How Much Does It Cost to Hire a House Cleaner?

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Subject: kids/cleaning

I just started watching my brother in law to bed two boys ages five and eight. They have also written a cleaning list for me to do weekly which includes laundry kitchen dusting cleaning bathroom and livingroom. Typically I am at their house house at 7-7:30 am and gone by 3:30. They are paying me $120 weekly is this fair for family?


Subject: Fair?

No. You should be paid more. A lot more. I was paid $14 an hour to baby-sit two dogs and clean. Monday through Friday, 8:am to 4:pm. One dog was elderly and needed extra love.

Rosemary Hughes

Subject: what i pay

I usually start a cleaner at $10 or $11 dollars an hour. Wages in this area are fairly low. I give a raise fairly quickly to competent help. I prefer to pay by the hour because I feel like it is fairer to the worker. My house is small, but sometimes my clutter level is very high. I have a list of tasks in an order and they get done what they get done in the time they chose to spend. Currently, I am having help in twice a week. I am very limited in what I can lift and do. Last summer, I told a young woman if she continued to work for me I would only pay her six dollars an hour because she had repeatedlywashed things in the dishwasher I told her must be hand washed and screwed up in other ways. She continued to work for me until he boyfriend got angry and quit doing house and yard chores for me. We have few cleaning services in the area. I supply tools and cleaners and will buy specific cleaners if a worker has a preference. My biggest gripe with cleaners is their tendency to "tidy" things away. I give them a box and tell yhem to put anything that I am not handy to ask about in that. I would rather have things left out than tucked away where I might not find them. I do have a place for everything.


Subject: You dont understand what a housekeepers duties should be

Then you should put those things away before the cleaner gets there! Organizing is NOT part of a housekeepers duties unless you want to pay more for that. Its YOUR job to have your personal tings out of the way bc they are there to clean only, not spend tons of time finding places for your things! This is very disrespectful on your part unless you are paying extra for that service.Pots and pans, fridge, oven, laundry other than maybe a courtesy load are all also not included in $10 an hour no matter where you live and try hiring Marry maids so you can get a better idea just how ridiculous you wage is. I bet you wont keep help long at that rate nor will you typically start with good professional help at that price if you do they wont stay long.

Misty Obuck

Subject: Housecleaning

I am a licensed housekeeper been doin it now almost a year . I charge $25 hour whether your house is big or small . I bring all my supplies and equipment and I clean like I would my own home . I pay very close attention to your needs and if asked I'll do it for you . $10 hr is really low cleaning someone home is very hard work and if it's cash then that fine I understand but , if she in there and hour she really ant making a living on that . But. , I charge what I care bc I am proffessional and I love to clean :)))


Subject: Too low

I've noticed that other people woul rather work at a fast food chain for $10 an hr than house cleaning. House cleaning is much more laborious than standing in place or just moving side to side preparing food. You're not being very considerate. Sorry but it's not an easy job.

BJ Norman

Subject: Housecleaner

I have been a proffessional house cleaner for years for a number of homes. I clean. I don't pick up, read up, tidy up or do dishes. All my homes are normally "ready" for me, & if not, I work arpund things or let things go. I work quickly, never taking breaks nor do I talk on cell phone as I work. I'm told over & over that no one cleans like I do.My homes sparkle when I am done, & once I get home, I am "done". Cleaning is hard work. I am paid well, but no one expects nor asks me to pick up, or do dishes. I am paid to "clean". Housekeepers do dishes, laundry, & pick up, tidy up, & things to do with reading up. If you want someone to clean your house, please have it ready for your "cleaner" . Otherwise, hire a housekeeper or a maid.

Pamela Campbell

Subject: What I pay

I live in the NW Tucson area and own a 1,940 sf one-story townhome. After we moved here I asked neighbors for the names of the people they used. Our home does not have very much clutter and is occupied by two mature adults with no pets. I pay $120 biweekly for two people for two hours. I am very pleased with the quality of the work.

At my former location elsewhere in the state I had an independent cleaning crew for over 30 years. I was paying $85 for four people / one hour biweekly.


Subject: my experience lol

I clean in a situation where their there's 4dogs, lots of clutter, and 2 people. 1800sft. Same rate. Ugh. And the woman laid on her bed with her laptop most of the time. 3.5 hrs solo. 2hrs with 1 help. I should work for you. lol!

Cindy Griffith

Subject: Cleaner/Housekeeper

We are aging and not ready to move out of our 2800 sq. ft. home. The job of cleaning has become difficult for us. We want to hire an old friend of our daughter, who's family is more than an acquaintance. We live in a rural area the family does not have a lot. Our basic needs include, vaccunm, dust, mop, and 1 1/2 baths every 2 weeks. At some point I would like to add extra cleaning. What do you think would be a fair price?

Ronda Witt

Subject: prices for cleaning

Depends on how microbe infested your home is in. I am a professional cleaner.
Normally, once I got into a home on the initial visit it takes 6-8 hours to get it the way I like it-very clean. Sometimes it takes 2 visits. $20/hr is good medium price to pay. This in my includes providing all the cleaning solutions and equipment. After the one or two additional visits the next visit shouldn't require an extensive amount of time for it would just be maintaining a clean environment. I clean beautiful homes with three and four and five levels.
After the initial visit or visits I still charge a $20 an hour flat rate but the good thing about after the initial visits is that less time is required spent cleaning the house. The reason I think that $20 an hour is a fair rate is this includes me providing all the solutions and equipment.
Now in some homes this is impossible for me to accomplish. Because there are some families that are just so messy and every week or every two weeks I had to go in and do the whole thing over again.
But what I have come to learn is that families take notice and recognize that you clean their home and they become very conscientious and follow my lead of keeping a clean environment. I think families are great to clean for especially the mothers who have children.
My cleaning services also provide creating a clean environment for the family pet. Some cleaning services do not provide this to the family. But I'm that a lot of wealthy families have this family pet that is considered a family member so I'm providing cleaning services for the family pet as well.
Please feel free to email me if you have any questions or a conversation piece about cleaning services thank you Ronda


Subject: Cleaning response

I would say 150 min. If you add more like baseboards Windows and other things like that probably 210-250


Subject: I have to hire 10 employee's - individuals to find one

I have to hire 10 employee's - individuals to find one that is worth training. So, if a person wants to hire an individual, just count on either being very lucky (extremely) or patient. You get what you pay for, that's for sure. Very few individuals are superior to cleaning companies, yet, very many cleaning companies are superior to individuals.

Deniece B.

Subject: Fee

I charge a flat rate based on the house. There's several things you need to factor in. Does family have a lot of small items on display? A lot of wall hangings? A lot of Windows with mini-blinds? Ceiling fans? Things such as that creates more dusting.

After I factor in everything, I average charging $75-$140 per client. I do condos and houses. You have to consider your supplies, equipment and maintaining your equipment, taxes, insurance (I am bonded and insured so my clients do not have to worry about it. Say I'm at a clients home cleaning, slip down some stairs and sprain my ankle and knock out a spindle on their staircase? My insurance covers my injury and the cost of replacing their spindles. Is just a good thing to have to cover your ass.


Subject: Help me

I'm gone start my own business cleaning....but i don't know how much to charge them..can same body help me please?


Subject: Starting a new business

I am starting up my own cleaning business and I am needing help on the prices. I am not sure what I should charge. Please help.. Thank you


Subject: I live/work in a very rural

I live/work in a very rural area, have been cleaning for a little over a yr now on my own. I typically charge between $45 and $65 per house. Low end is for efficacy apartments and high end is for 2 floors and up to two baths. I supply my own cleaners, unless homeowner has a preference, then they are to supply it. Currently, I have 8 houses and do this part time.


Subject: Cost

I usually estimate about 4-5 hours when I'm cleaning by myself. Figure $25/hr. $125 BASE PAY. Anything extra, fridge, oven, Windows, etc make the price go up. I have a checklist of my own for basic it deep cleans and monthly and biweekly rates. If the homeowner requests specific supplies or has an additional list of items to be done that are not on my checklist, then I negotiate a higher price as well.


Subject: cooker hood

Hi guys, just wants to know whats the going rate for getting a cooker hood cleaned. Am from singaoore. Hope to have some positive answer ya. Tks in advance


Subject: rates

As any business...if You want an excellent coffee or steak or etc...not the same price....housekeeping is luxury....don"t spect people to charge You as same you pay for 40 h weekly other benefits...just common big cities EXPERIENCE COUNTS FORGET 25 h that was 5 years ago 2016.... 35 on regular weekly job or more if is deep deep dirty...


Subject: House Cleaning Cost

Ive enjoyed reading the replies, and feel I should provide some field data. I just moved from a 2700 sq ft home to a 2800 sq ft home so I have some real time info.

5 yrs ago
1st cleaner charged $17/hr and was awful
Hired a service that was $75, 3 people about 60 min did an OK job
2 women left the service and started their own company & offered to do my home for $60(we are very clean no pets). I went with them not for the savings, but those were the two best cleaners. They spent 90 minutes, so its $20/hr & better cleaning

Moved to another state got 1 quote $150 initial, $110 weekly referred by a friend. 2 people 2 1/2-3 hours. So again its $20/hr. Yes, its more money now, but the home is cleaner with the extra time spent

I didn't shop around for the best deal, but found good cleaners I was comfortable with for $ Maybe I'm lucky? Or that is the fair market price for good house cleaning for those with no pets. In each case, pets would have been more money

Barbara Duff

Subject: housekeepers, housecleaners

In response to tom... no were not doctorsn lawyersn such but we are very hard workers, we deserve to be paid good for the great job we do Just like you or anyone else !!!!!! a great job deserves great pay!!!! we are slaves were human beings


Subject: The going rate for house cleaning

I just received an in home estimate for my 1620 sq ft house; $145/wk, $155 biwk, or $195/mo. I am a new home owner and have never used a cleaning service. Before the estimate was given, I let them know that I only needed 1 of the 3 bedrooms cleaned. I have two bathrooms, one great room with one kitchen. The company is green which I didn't seek out for but is nice. Is this the going rate? BTW, I live in CA, if that matters.


Subject: Going rate for house cleaning

I just received an in home estimate for my 1620 sq ft house; $145/wk, $155 biwk, or $195/mo. I am a new home owner and have never used a cleaning service. Before the estimate was given, I let them know that I only needed 1 of the 3 bedrooms cleaned. I have two bathrooms, one great room with one kitchen. The company is green which I didn't seek out for but is nice. Is this the going rate? BTW, I live in CA, if that matters.


Subject: One of my moms friends, has

One of my moms friends, has been cleaning a small mansion with 14 rooms, 3 bathroom and a stainless steel kitchen, and is paid 10$ an hour. I believe this is unorthodox, and extremely unfair and was wondering how much she deserves to be paid if she also brings her own supplies?


Subject: I run my own little cleaning

I run my own little cleaning business
I charge 25 a hour and i bring my own supply & vacuum. To me 10 a hour is too low when I hire help I paid them 15 a hour. Cleaning is a lot of work. the going price in New York is 25 to 35 a hour


Subject: How much to charge for weekly cleaning of a 10k sq ft. home?

Hi, I'm bidding on a cleaning job and am wondering what a fair rate would be. Here are the specs:
10000 square foot residence with a guest house.
2 kitchens
8 bedrooms
8.5 bathrooms
It is only used on the weekends by a family of four. 2 kids, no pets.
Inside windows only, dusting, wood floors.


Subject: Need Advice

I am about to start cleaning for someone and they have a 4 bedroom house with two living rooms huge kitchen and just an all around big house. She wants me to start with deep cleaning but only wants me to come three hours a day twice a week so that would be six hours a week. I am new at this but I am very good at cleaning and ofcourse I told her if anything was not to her liking to immediately let me know and that I would fix it for free. What do you think I should charge her? She is supplying all the cleaning supplies by the way.


Subject: rates for house cleaning

I have been cleaning houses for many years, as an example my last client I worked for them for 5 and a half years and they really didn't want me to stop but the wife took early buy out from her job and they had a new baby it was just a smarter move on their part financially. I said all that to say I feel I can speak with confidence on this matter.
In order for you to do a good job I really think it would be in her best interest to have you do the initial deep cleaning say over 2 days but with more hours to the day. Three hours is simply not enough time. You are in your grove after an hour so unless the areas that needs to be deep cleaned are small? just saying. Also be careful about offering to do a job over for free, some will take advantage of you with that.
Finally I would not take less than $150.00 per week until the deep cleaning is done, then you can tell her regular cleaning is basically maintaining so you can drop your price to $120.00 or $125.00
This is the breakdown. deep cleaning is more work and harder so on the low end you charge $25.00 per hour
then regular ongoing cleaning can run $20.00 to $22.00 per hour.
Just FYI, the way I charge is based on the size of the house and how much work I am expected to do. Also really large houses like the one you mentioned or larger I do it over a 2 day period so I don't kill myself. Before when I had a business and had help then it could be completed in one day.


Subject: House Cleaning

I'm currently paying $130 for biweekly cleaning of a two bedroom townhouse. I was paying $100 in previous two bedroom home. You have to watch carefully - the original agreement was that they would use their own cleaning products and that all I needed to supply was paper towels. Three people were spending two hours in my home - so a total of 6 hours of cleaning. A couple of months in, the headcount went down to two people and now a year later they are down to fewer than 90 minutes in my home. They no longer use their own products and now they are using my vacuum and don't even bother to empty it when they are done. 3 hours of cleaning for $130 + paper towels and cleaning products and I have to empty my vacuum. I'll be replacing them this month.

Karen Mercier

Subject: Housecleaning...

I was moved by your comment. I would replace those workers too if I were you. I own a cleaning company and if I got wind of my team members behaving that way, they would be fired. I often ask my customers to give me feedback and communicate their needs because they do change over time. We always supply everything and never raise the price for it. A customer can request a certain cleaner to use on their wood floor for instance and we will go, get it, provide it, keep it in stock and never ask for extra money in return. It is companies like the one you are replacing that give the rest of us a bad name. I own TK's Bubbly Bright Home Cleaning Service and I can be found in the yellow pages. Give us a call since you'll be looking and maybe you might like to give us a chance to show you what a cleaning company's behavior should be toward their valued customers.


