How Much Does Lawn Mowing Cost?

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Omar F

Subject: Does Size Matter

I currently offer 2 options for my customers. Single service pricing and Seasonal pricing.Do i price bases on size of lawns/Yards or Just Services given?

Omar F

Subject: Does Size Matter

I currently offer 2 options for my customers. Single service pricing and Seasonal pricing.Do i price bases on size of lawns/Yards or Just Services given?


Subject: bidding

What's an average pice to charge for lawn service for a gas station


Subject: Too Low

If you intend to never be able to grow and want to have to overload your schedule to turn a profit, then no your fine.
If you want to grow increase your charge by at least $20 a visit. This will give you additional income for office expenses, additional payroll, and improving your equipment.


Subject: Lawn

Ok the average is $35 to $40 but do you charge this for every yard don't matter the size? And also you charge the $40 each time you go? Monthly? I'm very confused need help! Thank you


Subject: Yard work

I was recently charged $75 for everything mentioned in the article above plus tree and hedge trimming. This included front and back yards and it was an initial service. Is this a reasonable price? Both yards are fairly small.

Terra Landscape

Subject: Good Price

If they also included spraying round-up then that is a good price even for minimal amounts of shrubs/trees.

beverly dye

Subject: THANK YOU!

I appreciate this very helpful guideline which answered a number of questions we have had. My husband has always insisted on doing our yard work so I had no clue what these services should cost - but he has been struggling with a knee issue lately so this information will help us as we choose to offload some of the tasks to others. THANKS!

Vic Ephrem

Subject: Lawn Maintenance for Exercise

I certainly understand if someone doesn't like yard work, but it can be a little funny to me when folks don't consider the exercise benefit of yard work. I personally play soccer and ride a road bike, but find that yard work often results in better weight management. The work can be a more steady fat burn, and typically lasts longer. I mow my yard with a push (not self-propelled) mower, and use power tools an a half-acre+ lot. The other benefit is that I know my yard, and care more about it than the paid service can. I see problems, weeds, etc. immediately, rather than only finding out about them too late. If you run or exercise for an hour a couple of days a week, you can turn that time to the yard and save yourself $160 to $300 per month. If you are a learner, you also learn what works in your yard, and also get to know your neighbors better. If you exercise in a gym, you can move outdoors and get similar benefit. Stay healthy, meet your neighbors and consider getting out in the yard!


Subject: Exercise

I walk regularly, but in the summer time it's usually indoors since it gets too hot out where I live to do it outdoors comfortably. I don't mind doing the yard maintenance in the spring when it's cooler out but I don't want to be outside in 100 degree temperatures mowing and weeing my lawn, so this site has been very helpful. I'm checking with my local landscapers to see what their prices are, hopefully they are about the same or lower.

Cat Smith

Subject: Round-up Clarification

Since “fertilizer application” is in brackets, it was probably added by the writer or editor. The speaker probably knows that Roundup is not a fertilizer.

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How to Get Rid of Springtails

One of the most effective ways to control springtails is to dry out the infested area. Springtails require a high-moisture environment to breed and thrive, living mostly off of algaes that grow in moist conditions. They will either leave the infested area or die out. If there is an infestation that cannot be controlled by drying out the infested area, use an appropriately labeled insecticide with a residual time These will typically be a liquid concentrate form, a wet-able powder form, or a dust product.  DO NOT APPLY UNTIL AREAS ARE DRY.  If area will not dry naturally, use Corn Starch to soak-up any lingering moisture and otherwise 'steer' any rain water or irrigation away from area.


Also, if there is a noticed springtail infestation around the perimeter of the structure, use the insecticide to do a barrier treatment and apply corn starch to reduce or eliminate moisture. Caulk and seal all cracks and crevices and inspect potted plants before they are brought into the house.


I would talk to your local lawn and garden supply store (or mill and feed) - NOT a box store or hardware store. There are also selective grass control chemicals. YOu can research this by Googling using search string      "Tall Fescue Control" - there are lots of articles by the USDA and individual state cooperative extension services.

There is a treatment called chlorsulfuron TFC (Tall Fescue Control) that will do this - it worked for me in western New York, but took 3 years to finish out all the tall fescue. It may now be limited to use by commercial applicators - pretty potent stuff. Can yellow bluegrass or make it phytosensitive, but our looked OK during treatment because the TFC was applied in the fall for best results, and our lawn was dormant till spring anyway.

Tall fescue can also be controlled by real short mowing, but only in areas where the bluegrass is dominant and really thrives so will eventually crowd out the trimmed fescue, but you may be too far north for that.