How Much Does It Cost to Install a New Front Door?

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Deb Frederick

Subject: Rehab property-Lowes or Home Depot an option?

Rehabbing. Have 1941 original, wooden front door that doesn't even lock anymore. Low budget ,and ready to sell property. Would Home Depot or Lowes be a good enough option for a new steel entry door install? At Lowe's I was quoted $1,000 that included replacing the surround.


Subject: new door

In Northern CA, a fiberglass door -- craftsman style with window -- is $980 + $1000 installation. We also want it painted so that adds another $400-500.

So $2000-$2500 depending on whether it's custom painted.


Subject: Prices are off

You can buy a steel door for around $200, and a fiberglass one for around $300. Even with decorative glass, you can get a nice stained fiberglass door for under $500.

You can also get a contractor to measure your door (to make sure it's the right size), then pick it up locally, and install it, for just a few hundred bucks.

Door + installation for steel can be as low as $500, and Fiberglass below $1,000.

On the high end, it can cost a lot more, of course

hans lambert

Subject: door install price

Where do you live? Door delivery and removal of old door costs no less than $150. Haven't even started install.

This article is poorly written because there is no break down of just a door replacement or jamb included. If the door is old, just putting a new door in will not add the side gaskets and what not.

There could be a better breakdown of door only and what a person gets and replacing the jamb. Not too mention most people have outdated lock sets that could use upgrading.

There is also the consideration that someone got cheated and has an interior hollow door installed for their back door and that can't become an exterior door for pennies.

This is a safe article but doesn't do much for homeowners or contractors.

Barbara Rosenthal

Subject: Replacing a front door

The front door on our home has bubbles on part of the door from the sun. We do a have overhang and I have had it painted twice but it still gets bubbles. What is cost to replace a door so that it is not affected from sun


Subject: How much does this vary by market

I'm currently shopping prices from local contractors to replace our whole front door and frame with new double-doors. We're in South Florida near the coast so impact resistant doors and glass are a must.

We got a quote from $7500 - $9000 from a contractor who we normally trust to give us a fair price. What could inflate the door and installation prices that high?


Subject: door

that is high. mine is $5000 in Orlando and it's a Pella.


Subject: Front Door

A Mortise entry set is the best, Baldwin, Classic Brass or Rocky Mountain seem to been the best. It was important that the New Door not be Bored (drilled) Great for Heavy Wood Doors 2 1/4" thick.

Roy McMillan

Subject: Entry Door Install

From my experience the best way to reduce costs on an entry door install is to take care of the surrounding floor and frame beforehand. The cost of my install was more because of prior damage due to water coming in from rain and left standing on the floor. Also water entering through a leak around the frame that was undetected for a time. This suggests that a storm door is important as well as keeping the caulk and seals in good condition.


Subject: Front Doors

What is the point in having side lights, if you replace the glass with solid wood? Aren't they supposed to be a good way to see who's at the door, if the whole door is solid, and bring a little more light to the entry space?

dail melton

Subject: side lights...

Other than esthetics, they are to allow light into an otherwise dark corriodor.
For people who are not "cave dwellers".

Nancy Watson

Subject: Installing a new door.

In our case, getting ready to sell our home, we chose to add a nice glass storm door, replacing an old cross buck style that made the house look dated. We spent about $375 for the door and another $100 to have it installed by a local handyman. So for under $500, we opened up the entrance, making the door look new and highlighting the existing wooden door.

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Hello - I hope my answer will help point you in the right direction.


The reason you're having a hard time getting clear information is because there are hundreds of companies saying their window is the best. There are probably millions of different features you can choose to have for your windows and in price ranges from $169-$1200 (per double-hung window).


I've been in the business for 15 years and have seen many different window products from many different dealers and manufacturers. This all comes down to: "what's important for you and your home?" If you want a strong warranty from a company who has a full-time service department to give you piece of mind and service your windows should needs be, or are you looking at only those companies who offer true wood interior windows that you can paint or stain to match the home decor? Whatever is your hot-button, then that's where you want to start.


I would recommend you first choose how you want your new windows to look. Wood-interior with vinyl clad is only offered by certain companies, while there is a vinyl woodgrain finish to give you similar results without the maintenance. If you're only looking for a white interior and don't want the maintenance, a fiberglass or vinyl window would be the best choice from what is offered in the market today (vinyl will be less expensive - not necessarily cheaper quality). If you are going to change out a window to a french door and a door to a window, then you WILL NEED to find a contractor with some carpentry experience. Some companies will tell you upfront that they do not handle those sorts of remodeling projects due to the complexity and time it would take to get it complete.


Unfortunately, we won't be able to personally help you with your project as we work in the New England Area. However, if you wish to talk further, please feel free to email me at: and I'll be happy to let you know our prices for what we offer so you can compare and hopefully find a similar company to do the work for you near the Austin area.




Get your roofer back out there.  Course of shingles above the window need to be pulled, self sealing flashing, drip caps, and counter and step flashing are going to be required here. 


This is a flashing issue as the window connects to the mansard roof surface. 


Condensation and a leak are two different and very noticeably different (i.e. volume) things.


Flashing and roofing on Mansards can be tricky but is sounds very much like a roofing issue. 


For a broken window (or leaking seal in multi-pane unit), for a standard roughly 2x3 foot window, can run from low of about $75-125 for single pane to more like $200-300 range for triple pane, depending on construction and any special ultraviolet or heat reflective coatings. If a removeable window unit, of course cheaper to remove it and take to replacement glass place then have them come out, measure glass size, order glass unit, then come back to install.


If taking in yourself, commonly they can do single-pane in an hour or two, but count on a week or so typically for sealed double or triple pane unit to come in, so you will have to seal the opening in the interim. That is an advantage of having them come out - they measure and determine type of unit on first visit and can seal with tape and plastic sheeting (if you have not already done that), then come back with new unit and install a week or two down the road - but you are not stuck with an opening in the wall for a long time.




Much easier to scratch and typically not as good a finished quality as compared to glass.


Benefits are the resistance to breakage as mentioned by LCD.  Any glazing shop should be able to re-create that panel.