How Much Wi-Fi Speed Do You Need?

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Subject: 3mbps

I have only 4 android mobiles only
Is 3mbps is enough for it


Subject: How much MPS

3 friends and I are moving into a 3 story house with a finished attic on the very top (3rd floor). I would like to put my router in the attic since that's where my room will be. In the attic there will be an Xbox One (mainly gaming and netflix and will be connected through ethernet), smart tv, and smaller mobile devices being used. On the second floor there will be 3 tvs: 1 with an apple tv (netflix), 2 with amazon fire sticks (netflix). On the first floor we will have a tv with an xbox one (used mainly for netflix). All of us will have phones that need to connect also. I was thinking about getting a wifi extender for the 1st floor so it would reach that far. We are debating between 50mps and 100mps but dont want to waste money if the 50 will do. What are your thoughts? My main concern is that I dont want any lag while playing xbox when others are streaming netflix. The router i have is a netgear nighthawk and no problems with it currently.


Subject: Mbps

I have 3 cell n a hd tv.... Internet or WiFi ...which is better n at what speed


Subject: 12 mbps

in my house we have 2 phones, a nexus, and a ps4. Is 12 Mbps quick enough for online gaming? Keep in mind, the Phones are mainly just used for Facebook and snapchat.

Brennen Laracy Horn

Subject: 12 Mbps reply

It's highly dependent upon what each individual is doing on aforementioned devices. if the phones are being used for facebook and snapchat whilst your playing some battlefront or doom, you'll be good to go. However if someone were watching youtube videos on the phone, netflix (or hulu or any other streaming service) on the nexus, and your still trying to get down to some games, you'll notice the difference in the delay


Subject: Internet

I just moved tired of paying cable prices...i have 3 old non hd tvs and i want to get Netflix in my daughter and i may be watching 2 tvs at the same time at night for possibly 2 hrs tops..can i get away with 2 mgbs? Its in my price range.

Brennen Laracy Horn

Subject: Internet

unfortunately, 2 mbps would be sufficient for one device to stream non hd video with little to no buffering

2 devices, however, would cause quite a bit of buffering and pausing during the shows


Subject: what mpbs do I need

I have 2 cell phones, 3 tvs, a ps3 and 2 roku's. We live on the streaming movies and tv shows at least 8 to 10 hours a day everyday! So what would be the best 10,25 or 75?


Subject: How many devices at once?

Obviously im sure your two phones automatically link with your wifi as soon as you walk in your house, but other than that how many devices would you say are in use at the same time on average? If your in one room on a tv streaming, and someone else is in another room gaming or streaming as well then that's where you need more bandwidth. If on average two devices are in use, other than your phones, then I would recommend 25 would be safe. If using any more devices than that at a time I would go higher. Of course different areas are have different results too. If you're in a high populated area then your sharing the same towers with a lot of people therefore slowing you down as well. I would talk to some neighbors or family members in your area that use a similar number of devices and see what kind of service and package they use.


Subject: What do I need and from whom?

I use my iphone for listing ebay items and pics, I use Apple TV for Netflix and Hulu. An iPad and a Mac... Mac is usually not on at the same time. But others are. I currently have cox high speed internet (I feel like I'm paying for a service I'm not getting) that's about $80 A month and its down 1/3 of the time or it drops 8-10 times a day....Modem and routers are new. And cables to house and out on the pole have been updated....still a problem w drops.( I think the entire neighborhood needs an update) I am Moving to 85258 which is sketchy at best for cell phones so I'm wondering about Internet services in that area. I work from home so I'm trying to avoid these same issues.
What do I need to be able to operate these items simotainiously? (doesn't seem excessive usage ) and with speed. ???? I appreciate your response. :)


Subject: 250 mbps via xfinity

I have 250 mbps so Ill never experience lag when I'm streaming and downloading large files simultaneously. Xfinity (internet only) package is $70 a month so I think its worth it! AT&T was way to expensive and slower speeds. Hope this helps.


Subject: How good of wifi do I need?

I have 6 guys living in an apartment, each has a phone and a laptop, plus a PS4 and 2 tablets. We don't do a whole lot of online gaming, but netflix is a must. most internet traffic is for web browsing, youtube, and netflix.


