How Often Do I Need Chiropractic Adjustments?

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Steve h

Subject: Feel much better after chiro

Been going to chiro for 3 months now. Went in first day and was in pain from a pinched nerve. Had a adjustment and walked out not realizing the pain was gone. Was sore for the first few weeks. I assume it was due to the muscles getting used to there normal positions. I know it costs a lot but I really think it is beneficial. I am there twice week for 20 weeks before going to once a week for the rest of the year. My chiropractor is also flexible as I started at 3 times a week.


Subject: Chiro

Just started going to the Chiro for major back pain. I feel like she really "sells" the need for her adjustments. She wants me 3x a week, which seems like a lot - especially for 5-10 minutes for $38! I'm not sold on the treatment...I've been 3x so far and have not had improvement yet...

Troy W

Subject: Chiro

I like The Joint, they dont take insurance but have plans that are affordable.

Lewis Dolgin

Subject: Chiro care

I feel the same way about the treatment plan my self. I feel more pain when I leave then when I got there. I have neck and buttuck pain. I have had 12 adjustments and the pain comes and goes. I have some disc problems myself. I want to stop going,too.


Subject: My Chiro

I love my Chiro. I started having problems 22 years ago. Wish I started then. But it seemed like if I rested and walked. I could get back to normal. Till 3 years ago. I went to a hospital and had a MRI. Was told L2-3-4&5 was herniated. Arthritic. Bulging. Bla bla. Great. I waited another 2 years and pulled the disc out twice in one month. That's when I said to myself I have to do something. I asked anyone who would listen to me questions. Read reviews. Watched You tube. And decided Cortisone and knives were gonna be the very very last thing I do. Found a great Chiro. Went with my gut feelings. Reviews. And people who went to him in the past. And I feel like a new person. I had 2 sessions a week for 4 weeks. And a tune up when ever I feel I may need it. My back is not cured. It took years of abuse to screw up 4 discs. It will take years of Chiro and rest and exercise to repair it. But I thank god I saw a Chiro to make me feel normal again. I was wracked. Unable to move or hold my weight up. Used a walker. Barely went out side. Forget sex. Lol. And held on to anything so I wouldn't throw a disc. Brutal. Do some research research research and find a good Chiropractic and it will relieve you of years of pain. Mine did.


Subject: Chiropractor

I started seeing a Chiropractor due to back pain during my pregnancy. She wanted to put me on a plan to come in twice a week. I financially couldn't make that happen and felt a lot of pressure from the chiropractor to try and make it happen as "it's better for the baby". I wish I could've gone more often but it just wasn't feasible. Be careful who you see and the treatment plan they give you. Don't forget they are a business too and are trying to make money. Make sure you listen to your body and your wallet before committing to a long term treatment plan. There is a reason most insurance companies don't cover the care.


Subject: That's false. I'm a

That's false. I'm a chiropractor. Most insurances, including Medicare, cover chiropractic care

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