How Much Does It Cost to Paint a Bedroom?

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Subject: Hello,


I'm a moderately experienced painter. Not a professional contractor, but i worked for a pro contractor in the Albany, NY area. I dont know exactly what he made, but i think it was in the 30-50 an hour range.

I noticed another poster said that it would take 14 hours to just paint walls in a room at 380$. I personally think that's a bit insane. It takes 2 hours or so to just paint one coat on 4 walls. And rolling walls is legit the easiest part of this job. Sorry.

My typical ranges for one bedroom/living room can be anywhere from 100-300$ depending on size. I'll do typical bathrooms for 100-150 because of the tight corners and having to crawl on a bathroom floor to get behind the toilet. Possibly more depending on size and prepwork. Sanding and patching take a lot of time away and add the element of dust control.

I did an exterior residential job with a buddy. Two exterior walls going from white to gray. One wall was two stories and near the power lines. We gave the guy a deal at 550$. We should have charged more like 700-1000.


Subject: Exec Assistant/part time painter

I work, but I do love to paint. I've painted three rooms in my house so far. But it was HARD work. Wallpaper to remove, then patch/sand/patch/sand & then paint/move furniture to one side., etc. But working in bedrooms, the prep, moving furniture to one side of the room while I paint the other, then all over again, move furniture & paint. Not being able to finish in a couple of hours - no way. It takes me days.... sometimes weeks if the walls need work, and I mean sheetrock repair, etc. I have to get up & down off my little painters ladder - move it/paint - move it/paint. Painters are worth the price. They work hard and are prepared more that a single person is to paint a room.... they know how to get the job done. Do your research in your area/neighborhood and come up with a price you both can live with. We all work for our money....but it is always so satisfying when its done.

Henry Mason

Subject: Room Painting

Got to love micro managers who can barely manage their lives.

Let me break it down for the one's who cry about the cost of repairs.

If you're buying a home sale it now. If you own your home sale it now.

If you fit into one of the above statements you need to move into a maintenance free environment. You belong in an apartment.

I've been in the construction field since 1996 I own and operate a Handyman service business.

My gross income for 2015 was around $22,000 here is my total profit for just me $12,300 or close there anyway.


All my expense was just Taxes, Material, Tools, Fuel and I'm sure I can list more.

I can justify my fees of $800 or more for a typical size bedroom of 8x10, and up to $5,000 for a complete house.

You people don't have a clue what it cost to own and manage a business.


Subject: Painting a room

The bottom line is convince, Its not rocket science to paint. but there are people who don't like to paint and there are those who do. But because you choose to hire a person or two to do the work it doesn't mean you have to pay like your paying a Pablo Picasso. You want a room painted average 12X12 2Hrs. @ 30.00 per hour, = $60.00 contractor wants to charge $200.00 per room do the math who's kidding who. Contractors pays workman Comp Ins. 12.5 per day for a full time employees, so for 2hrs its 3.60 per Hrs. Over head Brushes, Roller, Tape Etc. 25.00 per room & Paint 1 Gal 30.00, so $81.40 profit is paid to the company after all expenses on every room. The math can be done, honest pay for honest work. If you wanted to get rich, painting could or is not the way But it could be if you have 10 employees who work 40 Hrs. per week every week. Than you can sit back and make 850,000 a year profit. Not bad for running a successful painting company at 200.00 a room.


Subject: Shifty contractors

You're absolutley right Frank. Us contractors are killing it. You must have a city job. Where are you getting you numbers from? I charge almost 3 times that and I'm nowhere near 850k/yr


Subject: Painting of a 1269 sq ft home

He's painting 3bedrooms (walls,ceilings,closets, trim,doors,baseboards,windowsills,casings) for all three bedrooms, and he's also gonna paint stairwell and ceilings throughout house and baseboards throughout house, he's taping but doesn't have to move anything. It's an empty house. Orange County California how much should I be getting charged. I'm supplying ALL materials.