Subject: MBPs

I got four smartphones in my house (watch videos, ect..), a smart tv, an xbox, and a laptop (watch videos, play video games). How many mbps do you suggest?


Subject: Megabytes per second

8 cell phones 3 TVs 3 tablets and 1 Xbox 1. How many megabytes per second would you recommend so there wouldn't be any lag

Kali Penetration

Subject: 50 MBps

I myself have a PS4 X-Box 1 a Droid Maxx and 4 laptops along with a desktop all connected to my WIFI. As long as they are not ALL cut on at the SAME exact time, I experience no lag or screen glitches. But where I'm at 50MBps is considered the Ultimate "Black Box" Pack and is the best you can get out here. So if you always have people online same time I might try looking into maybe finding a ISP with more than 50MBps. Also remember if they say you get 100MBps and you have 4 things all connected to WIFI same time than each item only gets 25MBps. If you get 100 MBps and have 3 items on WIFI and 1 item "Hard Connected" through a Ethernet cable than the 3 will split 100MBps equally and the one that's Hard Connected will have 100MBps. For 0 lag on a xbox or plastation I would say run a cable to the items you do not want lag with mind you someone downloading could still cause lag but would be greatly reduced on a item that's connected directly rather through WIFI.


Subject: How many Mbps do I need?

I have 1 Ps4(light online gaming, stream YouTube videos, HBO); 4 tablets (internet browsing, video streaming, Facebook); 2 smartphones (internet browsing, reading Kindle ebooks); and 1 laptop( internet browsing, homework assignments)

Megan Garrett

Subject: -

From this post: I believe more than 50mbps? I have a smiliar situation..two tablets, 1 laptop and 2 smart phones, and xbox usually going at the same time. curious what answer you get

Sharon Forrest

Subject: WiFi speed

I have 2 phones, 1 laptop, 2 Amazon fire sticks, 1 chromecast and 100 mbps and using Hulu and I still have problems loading the Hulu videos.


Subject: ? Mbps

How much mbps would be recommended for 1 Wii (Hulu and Netflix) and 1 XBOX (Hulu, Netflix, light gaming) connected to WiFi and one smartphone

john hartman

Subject: no cable

bought a antennae that goes to cable connection in smart tv. also bought roku. 1 laptop 1 regular tv with roku and antennae. will keep cable internet. how much mpbs do I need?


Subject: Internet usage

I use a blue ray player for internet streaming Hulu and you tube all day and night. Also two people one using an android tablet and one an iPad. On both tablets throughout day and night on Internet. Also 2 cell phones, one iPhone and one LG used on and off. How many Mbps would I need? Currently have 75mbps and looking to see if I went lower for a cheaper bill if it would still go pretty fast. ?? Thanks


Subject: mbps speed

Assuming no one is doing any gaming (PC or consoles) you can definitely try dropping your monthly rate to either 50 or 60 mbps and not experience much, if any lagging from all your devices operating simultaneously. If you didn't ever have an issue at 75mbps available it behooves you to try something lower. And don't forget that even if you do ever experience any lags or delays in load times, etc that it might not
even be from your usage but from peak demands on the IP at that time. Try it for a month, most companies will allow you to move up and down as long as you aren't in the 1st contract year. Good luck, lmk what you decide plz!


Subject: What is wrong??

I am using Comcast, and have a modem that gives up to 1.8 gb/s and a router that gives 1.4 gb/s. Although this sounds amazing, it is not. I get .5 mb/s if I am lucky. It took about 5 minuites to load this page too. I tried on multiple devices including Apple iPad air2, Dell Alienware Area 51, and a late 2015 model iMac, and they are all about the same, but I have another iMac that is from 2011 and it is connected with Ethernet, and it usually gets 1.7 gb/s. Help please


Subject: How many MBPS needed?

Looking into Netflix; maybe Roku for 2 TVs. What download speed is required? Plan on hard-wiring vs. wireless, if that makes any difference.


Subject: 25 or 75 mbps

We have 1 smart tv, 3 regular tv's, and xbox one, a ps4, as well as an apple tv, 2 phones, and a mac laptop. Usually there are 3ish things on at a time. How much internet speed do I need?


Subject: 25mbps

My recommendation would be 25mbps. Hope this helped!


