How Much Does It Cost to Repair My Transmission?

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Vipul Mehta

Subject: Need to replace transmissions

Dear Sir,
I have 2005 Honda odysse touring
Need to replace the transmission with New one how much cost plus i need 36 month/ 36,000 mile Warranty to cover every thing with in this period


Subject: D light blinking

The auto gbx D light keep blinking while driving, gear shifted up to third stage. Pls suggest remedy.

Help me

Subject: Transmission

I have a 2007 Volkswagen jetta that starts to jerk after 30 mins of driving. I was told I need a new transmission. How much is that gong to cost me?

S Barr

Subject: Just replaced transmission in 2009 Chevy Impala

End of Nov 2015 Had to replace (rebuilt) transmission in my 2009 Chevy Impala with 24,000 miles on it. Has a one year warranty. I really like the car but am afraid something might happen again. Should I get rid of it or keep it. Really don't want the expense of another car at this time but also don't want expense of repairs. Car looks like new, well taken care of and not driven much, but do need dependable transportation. What do think I should do???


Subject: 2008 Mazda 3 transmition leak

Hi I reasently got a rebuilt transmition in my car. I've been noticing it has a hard time to get itself into gear at time while driving in the snow. I've also noticed that the transmition oil is leaking. Plus the cvc shaft has also been repaired twice in the last month. This car is a huge headache for me. I need an estimate on how much everything is going to cost once again


Subject: accent 2001

My 2001 accent won't shift into reverse suspect transmission problem what is a reasonable repair price or should I just look for a new car


Subject: 2004 Mitsubishi diamante

I live in Cleveland, Ohio and I need a transmission rebuild for a 2004 Mitsubishi diamante with 112000 miles on it. Is it worth it to rebuild or get rid of the car? What is a reasonable price for transmission?

Richard carter

Subject: Transmission

Sounds like a truck I have a infinity G35 rear drive could it be because I have hard tires on the rear or is it a gear in the trans it's got 79000 miles it's shifting but it's sound like a truck over 30 miles an hour





Subject: Transmission Repair Cost

According to transmission repair cost readers review, the average cost of transmission replacement ranges from $1,800 to $3,500. A used transmission ranges from $1000 to $1500, and a re-manufactured from $2500 to $3500.

ron cinkle

Subject: trans slippage

how can I tell if my trans is slipping? or is it the tires spinning on wet ground? Does the speedometer increase if the back wheels are spinning?


Subject: 2003 Volkswagon Jetta

Hi my automatic transmission is slipping ( sometimes ) At the moment I do not have the money to repair or replace it If I drive it easy , how long do you think I have before it gets much worse & how much am I looking at to have it rebuilt or replaced ? Thx


Subject: Trans cost

I'm needing to get a new trans. Mine just started to go bad in my 2010 Jetta s 5 spd manual. The mechanic said I may have upto a year but it could go sooner.

Michael Pompey

Subject: 2010 Camry Transmission fluid leak.

On here it says that to repair a transmission fluid leak is typically between $150 to $200. I have called two different repair shops who are saying it is typically around $1000 or more to fix a leak. Why in the hell is there such a huge discrepancy between what I've been told and what is said on here!?!?!?


Subject: 1991 Taurus transmission leak

My transmission has been replaced twice, the last time ten years ago.
It was done at the local Aamco, after which there was a small leak when starting the car - when it was covered by the 12 month warranty, Aamco was not able to correct this and shortly afterwards, this location closed. I was told by Jiffy Lube that there is very little fluid in the transmission. All I want is the transmission refilled and not have a mechanic remove the gasket as I am concerned that it will ruin the transmission which is what happened ten years ago. What is the approximate cost of just refilling the transmission without any additional work? Thank you.

advanced transmission

Subject: trans leak reply

unfortunately you have no recourse on a shop that has closed. if you are driving the vehicle with the fluid low STOP! have the leak found and repaired now, all you are doing by driving it low is burning it up again. unless you want to top it off and drive it with a leak which i wouldn,t recommend, it may not be as bad as you think. secondly how does the jiffy lube know that there is "very little fluid in it"? you can be 2 quarts low on that trans and not be showing any fluid on the stick. your trans holds about 12 quarts. you would have to drop the pan to see how much is in it and still you will have about 8 quarts in the torque converter. just add fluid until it starts reading on the stick, then add small amounts [1/2 quart at a time] till its showing full.if it only takes 2 quarts you may have gotten away with it. hope this helps.


