How often to clean your Los Angeles house

How often to clean your Los Angeles house

Keeping your home clean isn’t an option – it’s a necessity to keep you and your family physically and emotionally healthy.

There’s a reason we say something has been cleaned “top to bottom.” You want to start cleaning the higher surfaces first, because gravity will cause dust and other debris to work its way down to the floor, which is the last place that should be cleaned.

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Whether you hire professionals or do it yourself, here are tips on how often to clean the most used rooms in your house.

Living room

On a daily basis, clear away clutter and clean-up. Return magazines or books to their racks or shelves, wash or put away glasses, dishes or other items left in the room. Clean-up toys and pick-up after those who used the room.

Dusting should occur on a weekly basis. Wipe down often-used surfaces like table tops, mop floors and vacuum carpets. Some people like to move their furniture around a couple of times a year so they can reach areas they don’t routinely clean, such as under the sofa or chairs or behind book cases.

Dining room

It seems obvious, but it’s important to clear the dishes off the table and wipe the table clean on a daily basis. Not only will this help prevent germs, but it will also help prevent staining from any food or drink that might have been spilled during meal time.

If you use a table cloth, shake it out and wash it regularly. On a weekly basis, dust all surfaces and mop or vacuum the floor.


On a daily basis, wash the dishes then clean the sink, countertops, the exterior of the refrigerator and the stove. Floors are a constant cleaning job depending on what’s been dropped, but if you’ve managed to keep it reasonably clean, mop weekly. Every few weeks, run a cleaning agent through the dishwasher to prevent buildup and ensure sparkling dishes.

It’s also a good idea to clear out the refrigerator before your weekly shopping trip. This way, you’re removing what’s spoiled and making room for fresh groceries. Every six months or so, remove all the items from your cabinets and wipe down the shelving. This also is a good time to go through your canned and other packaged goods and throw away items that have expired.


This room can be the dirtiest and cleanest in any house, so weekly cleanings are important. Start with the bathtub. Wipe all surfaces to prevent mildew and soap scum. Clean the sink to remove any build-up from toothpaste or other toiletries.

When cleaning the toilet, spray or add cleaning solution to the bowl and clean other areas of the bathroom. This allows the cleaning agent to activate for several minutes before scrubbing the bowl clean. Mop the floor last, so you leave a clean floor drying in a clean room.

If you have a cabinet or linen closet, remove all contents every six months and wipe down the shelves. This gives you time to sort make-up and other toiletries and throw away items that are expired or empty.


Even if you don’t feel like making the bed first thing in the morning, doing it every day will help you achieve the feeling of a clean room in just a few minutes. Wash the linens weekly to help reduce allergens and dust mites.

Make sure you put dirty clothes in a hamper and take the time to fold and put away clothing. Regular dusting of furniture and vacuuming carpet or dusting floors and baseboards can also help to reduce allergies.


Since you don’t actually live there day-to-day, you may not need to clean this as frequently as other areas of your home. Add the room to your spring cleaning list. Make a point of pulling out everything you have stored there.

Throw away broken items and sell or donate things you no longer use. The garage can serve as a catch-all for many families, so reorganize the space to include only the items you and your family consistently use.

Ceilings and baseboards

On a monthly basis, inspect your ceilings and wipe away any cobwebs. Use a feather duster or a disposable cloth duster. Wipe down your baseboards and trim, which tend to collect dust. This can be done with a furniture polish or with a rag dampened with water.

Doorknobs and telephones

Because they're surfaces that are frequently touched often by many, they should not be neglected. Use an antibacterial wipe or a rag dampened with any household cleaner to wipe these surfaces clean.

Remember, some of the most contaminated surfaces in the home involve places touched by multiple hands. Be sure to include them in your weekly cleaning routine.

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