Subject: Cleaning rate

Hi, I am a new home owner and am thinking about hiring a house cleaner. My home is 3800 sqft. and it's just myself and my husband, one small dog and one small cat. We are pretty clean people in general. Anyway, I was wondering what you guys thought was a reasonable amount for a once a month cleaning? I know it's hard to know without actually doing a walk through of the home but any estimation would be appreciated! The cleaner I am considering works with her sister, so it would be 2 people and she said likely about a 3 hour job between the two of them.



Subject: Cleaning rate

For two people, 3 hours once a week with animals i would say minimum should be 90.00 a week.


Subject: Self Employment Taxes

Don't forget to add in your self employment taxes which I believe averages 23%. No way would I charge $10.00 hr. Average is
$30.00 hr. Housekeeping is alot of hard work.

House cleaner

Subject: Payment doesn't have to be hourly.

Admittedly, I haven't read every comment on this page, because there are many of them. However, I would like to add something to the discussion. I am a cleaner who has been trained and has experience in cleaning for businesses and also for homes. The rate I charge is based on each clients specific needs. It is not an hourly rate, but a price per cleaning. We agree on terms of what to be cleaned and how often. The price may vary from client to client based on many factors. By not charging an hourly rate, but pricing per job, no one feels like they're being taken advantage of. I may take a slightly longer or shorter time in cleaning on a given day, but I clean to the same standard each cleaning. I aim to do thorough work and finish with a high standard of cleanliness. If there are extra tasks that a client requests beyond the usual agreed terms, there will be an extra charge based on what the task is, how dirty, etc. I realize that large companies that hire out workers may have to charge per hour, but I thought I would add an extra perspective to the conversation. One last thought- What's really nice about charging per job instead of per hour is this: My determination is to clean as thoroughly as possible and to leave my clients completely satisfied each time- if it takes me a lot longer to clean, it's a disadvantage to me. It means that I basically made less that day (made the same amount, but it took me more time). However, if I do the same high quality job as every other time, but work harder and quicker, it means I basically made "more per hour" if I were to divide that flat rate by the time it took me. So, in the end, the harder I work the more that same amount of money is worth. And the client is getting the best quality they can get regardless. And everybody is happy. :)


Subject: housecleaning pay

Theres some really pissed off people on here in response to that one comment ! Lol ! Of course we all want lots of pay and would really like to be millionaires ! And $10/hr is really low income in this economy ! But stop pretending your proffessionals ! You may do a great job but your not proffessionals ! Lawyers, doctors, architects etc are proffessionals ! They have wayyy more training and skill than housecleaners ! So get off your high horses and stop having delusions ! I have done many manual labor jobs including cleaning and never got close to 25 to 35 /hr for them ! I wish I did ! Obviously owning a business and having employees will cost more, but individual self employed cleaners do not need to be paid as much ! They usually only get 10 or 12 per hr it seems if they work for a company anyway ! But yes, 10hr is crap today and im sure they should get at least 15 per hr ! But of course it depends on the area. Obviously much more can be paid in Greenwich, Ct. than in low income areas ! So of course it will vary. Charging 35 per hr in Greenwich might make perfect sense but in low income areas would be outrageous just like any other product or service. Thats basic economics !


Subject: Tom

Sounds like you're the one on a high horse. If you can't afford to, or dont want to pay a decent amount to people who work VERY hard cleaning your house ... then maybe you should clean your own house!!


Subject: In regards to Tom

I have been a professional in the dental industry for over 23 years, and only making what is now going to be the minimum wage in California, I feel I have earned the right to make more on the hour with my experience and education over the years. However, I have been a "professional" housecleaner for the last 3 years, and it has been just as rewarding to me, knowing that I have provided a service, that some may be incapable of doing for whatever reasons they may have. The charges for this service, isn't just for dusting, or mopping, but also for the equipment that we use and have to replace when worn out, the supplies, the fuel and wear and tear on our vehicles, the insurance we must provide in case of injury, the physical wear it puts on our bodies to stoop, climb, carry and reach, and also our time that we put into each task. If your time is not precious to you, that's too bad for you and good for your clients that you do manual labor for. We all have to be licensed to work in this business therefore, making our business a "profession". Doctors, Lawyers, Architects also charge according to their task at hand. So before you speak out about something you have no business speaking about, you should do your research on it.


Subject: cleaning

Do you pay to have your nails done, hair done or car's the same as that. You get what you pay for .

Hayley Lee

Subject: Charging for Housecleaning

Whether a person identifies themselves as a professional or not is hardly the case. If this is what a person does to earn a living then they shouldn't short-change themselves. They should pay themselves a living wage. I have only done this a few times and I charge based on project, not hour. Light cleaning is anywhere from $30-50/room depending on the room - and I will not take jobs where I am only showing up to do one room. It's not worth my time or gas to clean one room for a person and get paid only $30. Doing that requires me to have at least 4 clients/day (cleaning one room) just to make $15/hour (equivalent of an 8 hour shift). If people are going to complain about the cost then they should clean their own house.


Subject: Housecleaning pay

I think asking between @25/35 PER HOUR is very UNREALISTIC and EXHORBITANT...I am an average housewife and have lived in Westchester County, NY for over 30 has become very expensive here...What is more realistic is between $15-20/hour depending on home size and of course workload. But nevertheless, $ 25 - 35 per hour is highway robbery ...and housecleaning is overrated...They will never really clean the way you expect them to (if you were to do it yourself)--I just know from experience...I always end up having to "follow-up" JUST SAYIN'


Subject: Unreal

I believe that you get what you pay for. I have been cleaning houses on and off for years, it's about finding a true fit. I am very picky about who I clean for, just like you should be as picky about who cleans for you. I have a waiting list for people wanting my services because I have earned people trust and respect. I would not work for someone who believes, I am trying to rip them off, or nickel or dime to death. I charge $40. an hour, if someone doesn't like it, they don't have to pay it. Period. Being that I have done this for a while I can also spot a "entitled, nose in air, trying to get everything for free" kind of person a mile away. I work extremely hard, I have a eye for walking in a room and seeing every flaw. I go the extra mile, whatever that is needed for that client. When I walk out of a house it is usually after a walk through with my client. I don't cut corners, I don't shave hours. Period.
Now, because my clients work very hard to afford my services, I do extra things for them, here and there. If they have a baby, I always get presents, kids birthdays, Christmas, leave flowers etc. I have cleaned houses for free because they have been clients for years. (If they lose a job, or a death in a family) Its all about ballance, respect, and trust.
I love what I do, and I'm also really good at it. That's why people hire me. Its about finding that perfect fit. Trust me, I have turned down a lot of houses because of personality and visa~versa. I'm not perfect, and I don't work for people who expect it. But, I definitely work towards it, lol.
You need to find what works in your home, with your personality, your family. I don't believe that their is a cookie cutter wage, or plan for everyone. If you think someone you have cleaning for you is not doing their job, find someone else. Don't sit and complain about what people are doing to you or how they don't do the job at hand, find someone that will. If you don't like how someone cleans your house, either do it yourself or find someone that will do it for what you want to pay.
You may not agree with me, it's just how I work. Let's stop bullying each other, comparing each others degrees, education, or missed spelled words. Most of us are getting old and can barely see the words on the screen anyway.
So, let's use kindness, and maturity to move forward and get along.


Subject: Hi C.J. I like your take on

Hi C.J. I like your take on the cleaning profession. Do you mind my asking in what part of the country you are located? I am located in Connecticut and I am also self employed seeking to expand my business and I was wondering if I could get a few ideas from you?? Since you seem to have been doing this for some time now and successfully.


Subject: Reply to unreal.

I completely agree with you. I have been doing this for 10 to 15 years now also. I do the same thing you do. I charge $40 an hour. It's all about the job that you do. Sometimes I charge even more an hour if the job is bigger. Everything you said I completely agree with. Cleaning is very hard and some people have to make a living also. Just like me with 2 kids. I work at least 5 to 6 hrs per house. Large or small. According to 2016 the average going rate an hour is between 40 to 50 an hour FOR GREAT RELIABLE DECENT SERVICE. Well said to everyone who posts. If you have done this job as long as me dont charge less than 40 an hr. I don't usually go by the hour I go by the job itself. I want to give my client great service and also not rip me off in return. I truly cant believe there are some people out there like the lady above from NY saying 16 an is robbery. I recently got asked to drive almost an hour away from my house for the same amount of money. And the house was over 3000 square feet. He thought I was too much money when I told him $50 an hour. I told him you want me to drive an hour to you on top of cleaning your home. And only wanted 3 rooms done at a time. Why would I Drive that far and only make maybe 60 bucks for 3 hours and half goes to my gas. Wow. Again great post!


Subject: Well said, if you go the

Well said, if you go the extra mile or give the best you can then that comes at a price! It doesn't matter if you have a degree or not it is what kind of job you do.

Tarra Chimino

Subject: Response

I love your response and absolutely agree with you. I am a registered nurse who is 'worth' $40/hr due to my education/experience and abilities.... HOWEVER I currently work my little tush off for $10 cleaning my a** off for people to be satisfied with the services the company provides. In NO WAY do I feel overqualified or ABOVE this work because its all about HELPING people to meet their needs and bringing smiles to those in need. The company does charge a significant fee for services but I think those commenting negatively forget a few factors. Overhead can be costly... Paying the employees, providing the necessary top of the line products and tools to get the job done right etc... Most people who hire professional cleaning services do not complain about the fees, as long as there's outstanding customer service and a job well done. It makes their lives so much easier to have this done for them. I think that those who complain should scrub the 6 toilets and hand acrub those 6 bathroom floors in that gorgeous mansion just once and I think it would fix the complaints... Lol its NOT easy work and though there's been a very disrespectful comments regarding the lack of education and reminder that us cleaners are NOT professionals...I've seen and been part of some superb professional cleaning services and I AM A REGISTERED PROFESSIONAL NURSE LOL.... it's funny that there's so much time to insult others means to living don't YOU ALL HAVE SOME CLEANING or SOMETHING better to do....hats off to ALL THE PROFESSIONAL AND NONPROFESSIONAL WORKERS OUT THERE KEEP UP THE GOID WORK you make a positive difference every day, we all can and should make that a daily goal the world would be a much nicer place:)


Subject: Experts on Nothing

Very well said, CJ.

Ultimately, it comes down to a few facts. We LOVE to play the victim role instead of taking responsibility for our own lives and making the changes that adhere to our own personal lifestyle. If your cleaning experience has not worked out for you, then be a grown up and find someone else, try a different company, or just make the time to do it yourself. Another thing people don't think about is the lifestyle of the actual cleaner. The fact is you have absolutely no idea why this person is choosing to work in this profession, so for you to say anything otherwise, is completely ignorant. Me personally, I choose to do it for the flexibility of TIME. I choose to work for myself as a cleaning business so I can pursue other goals (ie school, family, travel, investing, business, ect) STRESS FREE. If I have to work a 9-5 job, I personally do not have the time to do what I want/need.
Now, how I choose to charge for my services is between ME and my CLIENT. What I view my value as a cleaner is and will be different from everyone down the line. Whether I charge $12 an hour or $35 an hour, if I do a shitty job, they aren't going to ask me back. So what's the point? It comes down to intent. WHY are you doing this? If you want to get paid for doing a half ass job, then ultimately, that will come back to haunt you. But if you are genuinely providing a solid, honest service, you will reap the benefits. People aren't just paying for the cleaning part, while that is a majority of it. They are paying for an EXPERIENCE including trust, support, communication, time management and stress relief. Just as CJ has said, he goes the extra mile whether it's flowers, gifts a note or a little free help here and there. To someone else, $40 an hour is well worth that experience.
It just suprises me how many people on here have so much to say about something they know so little about. You are in control of your experience, whether you're hiring cleaners or looking for a client. Be honest with yourself. If you want to make more as a cleaner, ask yourself why and how you can do that. If you have not had a great experience with hiring cleaners, ask yourself why and how you can change that. Simple.
Hope this helps!


Subject: Unreal

Excellent words and comment. You said it all in a nutshell. I think you are a very smart woman.


Subject: Go girl

You sound like me. I clean just that way. Been doing it for over 27 yrs. it's hard work. Keep up the good work.


Subject: Great!!

I could not have said it better myself!! You and I sound a lot alike! I'm a sucker though and let people pay me crappy prices for hard work and effort!


Subject: Housecleaning is constant

Housecleaning is constant physical labor BOTTOMLINE. Theres no set break times and no one to share the workload when working INDIVIDUALLY. Working for a COMPANY pays less per hr. Working INDIVIDUALLY pays more due to personal work expenses. INDIVIDUAL housekeepers generally do not work 40hrs because of the physical work aspect of the job and due to drive time between houses. Housekeeping calls for great problem solving skills, that's not something you can pay to learn in college. Experience is what makes a housekeeper successful. And all that people are why the fees for a housekeeper is what it is.


Subject: Choosing What Works

Greetings All,

There is so much bantering on here. Why? Lots of judgment. If people wish to charge 10,25,40 or 50 an hour that's between them and the client. It has nothing to do with education. But life experience.

I am a semi-retired senior and have a healing practice, work with seniors myself and also work for a non-medical homecare company and get paid $9.50 an hour. Its my choice. I love cleaning and decluttering and making a space sparkle. I know what I believe -- I will attract and so will you.

Lets us all have peace and support instead of cutting down some else's viewpoint.

I hope everyone finds there way an allows each individual to find what works for them.

Blessings Everyone, Sollena


Subject: How much to charge?