Subject: Owner of a Painting/Repair Company

Hi Elizabeth,

Since you're paying for all the materials the price should be reduced by how much you paid for the materials. Now by what you stated there is no way to give you an estimate. The price should NEVER be based on what it is but by the dimensions (how big or small a room is). Now I'm guessing your home is a medium size one family home. I would charge you from $2,000 minimum and $8,000 maximum. Now why you ask? Well trust me there are a lot of factors that play into what we as painters are going to do. It will cost you less if you have great taken cared walls, but if you have walls that are scratched and have mold or even holes than obviously the price increases. The baseboard, trim, & stairwell pole should not be charged separately because they go under the same category. I would combine the ceiling, walls, doors as one category. Lastly casing windowsills and closets as a small category, this is because they are the parts that take the least time to do. Now to be honest not every painter will think like I do but since I have over 20 years in this industry I am guessing by what you stated you should be charged around $3,000.00 (minus the products you bought) = total for work $2,600.00 ($400 of products based on Benjamin Moore painting products.) FYI NEVER use HOME DEPOT products they are one of the worst painting products I have seen people buy.

Anchor Singh

Subject: Painters wages

I have read the comments on this page and I am seriously offended by the remarks towards painters. I have been Painting for 13 yrs and this is all I know. I have painted on the California state Capitol plenty of schools and high rise buildings. I am here in Sacramento Cslb#993143 the state of California has a predetermined wage for painters here in Sacramento it is about 46.00 and hour and if you think a painter is overplayed you get on a 30 ft extension ladder or Spray paint everyday, or sandblast or work with exotic coating, scrap lead, or work around asbestos. We are taking yrs off our lives. I am East Indian but I hate dealing with my culture or Asian people. For the simple fact in those countries any labor careers are considered bottom of the barrel. So they always want you to paint it for practically free. I pay good money to stay licensed, bonded and insured and perform some of the best quality work in Northern California, constantly criticizing my own work to perfection, all work comes with a five year warranty. (916) 595-1837 Anchor Singh Painting each job has many variables that affect the price, location, hazard, if the contractor is paying employees or doing the work himself. A good employer can pay between 15-30 hour for a good painter on top of that his workers comp and benefits if he has any. Only apprentice painters are making 12. -14. If a painter is charging a lot of money it could mean he is a custom painter faux finish etc. You really need to gauge a painters expertise to find out if he is right for your project. I'm not part of Angieslist because all the contractors I know on this list tell me they charge the high end price because they can and people on here will pay it. I believe painting a whole bedroom one coat minimal prep, ceiling, walls, closet, two doors and baseboard should be around 350- 400$ in price.

Mississippi Painter

Subject: Painter wages

That A great price $350-$400 a room that ideal what a painter should get payed or rather get paid. I been painting for over 12 years and from my area alone I charge under $200 bucks just to paint a room that under 450 sq foot and the killing part is people think $200 bucks is too high. Painter try to bid to get the job but most of the time we take big L's.


Subject: Room Costs?

I paid $544.00 to get four rooms painted - hallway, kitchen, living room and utility room. Is that considered a good deal? Thanks!


Subject: Pricing

I had a painter come out and stated he would paint my 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom(Has to remove wall paper), take up my carpets and lay slacks on my floor for $800. Is that a good deal?


Subject: Good Deal

I consider that cheaper than cheap. I'm curious how long did it take to complete all rooms and how it looks.


Subject: Room painting

I painted one of our bedrooms in 1 hr with taping. Using a
roller and trim brush and Behr paint. So the cost was under $75. The size of the home is 2,700 square feet.

How do painters come upwith 14.5 hours to paint a bedroom? and $3,500?


Subject: Did not prep properly

If you were able to paint your room in an hour and complete the job then you did not do enough prep work to make it last. Did you wash the walls, prime the surface, and apply two coats of finish paint? Most likely you just bought paint and painted one coat directly over the existing paint. These are things to take into account when doing it right. You should have a minimum of three coats between primer and paint.

W fall

Subject: Room paint in one hour terry

So Terry did you first place all the drop cloth paint brushes plaster prep tools in your car . The professional coming to your house to do this painting will have to take the time to bring all these items into the space understanding this is not his home. prepare the walls including cleaning the walls. every job is different but the home owner does have different advantages


Subject: That's amazing ;)

I'm sure your not comparing yourself to a pro? Have you ever worked as a painter in a real painting company? Please try it sometime! Then compare.


Subject: Painting a room

3,500 dollars to paint room is a rip off. I painted a large, room putting tape up etc in 2 hrs. It does not take 14 hours to paint a large room. Who are you kidding??

