How Much Does Siding Cost to Replace?

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Subject: Siding for old house

We have a small old ranch house. Is it ok to put new siding on the house without removing wood panel? Old siding is flat wood and damaged. It seems ok to me but not sure...
Please let me know. Thanks

Wes Rhodes

Subject: siding

It should be fine to install over the wood paneling. I've done it in the past but if there are any large voids you will need to fill them with more wood to even it out. Also you may need to shim out the corner boards as these need to stick out past the siding. Doing it this way will cut down on the amount of debris you will need to haul off. Hope this helps


Subject: Help with sq footage and charge ?

I'm siding a 14x64 ft trailer house can some one help me with the sq ft and the person has all the materials already what would be a reasonable amount to charge ? Anyone help me out thank you

Jerry Bustos

Subject: siding

need to replace siding

Andrew Graves

Subject: Replacing a damaged siding

A home inspection found a damage vinyl siding, I've submitted a request to replace the damage siding. I found out that to replace the siding, the color of the new siding will not match 100% with the existing siding. Is it worth to have the damaged siding replace or can it be painted over if the color between the new siding and existing siding looks way off?

Daniel O

Subject: damaged siding

You should be covered to have all the siding covered depending on where you live. In MN the state passed a "match policy" where you must replace the whole roof or siding if you can't replace a section with the same product/color but it would have to depend on where you are located.


Subject: Hardy siding

My house is about 2075 square feet. The only part that currently has siding is the entire back, the top half of the sides, and a pop out portion in the front of the house. I am wanting to replace the old siding with hardy siding. How much does that usually run?


Subject: Checking

From what I read I have 16 square. I want to check on replacing vinyl siding with wood (log looking) or maybe just rock (sandstone). What would a ballpark be for both of these?

Gary garcia

Subject: Remove old vinyl siding

How much about wpuld it cost to remove 18 square feet 10 by 10 old vinyl siding

Denise Hanson

Subject: Siding

We have a house that needs residing. It currently has press board siding and some boards have been replaced by cement boards. We are trying to sell the house and are being told by our contractor that it doesn't need it, but potential buyers are saying that their inspections recommend it. The house is a cape cod, 2 story, about 2800 sq. Ft.

stephen Demoss

Subject: What does it cost to Paint 13,000 sq. ft of siding?

I have 13,000 square feet of siding that needs to be painted. What should that cost me? Assume it can be painted down and touched up once installed. Thank you!

Cody lewis

Subject: Are you located in Canada?

Are you located in Canada?


Subject: Our estimate

We were looking at just having the wood trim wrapped so we no longer have to paint and the first estimate the guy noticed what a bad job the home builder did on our siding for a 27 year old house, we have only been there for 6 and I knew it wasn't the best job. Lots of short pieces looks like it was done with leftovers. So he suggested we redo the siding and have it wrapped at the same time which was coming in around 14-15000 for about 2500 square feet.


Subject: siding prices

This price estimation for siding is so far off the mark. I have a 2,200 sq ft house that I am re-siding with fiber cement board, nothing fancy, and my estimates are coming in from contractors from $45,000 (from a contractor who I was told is a thief) to $72,000. (Highly recommended by all his customers)


Subject: Siding charge

Your Qoute was right on, hardi siding.(concrete board) or a quality siding like LP Smart Side.
I am new to the business and because I am trying to build my reputation I charge half of what others charge.
I charge 1000 per square
Other established charge 2000 per sq
To find how many square you have, count your sq footage then take off the last 2 numbers.
2756 sq ft
Is 27 square


Subject: Siding installation

The quote you got is way to high. Here in Texas you are looking at around 10,000-15,000.


Subject: Siding

The house we are the process of purchasing currently has wood siding with no plywood underneath. We want to replace the siding with vinyl, or something cheaper if thats possible. The house is a one story, three sided duplex and half of the front is brick. We were told the house is 10 sq ft. The houses on the inside is 1020 sq ft if that helps. What is the typical cost for something like this.

Thank you


Subject: Side the home...

For me to tear off old sidi g on the 900 sq foot home and replace with a basic vinal siding our cost to you is $2500. We are very low with cost as we help people and do not jip them.


Subject: 960 sq ft home

Just curious about a ballpark price to remove and replace siding on a 960 sq ft home

Nate Lunger

Subject: Vinyl Siding Prices

I have been in this industry for over 12 years. I have worked with many different siding materials and have dealt with many contractors when it comes to installing siding. I can tell you for sure that if you are hiring a contractor that is only charging $200-$300 per 100 square feet, they are taking major shortcuts. If you have a reputable contractor that will remove the old siding, dispose of it and install the new siding including all of the extra trim work that needs to be done for a job to be done correctly, it would cost you more like $500-$600 per 100square feet. This would include of course a weather barrier and drip cap flashing over all the windows and doors. Anybody who would be less than this cost would not include those things.