I have sort of a difficult situation. The man that I am seeing romantically has asked me if I would be interested in cleaning his house once every two weeks for some extra money. He wants to know how much I want. I've never done anything like this before so I have no idea what to ask. With it being a personally relationship, I would probably stay for a few hours and get as much done as I can, maybe also do some laundry and things like that. He wants an answer and I don't know what to tell him. Can anyone help?


Subject: Don't do it! I would be

Don't do it! I would be aghast if my bf offered to pay me to clean his house. There is a line between cleaning someone's house and being a valued (romantic) partner. You will be losing that value if you end up cleaning his rooms. You could offer to find someone to do it, instead.


Subject: I clean houses..

I clean houses..
You should be very kind and charts 85 every other wk....possibly more depends on dirty Ness!


Subject: You may want to be careful

You may want to be careful with that type of thing. Turning a romantic relationship into an employer/employee relationship is never a good idea from what I've seen. Depending on both of your personality types, it may be possible to make it work but that definitely wouldn't be the norm. It would be probably be better to pick one or the other.


Subject: Cleaning fees

I have been cleaning houses for 4 years. I used to teach in universities back in Japan but I started this business when I came to Canada. I started with $15 but now, I charge $25-30. I have 20 regular clients and irregular clients like rental apartments or new homes every month. I have one person working for me to do weekend jobs. I work 6-7 hours every day and it is a hard labor. My clients are happy and I never had any complaints. I have a house cleaner for my own house and I am paying same amount. I don't care how much house cleaners make in balance with how much nurses make. It is SUPPLY AND DEMAND. If you think 25-30 is too expensive, obviously you are not getting me to do your house. Good luck getting on hand and knees.

Penny Richards

Subject: Cleaning Hourly Rates

Reading these posts I am amazed. Nurses and people who have studied and earned degrees are just barely making the kind of money people you are recommending folks pay to have homes cleaned.
I am all for people earning a fair wage and agree that manual labor is hard work. However, in light of the fact that minimum wage is what it is Under $10 an hour? To ask that you receive almost three times that amount or equivalent to what a registered nurse or teacher earns hourly is ridiculous. And the real cut is this-I can understand an individual who is a sole housecleaner earning $10-$15 an hour. He or she does not have health insurance. If they provide the cleaning materials, then they can charge more.
What most people do not realize is that these "cleaning companies" who are charging $30-$35 an hour are barely paying their employees anything, DO NOT PROVIDE HEALTHCARE BENEFITS AND ARE TAKING MANAGEMENT SALARIES. Your "house" is not getting any cleaner and the licenced and bonded stuff? If they are thieves you are still stuck with the loss. I am experiencing a bout of this with a local firm "Maids Extra------." You pay the folks who clean your house-they lose checks, cash and your cells phones and other items walk off. The same team never shows up and you have to explain how to clean your home every time. They take frequent cigarette breaks, do not show up when they are scheduled and leave early. If you complain-management' s explanation is that employees quit and say they can't confirm or deny "what happened."
Find a dependable PERSON. If you are a corporation, use a company. I grew up dirt poor and went to school so I would not have to spend my whole life cleaning. I do not think it fair to have to pay someone more than skilled professionals make per hour for manual labor in cleaning a house. This crap about "deep" versus "light" cleaning" ? As a healthcare provider, do you want us to only take care of your illness half way or do you want it thoroughly treated properly? These folks writing these type of comments need BE ASHAMED. IF YOU CLEAN FOLKS, DO A THOROUGH AND PROFESSIONAL JOB, OR GET THE CRAP OUT OF THE BUSINESS. Recall historically that household help was not your highest paid job on the social scale. Let's keep that in mind when discussing pay scales in economic reality perspective here. Realistic promotion of goods and services and fair promotion of allowable rates is based on what the market will bear. If sites like this allow such discussions and promote corporation's dreams of what on-line payrates need to be, people WILL think getting ripped off and paying $35 an hour to have someone sweep floor and make beds is CUSTOMARY AND REASONABLE. IT IS NOT WHEN HELD IN COMPARISON TO OTHER PAYRATES IN THE PRIVATE SECTORS IN OUR ECONOMY. Some "legal" folks need to take a serious look at what is being said here as if this were true, everyone need never go to college, they all just need to become housecleaners.


Subject: You couldn't be more wrong

I have a nursing degree so I want to chime in on your post.... I have worked in both fields, nursing and professional house cleaning, and feel you are comparing apples to oranges. BOTH careers work hard IF they are doing their jobs correctly. I have witnessed nurses not doing their jobs worth the money they were being paid but they got paid regardless.
As a new business owner, and professional house cleaner (worked in business over 10 years), I take great pride in my work and giving my clients the results they are looking for and I expect to be paid WHAT I AM WORTH for providing exceptional service. $40 an hour is not that crazy if you are only there 4 or 5 hours and visiting the home once or twice a month. I know when I am done with a client's home there is nothing they need to do. (I was an exceptional nurse too) No one has ever said they felt ripped off or complained about rates as they know the time I just saved them by doing something they do not enjoy doing nor have the time to do for themselves. Just because you feel it's not worth it, doesn't mean it isn't. Just clean your own messes and go on living cheaply. You are actually part of the AMERICAN DREAM PROBLEM, you're one of those who believe people should get paid low wages for manual labor when in fact you have it backwards... Those putting their bodies into motion and breaking themselves for others should get paid more (remember I've been a nurse in the hospital post op with patients with broken backs, knees, and other orthopedic issues from doing manual labor)... They deserve more than someone LIKE YOU thinks they do.


Subject: housecleaning pay

I agree with you to an extent Penny. Theres a lot of pissed off people on here who dont like your comment obviously. I dont think housecleaners should get a paltry $10 an hr though ! Probably at least 15 if not 20. I have done many manual labor jobs including cleaning and never got even 15/hr let alone 20/hr. I sure wish I would have ! Housecleaning is still a manual labor job NOT a profession as some on here like to claim ! A profession is like a doctor, lawyer, architect, etc that repquires much more training than a simple (not necessarilly easy) manual labor job ! ! ! So some of you need to stop the bullshit about how you think cleaning is a proffesion ! Lol ! And of course, if the housecleaner provides the cleaning materials than of course they should be paid a little more but not wayyyy more ! Some of these people claim they have several degrees and are soooooo educated but cant even type accurately ! Lol ! Yeah sure you do ! Lol ! And if you own a cleaning business like you claim then guess what ! You are not a housecleaner you are a business person ! So of course you will have to charge more to operate your business ! Lets also not judge by what min wage is but by what it should be ! It should be much higher than it is which is pathetically low ! Even that should not be one size fits all since it doesnt. Many people are trying to raise the min wage to 15/hr but obviously different businesses can afford to pay different amounts ! So I propose at least a 3 tiered min wage, depending on the income of the business ! Obviously huge corporations can afford to pay way more than small businesses ! And anyway, once we have a "resource based economy" in place, as explained by the Zeitgeist Movement with Peter Joseph and many others, there will be abundance for all with robots and Smart everything doing most of the work ! Also, if housecleaners are cleaning in Greenwich, its obviously different than cleaning in a low income area ! Another important factor ! Those of you cleaning in an upper income area might get paid 35/hr but in a low income area that would be an outrageous amount ! Thats typical economics ! Anyway, I would like to see ALL manual laborers getting paid more, not just housecleaners ! Certainly more than a paltry 10/hr !


Subject: Penny's delusional thinking

Never in a thousand years would I work for anyone who thinks in this fashion. Never. I charge $40 an hour, and I have a waiting list for my services.
You tossed out education, degrees, and plenty of ignorance in your little blog, but absolutely no appreciation for anyone else.
I'm my very humbled opinion, stop being a victim. If you don't like the way your service is completed, stop them. If you want to pay someone $10 an hour then find that person.. but don't come on here and complain that they rip you off and steal from you. I doubt that you have anything that anyone would want anyway. Stop being a victim!
I go to the end of the earth for my clients because they treat me so well. I go the extra mile. But, I'm sure you have never encountered such behavior, not surprising.
Open your ignorant eyes.


Subject: Education versus ignorance

First off your generalizing and stereo typing of people working in this industry is clearly based on ignorance and not fact. You think your better then a person cause your in health care and they clean. You assume they don't have an education? You're definitely someone that needs to do more homework.

I run a very successful cleaning business. I have 27 full time employees. They are all fully trained, IICRC certified and professionals. Not one of my cleaners earns under $18hr. Guess what, they get full benefits as well, and vehicles provided for personal and work use.
I have 4 degrees, many of my staff are very well educated and some not but that doesn't mean your better then them.

My staff are paid well cause they dam well earn it. They don't have a cushy Union to protect them. The company's or cleaners you describe sound like that if something you would find on a craigslist or discount site. You get what you pay for.

These ridiculously low prices you think are justified and clearly numbers that are based on no fact and only the opinion of a woman who clearly does not have any type of business degree knowledge or training.
Are you aware of and background costs involved with running a business. Insurance, payroll taxes, health coverage, fuel, business licensing and insurance, work safe coverage, supplies, travel time, advertising, bookkeeping the list goes on and on.

Perhaps your experiences with this low end companies that seem to not be actually certified, leave early and charge you (stealing), helping themselves to things in your home may be the result of you trying to find bargain cleaners. Again you get what you pay for. The lack of professionalism from these cleaners you describe as well as the get in get out half assed cleaning is not what a high end professional cleaning company does.

I'm certain you wouldn't like a person to generalize your job and throw you in the same class as a person that doesn't care about there job nor take pride in it. In the health care industry there is a VERY WIDE range of quality among employees. I'm sure you wouldn't appreciate me generalizing and assuming your a half ass lazy worker that doesn't do there job and goes through patients belongings.

Please educate yourself a little more or at least think it have fact before attracting an entire industry. Not to mention to think your better then me because you Got a degree in health care and I run a cleaning company. Very arrogant of you. Like I said I have several degrees as well as am constantly in school every year for now certificates and training as well as my staff.


Subject: Housekeepers

I agree with you, Penny. These figures are outrageous. Most of the maids who are asking over $20 per hour are trying to up their income on just a few people so they don't have to work as many hours per week. Just the same old "something for nothing" mentality. I, too, grew up extremely poor and I feel blessed that my dad instilled an honorable work ethic in me. I have worked many service jobs and I tried to be a giver rather than a taker by getting as much done for my boss as I could. I have received so many blessings by keeping a good attitude and preventing myself from resenting the "rich" people I worked for. Some of these people are very proud of the fact that they can get people to pay them $35 or $40 per hour. If their employers are willing, then lucky for them. However, those jobs don't usually last. I have heard many stories about people getting fired because their employee tells them that their niece or other family member needs the job. Then, they hire a new housekeeper who works for $10.00 less per hour.


Subject: seriously

I am sure there are a lot of people who take peoples stuff when they clean but you are wrong in genralizing and saying everybody does this! I clean houses and I am telling you that $30-$40 dollars an hour is barely enough! Cleaning your own house campared to cleaning for clients are two totally different things. There is a big difference in a deep clean and light cleaning, you obviouly don't clean for a living! As for paying employes, Do you think that these doctors and nurses get paid the same as the as the big wigs do? No they don't, Do I think they get paid enough well doctors make way to much in my opinon and nurses no they do 99% of the work and get paid way to less! You really can't compare house cleaning to health care providers, thats just plain nonsense! C;ean floors and make beds is just a tiny part of being a house cleaner, look all im saying is if you dont do it don't think you know everything there is about it!!

emily west

Subject: You clearly have no idea the

You clearly have no idea the cost of running a business. I did go to college and decided to start a cleaning company, I charge the going rate in the area i live in which is 25 to 30 an hour per person. I pay my ladies including myself 12.50 an hour. I pay taxes on top of that. Insurance, supplies, vaccume replacement. Im left with maybe 10 dollars extra per house. Which is eaten up by hidden expenses. Running any business the Right Way is expensive. Those that do it right are not walking away with what you're thinking.


Subject: The world is not fair, let yourself be one who can make it fair

It's almost upsetting to hear someone who supposedly had the privilege of having had a first world education speak that way. It certainly doesn't reflect well on the human race. I went to one of the top 25 universities in the world. I have a masters degree. I am also a licensed professional (way back when I started working after grad school, my company charged its clients $175/hour for my time. My cut was of course only a fraction of that). I do not think that I am entitled to make more money an hour than someone who does manual labor just because I was fortunate enough to earn those papers. If you don't want to pay someone a fair living wage, then clean your own toilet. Just because you can abuse someone, doesn't mean that you should. Be a human being, paying someone else $10 to clean your house doesn't make that person your slave. The trade should be fair, don't expect a $1000 job when you've only paid $50.

"Recall historically that" the 5 day workweek was not even a concept, protection for the average worker did not exist, women suffrage was an incomprehensible suggestion, and lynching was perfectly acceptable. Recall historically that it has always been okay to progress as a decent human being.

P.S. I have known plenty of idiots with graduate degrees and plenty of reasonable and educated human beings who haven't gone to a day of college. Having a diploma has never made anyone an educated human being.