Ted D

Subject: Painter here

I'm considered a middle range cost painter in a major city.
I bill out at $80/ man hour and have more than enough work at that rate.
I estimate jobs by time, bill by actual time worked and I'm usually very close, but there's many variables.

1. Amount and type of repair work.
2. Previous paint job condition, how well it was done, type of paint.
3. Prep. work time. (I offer owners to scrub their own walls with an abrasive sponge before I arrive. It takes 1-2 hours and is an important step).
4. open space. (It takes longer to move furniture and to paint around obstructions). I suggest clean, empty rooms with good lighting to help with the speed of the job.

I can paint the walls of an average square room 100-300 sq. ft. in 4-5 hours with 2 coats and full prep work, plus minor plaster repairs. Many windows, multiple doors, odd trim, or wall shapes can take more time. Up to 8 hours. I guaranty I can do it in half the time an amateur can and it will look much better.


Subject: Painting costs

How can the painting costs per hour be 100-300 per hour in this article when right here on Angies list there are deals like Vincenzo's custom painting in Philly offering 40 hours of labor for $1100. That is less than $30 an hour.

Erik the painter.

Subject: Quality

There are different types of paint jobs. A handy man can paint a rental if it's been ruined by a landlord. Most people can't afford the luxury of hiring a painting company who has all the insurance , worksmans compensation ect. Hiring a high-painting business is more expensive than a production painting company. Most painters do not get overtime pay or medical insurance as is. It takes money to run any business.

Harlan Miller

Subject: painting costs

If it isn't a typo then I am selling my business. $100-300 an hour to paint!

Painters who work for painting companies make as little as 12 - 25 an hour based on experience.

I don't personally deem painting as something that warrants more than $30 per hour. If a painter is making more than this it should be because they are more efficient and doing the same job in less time than the lower priced painter.


Subject: interior painting

A painter should not be charging $100 to $300 per hour rate. This is what Brain Surgery cost. They just want to have the best part time job they can. People should make a fair wage, but an independent painter charging that much is just seeing how much he can get. A fairer rate would max out at $50.00 an hour at best, plus supplies. I own numerous rental properties and my painter does a room for around $150 per room. It takes a couple of hours to do a room right, so that is a fair rate. I always purchase the supplies and have the on-site and ready for them. Stop hiring these rip off artist, it just drives the price up because then more and more think they can bid these crazy prices.

Ali Aga

Subject: ~3400sft home painted

I recently got a ~3400sft house painted (excluding ceiling) and paid $3500 including material (sherwin williams) and labor. Painting of doors, trims, baseboards - all included. Job was well done!

David East

Subject: Crazy...

I wouldn't pay over about $200 to paint a room, if like a small bedroom 15x15 est. I would supply the paint. Most good painters don't even need tape. Its not rocket science painting a room, to hire someone basically is doing it to save time for you. Its worth $200 for me to not have to do it. Half a day's work for $200 is not a bad living...

V Wm Murrell

Subject: Cost for painting a Bedroom !!!! Real World

Consider bedroom to be 4 wall, ceiling, 2 doors, 2 windows+ baseboard
Materials, Paint, solvents, rollers ( Other tools are in overhead...$..........................................................................175)
Labor ( 2 workers 4 hrs) ......................................................$200
Overhead..... use of tools, tarps, pans, buckets...............$100

Total Cost.........................................$475/room
Profit usually $0 if friend/ or for a good cause
Otherwise figure additional $100 to $150

SO right $450/room is a great rate but a common available COST
But this figures minimal patching/repairs/prep
With some repairs and minor complications $700-800 a room should almost always cover it ( yes in NYC suburbs)


Subject: painting

If a steady "painter" doesn't buy average material in bulk/discount with the exception of paint, then they are not legit.

To say every job they have to buy tape, rollers is a crock.

Insurance, bonding, is a overhead percentage and is a cost of doing business. Bonding averages. $400 annually. Etc.

Evelyn Guillochon

Subject: Painting Master Bed and Bath rooms

We just paid a contractor $1200 for the two rooms and had to purchase all the supplies. Total was over $1400.00. The doors are horrible, they feel like grit. We assume they must have sanded the doors and painted right over them without dusting/wiping them off. The contractor will not respond to my attempts to contact him. Evidently we are stuck with the terrible job, and have to live with the gritty doors.