Subject: My mbps

My mbps is usually at 7 but then spikes down to 1 or like 3 and i am a gamer so i always come across alot of lag every hour please help because i need a solution! my router is a 16mbps but only gives me 7!!!!!

thojesh kt

Subject: internet speed

If i connected 4 system to 10mbps internet speed, What will be the speed of each computer?, Please let me know. Thanks!

Jimmy McGill

Subject: Mbps

Bandwidth is key when it comes to speed and reliability, I currently have Charter Internet running at 55 Mbps with 2 smart TVS 1 laptop 5 cell phone devices and 2 Wifi HD Cameras. I have never experienced any issues or lags with my isp.

Leon Hu

Subject: WiFi speed

My family have a 15 mbs wifi. Yeah, the company tell us is 15 mbs wifi. But now, when I start to download games, I discovered that the downloading speed is 1 mbs. I am pretty sure nobody is using the wifi at this moment of time. Is this a common event?


Subject: This can happen if either

This can happen if either your router is old or what not, I'm not saying to change your router, its either that, or weather problems, or is that your device internet card is old. Depending on the version of your internet card, the matter the speed.

jim pausche

Subject: mirroring

I do not have a computer in my home therefore I do not have Wi-Fi I have a Samsung s6 phone and I would like to mirror to my TV what is the best way

john newton

Subject: connectings4to television

my s4 samsung so she can be connected to my smart television. everytime I go to have the set recognize the device in my hand which is connected by a USB mini tether to an HDMI at the back of the set, there is no reaction. What am i doing wrong.

L Walker

Subject: speed?

Icurrently have cox bundle my internet is up to 5mbps I will be changing to Verizon with speeds up to 1.1- 3mbps. How much speed do I need for using a yahoo stick and streaming?


Subject: Internet service only

i currently have TV/internet/phone service. I am disconnecting everything but the internet. Unfortunately, I don't know what my best option is in regards to router/modem in a 2 story home. I plan on having 2 17 in dells, one that has the only windows and one that will be brand new with windows 10. I hope to use the new computer for viewing movies and using for photography. What speed is the best and should I get 1 0 2 modem that will enable me to be wireless.

I have netgear currently and I have been stuck using my computer in the same room or hooked up to the ethernet to run.

I would greatly appreciate some advice on speed and type of modem to purchase when no other mediums will be used in the house. The TV will be antenna.


Subject: speed nonsense

I've had 50mbps Comcast but decided to try 12mbps Century Link. My son and I both game at the same time with no problem, feels the same as Comcast. Save yourself some money.


Subject: How much MBPS or do I need a diff router opton

We have a 2 story house with a finished basement (router/modem on 2nd floor). We have 3 smart tvs (1 each floor) 1 wifi blue ray, 3 cells at times, 2 ipads and 2 laptops. There are times we will turn off everything but the TV streaming and have connection issues. We have 15mbps currently 1 router/modem. Should we upgrade-get a 2nd router if so whats that process? Thanks

Cecilia B. Glover

Subject: MBPS

You need 60Mbps get a second router place it on the floor that has the worst problem. of course not on the same floor as the other one. Since this is 3 months old...what have you done?


Subject: Though I'm not much of an

Though I'm not much of an expert, I can prove some help. Depends on how much WiFi range your router can reach, I currently have 15mbps and I have around 7 devices, the connection is pretty slow. The longer you are from your router, the slower, if you are able to connect your device to the modem, all of your devices are sharing speed, putting your router in the middle of your house is reccomended, though you best hope that it can reach the 2nd floor of your house.


Subject: how much mps

Hey so I live in a house with 2 adults and 2 kids the adults will be on Facebook most of the time and the kids on YouTube mostly how much mps will we need?

Garrett Kelly
Garrett Kelly

Subject: mps

Hey Alex, based on what experts have told me, you should be good with 12mps or higher. Have a good day! 


Subject: How much data do I need

In a household with three adults 2 teenagers and 2 younger kids on internet all the time watching videos TV and playing games how much data do u think I would need would 6000 mb be enough


Subject: How much mbps

So my brother and I both play online gaming. He uses an Xbox that is connected to the router and I laptop that uses the wifi. We both game alot so we both have to take turns using the wifi, but we want to be able to play at the same time. We are wondering if 25mbps is enough for the both of us to play at the same time.

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