Subject: BooHoo

Hello Penny, Its not "CRAP'', there is a BIG difference between deep and light cleaning. All this whining about nurses not making as much is sad but, you must have known this while you were in school. But, you did not go into nursing for the money you went into it to help people or meet a Doctor. Your jab at the "legal" people leads us to believe that you think most cleaners are "illegals". If you don't think its fair to pay these people for what they do, then DON'T DO IT! I'm sure MOST of the people would rather YOU clean your own home.

diego castellano

Subject: I somewhat agree

You never actually cleaned have you? Neither have I until a week ago! I understand you might have your differences, do we need to pay $15 an hr at Fast Food? No Way! More money, and more Money yet no one Want's to work!
What is Work to you? As far as I remember, most might as well collect Food stamps since somehow the Idea of Work no longer exist! If they are not using their cell phones, one can find them Talking and or hiding somewhere doing nothing. Yet complaining their is Too Much Work and they need more Help.
I would frankly drop the College Line myself since we all know thats what created the mess in the first place! Once someone becomes higher on the Latter, most pass the buck down to the lower one's. If a company has to tell someone What to do every single day or they need to ask. Get rid of them!
Again, find their work 1/2 of what was expected; should know, right? Get Rid of them! I have not seen a computer nor will a cell phone clean. No special magical people out there either to inform them, Hello? Why you standing around? One should be looking for something too do, there is Always Something.
As for cleaning Houses, you have watched Hordes right? Let an house go a month, having no one Pick Up; Inlaws lol kids or say someone is ILL in the home and Oh Boy! That would explain the rise in Home Care! Yet it is easer to dispose of your Love One to one of Them Places! Yuk!
I have no standards as in Deep Cleaning since it is just a scam! You clean as if it were Your House! Hard to clean an Home in 2 hrs if never was actually cleaned in the first place. So far I've been to 2 places wondering to myself, "You actually had someone here to clean?" Maybe their Wallet! Since as far as I know that Kills germs is Bleach, period although starting to wonder since everything now is marked 99.9% germ Free! Makes you wonder is by chance if they actually Kill Um or just put them to sleep!
As I grew up myself Running throughout the Hood. I questioned school everyday since nothing I needed to know was taught. Although was is being taught; just ask any Child and you'll know! Then the Push or Idea of going to College is...well pointless. Just ask any person afterwards how Indebted they are and Hello! Where is that Dream taught to me while in High School?
I can understand your upset, angry and one would like to know why? The world is taught to go for it! Although going for it requires Money, Steeping on Toes and being as Rude as one can. Bullying? Again back to the school system we could go! As for the Hood, my parent's Taught me nothing, so left to figure it out myself. Worked since I started moving snow, doing what most would not want to do. There's that Dream Again!
My rate is simple,$20 an hr and will fix your kitchen too! What? Germs? $20 dollars! AIDs Yep $ still $20 just toss in some gloves! What Needs to be done vs. What would you Like Done is Frankly Stupid! I'm here, Lets get er done! Although I find most haven't clean in a long time or who was here before me Knows not a thing about cleaning!
I almost forgot. Did I tell you I'm a male?
Pride in Work is no longer there, nor does most Company's Care! I myself could be doing anything without training and do what an employee has done for over 12 yrs in just 6 months! Shame on the series, Undercover Boss being it not in an actual Real Life! Do you know how many Would Get Canned if I were......Oh! Just A Dream!
Would you like to place a bet? I've found most, not all are Lazy although Let's ask any Hard Worker as yourself. Pisses you off as you work to Standards while most seem to do nothing. That my Friend is the Problem we face Today! Anyone else agree!


Subject: Professional Wages?????

Ha!, you claim people with degrees get paid less... either they are working in an area that has an oversupply of their skill set or they just haven't progressed enough a degree means nothing if you don't have the skills and real world training to go with it - which is why doctors take a further 3 years to finish their training before they are truly a doctor. If they were a private nurse, I doubt they would earn that little, as you are comparing apples with oranges - a cleaner working in an office building for a company that supplies all materials and covers overheads is different from a cleaner cleaning your house or running their own business. I didn't go to university, hell I didn't even finish high school, and I work in IT, I get around $55 an hour in a full-time job, + overtime and bonuses, if I worked in contracting I could easily get double that, which is comparable to a cleaner taking on jobs, it is really contracting. Before you criticize cleaners on their charges have a real look at their costs and other wages, I would be happy to pay $25-30 an hour for an efficient cleaner, noting you can get non-professionals who will do it for $15 an hour, they will take 5 hours to do what a professional can do in 2, so $75 @$15p/h is not really that cheap compared to $50 @$25p/h.

Savannah Portell

Subject: I clean houses

Listen here, I clean houses on the side. I used to clean full time but I got a job as an administrator. So I do it part time now. $25-$35 barley scratches the surface of cleaning someone else home! It is a dirty job and it is a HARD job! I like making my clients happy and they will even tell you (they feel like they don't pay enough) and one is a TEACHER. You have NO idea what it is to clean someones home for 4-10 hours a day! They are getting a deal (as long as the cleaner is doing a great job). I do not trust businesses either. They go through do a "clean" and leave... With 2 people at a 4 hour house (normally by myself) it still takes me 2 hours to do a GOOD job! If you think its just 'sweeping floors' you are SO WRONG! Some people prefer a 'light' clean because its less time and money! I went to college... BUT I also need to make a living for my children and cleaning houses helps put extra food on the table, clothes on my children and the extras my pay does not cover! You are beyond ridiculous..... It is a good thing you do not have a housekeeper! I would HATE to be them!!! You could NOT afford me (and I have a waiting list)


Subject: You are a self-centered egotist!

It's obvious you did not study business as you have no clue about the concept of gross to net. Even a sole proprietor who cleans for a living has many business expenses associated with those earnings. Unpaid drive time, unpaid time estimating jobs, scheduling, procuring equipment and supplies, the actual expense of said supplies, bonding and liability insurance, advertising, the one half FICA tax that your employer pays on your behalf. Not to mention they have to pay their own health insurance. Although you are such a pompous person, you probably think such lowly people deserve to limp off in to the woods and die.

You say your hourly wage is $35/hr. Do you realize that gets grossed up by benefits, payroll taxes, etc. so your true cost to your employer is closer to $45-$50/hr? It is clear that you have never been an employer or been self employed before. Lincoln freed the slaves! Get a clue!!

P.S. Only people of class should even be pondering the rates of cleaners. So that means you can quit worrying about.


Subject: The other thing is how do you

The other thing is how do you want employees to get their fair share of benefits and wages , insurance bonding and all the other things you mention on 10 dollars an hour do you know how much insurance costs and this is 2015 not 1945 compensation for any job should allow people to live.......if you don't want to hire someone clean addition alot of these household chemicals over a period of time can have serious consequences when a cleaner has to come in contact with them constantly in order to clean the mold out of your bathroom or the limescale out of your toilet that is putting them at risk...while you sit behind a damn desk for a complete day


Subject: cleaning

This is what i will say it takes money to get competent and dependable persons to do any job. When a company has to pay light, water hire employees to answer the phone provide transportation, provide often three different types of insurance, pay employee benefits , do marketing and advertising along with all the other things cleaning companies have to do how do you think they will make money to keep the business running so you can access services if you are paying 15-20 dollars an hour. On the other side an individual cleaner is never guaranteed solid work, today they are hired but when a homeowner says they don't have any money they are the first to go. They have bills and families and things to do and if they are making next to nothing with you, how are they suppose to survive. Additionally many people expose themselves to theft and other dishonesty because if you hire a cleaner at 10 an hour for four hours that cleaner works hard as hell, and is then forced to leave and go to another clients house in order to make a decent days wage. hence they are not going to be focused on quality they will be focused on knocking down the houses so they can eat..Many people have no idea the kind of work that goes into the business .Cleaning is something that everybody assumes that anybody can do ...its true anybody can do it but having a quality cleaning job done is not something that everyone understands how to give....and by the way in this day an age some who are cleaning have the same degrees that teachers and nurses have . We pay lawyers often for nothing at all just because they went to school got a degree and the prestige of being a lawyer but some one who is going to be in your most intimate space , obviously someone you will need to trust and someone you will depend on people tend to prefer to pay them nothing and then be surprised at their disloyalty.........................................also you know what many will gawk at some companies not being legit but you know why this happens because customers want to pay nothing for services and if you are going to charge customers what they want so the business can survive often if insurance and health benefits and all of that is included one of two things will happen you will pay more for the service or the cleaner will make less ..people don't clean as a charity and its time for people to stop underestimating cleaners...i am very greatful for the lady that helps me she is a godsend......shit people pay an armload for shoes but not for the person who make your life easier.


Subject: Nurse/House Cleaner

I am a nurse and house cleaner. Different work, but most days I am more exhausted from cleaning than my nursing job! More physically and sometimes emotionally draining many days.


Subject: My housekeeper

Last week was my very first time having someone come and clean my house. This lady was referred to us by a neighbor and quoted me $400.00 for my home. I have a one story 3 bedroom and 2 bathroom home. Becuase $400.00 was too much for me, I did not want her to compromise her value for my budget, so I told her to only clean the kitchen, one bathroom, the hallway and the livingroom. I saved the master bathroom for my 3 kids to clean and each person in the house was responisble for cleaning their own bedroom. We agreed on $200.00 for the rooms she cleaned. She worked SOOOOO hard that I went ahead and added an extra $100.00 because of the quality of work and all the extras she did that I did not know needed to be cleaned like my blinds, the light fixtures, etc... I also provided lunch for them.

I am a bank manager and I make $35.00/hour. I think these ladies cleaning should not compromise on their price. I think 25-35 dollars is not bad depending on the quality of work and all that they do. While I can't afford $400.00 per month, I would recommend her becuase she killed it and my house looked better than it did when I bought it 9 years ago. She was awesome and well worth the money.

Trudy Gerschter

Subject: Cleaning hourly rates

Penny, I like your post. I my self be in the cleaning business for the past 11 years, und you know what you would be exact the type of customer I would NEVER take on, because you do not appreciate what we house cleaner do for you. In your mind we are just a bunch of stupid girls or boys who got nowhere.... oh no we are cleaners. Have you EVER asked you self what you would do if you would NOT have somebody coming in and clean your house???? You would be last, wouldn't you? And if you think $35 is to much for you to pay somebody to sweep the floor and make beds, then I would say you should do it your self and pay your self what you think that job is worth it.
I appreciate what you do and I'm happy for you that you get paid well. But you know Penny, even the "cleaner" has do make a living and pay his bill and probable feed a family.
I run just a small cleaning business with a few ladies, SMART and BEAUTIFUL ladies, we all moved to Canada from different country's and guess what Penny, we all have a degree, one has a nursing degree, like you, but can not work as a nurse her, a travel agent degree, a secretary, a hotel and tourisms and a mother of 10, yes she has 10 children and finds time to come and help me out. And Penny they work hard all day some day's we work strait 10-12 hours, and if I hear or see a comment like yours I wish I could pay them even more.
You know a smart business owner ones sad on a Christmas party in front of his 100 some employee's... if I would NOT have the janitor, the receptionist, the secretary, the bookkeeper, and all my good worker in the shop and out in the field.... I would not be where I am today. "Smart guy"
So why don't you just appreciate what all the GOOD cleaners do and let them be paid a good salary and don't dink for a minute, that you or anybody who has a degree would be better.
I hope you get my message!


Subject: If you complain about the price, then clean your house yourself

House cleaning is a tough job. My mom works as a housekeeper in a hotel, she then helps a friend clean houses and offices in the evenings and on her days off form the hotel to make ends meat. Her friend charges between $150 to $200 per house (depending on size). The amount does not change if the house is semi clean or a pig sty. My mom and her friend clean the homes as if they were their own. They have return business because their customers are happy with the services rendered.
If you're complaining about the price of the service, then you should be cleaning your own house. Clearly your earning potential does not equal the lifestyle you pretend to live. House cleaning is a fringe benefit that not every one can afford. The fact that you don't want to pay for, or complain about the cost tells me that you're just a lazy person that wants to have someone clean their disgusting sty and wants to pay peanuts.
I am very proud of my mom because she is proud of the quality of work she produces and the fact that her customers are happy is important to her. Don't bash people in this profession until you've had to do it yourself.

Thomas the underpaid

Subject: I am In aww!

We'll first of all I did think slavery was
Done away with? How can you pay a person $100 or more to color or cut your hair and only take one hour to do but you only expect to pay $10 an hour for two people to clean your home for 4 or more hours! First of all we come to you, we burn our gas, we buy the cleaning supplies out of your $10 an hour, we also either skip our lunch or try and eat fast because you have to be at an appointment to have your hair done! So let me understand this you use your gas, you sit for one hour have your hair done, oh and your nails so now you say to yourself oh I better tip the hair girl oh now you tip the nail girl
So you have now spent $140 ! Clean your own home and then you will never have to worry about being the cheapest cold hearted person on earth! Get your hands dirty and learn why they deserve what they charge! Dang they are cleaning up after your lazy self! Oh and did you know a we'll educated home owner knows that you also do tip your cleaners when they are leaving! If I were your home cleaner I would bring you a gas can and ask you to fill it, my toll tag bill, and I sure would take my 30 minute lunch breAk on your time! Then you will know that nurses and teachers make more money because 75% of my customers are teachers and nurses!

M Hosseini

Subject: educated vs. Janitors , "Housecleaning Lady"

We have now been in the cleaning business for 20 yrs, Yes, there is a lot of crap out there, good and bad, But believe me Its not easy to go out to look for new clients and earn their trust. When being your own boss, all business issues from business practices, liability insurance, sub-contractors issues, and budgeting, taxes, retirement planning is solely on the self- employed. By the way my husband has a B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering , no student loan debt, and cleans toilets! In other words ......."Education, doesn't Guarantee a Job!" nor should we ever depend on our government welfare programs, especially "student Loans" for our self worth or dignity. We all have levels of dirt poor, Im sure when people choose to serve humanity it's from the heart !

Jerri d priest

Subject: House cleaning

I understand where your coming from completly. But I am a house cleaner and I work alone and some of these houses are just down right discusting. So receiving a min of 150 per house that takes three days minimum to clean. Ur getting a pretty good deal.


Subject: Rate of pay

You need to clean your own home then if you don't want to pay. House cleaning is a service provided to people who are too busyto clean or prefer not to clean their homes.
There are many cost associated with house cleaning all of this comes out of the house cleaner's pocket.

You sound like you want something for nothing. In that case you may find a teenager who's trying to earn extra cash to do it for next to nothing.