My advice, hire through Angie's List and check out the contractor/painter before hiring him.


Subject: Location is biggest variable

Biggest variable in any work I've found is location. In DC/ MD/ VA, labor rates are 4x any other place I've ever lived and the quality of work is just terrible. Even with liscensed contractors, the labor is being performed by people who have just arrived from Central America and have little to no experience and can not communicate. So just set your expectations super low and if you want a quality job, do it yourself, that's what I do.

Raj Chawla

Subject: Painting bed rooms

i will buy the paint and labor cost should not be more than is outrageous even doctors dont cost that much money

Elizabeth Virginia DuFresne

Subject: Dinning Room

I just got a quote for my 10 X 14 dinning room. Walls only, two coats, no trim work, and I buy the paint......$500. Is this fair? I have no problem if this is truly fair. I just don't want to be taken advantage of.

Erik Richey

Subject: Inaccurate/Unrealistic

For a regular joe (not a contractor) that wants to walk into a paint store to buy paint will not typically spend $15-$30/ gallon of paint, especially if they are wanting to use a higher quality paint. I am a painting contractor, and I can buy paint at Sherwin-Williams 30% off their retail paints and still spend around $40-$50/ gallon on some paints.

Another thing to consider is WHAT exactly is included with the cost of painting a room? All elements and details of a job need to be considered as best as possible. Are closets going to be painted too? Ceilings? Doors & trim? And WHO is doing the labor? If someone only charged me $125 to paint an entire room I would not take them very seriously. I would think they had no experience, which segues to my next point that you can not just slap paint on a wall. There is a process of art and science to getting a great finish. This is why I am a firm believer that true painters are also artisans.

If an average bedroom size is a 10 x 12 with 8' ceilings (960 sq. ft.) the cost for just labor in my area (North Dallas/Fort Worth,Texas) for that size room is roughly around $1,428.93 on the low end and $3,704.75 on the high end. This is for 53.3 +/- hours worth of labor. This cost does not include materials, but does include repainting walls, light textured ceiling, base molding, 2 doors and door casing per room previously painted rooms. It also includes basic surface cleaning, caulking and patchwork, light sanding between coats and repairs, spot priming and two coats of paint, time for planning, equipment and material acquisition, area preparation and protection, setup and cleanup, equipment delivery to and service provider transportation to and from the job site. With materials the cost per square foot on the low end is $2.25 and on the high end $4.80; benchmarked between $2.63-$5.60/sq. ft. Though keep in mind that materials can vary with market price fluctuations, etc., if any.

If all one is doing is just painting walls then the average cost is $382.91 on the low end and $961.80 on the high end. This is for 14.3 +/- hours of labor. The cost does not include materials, but does include patchwork for minor damages, caulking, masking/protecting surfaces that will not to be painted, cleaning and spot priming surfaces, rolling and brushing two coats of paint. With materials the cost per square foot on the low end is $0.67 and on the high end $1.30; benchmarked between $0.79-$1.57/sq, ft.

Now, these are just estimates, and prices vary from place to place. There are things that can be done to speed up productivity and efficiency to help keep costs low if a homeowner is on a genuine budget or is just a plain 'ole tight wad or the something for nothing people. Also shopping around for materials to get the best price will help too as well as looking out for a 40% deal at Sherwin-Williams that they have from time to time for their high quality, retail paints.

"'It's no good, it's no good!' says the buyer-- then goes off and boasts about the purchase" (Proverbs 20:14).

Mark Caley

Subject: Painting A Bedroom

I am a former painting contractor, now Realtor. As a painting contractor for 4 home builders and a high end remodeling firm, not to mention my 10 years experience as a full time Realtor and a home owner myself, I find your pricing to be absurd. $1400-$3700 (labor only) to paint a 10 X 12 room is laughable. Professional painters will paint a 10 X 12 bedroom for $200-$500 labor only depending on several factors, such as popcorn ceilings (a pain to paint and time consuming), closets, amount of enamel work to be done, and amount of prep work.

If I'm dead wrong on your pricing I'm selling my house and moving to your area and you can expect a new competitor.