Bob Likes

Subject: vinyl siding cost

my house has 16 squares. To remove existing siding Y replace new vinyl. Not counting cost of vinyl, just the average cost per square?

James Ray

Subject: Needing a price please!!

I built on two rooms I need vinyl for 30 by 12 foot. How much would it cost me?

Stephen DeMoss

Subject: Siding costs

Your home is 4 square. A qualified contractor will likely charge about $2,500 based on all I've read. Your home is on the small side which generally includes more cuts. It may be as high as $3,000. Good luck!

Clifford Journey

Subject: Replace siding

My house has aprox. 3200 sq ft wood siding (same as Masonite) that's needs to be replaced. The only backing is foam sheathing insulation. I would like to get an estimated cost to1) remove and dispose of present siding, 2) install a wood or suitable (least expensive material and install cost that is still effective) sheathing or backing, 3) install siding ( recommend siding, i.e. cement board, etc.)

Greg Barron

Subject: Siding Replacement

Clifford, it has been three years since you posted your question. How did your project go and did you get it done and what was the cost? Are you happy or do you have any caveats as to doing a re siding job.


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Call and ask your contractors these questions.  Don't be afraid to ask questions.  It is your money and home.  I would ask for references and take a look at samples of their work (especially the low bidder).  Make sure all are licensed and carry the required insurance.  You don't want to get a bad stucco job, so do your homework first before selecting a contractor; which may not be one of these.  Check with your local building department and local building exchange for more references on these and other contractors.  Good luck.


Alside is the far superior siding. Another option with the Alside is the Center Lock panel. It locks in the center of the panel, eliminating wind blow-offs,has a 3/4 inch profile, and carries the same warranty as the Charter Oak


Tom Ghysel


Owner, Tom Ghysel Siding Inc.



     Both choices have plusses and minuses.

     I am partial to vinyl siding myself if it is put on by a contractor that pays attention to details in sealing against water intrusion. The better grades of vinyl stand up to the weater very well. The siding on my own home is over 15 years old and shows no signs of fading or any changes due to sun exposure and have had no problems with water entry around windows or doors. It does not dent like the old aluminum siding did or break if hit by a ball or a rock thrown by a lawnmower. As long as you save a few extra panels even if a rock was to be broken by something like a rock it is easier to repair. I will add that the earlier vinyl sidings did tend to fade but I have seen homes I sided after putting additions on that were done 20+ years ago and they look fine. Those closer to the 30 year mark not as good on the fading though. I gennerally never use the cheaper panels though so I can not vouch for them but I think that as long as it is one of the better manufaturers it seems to be just panel thickness. Just a personal opinion but if you are looking for added insulation I would use one of the 4X8 or 2X8 panels rather than the insulated siding. I can not see how insulation on the back of each panel with all the joints can do much more than stiffen the panels and I would think it would hamper the movement of the panels with changes in temperature.

     As for Hardi or any of the other fibre cement sidings it is way more costly and relys on caulk or tar paper strips between the panels to seal out water. It is not very forgiving on install mistakes and must be done perfectly to get the full Hardi warranty. I was just involved with a job where the contractor did not put a few pieces of flashing in properly and his guys lapped a corner board incorrectly and the Hardi lifetime warranty was void. Another thing I did not like is that it is put in with a blind nailing method and even though this house was done to specs in this area of the install the bottom of the siding was not tight to the lower courses in many spots. They did install it to the maximum exposure and I believe if they had gone to a larger panel or even lessened the exposure by 1/2" it probably would have been fine. The other thing I saw was the paint seems to be prone to scratching durring install and to me the house looked like it needed a paint job even though siding was new. I do think that if painted after install a paint job would last many years as the product is very stable and does not expand and contract much. The one big plus I see is it tend to HELP in and area prone to fires such as some ares out West.  I put the word help in capitals because it will not fireproof the home but may stop ignition from sparks and moderate heat exposure.



"Normal" construction practice dictates that the contractor remove all tools, unused materials (that you did not pay for) and scrap, and leave the worksite in a "broom clean" condition - this would include disposing (as he wishes) of removed saleable scrap - be it siding, old HVAC equipment, metal piping, etc.

Generally, unless you are talking copper sheet roofing or decorative copper ceiling panels or such, or in some cases very old in-demand recyclable timber or full-thickness hardwood flooring, the value of the metals will only marginally pay for his labor to load it and haul it to the metal recycler - especially with painted materials, which typically go for about half or less the going "clean metal" rate.
Look at the other side - how much hassle and cost will it take YOU to cut or bend the sheets into transportable lengths (since probably 10-12 foot pieces for full lengths) and haul them to a metal recycler - who may only be open during your normal work hours so you have to take time off, and maybe borrow or rent a pickup or trailer to haul it too ? All for a couple hundred $ in scrap value. Also - in some areas - scrap dealears are now limited by law to accepting construction scrap only from licensed contractors, because of the increased problem with people stripping houses and stealing from construction sites, so you as an individual might not even be able to sell it.