Subject: Grow up

I spent many years cleaning commercially in brand new homes to get them ready to sell as well as privately in people's home. Often there is quite a bit of travel involved for which the cleaner is not compensated for gas or wear and tear on his or her vehicle. Additionally many people are not having federal taxes withheld automatically (or state if you live in a state that requires state tax ), but these individuals must still claim these monies as income and are therefore responsible for paying taxes themselves at the end of the year. These individuals also Don't have paid sick time, paid vacation time, pension or healthcare.
As I initially stated I spent many years cleaning and put myself through Nursing school. I Have a baccalaureate degree in Nursing and I am not in the even the slightest agreement with your ridiculous statement about these hard working individuals making 25-35$ an hour. If you wanted to make more money than you make as a nurse you shouldn't have gone into nursing. Nursing is a career for people who want to help others. Real Nurses don't do their job because they make so much money or because they wanted to make a lot of money. They do it from their hearts. I have never met and emt, paramedic, nurse's aid, medical assistant or Nurse that said they went into the field because of the money. I would love to know where you practice so I can make sure you never care for any of my family members. You should have gone into corporate accounting or financial advising/investing if you wanted to be paid more than your wages as a nurse. You sound like a whiny, jealous brat with bitterness in your heart and way too much time on your hands.
Loving nurse that loves being a nurse

Diane Springer

Subject: unfair to cleaning service? or to cleaner?

I just had my house thoroughly cleaned by a company and I am thrilled. However they charged $ 276 for 2 people for 4 hours.
One of the young ladies offered to clean on her own in the future, not through the company. She said they pay her $12 hr only for the time spent in the house, not for driving and picking up supplies. She didn't commit to a price.
Is this a good idea? Who is being unfair?
I can't afford $276 very often.

luis h

Subject: unfair business practices

ok a house cleaning services provider its in a great and amazing carrier and comes with gaps up and downs, thus many person think its ok either make then clean for a low cost what all this people do not know its they hit the market on salaries and much more after they complaint about bad services or quality of services am a cleaner for m ore then 10 year and always do the best to exceed the customer satisfaction but after look a person who unlawfully stolen our customer and customer who unlawfully participate on this fraud because its what its " fraud against the cleaning company " many times ended up either requesting a new cleaner and some times they learn the lesson on the hard way after all,


Subject: New business

I am considering starting my own house cleaning service. What would be the best advice for me?


Subject: New Business

I'd reccomend working for a very thourough company first. The wages are poor, but you'll get to see how to or how not to run a cleaning business.


Subject: HARD WORK!!!

Cleaning is HARD! I love to clean and I am really fast at it. I get family and friends always asking me to clean. I do cleaning for my in laws rentals when people move out. The houses nasty! I just did a 2 bedroom house that took me 6 hours to clean top to bottom, except for fridge and stove...which were so bad they just went and bought new ones. I didn't take a break. Just kept going. Windows, blinds with dust so thick they looked like animals. Gross bathroom. Ceiling fans. Etc etc etc. I was working so hard and sweating so bad I had a rash under my bra from my bra being soaked. I was so exhausted I went to bed early. And I'm very physically fit. Work out doing Insanity videos. Cleaning IS hard work. Ever done a post construction clean? Iv done one for husbands company. OMG. White powdered sugar looking dust and E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G in the house. Gotta wipe everything down to the smallest detail. Iv though many times of starting my own business. People say I should cause I'm good. You guys cleaning should ask for good pay cause cleaning is tough labor!!! Not just anyone can do this.


Subject: Cleaning rates

Hi. I live in Austin. One thing I know for sure as a native Texan, is that things are done differently here in the state capital. I have a 4000 sq. ft. home with 2 kids and 3 pets. It is messy(coincidently, before kids, you wouldn't find a cup on the counter). I kept my home looking like it was ready to be "on the market" on any given day. I loved it clean!!! Now, it kills me to see the clutter, hardwoods that show every hair from the cats and dog, and kids' nerf bullets, knick knacks, mail, etc. all over the place. By no means do you have to find a path to get to where you need to clean, but it just requires a lot of time to do a good, thorough cleaning each time. I don't "pre-clean", but I do make the kids pickup everything before cleaning day in their rooms and play room or else I instruct the house cleaner to skip cleaning those rooms. It happened once and believe me, my kids always pick up their stuff now. I buy all my cleaning supplies and have favorite cleaners available for the house cleaner should they ask.
My question is this.....I paid close to $30 an hour but paid for the job as a whole, not per hour. The house cleaner picked up and tidied things when she could, changed the beds in 3 bedrooms each time, and washed those sheets each time as well. Dusting never got done, the showers weren't always clean and the two staircases weren't always vacuumed. In other words, the house wasn't always clean. I had to put cleaners away, put rugs back in their place and had to rearrange things in the bathrooms and kitchen that she always wanted to rearrange her way. Even after discussing this, she kept on. It was weird. Anyway, what normally takes 6-8 hours to clean, she would do in 4-5 and take off. I am one of those that will clean along side the house cleaner if I'm here on cleaning day, which usually I am.
Am I paying to low of a wage? I feel, as I mentioned in the first sentence, that here in Austin, people who provide customer service, want a lot of money, don't show up or are always late, and do a mediocre job yet want more money. Why should I pay more when the job is mediocre? I'm asking to walk in my house, see that the housecleaner was there and know that when I take off my shoes, the floors are clean. Yes, it's a big house which simply means you need to clean for a longer period. Do I need to pay more because this person is working at one house for 8 hours instead of two houses or three for the same amount of time.?I'm totally ok with the cleaner stopping to eat lunch, taking breaks, etc.... Don't kill yourself because YES, CLEANING IS HARD AND LABOR INTENSIVE. There are many labor intensive jobs out there but they certainly don't pay a lot more than what a housecleaner charges. It's worth the money for me because I can't do it myself every week but will in between the cleans and I honestly don't have that much time in a week combined, let alone in one day. What is the going rate for a regular house cleaning,( tidying, dishes, small loads of laundry, 3 bedrooms, 2 staircases, 3.5 baths and lots of hardwoods) that actually gets completely done bimonthly?


Subject: Small 750ft home

Hi all! So many great comments!
My husband and I are working a lot, especially him, he works over 80 hours a week. So when 8 get home just tidying up takes my extra spare time and by the time he gets home we don't want to deep clean because we want to actually spend time together and relax after a long hard day. Our time is so limited and it has been a strain on us as a couple so we are looking for ways to give ourselves time back together. Things are not messy but it is just hard to get the showers and toilets properly cleaned, things dusted, the floors done well in the limited time we have. So my question, for a 750 ft home that is pretty tidy, one bedroom, one small bathroom, all hardwood floors...what would everyone estimate the time it would take and the rate it would probably be bid for? We don't want to cheap anyone, we also do not want to be overcharged so I thought up would ask :)


Subject: similar situation/estimate

I live in a 750 sf apt with my small dog. Similar to you, things are relatively tidy but dust builds, floors get dirty, little things build up. I was just given a rate of $70/wk for a deep clean every two weeks. The cleaner brings her own vacuum, mops, etc and I'll provide cleaning supplies like paper towels, disinfectant. It feels fair to me as it's literally dirty work and not especially fun to do. She also came recommended by a neighbor and is sweet. If she does a good job, $140/month to keep the place spic and span is worth it to me. Good luck!


Subject: House cleaning Time examples, etc.

I'm not a professional house cleaner but am very detailed oriented and clean my own home so I know how much time tasks take. I am compelled to write in support of house cleaners and think none should charge less than $15 an hour (no supplies included) and support the hard labor they perform. I think $20 an hour and up is reasonable. If I had the extra money I would surely hire a house cleaner since the work is always there and never ending. After reading these responses here it appears many people have no clue how long a good cleaning takes in time. A three hour cleaning job for 1 person weekly must be some maintenance of a previously deep cleaned house. That's not much time at all.
Here's some examples of time it takes me to clean.
My kitchen is 13' x 16' and washing the floor is always 1 HR +. That's moving all in the way, washing then rinsing and detailing in hard to reach areas and putting everything back in place.
One bathroom for deep cleaning is 2 hours plus. That includes the shower stall walls inside and out, removing and cleaning all the bottles of shamp/body wash of scum, vanity, toilet, behind toilet, floor and walls, cleaning all extra items in bath, putting out fresh towels. = 3 hours total or more just for the bath and kitchen floor and throwing in a load of laundry in between.
Vacuuming the first floor using attachments, a quicky pass-through of 5 rooms about 45 min. A deep vac job including furniture, vents, stairs, window sills, walls, etc. can take 2 - 3 hours + alone.
So, now I'm up to 6 hours of cleaning. Maybe in the last 2 hours for an 8 hour day; I can clean the complete outside of the fridge, the oven, the microwave and inside and counters, put dishes away and wash some. = 8 hour day, no breaks. And a TON of work/cleaning not done, dusting, stripping beds, washing other floors, cleaning inside of fridge, etc., etc.
I volunteered to help a sick friend clean strip their large dirty kitchen once and it took 3 days to complete. Cleaned all the cabinets, professional large oven, huge vent, double wide fridge, windows, patio doors, floors, counters, chairs & table, etc. to sparkling clean.
I hope this helps some people understand the hard labor involved and time it takes to clean correctly and what to expect if hiring a cleaner.


Subject: Thank You so much! I was so happy to read your comments.

Thank you so much Lara! I am so happy to have read your comments. I am currently a house keeper on the private job and a professional green clean technician for a company. Many people don't realize that this job is not easy peasy. I like to clean and make my clients proud of their homes. My private clients appreciate what I do and I take pride in what I do. The companies really take advantage of their worker: joke of a pay rate, no benefits, constantly treated like a slave and not people who is trying to make a live and support their families. Thank you and I love you for sharing your thoughts and experiences. God Bless you!!! <3

Sue Punian

Subject: How I treat someone and how I want to be treated

After reading many of the comments above I had to share my experience. I clean my own home these days, but maybe 10 - 15 years ago I hired my neighbor's cleaning lady after a back problem limited my ability to do everything. She was wonderful and I kept her on even after I got better. At the time I paid her about $70 for about 6 - 7 hours of work. First of all, she did not come into a filthy, cluttered house. I made sure dishes were done, surfaces cleared off to make the job easier and laundry/beds were my responsibility. I always fed her lunch, made sure the radio was tuned to her station, showed her where water and soda were located. And I provided all cleaning supplies. As far as transportation, she always had a ride to my house but when she was done, I took her home. What was 20 minute round trip for me, would have been a 2 hour bus ride for her. When the Xmas holiday came around, I paid her for the week, but told her not to come. She did have a co-worker - ME. I would work right along with her as my back got better, usually doing some of the deep-cleaning things on my list. At first she was a little surprised to see me work, but later she admitted that she wishes some of her "dirtier" clients with do the same. One day she saw my GoodWill box and asked if she could look through it first. After that nothing was donated before she had the chance to look it over. I am sure she sold a lot of my old stuff but I was good with that. I wish I could say that things continued on but after 3 or 4 years, it seemed like the place wasn't getting cleaned like it was in the past and the few times I wasn't home, I know she cut the hours short even though I paid for the full time. I tried to do the right thing but in the end, my money didn't come easily either and I decided to save it and do the work myself. Fortunately I have a husband who believes in sharing the load.
Now we are retired and I would love some help but I am afraid of being disappointed.


Subject: HOW do you clean?

I wish I knew all the tips and tricks for cleaning my own home efficiently. Can some of you experienced folks here just post a few tips? I have a 3 level townhome 1500Sq ft and a toddler and baby on the way. My hubby and I both work fulltime. I love to have a clean home but in my area it's 100$ per cleaning so I feel like I could just learn to do this myself but I don't know how to do it - how to make it sparkle and shine the way you magicians do it! I have hardwood floors with a high gloss, and linoleum in the basement. No carpets. We just moved in. How do you clean granite countertops/linoleum, porcelain tile and hardwood? I dont even know what products to use. sheesh! $100 is probably worth it - i feel so hopeless when I try to clean!

Kenneth Rebello

Subject: Stick with a pro.

I find your comment to be insulting to everyone who does this for a living. First off, you said it, you feel "hopeless" when you clean yet you want people to share their living and trade secrets for free? You and your husband work full time but can't afford to have your home, which you own, cleaned professionally? How much is your time worth? My suggestion would be to pay what the job is worth or do it yourself, and research like everyone else has to instead of expecting something for nothing.