Subject: painting labor cost

..Just a thought regarding stated 'costs for labor' in the main article --which 'can range from $100 to $300 per hour.' These numbers seem incorrect/high. Though every professional painter's/painting contractor's underlying hourly rate is different (different location, companys size, experience regarding level of quality of finished work, desired profit margin, perceived job difficulty, cost of doing business/overhead etc), more realistically, it is thought to be in $35 - $80 range. Or $280 - $640 per man per 8 hour day, paint cost not included.


Subject: Correct: way Overblown Estimate

I got my rooms painted professionsinally with me buying paint of highest quality with tape and brush. It does not take 2-3 gallons, just 1-1/2 gallon per room with base boards and trims. It was $125 / room by a professional who paints houses by builders and works on the side. You can find those contacts by any paint mister at big home Improvement stores. Just thought Id share my experience. I have had great experience with Angie's list contractors for other stuff, but here the information provided is not correct


Subject: Paint estimate

I just had a quote from a painter for $2800 to paint two bedrooms (12 x 14 and 16x 18) and two bath areas (just the sink areas) measuring 6 x10 each. He will paint the walls, beadboard, trim, closet doors and vanities. Is this high? Fair? Have no idea...


Subject: Costs to Paint Bedrooms

This cost is a fair price. One has to take into consideration, the amount of prep work required, and the elements of the room, such as number of doors, windows, types of molding, painting of closets, radiators, etc. In short, there is a lot into figuring out the price of a project.

True you can do it yourself, but are you prepared for this and do you have the time?

rita bartmon

Subject: paint esimate

l just had 2 quotes for about 1450 SF, 1 bedroom, 2 baths, living/dining kitchen/family room, some high ceilings some short walls, 1 quote was $ was $2250.... l decided to do it myself,will take me 7 days , 8 hours a day cuz i am slow ....l'm guessing


Subject: If I was bidding on that job,

If I was bidding on that job, in a hypothetical situation where the master bedroom and living room were small 10x10 rooms, the bathroom 5X5, and the entrance 5x5, I would charge $500 just for labor to paint the walls 2 coats, with little to no prep work. This is at $2 a square foot based on the floor plan, which is about average.

Add ceilings and it's another $250. Add trim and you'd probably be looking at another $200 or so..

This is a fair labor rate, but wouldn't even include the materials or paint, let alone the overhead or profit margin that most legit painters would tack on to the price.

Considering that my hypothetical room sizes are extremely unlikely, and your husband probably painted rooms much bigger than this, he either got ripped off by earning less than minimum wage or he did a slap-and-dash shoddy job. At the very least, he made significantly less than an average or even low-end painter.

That said, when I do work for my family or in-laws, I usually work my ass off for very little in return as well.. and unfortunately, it's probably not even noticed, let alone appreciated. lol

I hope your sister is extremely grateful.

T.Paul Cardin

Subject: Room Painting

@Nani Cell Your rate of $450 for master bed & bath, living room, and entrance/foyer is fair. As long as you leave your client with quality work to show off, you can be confident in the fee your charge for your time and effort.


Subject: Absolutely not!

Unless ALL supplies were included and you were doing this job in a 3rd world country, I fully believe you were either taken advantage of, or the final workmanship was less than shoddy. HOWEVER, "family rates" will vary. If the job only required one coat of wall paint per room, you would average around $125 (ONLY paint). If ceilings, trim (baseboard or crown molding) and doors were included...oh dear. To top that off, mudding/spackling, sanding, priming and finishing will increase supply and labor charges as well.

Nani Cell

Subject: room painting

Hi my husband painted my sister master bedroom n bath ,her living room , entrance of home, and we charge her for all flat rate $450.00 total >>>my question is it fair?

Laura Shaw

Subject: painting

I think that $450.00 is a true bargain. I'm guessing that amount was charged because you are family. They made out pretty well unless you husband is very quick or an amateur. It's family though.

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That's very difficult to answer without seeing the house. As one poster said, the prep is the most important part. On newer homes that don't have a lot of peeling paint, the prep can be very minimal even as low as a couple or a few hundred dollars for the prep labor.

On a 100 year old home with 12 coats of peeling paint on it, then the prep costs can be very high and can easily exceed 50% of the job's labor cost.