Subject: 2010 F150 4x4

My vehicle wasn't having issues or problems. A tow truck lifted it from behind and towed truck for over 40 miles. When I went to pick up my truck, the wrecker service tells me drive shaft is broken and it must have been like that. What could have happened? How is it possible truck was fine and now there are visible pieces broken? How much will it cost to repair?

Anita Hall

Subject: 2005 Jeep KJ Sports

Jeep was driving normal until I turned at a round a bout and then was a very loud knock( almost thought I blew a tyre). Kept knocking as I drove to the petrol station and then once there I could not get it to reverse or go forward. Was a hard jolt when it did go into these positions. Transmission???


Subject: 07 Ford Fusion

Is $2800 too much for a 2007 Ford Fusion transmission.bought the car for $4300 it has 9200 miles. Or should I sell the car.

David Smith

Subject: 2000 explorer won't reverse

one day while I was out got in car and it took a while be fore car would go into reverse, the next time I tried to drive the car which was about 3 days later it would not reverse at all.


Subject: no reverse

I just had my jeep Cherokee do the same thing and it required a transmission rebuild. Costing $1850 with a two year warranty.


Subject: My transmission is slipping.

I have a 2008 Pontiac G6, about how to repair? It has done it still I got it and when I got it, the transmission was completely replaced. But still slips from time to time when going up steep hills.

jack pectol


2000 Saab 9-3 with 5 speed manual transmission, 195k miles, FWD. When its cold it shifts smoothly with no grinding. After about ten minutes of driving, I can only get into 3rd or 4th gear. The shifter is totally loose left-right with no spring back to neutral (midway left-right). After it cools for about an hour, I play with shifting and the spring in the shifter comes back and I can find all gears again no problem. Any ideas on the problem and cost?

Donovan Joslin

Subject: transmission leak

I have a 1995 Escort Wagon and the transmision leaks . I see above that some leals can be fixed for less than 300.00 I keep checking the level and refill when it is low ..the car runs good and no problems with no running.

Emma Jones

Subject: Transmission check

see I have a 2001 wind star van it's has a lots off miles on it but it still run good for as the motor there is know tapping
but about two are three I been having this problem its is a tapping some where under there between my frount wheel
and where I sit when I am driving so any way I had it check out yesterday an the man told me that it was my transmission
that was making that noise, an now I would like to know what you might think this is an how much you think it would cost
to get it fix.
From Emma J Jones


Subject: transmission leak

I have a chrysler town&country 1996 it had a leak that drip red fluid so im thinking its coming from my tranmission cause it is red so is there any kind of way someone can tell me what could the problem be it shift good still when I drive it but the transmission fluid gets low at times and the fluid is leaking from the left side by the oil pan . Thanks and I hope hearing from you soon the help me slove my problem.


Subject: Transmission

Not sure about entire transmission but I just got a call from my mechanic in Palm Springs, CA that my C230 k 2005 with 64000
Miles has a transmission leak and it will cost me $1100! He said the fluid alone was $175 and then hose seal and labor! So bet you will get a steep bill with these spendy cars! Hold on to your seat!

Danny Orozco

Subject: oil leak

My car is leaking oil from the middle it leaks a little ?i want to know what possible that can be

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Hi, i worked in the automoble field for 8 years, I was the CIO of a large 8 location dealer group.


 Frankly, i would be leary of doing business with a company that is still pushing paint protectant or undercoating.  Undercoating is BIG no no as it will actually cause rust.  It traps water between the steel and the undercoating causing corrosion, it plugs up the door and rocker panel drains as well as drain holes in the uni-body frame rails.  The dealers cost for the undercoating is about 250.00 including man hours, it is a huge profit booster and nothing more.  Although Paint Protectant will cause no damage, it does no good.  It is nothing more than an acrylic polymer protectant which can be purchased at an automotive store...cost for the dealer including man hours, 75-100 dollars.  It is nothing more than a profit booster.


 Gap insurance is worth it, if you are involved in a collision and your car is a total loss, the insurance company generally pays you the trade value for the car.  Gap insurance will pay the difference between what the insurance pays you and how much you owe on the car.  for instance, if the insurance company pays you 2k dollars and you owe 3k, the gap insurance will pay the difference of 1k.  However, if you are finanacing 75 percent of the vehicle cost, then gap is not needed.


  Here is my best advice, pay for the car and not a single additional item.  Pay no more than 10 percent over cost, ask to see the dealer invoice, add 10 percent and pay that price.  Gap insurance can be purchased through the finance company after the purchase.