Subject: What to clean with

Use liquid glass cleaner on your counter tops. Works great on granit. It's in a squirt bottle and is white. Put some drops on the counter and get a paper towel fold it up and start in a circular motion till it spreads nice and even. Let dry and get a clean white cloth or piece of a t-shirt (or paper towel) and buff off. Sparkles so nice!! Then take and do another section let dry in sections till you are done. NOW for mirrors...PLEDGE MULTI PURPOSE IN aerosol can works wonders ON ANYTHING. No smudges on mirrors. At all. U can dust w it clean mirrors whatever. ALSO if u use pledge MAKE SURE YOU USE NEWS PAPER TO WIPE MIRRORS CLEAN!! THIS LEAVES NO SMUDGES. BUT PLEDGE MULTI PURPOSE IS THE BETTER OF THE TWO! My x's mom said I did hardwoods like no other. USE A COUPLE OF DROPS OF VINEGAR (1/4 cup to gallon water)AND WATER. Your floors will be beautiful. Switch up with a wood cleaner once a month. Trust me on these!!! Multi purpose pledge is in a blue aerosol spray again. You absolutely cannot go wrong with that. Same as with the vinegar. For the bathtubs bleach and water on mold or mildew you just keep it sprayed down once a week

Elena Rios


Hello Jen,
My name is Maria Elena, Elena for short. I am a sub-contracted pro cleaner. I can so relate to you about how big your cleaning task may seem, as I also have a 1500sq ft home. As a professional cleaner I can tell you that it's not even that bad. . Always begging in the kitchen, go onto all the bathrooms on all levels then you do your living room do bedrooms last.
To start. Dust everything and anything that can be dusted. It's always good to do your laundry in between your cleaning to eliminate both in one.
Collect ALL dishes. Not just the ones lying around your kitchen, and start the dish washer. While the dishes are being washed, clean your stove, microwave and all appliances top to bottom using a multi surface cleaner to eliminate cost and time. Using a damp sponge wipe down all counter top ten dry and wipe off any excess dirt off with paper towels. Always leave floors for last each floor level at a time, Except for bathroom floors. Bathroom floors always come out better if you simply clean using a spray and towel to wipe the floor on hands and knees instead of mopping.
When cleaning your bathroom spray any areas prone to mold with 10% bleach 90%water in a spray bottle, and also spray that dark ring on your tub. Let that sit. While the bleach is working on those areas pour your toilet bowl cleaning solution and scrub the inside. Then spray the entire toilet top to bottom with, again, multi surface cleaner. Wipe the entire toilet down with paper towels including the bottom of the toilet around and back. Finally flush. Then back to your shower and/or tub with a non abrasive sponge scrub the tub and shower doors with dawn and water, yes dawn as in dish soap dawn. (All that shower and bathroom stuff is a waste of money and sometimes they don't even serve their purpose. Dawn will get just about any job done.) Any way back to your tub..... once that ring and gunk are out use a small plastic bowl and throw water to rinse off the soap. Wipe down flat surfaces with paper towels. Now to the sink very simple.... spray a bit of multi surface cleaner or use a drop of dawn on a wet toothbrush (used only for this purpose) and scrub behind the faucet and handles any nooks you can spot. Then wipe down with paper towel. Mirrors easy spay windex and wipe. Floors same thing multi surface cleaner and wipe on hands and knees. Finally Lysol everything to disinfect
My advice don't sweep, vacuum instead. Its faster and you pick up a lot more. Also those microfiber sweeper mops are very good at picking up anything left behind. Just spray and mop like a Swiffer. At the end wipe all and any glass surfaces including mirrors. The least amount of cleaning solutions and chemicals the better. It saves you money, time, and exposure to harmful unnecessary chemicals. I only keep these cleaning products and they work great. Safe for your family and pets.
1- Bottle of 10% bleach and 90% water
1-Bottle of 90% water 10% distilled vinegar and 2-3 drops of dawn
Stainless steel polish or coconut oil.
Orang oil wood polisher
Floor cleaner of your choise
Vacuum ( I use a 1.5 Husky wet/dry vac )
and microfiber sweeper mop
sponge for each room or task
plenty of paper towels or better yet microfiber clothes
-Do Not use Ajax, Bon Ami or similar products on your tubs, sinks, toilet etc. They will cause damage on your surfaces in time.


Subject: How much to charge

My mom is a 77 year old French lady originally from Paris. Her work is extremely detailed, to perfection, and she pays her taxes on money earned. Despite this fact she had customers take advantage her by only willing to pay what amounts to $15-$20 per hr. Believe it or not, they were paying her by the hour, but yet she worked her tail off. These rates also included her supplying the cleaning products. I was extremely saddened when she mentioned all of this to me about a week ago. Here I was thinking she charged more! I own a landscape company and have recently asked several of my clients how much they pay for their house cleaners. 2 bedroom condo $150 for light cleaning. 7 room single story house $200. Again this is for basic cleaning. Extra work such as scrubbing an oven or removing built up soap scum the cost is more based on time involved to complete the task. She is now bidding jobs on how long the work will take at a rate of $35 per hour, which includes common cleaning supplies. If she uses a entire bottle of a cleaning product the customer is charged more for that. I also told her not to deal with cheap people looking to save a buck, because there are many others willing to pay the correct amount for good work. I always say two things to my customers: You get what you pay for, and either pay now or pay more later

Jerry Kaidor

Subject: Mom Cleaning

Wow, 77 years old and still cleaning houses? I hope I still have the health and strength to do that when I hit 77. Your mother is to be congratulated.

Kathie Schmitz

Subject: 30+years

i never in my wildest dreams would have thought I would be cleaning houses for over 35 years!!!!. I use to have a "real" job. Once before I was married and another after I got married and moved across the country. Then I got pregnant and my husband decided I needed to quit a very good job to be a stay at home mom....once my kids were safely in school every day he decided out of the blue that I should get a job and help with the budget. Never mind that I was taking care of our boys, the house, sewing their clothes and his clothes, being a barber, collecting boxtop and labels for money, cutting coupons, grinding flour for homemade bread, canning foods from our garden, selling eggs from our chickens, cooking everything from scratch. I was out selling Avon when he was home. I did anything I could think of to make a little money. He told me to go get a job...Well, key punch, tape drives and disks went out with the dinosaurs. I was unemployable and we had no extra money for me to go to school.

My teenage neighbor complained he did not like to clean his parents home. Well, I thought..I could do that.. Went over there and came back with my first cleaning job!!. Twice a hours and $35.00. Yes $5.00 an hour.!!!! It did not take long at all through word of mouth that I was shortly very busy.,,soon I was doing two house every day..4-5 hours each five days a week and one every Saturday. Only problem was that husband wanted his dinner on the table when he came home at 4:00. He also did not want me cleaning our house on Sunday's. Our life was to stay the same....It made him feel guilty to see me cleaning while he was relaxing. I was to clean only when he wasn't home. And he made many references to $10.00 an hour flunkies.. ?.huh..if only I was making that much...I finally raised my rates to $7.00 without much problems. When I tried for $8.00 years lady fired me on the spot. The other decided to decrease my hours from 5 to 4 but wanted the same amount of work done even though I only did her once a month. PLUS I would get these notes from her...I want my wooden floors, wooden paneled walls, dining room table and ten chairs polished every time you come and ten foot windows cleaned. When you are done with your work please wash all the windows and screens on my house. Once she asked me to clean up the rug by her bedroom because she spilled a cup of coffee. Once it was to clean out her fireplace. I was also every time I came to move every piece of furniture, table, couch and chairs, replace the little caps because the feet would make indentions in her carpet.!!!

One of my first houses was a blended family. She was a nurse. Six kids between them.
6 bedrooms and five bathrooms. I worked 8-4. No break...$40.00
I ate while vacuuming. They had two Great Danes and a poodle. None were housebroken. Every pot and pan and dish was piled in the sink counters and dishwasher. I knew what they ate the past two weeks by what was stuck to the ceiling and dripping down the wall by the wastebasket. I was also to wash and remake all the beds, and clean 5 bathrooms plus the usual, vacuum, dust etc... I noticed many teeny black crawly things in the bedsheets and in the torn pieces of the wallpaper. One day I arrived five minutes late and left five minutes early. She was upset saying she was paying me for 8 hours of work!!! I came home one day and when I was going to the bathroom...,,didn't have time to do it there,,,,discovered a tick crawling up my leg!!! I called her and quit on the spot!!! She begged me to come back saying that if she had to get someone else she would have to pay them A LOT MORE!!!!!

Would you believe I just turned 70!!! And yes I am still cleaning houses.!!! Just had a hip transplant and feel 100% again. First time I ever went to a doctor and I take no medication...we moved out of the city and now the commute is quite far. It's not usual to drive two hours a day and 80 miles. I had to give up many jobs because of the distance but I still work four days every other week, 7 houses a week. All of these have been my clients since the beginning. We grew old together.

When I first started cleaning I quickly made up my rules....learning quickly from mistakes.. I
only use my supplies...that's it. If you don't like what I use get your own and I will use yours. If I like yours better then I will buy your brand and use them. In all these years it has never changing supplies..I allow 4-5 hours per house. Your house will not be cleaned perfectly the first couple of times. I need several times to get everything caught up. I clean alone..if after a few times I skip something or something doesn't get done to your liking tell me, leave me a note and it will be corrected. If you want insured and bonded, get a cleaning company. If you want a reliable, honest, hard working and promise to show up every time person, then that's me. Your cleaning day is your will be allotted to you!! If for any reason you decide in the future you don't want my skills anymore it will be quickly filled by the next name on my waiting list. And you will never be able to change your mind and get me back. I also decided not to take on any more once a month homes even after how clean they tell me it stays.

So...where do I stand now? I should have made another rule to raise my rates every year like my husband repeatedly tells me to. The last raise was ten years ago....ocassionally I'll drive to my clients house to be met with a note on the door telling me they don't need me that travel time, hours on the road and mileage and gas prices are eating into my humble profits. Some days when I factor in two hours on the road and subtract for gasoline I am making $7.00 per hour!!!!! The work is hard, the hours are long and I miss my "real" job...


Subject: WOW

That is quite a story! You are amazing! And please increase your rate!!


Subject: Katie

You are being robbed!!! 20$ an hour is what I make and I am ready for a raise!!! Do not work for any less!!! I also charge for gas!!! Find someone that will pay you for your valuable time!!!!


Subject: Bless your heart!!

You're amazing!! I am thinking of raising my rates to $30/ hour & you're only making $7? Wow. House work is too hard to make less than min wage! You're reliable, trustworthy & probably the best at what you do!! Is say raise those prices!! Work for no regrets!! Keep up the good hard work and don't rob yourself of the blessings of getting paid well for what you do


Subject: your hourly wage

Plain and simple you need to raise your rates!!!! I don't know where you live but I am in Denver and pay $25 and hour. I have had the same lady for 15 years and I would like to keep her. Your clients don't appreciate what you do.


Subject: Estimating what to pay a housekeeper

I just bought a house. I have a friend who needs to make some extra cash, so she came in and deep cleaned the inside of the refrigerator. (She did not clean the top of the refrigerator or that little vent area underneath the doors in the front, I cleaned those myself.) She did move the refrigerator out and sweep and mop underneath. She also cleaned the oven ( I cleaned the cook top). She pulled out the stove and swept and mopped beneath there. She wiped down some kitchen walls. She also deep cleaned the 2 bathrooms. She cleaned the toilet and put on a new toilet seat (I took the old one off), she cleaned the tub and wiped down all the tile walls in the bathrooms. I did all the cabinet cleaning in both the kitchen and bathrooms. She finally, mopped that laundry room. I needed to get an estimate of what that work should cost. I want to be sure I have paid her fairly so that it doesn't ruin our friendship.


Subject: cost

Hi, I clean for a living and thought I might could tell you what I charge and it give you an idea. I do kitchen appliances, countertops, floors. showers, toilets, mirror, countertops and floors. First clean $110 using your cleaners, if I use mine own, its an additional $10. Of course this is a one time cleaning. After initial cleaning. Twice a month is $75 each time. Four times a month is $50 each time.


Subject: Cost

What would you charge for 3000as ft deep cleaning?

Pat P.

Subject: Housecleaning

I could write a lot about my experience with housekeeping and others', as well. I will say that you don't always get what you pay for, by any means. Say you use a $20-35/hour standard rate. The results you will get can vary tremendously! Some cleaners are experienced, efficient, hard-working, knowledgeable and thorough, as well as pleasant, honest, reliable and professional. Others are completely opposite--for the same rate! Unlike most professions that require years of specialized education/training, where you depend on their expertise that you may know little about and cannot always accurately judge their competence, almost anyone can start a cleaning operation, and the average person (especially females) know what's involved, to some degree and find it easier to judge their abilities. That does not mean, however, that they all are created equal. Some start off well, but with time become more inefficient, and do a poor job, show up late, are non-professional and non-responsive, break items (trying to hide the damage), skip cleaning entire areas, etc. Sometimes the problems involve misunderstandings, lack of clarification of what is to be cleaned and thoroughness of the job. My specific experience is limited to one very bad one, in which the company charged a VERY high amount to include "special projects" but didn't do them (had poor excuses for their failure), skipped cleaning other items, damaged my floors, failed to show up at a specified time and date (or even call) to discuss the problem. I have, probably read over 200 reviews for various companies, and talked to a few people concerning all the issues people confronted. I realize that some clients are difficult and demanding, some homes are more difficult to clean than average, some have differing expectations and standards, while housekeepers/housecleaning companies vary considerably in their skills, training, experience, knowledge and flexibility. It is not easy to find a good one, even though I believe there are many that would, probably, be suitable. Despite my limited income, I would be willing to pay a decent rate for a company/individuals that meet my needs and earn their income--just like any other profession. I am still looking.


Subject: Cleaning Service

I don't charge per hour ... I charge per square footage and condition ... If the house is 2300sq. ft. I charge anywhere from $230 to $330 depending on condition and additional charges for the extra stuff like the stove, blinds, fridge, baseboards ... and for those people that think we are just dusting ... you have no idea the hard labor it is to clean homes

Walafanari Sultan

Subject: Price For Cleaning.

Wow that's a lot of money to clean, I guess you must be referring to a house that is not kept up by the owner. For example glass that you can't see through on the shower doors. Grease build up on the stoves, Brown stained toilets, things of this sort, that will take extra elbow to clean. I would never pay that much for someone to clean my house, because my house is clean already. The average home shouldn't take but 8 hours to clean, on the initial visit, unless it's a mansion. The average house keeper is paid $15/ hr. If you worked 10 hrs, that would be $33/hr. Whew almost much as some professional get who have gone to school and earned Bachelors degrees. Some house keeper can't even clean and expect to get what college degree people make for putting in long hours studying. I take my hat off to you for being paid that much.


Subject: Where do i draw the line for the $ i make?

I clean a house that has 3 adults and 3 kids at all times in the house. If i clean the main bathroom, the next one in the shower leaves clothes everywhere! It's like that in every room. I do an average of 10-15 loads of laundry in the 2 days it takes me to clean. I'm expected to keep all the cabinets cleaned out, refrigarator also. I clean dog stains out of carpet, plus the lady i clean for has a bladder issue and has to wear depends, and when she stands up urine goes all over the floor, Theres always urine scented clothes in both bathrooms. I make $200 fro the 2 full days i work, and i'm just wondering if this is right or not?


Subject: Not enough

2 days? Washing clothes and cleaning carpet also picking up their clothes from floor?? I'm sorry but you should be charging more. My mom and I are professional house cleaners. We charged by the work we put into a home. Not square ft or hr. Usually end up making $30-$40 hr our customers are always satisfy by all we do. For instance we have a home with 4 bed 5 bathrooms 2 living areas 2 dining areas and kitchen. We only clean once week. The entire house and change beddings and towels as well as washing all the dirty ones. We take around 3-4hrs do the fridge 1 a month no windows for $240.