A 2100 sq ft two story home could easily cost $1000 just for the labor to prep for the paint job. That number could climb too. Throw in lots of caullking  or window glazing, and you could be talking a couple or a few hundred dollars more for labor.

Painting that home with one coat of paint and a different color on the trim could run roughly $1000 or more just for labor. Add a second coat  and that could cost close to another $1000 for labor.

For paint, you may need 20 gallons of paint. You can pay from $30-$70 for a gallon of good quality exterior paint. The manufacturer of the paint should be specified in any painting contract. Otherwise, the contractor could bid at a Sherwin-Williams $60 per gallon paint and then paint the house with $35 Valspar and pocket the difference. $25 dollars per gallon times 20 gallons? That's a pretty penny too.

That was the long answer to your question. The short answer is $2000 to $4000 and up, depending upon the amount of prep, the number of coats, the amount of trim, and the paint used.


Remember, you not only have to remove the popcorn texture, but also redo the ceiling in some other texture.

Price will depend on several factors:

1) how much the contractor you choose hates removing popcorn or textured ceilings - some charge $1 or so/SF extra just because they hate it. There are even some who bid total drywall replacement cheaper than removing the popcorn, so you have to first find contractors who are happy to do that work, or your prices will be out of the realistic range

2) if the popcorn predates about 1990, then it could likely have asbestos in it, which doubles or triples the price, and in many cases uncapsulating it with a spray coating and then removing the drywall entirely is actually cheaper than all the protective measures necessary if it is scraped off. 

3) whether the popcorn is primarily gypsum and vermiculite (comes off REAL easy) or was the plaster of paris variety, which takes a fair amount of soaking to soften it enough to scrape off

4) what type of finish you are replacing it with - if a textured ceiling, slapcoat, knockdown finish or paneling, not real problem. If you want to go with a perfectly smooth ceiling (generally a bad idea as any variations in the drywall on a ceiling surface really shows up dramatically), then it will demand a lot of care in preparing the scraped surface, and a complete surface drywall compound skim coat to smooth out the scrapes and gouges from the removal process.

5) what underlying conditions are - if there is a lot of furniture to move around (should go to adjacent rooms) or cover and work around, high-quality rug or hardwood floor to super-protect or such, will drive cost up.

I have seen costs run from as low as $0.60/SF to $1.25/SF (for removal only). Generally, remove and recoat with a surface texture of some kind (anything but smooth) and paint will run you about $2.50-3.50/SF.

Now the bad news - if asbestos containing, can run from $5-10/SF. Many homeowners in that situation go the other legal route - have it encapsulated with an asbestos-rated sealant by an asbestos contractor, then paint it and leave it for the next homeowner to decide what to do about it. Some contractors encapsulate it and then put a 1/4" thick drywall layer over it - this usually looks like a disaster unless it has a VERY rough textured finish on it, because putting drywall sheet over a rough surface like popcorn invariably means a wavy surface commonly looks like a gently rolling ocean surface.

Hair spray is one of those things that is really bothersome.  We've run into this alot unfortunately.  And NOTHING we've found will actually clean it off.  The problem is that if you just paint over it, you still see shiny spots wherever the hairspray was.

Our companie's policy is to prime the area with any bonding primer.  This will seal the hairspray in and not let it affect the next coat of paint.  It would also be a good idea to lightly sand the area first.

Our recommendation for primer would be Zinsser's BIN Spray (red can) and can be bought at most paint stores or home improvement stores.  Other than that, any thing that specifically says "bonding" for a primer should be adequate enough. 
This is a good question.  However, the question makes the assumption that there is a paint that covers everything in 1 coat, which I don't believe is the case.  My recommendation is Benjamin Moore's Aura.  Now the fine print.  Aura will cover very well because it dries to approximately twice the thickness of other paints.  However, Aura says it will cover any color in never more than 2 coats, but there are exceptions to that as well, including some deep reds.  The main thing is the color change.  If the color you are using is within the same family of colors, you have a chance, we've also had pretty good success of grey covering over tan in 1 coat, but if you're making a major color change, don't expect any paint to cover perfectly in 1 coat.

Some other 1 coat coverage paints you could use would be Sherwin Williams Duration, and Behr Ultra Premium Plus.

Hope this helps!