 So, if the invoice states the car cost the dealer 20k, you offer 22k and not a dime more as that is a fair profit for the dealer.  Puschase no other add ons, none.  If they wont show you the invoice, there are plenty of honest dealers that will.  I would be very careful with this dealer.


 Dealers also make money on financing.  for instance, they submit your loan for approval, the bank comes back and approves the loan at 6 percent interest.  The dealer will add 2 or 3 points charging 8-9 percent interest and the dealer gets the money for the points at the time of sale. Ask them how may points they are adding to the bank rate.


 I summary, be careful.  dont fall in love as there are many dealers with the same car.  Offer 10 percent over the dealer invoice and purchase nothing else.  if the dealer gets defensive, fails to show you the invoice, or pulls other sneaky tactics...WALK.  go to another dealer.


 I strongly recommend visiting visit to find the dealer cost for your car as well as many other informative car buying tips.




If it is the original timing belt, then yes - check your owners manual for the recommended changing frequency, but from a quick web search (not knowing your exact engine model) it looks like 60,000 recommended internal, and typically last 80-100,000 miles to failure if not changed.

The most frequent comment (and a red note items on manufacturer's website) is that you probably have a "zero-clearance" engine, an idiotic design that means if the valves are not fully closed when the piston come to the top, it hits the valves and breaks or bends them or punches a hole in the top of the piston. Talk about planned obsolescence !

In short, if that is the case and your belt breaks or gets so loose it strips the "teth" off it or slips, your valve timing will be off, and could cause catastrophic engine damage that would require a complete engine overhaul or replacement !

Unfortunately, after looking at a video on how to change the belt, they build it so almost all the auxiliary equipment has to be taken off to change the belt - the alternator, water pump, radiator upper hose, power steering pump, air conditioner, etc - so rough cost is $800-1200 ! If you are getting it changed, it is also recommended to replace the water pump while it is off.

Hopefully some Montero mechanic will hop on this question and expand on this, but NO engine belt of any type should be trusted to go 115K miles.

A great deal depends on the use of the vehicle.  If you do a lot of mountain driving or heave towing, then a flush would be necessary.  Under normal driving conditions, a flush is NOT necessary at 46K miles.  The shops make money on flushes, that's why they recommend them.  Most transmissions are good for 100,000 miles before requiring maintenance.  Your owners manual should say.....if not then leave it alone.  Maintenance is debated between a flush and a fluid drain and fill.  Both have merits and down sides.  Alternative Car Care is not a fan of flushes and will not do them.  We would rather drain the fluid and change the filter.

Assuming automatic transmission:

At a quick lube type place, with unknown brand of fluid - from about $30-60 depending if done as part of a general fluid change package or all by itself. If transmission fluid filters need replacing too (usually are changed with fluid change on an automatic transmission), more like $75-125 range.

At dealer, using OEM parts and fluid, about twice to triple that. Normal auto repair shop about halfway in between those two. One reason for higher price is they will not (if reputable) extract the old fluid through the dipstick tube and put in new - they will remove the pan or maintenance panel (which commonly has to be done fgor filter replacements) and clean the pan at a minimum regardless.

This assumes you do not need band or continuously variable shift friction surface replacement or adjustment, which can crank it up from $50-100 for band adjustment to several hundreds more for replacements.

Do NOT let some shop convince you to pay for a transmission flush - not only is it unnecessary, but usually uses contaminated fluid from other cars or harmful chemicals (sometimes even tap water or diesel fluid) and can seriously damage your transmission. If your transmission filters were not doing their job or you smoked your transmission fluid, the proper cure (assuming not bad enough to require transmission overhaul) is to change to new fluid and filters, then replace them again in a short time - typcially 50-250 miles recommended by manufacturers, to let the new fluid pick up the dirt and sludge and transport to the filters for cleaning.

IF manual transmission - from about $40-75 for one with drain pan and no filters, to as much as $200 range for one with filters that requires removing side panel to change filter and clean it out. Again, higher end at dealers.

My recommendation - ALWAYS require OEM fluids be used for all but engine oil - mixing brands and additives in equipment is just not a good idea, as they can react with each other and cause serious degradation of the lubricating properties, and even cause gel or sludge in the fluid. A transmission, transfer case, differential, etc should be able to run at least several hundred thousand miles without maintenance if you change the fluid as recommended and use only the same OEM fluids in it. The small amount you will save using cheap fluids is not worth the mega bucks to repair or replace a damaged unit. If you go to an auto shop, find out your required refill quantities and buy the fluids at the dealer and tell them to refill with those - just be sure to get enough to allow for a bit of spillage.