How Much Does Tree Removal Cost?

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Elaine Dodd

Subject: Tree through deck of home killed by lightning strike

About July 6-16, a massive tree growing thru our deck was hit by lightning. Arborist said its dead & would be a danger if left to fall ( on our house) is there a way we could remove it to save cost?
Also, we have USSA home insurance ; would they cover cost based on imminent danger, or does tree have to fall on house first?


Subject: I don't fully understand your

I don't fully understand your first question and can only recommend you work on getting several estimates from reputable local companies. As the tree degrades it will only become more hazardous and thus more expensive so time is critical.

In regards to your second question, most insurance companies will not assist you with a "known hazard". Truth be told, in my experience, most insurance companies specifically exclude such circumstances and thus can and likely may even deny any future claim made. That is they can deny coverage of damages caused by part or all of the tree falling since you as the homeowner have been made aware of the risk.


Subject: trees

Do you need a pernit in king county to cut trees on owners property. They are a danger to house and power ljnes


Subject: do not go on someone elses

do not go on someone elses property and start cutting anything - they can and should have you arrested. in some communities, you can get shot. if you feel the tree is breaking the the police and ask for advice.

kitty finnigan

Subject: feedback

The questions people ask on the feedbacks are important and to people like me, I'd like to know the replies to the questions. Why not answer these questions please.


Subject: Tree info

Majority of tree info is based on your area so all of what U.S. Been stated above is wrong depending on what state you live. Also the notion that there is a price per ft of height as a cost for tree removal that is complete bs I've been selling tree work in the northeast for about 15 years and don't know of any companies that employ that type of cost strategy.

Helen Presser

Subject: Cut off and remove branches of fallen tree

Neighbor's tree struck by lightning. Top branches fell into back of my yard. Association will not pay to have it removed. Neighbor had tree trunk on her property removed by someone doing it free who wanted firewood. Need estimate for branches cut and removal that are on my property/ woods at back of my property. Looking for cheapest way to get rid of part that I can see from my yard. Will not pay a lot because it wasn't my tree and no one else will do anything about it, but it obstructs my view.

Andy Hammer

Subject: Salvage Timber

Don't forget to ask your tree removal service about what amount you may get back when they turn the lumber removed over to a saw mill. Yes, you can get money back for a portion of the value of the wood with some services.


Subject: trees removal

Hi I have over 4000 trees that have been damaged on my ranch want to know the cost per acre to cut and stumps removed

Alvena Fleger

Subject: Stump Removal

I have a 12 inch tree stump in my front yard that I would like to be grinded down. Please advise cost.

Also I have 5 neighbors that have stumps in their front yard that may want theirs done if the price is right?


Subject: Tree trimming

I have an old rental house (occupied) with tree branches that stretch over the driveway & onto roof of house. There is also an electrical line that runs across driveway too. Branches aren't touching it-yet. This is my main concern at the moment; there is a large pecan tree on other side that is touching roof but not as concerned due the cost.

Ahmed Rabiutheen

Subject: Cost per acre

Hi. I am in the process of buying acreage in va that has comple wood and wanted to know the cost per acre to cut and stump removal so the land willbe used for construction purpose. Rabiutheen

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I own a tree service and by law whatever is on you property is part of you property including part of you neighbor's tree whit that being say you allow to cut whatever part of the tree is on your property and leave him whit the rest of the tree to fall on his property.
Unless the contract stated they were to remove the neighbor's portion at the neighbor's expense it's your bill.  You simply stated they were to remove the portion on the neighbor's side also, not who would pay for it by what I'm reading, even if that was your intention.

Another route to take:  Technically you should be able to file a claim with your neighbor's insurance for the damage done by the tree and possibly for the removal of the tree including the portion not affecting you.  They may deny the second part but if they pay for damages in addition to the coverage by your insurance you've been reimbursed.  Don't take more than the $650 and keep all records so you aren't accused of insurance fraud.  Unless the bill was broken into 2 parts stating which amount was for the removal on your side and which side was theirs their insurance probably won't argue much about only paying part of the bill.  Talk to your agent about how to best approach this.

Todd Shell
Todd's Home Services