Barbara Sofge

Subject: underpay - $200.00 for 2 days

The basic pay doesn't sound bad $200.00 for 2 days work. But, my goodness the situation that you deal with is a bit much. You are dealing with several extras that are not being considered. The dog is a definite extra as are the cabinets and refrigerator. The amount of laundry that you are doing is also a heavy load. It is opinion that you are certainly not being compensated fairly.


Subject: Rate

no u r not charging enough for all that work / 2 full days!!!


Subject: Housekeeping

I am a housekeeper. I have a college degree. I work hard and have 4 different jobs. I have had a hard time getting my business off the ground and I do not charge anywhere near 20 - 35 an hour. I run into people all the time that doesn't want to pay even what I charge and I have no clue how all these other people are charging so much and getting all these customers, when Im struggling to get even one house a day. I only wish I could charge that much and get more clients, so I could afford to get insured and bonded and quit the other 3 jobs I have.

My point is everyone wants to bad mouth high prices, low prices ect.. and im not sure why. If i could charge more and get people to hire me then i would. I am very good at what I do, I have been doing this since I was 13 and I am now 36 and I do charge cheap for the reason I stated above...I can NOT find anyone that will pay more. That doesn't mean that I am not good at what I do because I dont charge high prices.


Subject: Raise Your Rates!

You know the old slogan "You get what you pay for?" Well, the wealthy pay good money for their toys because they know the cheaper the price, the cheaper the quality. This goes for professionalism as well. A housekeeper that is priced too far beneath the "bar" is telling people that she either isn't worth a more respectable rate or that she isn't professional enough to even know her worth to start with. She sells herself short . . . and they read her loud and clear.

I don't charge by the hour; I charge by the job. But I average $38-42 per hour EVERY hour. I greet my prospective clients with confidence (clipboard and worksheets in hand), "sell" myself professionally by letting them know what they can expect from me, hit on key points (no revolving team of strangers always in and out of their home if they hire me; I'm very detailed, dedicated, and reliable, etc.), and then leave them to decide if I'm the one they want. (More often than not, I am.) If the clients are wealthy, they will most likely want someone who is confident of her abilities, projects herself enthusiastically, does a great job, and whose rates rival those of quality companies or competitive individuals. One simply cannot convey how valuable she is or how worthy her services are by charging so much less than the professional median. She conveys exactly the opposite.

Call up a number of professional cleaning companies in your area (I'm talking Molly Maids, etc.), find out how much they charge per labor hour (per hour, per girl), take an average, and then hit for several dollars per hour beneath that. (As in $2-5/hr less.) There's your "reasonable rates" right there! Don't be shy! Advertise in high class neighborhoods. Or even in upper middle class. A couple smaller jobs at $40 per hour is just as good as one larger home at a comparable rate. It may require some patience, but with some effort and courage, it WILL happen in time. My week is now full of people paying me at this rate--great clients that do not take advantage of me and who know and appreciate my professional worth. And they all know how much I'm averaging. State your presence with a friendly, confident, and knowledgeable demeanor. Make them understand that you are a professional in business for yourself (as well as they are); not a Jill-of-All-Trades doing what she can to make a buck. Always look nice, too. Even on the job.

FWIW, I take all my own supplies and equipment and am bonded. (And you should be, too, if you expect to translate as "professional.") My bonding insurance costs me barely more than $100 a year. This is also why I charge what I do. If you're using all their stuff, it looks less professional, it contradicts the very idea of being "self-employed," and it does not merit a higher fee.


Subject: Rate

Advertise in areas where people have
Higher Income . Charge flat rate for house, apt , condos, put one flier in condo of 12-16 homeowners .. You will get them . Being cheap is not the best Avenue. I charge 65. For a condo 2 baths , 2 bedrooms and takes me 1.5-3 hours. I used to be upset because not enough work now I'm upset because not enough time to get them all done.. Keep on keeping on


Subject: Charge more

If you set your prices more reflective of a professional company, people will be more apt to trust in your abilities.. I know it sounds silly, but people are used to paying more for quality products and are also used to getting poor quality from cheap ones. Figure out what others are charging in your area and mimic their prices. It may not be your prices but instead your marketing ability that has become your problem.. I ordered business cards online and also got two of those magnetic door signs with my logo on it and put them on my car. Believe it or not, after dropping off my cards to everyone in town and doing door to door marketing, most of my clients simply saw my car amd called the number.. look professional, charge professional rates and don't under sell yourself and you'll get the clients


Subject: Read your housekeeping comment

Hi Sonja,

It sure sounds like you know what you're doing.. And feel badly about what you said because there's no reason on why you shouldn't be taken up on your offer or have trouble finding clients. My question I was asking while reading your comment was if you have an ad out, say on craiglsit even? Or the paper? I am in the same line of work although I mostly clean vacation rentals in my area. I recently decided I wanted to branch out and just a month ago, I put up an ad on Craigslist in the services provided section under "household". In the last month, I have had 7-8 people request my services.. But in this ad, all I do is state my services, what I provide and that I do free estimates. Because no two jobs are the same, I never put out or give a price in my ad. And when I do give a estimate, I leave it open kind of like a " anywhere from $50-$75 depending on how long it takes (meaning how badly dirty it is ,lol)

I started cleaning for a company in my area on the Pocono Mountains in Pa in December 2013.. And it's been sucessful. It was only supposed to be one house and now its 5 weekly and still growing.. I really really hope that this turns around for you. Please if you have any questions, reply back! Goodluck and best to you!

Ok housekeeper

Subject: Housekeeping

I've read several comments, everybody has their own perspective and they believe they are right.
Sure anybody can clean a house, but would you? What's the value to you? It will range but you get what you pay for! So don't get mad about the quality. If you pay 10$ an hour that's what you get. I charge 30-35$ an hour. I'm an asset to my clients and add to the quality of their lives, which is priceless. I'm honest, I'm reliable, I'm detailed and I refused to be paid like everybody else! I tell you once you have been screwed by somebody who hates what they do and under bidded the cleaning job, you are very likely to be more thankful for quality help and my clients don't have a problem paying me more. If I come in contact with somebody who does have a problem, I don't except the job. Who wants to work for that kind of person?!?
So remember you get what you pay for. If somebody isn't holding their end of the bargain, keep looking. There are great nurses and great house keepers. There are screwed up one as well! That goes with any field....!

J. Thomas

Subject: Value of service

Regardless of what a housekeeper or clean thinks their wage should be, I thinking cleaning is a basic function....Even a cat can do it....with its tongue....Its just wiping a surface and removing dirt, but probably doing it will more detail and quality....Being a housekeeper is not the same as a cleaning service
The average person who can afford to pay someone to clean a home isn't likely to have a thin glaze of barbecue sauce over every surface or 4000 dead crickets in every closet....Most people keep a neat tidy home....Of course there are various degrees of "dirty" and clutter. I paid almost $90.00 for 3 hours of cleaning and ONLY 2 bathrooms were cleaned in those 3 hours....2 bathrooms.....and they weren't filthy dirty....The problem is that the service only sent one person, so even if I thought try to get a good deal when it was offered, it wasn't a deal because only so much work could get done...That's what I can't stand....a service cutting corners to make up what it loses in the in 3 hours they cleaned about 200 square feet, and I've seen many cleaners spend endless amounts of time dusting and cleaning knick-knacks and candle holders and other things...lamp shades, light fixtures....I'm like...."get on with the cleaning and get to the stuff that I can't do because of my back...." I can get a Swiffer and swiff my light bulbs anytime....That's not what I'm paying $90 for....
All these people saying they have to make a living and whatnot....If all you're doing is cleaning my lightbulbs and faucet handles and if the company only sends one person, what have I gotten cleaned really?....
I hope those in the industry "get" what we're trying to say....We're not saying you shouldn't be able to afford bread or toothpaste....Just give us what you said you would....Do it right...We don't need every light switch to sparkle....If your ultra attention cuts down on what you else you can do, it doesn't make a difference...If I calculate it that way, then I have to practically pay a whole day's wage to clean 4 rooms of my house......and this is the way many cleaners have done it, leading me to dismiss all of them, and not using them again....On top of all that, she didn't even have to vaccum, but merely lightly mop the floor, which was practically clean already....Because of this, I'm cancelling this service as well....


Subject: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I cant believe some of the nonsense that I am reading on this site, some of you people are so disrespectful and full of yourselves. I have worked as a housekeeper for years and I just started my own business. For those of you (Quadmom) that made the snide comments about housekeepers not having the equivalent knowledge of a nurse or not deserving to make above a certain amount, get over yourselves. I had a 3.0 and above GPA but I did not want to pursue certain careers because I wanted to have my own business. I don't need to have the knowledge of a nurse, btw not all nurses and people with degrees are smart because I know few that barely made it through school and a few of them cheated on a lot of the tests so come down off of your high horse. Thank to those that are standing up for us


Subject: Personal thoughts of an uneducated sarcastic male

To those of angieslist users saying $20-$30+ /hr for cleaning services are too steep please indulge my thoughts.
How long do house keepers (normally) stay at one job site? We can answer this with a large amount of assumptions, personal experiences or simply come to an agreement on 2-5 hours. Math, still being what it was, dictates $20(per hour) x 2(hours) = $40. Saying $40 paid to a cleaning service is too high a price is frugal at best.
Appealing to anyone who has cleaned(anything) for two hours, my hope is you understand the amount one can accomplish in such a time span. Now imagine that is what you did for a living, sustenance, took pride in that part of your life, or couldn't afford college academia. I ask now, would $40 for two hours of your time be worth it? Factor in the small local business owner who has a family, a few local kids under their employment. Would it be fair to say that owner had to divide the $40 at least two-three ways(including/excluding supplies & gas).
Professionals should be someone trained in their field of expertise, why pay someone well who just picked up a mop and said "okay boss, what else should I clean?" Why pay someone a large sum for something anyone could do? Fact: you do not need to. If you look for cleaning service prices and then argue why they are so high keep looking, do it yourself, get a local middle/high school student to participate, chore list for kids, family member to pitch in, find an amazing roommate, or pay for someone to do it and hope it is within your price range. Hopefully you don't argue with the cable man installing your cable box/router about how insane his companies prices are. You don't have to pay to have cable, and you do not have to pay to have your home/business cleaned.
None the less, if you do pay to have that service, make sure you pay the right price for the end result you desire. DirecTV has a pinch more options/channels than your basic cable provider. You pay for what you want. If I want a $300 64"(inch) T.V. I am not going to go to BestBuy and complain to the sales floor representative how "insane" I think their prices to be, instead I would shop around online, look for deals, search through different sales fliers, ask for military discounts, senior discounts, specials going on now or upcoming. Or in my case type in to the search box "cleaning service prices" and end up on angieslist writing a too long, dragging, most likely spelled wrong and punctuated horribly run on thought trail about a subject I know nothing of.
Losing focus on the point, I'll end with what I've said:
1.) If you don't want the service or the price for it, move along.
2.) Pay for the service you want.
3.) Think about the little guy trying to make it, like you'd want if you were in the same boat.
4.) Don't be the person who doesn't tip for a job well done(the extra mile). Same as the waitress/waiter, they do their job, but if you notice they go beyond standard, let them know you noticed.
Im done, thanks.

breath of fresh air

Subject: Housecleaners

Thank you so much for sticking up for house cleaners that bust there ass cleaning stinky,allergy riddin homes.Non-stop cleaning is what they do.Their only brake is a 3 minute pee break!Alleluia .Then if they r fortunate to have another house,they get to have lunch on the way! God Bless America for hard working americans who care to give their best +,know matter what Job or statis they hold! Thanks again,take care!!


Subject: don't hate. appreciate

I don't understand why they are comparing nurses and housekeepers. Maybe because housekeepers get rid of the gems and bacteria in your home. Still Not a good comparison. I don't see why people have a problem paying 35.00 per hour to get their home cleaned. If that person or company is licensed,bonded and insured with good references and does good work? If they don't want to pay that price get someone cheaper with no license,just remember you do get what you pay for and you might just be calling some ho bI Joe that is just scoping out your home. Although some house keepers on here obviosly have inferiour complex. There is no need to put down a nurse or a teacher or anyone with a higher education than you may have. Some cleaners went to college. Some cleaned to put their self through college. I personally am happy for success of all my clients and know if it wasn't for them I would have no business. Although I don't tolerate or work for anyone that doesn't appreciate the work that my employees and myself provide.

Jon Rob

Subject: I'd appreciate an honest cleaner

The problem I have is that I cannot find a housekeeper who actually charges $35 per hour. We agreed on a price of $100 for my house, which is reasonable. But, then, she was here 2 hrs and the house is not very clean at all. So, at 3-4 hrs, this would be a reasonable situation, and I'd expect to have a clean house. Instead, she was here for 2 hrs, called it clean, and I payed $50 per hour for the cleaning service.
I have now talked to 3 different independent cleaners, and they all say, "I charge for the job, not matter how long I am there". Which means, if they can cut corners and be done in 2 hours, they'll do it, but they will still expect the full quoted price to be paid.
Should it really cost $50 per hour for cleaning? Why is it so hard to find someone who wants to do an honest job for $35 / hr?

The last company I hired was just as bad. $140, and the 2 person team was here for 1 hr, 15min, and while they checked all of the checkboxes on their cleaning form, 1/2 of it was not done. $70 per hour for house cleaning ?


Subject: Shaking my head...

For some reason, I decided to read most of the comments on here. It's almost like watching a MTV show involving people that remind me of an ongoing train wreck. You know - you really want to turn it, but it's just so ridiculous that you keep reading or watching, wondering what will happen.

A few things:

1. We are all equal on this board.
2. Whatever your profession - if you are good at your job, charge your worth. People will pay it.
3. Whatever you do, stop taking things so personally. It's not appealing at all and causes many issues in our already messed up society.

