke

Subject: Questions on jewelry identification

1. I don't know if there was a specific year jewelry started being stamped. You can find old jewelry that has been stamped (like 750 for example, which is 18k). If modern jewelry is stamped with a karat mark it is supposed to have the maker's mark as well, showing who is declaring it that karat grade. A goldsmith can do an acid test by scratching the metal and seeing the chemical reaction to the acid, to determine what the karat is. Some British pieces may end up 9 karat or 15 karat. You will often be charged for a jeweler's expertise, maybe $10-$20 for acid testing. 2. Check out the Yelp reviews, ask people, maybe businesses in an area, for their recommendations. Someone who has been around a long time is a good sign, since they have a reputation to protect. Ask them on the phone if they deal with antiques and can identify them. (By the way, definition of antique in jewelry is 100 years, less is called vintage.) 3. When you ask about "appraisals", are you asking for a price that the jeweler will pay to buy it from you? Or are you wanting a written evaluation for insurance or replacement purchases? It would be appropriate for you to ask anyone who buys your jewelry not to charge you for testing it, since their profit will be in the sale of that jewelry. Of course, if you choose not to sell it it is ok for them to charge for their time. For a written appraisal, it can be either an hourly charge or by the piece. It could be $75 - $100 per hour or $45 - $200 or more per piece if complicated. It is not considered ethical to charge by the value of a piece of jewelry, since it leaves open the question of inflating the value for higher compensation. 4. If two jewelers disagree on a piece of jewelry, by how much is their difference off? Is one saying 10 karat and the other says 18k? That's a huge discrepancy. If they are just a little off, that's normal. Did both of them do the same test(s)? Do you feel more confident in one than the other? Feel free to ask them how they came to their determination and ask them why someone else disagrees. Does that help?


Subject: Gold and Silver jewelry

What was the year that the jewelry market started marking jewelry with the type of gold it is, I have a lot of jewelry and very old jewelry some of it is from before the 40's. I know their was a time when gold was not stamped with 14k or 10k. How or where can I find a place that is honest enough to tell me if the gold is real or if it is an antique? Also what is a average price that jewelers charge for appraisals. I have taken some jewelry that I had bought and appraised and another jewelry disagrees on the appraisals, how do I know which jewelry is correct?

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Depends on the design and how much it is being resized, and if reducing or increasing. For a simple one-size change larger, with a simple circular ring, can be as cheap as $20-30 to heat and stretch it.
If needs to be enlarged more or reduced, then it has to be cut and changed to the size wanted, and fused back together, with new gold or silver if enlarging. Obviously, reducing is cheaper than enlarging as no signficant new metal is needed, and silver is cheaper than gold or platinum because of the six-seven fold difference in the cost of the metals.
Resizing involving cutting probably in the $50-100 range for silver or for reducing a gold ring, enlarging a gold ring with added metal could run $100-250 depending on how large the ring is - a real hefty men's ring will obviously take more metal, so more cost, than a thin wedding band.
You want to consider the value of the ring - a real valuable or antique ring you want to take to a true artisan jeweler who makes and modifies rings in-house - a simple economy ring or simple band you would get a cheaper price probably at a chain store like Zales.
When you drop it off be sure to get a written receipt for it while they work on it (usually unless a simple one-size stretch job, cannot do while you wait), and I would also take a picture or two of it on your cell phone, including a zoom shot of any interior engraving, so if there is any question about whether you got back what you dropped off, you have some proof. Of course, the integrity of the shop is critical.

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