I have a four year degree in Information Technology (network admin). However, I am a housekeeper and a very successful one. After many years of working in the medical field, I soon realized that I wanted to work for myself and to do something totally different than IT. I love being my own boss. I now work harder than I ever have. I also have employees and those employees are very important to me.

My clients are very important as well. The clients that do not appreciate our hard work, our dedication or our dependability - they are professionally dismissed. If you want the luxury of having your home or office cleaned, you're going to pay well for it with our company. We have many clients that can definitely afford this luxury. We also have clients that struggle to pay for our cleaning services, and if they work with us, we will work with them.

We typically charge by square foot and if the cleaning is ongoing or a one time deal. However, we also consider the amount of time it will take. After carefully considering all of the facts, we give an estimated price. Estimation is a good term to use. Once you arrive at the home, the cost may change.

One of the readers compared housekeepers to nurses. Of course, she wasn't stating that it was just as important, saving lives, etc. It was just a comparison. WE all know that nurses save lives. My immediate family involves doctors, nurses, paramedics, etc. They understand the importance of having a clean home, removing germs, and respect my new profession. I make more money than a couple of them, however that doesn't make me any better than they are, nor are they better than me because of what's behind their name.

No matter what profession you choose, do it well. Being a housekeeper and owning a business involves more than just cleaning. Good communication skills is a must. Knowing how to network, and to follow through on questions is very important. Bidding, invoicing, inventory, etc is just a few to follow.

The service industry is in need of good people. Believe me - I started out small, and in just a few months, the results were outstanding. Housekeepers - whatever you do, do not sell yourself short and do not feel like you owe anyone an explanation. You will find clients that that truly appreciate you and your hard work.

Enough said - I have homes to clean...


Subject: House cleaners

Bravo! Well stated - business owners such as you and I, can command the fees we ask because we are confident and very professional.
People will pay you what you ask if you provide a service to their level of desired expectations.
Stop feeling sorry for yourself and learn from the best - read a book about building a successful business.
It is the 'first impression' - (you don't get a second first impression) that will determine your success...
So, Be confident, Be honest (to yourself and the customer) and mostly Be professional - then you will become successful!


Subject: I appreciate how people on

I appreciate how people on here just say it how it is. I have been looking in to being a home cleaner. I'm having a hard time finding a job so My sister said "why don't you clean houses". It's funny because my sister, my kids, and my parents think all I do is clean. when I see a mess I see a adventure they see work lol thank you for your time



Subject: Housekeeper

I live in oklahoma and I have owned my business for 15 years and I do well but I never charge by the hour I do it only by the job and all the people I have and still work for love that I do that



You people who are bickering have all but completely ruined the validity of this blog. Go fight your stupid battles in the back alley and just stick to the facts without insulting each other.
I simply wanted to research what professional house cleaners charge and what they do, not read a ridiculous drama scene. ><
As for the rest of you who are giving useful tips and information, thank you! :)


Subject: I AGREE 100%

They sound like a soup opera....they all act like
little children try to see who takes over the playground for real....GROW UP PEOPLE....


Subject: House cleaning costs

It seems to me that most of the people posting here need to try to step back, take a moment, and put themselves in the shoes of those on the other side of the employment fence. From the point-of-view of the house cleaner, yes it is a demanding job that requires a lot of physical labor. In spite of the fact that it doesn't require an education to do it, it's demanding enough to expect to be paid more than minimum wage. From the point-of-view of the employer--it depends a lot on how much money you make at your own job. If you make $70-200 an hour at your own job, paying someone $35 an hour to clean your house so that you can relax when you get home seems reasonable, however if your job pays less than $30 an hour, it's crazy to think of paying someone more than what you make to clean your house for you. I think what I am hearing here is frustration. People who are traveling long distances, carrying cleaning supplies, and working hard for several hours straight feel that they should be able to earn a decent wage. And those who are working other hard or stressful jobs and are perhaps still going to school or paying back student loans, but need the help on the home front keeping their homes clean and comfortable don't have the money to pay what the cleaning companies expect.

Marilyn Kahlo-Burton

Subject: House cleaning cost

Jen, I believe your comment came to the crux of this conversation. You hit the nail on the head! Good job! Hope everyone reads your evaluation of the situation and then maybe all can as you said, take a step back and see each others position. The reference to nursing in some, was of particular interest to me as I am an RN. I work 3-4 12 hour shifts per week in a major trauma operating room. I am on my feet for whole shifts, lift and push 50-400 pounds routinely throughout that shift, and eat or take restroom breaks on the run. Clean up vomit, urine and blood on my hands and knees and finally, hug and wipe away the tears and fears of patients and families. But... I love my job! And feel great pride when I have accomplished all the above task to the very best of my abilities and to the safety and satisfaction of the people I signed up to take care of. I am happy when my patients and family feel safe and well cared for. I am tired when I come home, or have a day off. I don't really feel like doing housework and my back has many issues from more than 20 years of nursing. And here is the crux or the rub as they say and as you put so well. I only make $32/hr. It's really hard for me to justify spending $25-30/hr or $100 flat fee when I am myself just making a passable living. I wish that we could see a company that would give slightly lower rates for women out there that really need help with our homes but that are in service industries such as nursing, teaching, social work, etc, who work long and hard hours but don't make the big dollars. $60-75 is doable for someone like me, but once it gets beyond that it is just too much of an extravaganz and possible detriment to the budget. So, while I want very much to pay someone a good rate to help me with my home, and BTW...cleaned houses for $60/wk while in college, I have a hard time affording it ... as you said. Thanks again for your very good comment.


Subject: self employment is expensive

I own a small cleaning business in NY. $25 - $30 per hour is more than fair for cleaning services. Like any job there are expenses. Usually they are absorbed when you receive a paycheck from an employer resulting in your "net pay". I pay for all of my supplies, paper products, accounting software and/or service, insurance for liability, disability, health. I have to consider my own vacation and sick pay and how much to put into my own retirement. Last year my tax rate in NY was 38%! So I paid NY State .38 for every dollar I made. And that's just the you know how many illnesses, diseases and critters I subject myself to everyday? Don't get me wrong, I like what I do. But people need to understand that running a proper business is anything but cheap so please don't cheap out on a quality service.


Subject: It is a Service

I am an educated professional who works a very demanding Monday through Friday job in a field I no longer find rewarding. I thoroughly enjoy cleaning and organizing, always have. I have performed and hired both residential and office cleaning in the past. I've been considering starting my own business that offers more than cleaning services focused on saving people time, the most precious commodity we all have. The comments in this string have been interesting. From my perspective as both the provider and consumer, it is a service one is paying for. Personal services are agreements between the consumer and provider, typically market rates for similar services. It is not based on one's perception of the service provider's educational level.


Subject: cleaners rule

Well, let me make this short. My parent have a cleaning business and have been in the business for over 40 years now. They started with a handful of houses and now have over 250+ and all through word of mouth, incredible right??? I went a few times and I have to say, it wasn't an easy job that's for sure. My parents charged a flat rate which worked for them pretty well, neatless to say no customer ever complained about the price or the job. The groups where 2 women and one man, and has been that way ever since. The customers love my parents and my parents do as well. It's hard to find honest house keepers/cleaners - people leave many valuables around. My parents never had a problem with any of that and they work in great areas in CA ... Calabasas, Thousand Oaks, Missions Hills, Oak Park, Mohalland Drive etc. my parents worked very hard and built a great company from nothing. Funny, my parents don't have to work anymore but they do sometimes.... Because they get bored :) love them!

Kristi-Anne Sutton "krissy"

Subject: cleaning quote help please....

Ok, so, im a lil out of the loop. About 10-12 years ago I cleaned homes. Then got into medical, now getting back into the cleaning. So a lady contacted me about cleaning her home. I went and checked it out. Its not just your regular cleaning, which doesn't bother me at all. But I want to be fair for the both of us. Its cleaning every room, dusting everything, tops of pics, tops of doors, her crystal, getting finger prints off wall, mirrors, windows, organizing, vacuum, bathrooms, bedrooms change linens, laundry wash, dry and paut away. Its the whole works. Every other week. She doesnt care if its 10 hours. How do I chatge that? I dont know if I should go hourly? I dont want to go too high and not get the job? She will get all supplies, unless I want to use my own doesn't matter she said. Its about 3,000 sq.ft home. Any suggestions?? Please??


Subject: Awesome story.

I hope i can get there someday....Like your parents, i started to build my company from year later i got 20 houses...., I try to be the most honest person my clients can find besides the attention to details , my clients never complained about anything. I'm glad, if i can keep the good work maybe in 10 years i can reach +100 houses.....

I like to read stories like this. Thanks for sharing.


Subject: Guess Which One I Am

I've read as many posts here as I can, and frankly, enough to comment. With the things I'm about to say, it would be interesting to see who can guess which I am; The Housekeeper or The Employer. If you are a nurse of any kind and have hired a Housekeeper, stop and think. Is your idea of a Housekeeper merely dusting, vacuuming, doing kitchen duties, bathroom cleaning, etc? Or are they working right along side you in the medical field. If you have a good Housekeeper, they are making sure your toilets don't have any traces of feces for you to sit in. She is making sure you don't get food poisoning from your microwave that you use so much causing you violent emesis and a trip to the ER room for treatment while you wish to God you could either 1., have immediate relief or 2., could die on the spot because you're so ill. If you have a Housekeeper and are a Nurse, she's making sure you can walk barefoot across your floors without the risk of athlete's foot from the dirt, germs, built up grime, and possibly pet urine, vomit, or anything else your imagination can come up with. Let's move on to the "resting place", the room you sleep in. She makes sure your bedding is washed, dried, and back on your bed for you. Bed bugs aren't very likely to come lurking around with your Housekeeper's immaculate skills. Let's take a trip back to your kitchen. I know for a fact the Nurse had extensive training in how filthy your kitchen gets and the high risk of germs accumulating right on your kitchen counter, your faucets, your refrigerator door, and even in your door knobs. In fact the Nurse knows, or BETTER know the life span of Hepatitis and how its transmitted. Your Housekeeper is at a much higher risk of this than you are inside your home. In all actuality, the Nurse comes home day after day after day carrying contamination of every type out there, especially if that Nurse works in a hospital. Your Housekeeper scrubs up all your germs that you drag in just from the bottom of your shoes! Let's not look down or noises at the Housekeepers! How dare we judge the very people who are scraping off our garbage we drag in, or washing uniforms with possibly vomit from a patient on them or blood from another, or AIDS if they happen to work in that specialty! Don't any of you "professionals" DARE to undermine the Housekeepers for not choosing (in some cases) college! We/they are more educated then you can even fathom, and the reason you /we can't fathom it is because by going to college to become a Nurse, plenty of you /us acquired a lethal illness called "Snotty Rhino Syndrome" and can't see beyond the stuck-up-I'm-above" big nose that's gotten in the way. Now, someone needs to eat a slice of humble pie. In fact pack some in your lunch for the rest of the week while we're all at it. Who am I, the Nurse or the Housekeeper?


Subject: No comparison AT ALL

I'm a nurse who works very long shifts to provide care to people who are not doing very well. What I mean by saying not doing very is people who can pass away at anytime. We help save lives. We put ourselves at risk everyday not only with highly contagious germs but much more than you can imagine. Most of us understand that by the end of the day our scrubs and shoes are filthy but most of us know how to handle our uniform when we get home. Please don't bring nursing into this as it is offensive to our field.

I understand you are trying to defend the housekeepers role but you can't compare apples to oranges. Most people value the service that housekeepers provide but I do have to say that society can survive WITHOUT housekeepers. The service you provide is more like a luxury and convenience to people. It's not a necessity.

I hope you understand that their is a difference between the two occupations.


Subject: Ummm okay???

This is pure hilarity! It's so funny how not only do you have such a HUGE chip on your shoulder, that you would actually vent your ignorance in this way on a public forum. LOL!! I'm pretty sure you are not earning anybody ANY respect! You are just making yourself look stupid and uneducated. And I guarantee most housekeepers do NOT have equivelant knowledge of the medical field to nurses. If they did, they would be working as a nurse for $70/hr rather than as a housekeeper for $10/hr. Come on!! Now, that's not to say that housekeepers are not an extremely important and vital part of someone's life, family and functioning. They truly are invaluable. But not in the detailed way you describe. Sorry. It's time to put away your big girl words and calm down.


Subject: I am pretty sure everyone

I am pretty sure everyone knows you are the housekeeper. The reasons being; 1) your writing skills are horrible 2) half of what you wrote made no sense. Sorry, but I don't see a housekeeping job as being equal with other jobs as you were trying to persuade us. There are lower blue collar jobs that I would never look down on someone for having...mail man, trash man, sewage workers, etc. The reason being those are all jobs we NEED to exist to keep society functioning. We don't need housekeeper's, they contribute nothing to society, and we don't have to have them. So I disagree with your comments 100%. Not the smartest idea to compare the nursing field (which requires students to pass difficult educational requirements and who save lives on a daily basis) to the housekeeping comparison whatsoever.


Subject: Unskilled Labor

I have cleaned houses before.My mother and her friend both cleaned houses for years. It is very demanding on the body. It's hard work, and I hate to do it. That said, I do believe that housekeeping is unskilled labor. No specialized training or apprenticeship is required to obtain the skill. You just have to be hard working. I value housekeepers and feel that they contribute to the comfort and peace of many people. That said, I have a master's degree. I spent a great amount of time and money on my education. I also work a physically demanding job as a special needs teacher. I make $27.50 an hour. I pay my own travel expenses to work, and I pay for my student loans. I don't feel that cleaning a house warrants a $25/hr fee, especially if I'm providing the cleaning supplies.

The Janitor

Subject: I work full time as a janitor

I work full time as a janitor. It IS a physically demanding job. With that being said I consider the commercial/residential cleaning industry a LUXURY and not a Necessity. So we, along with current market climates, determine our own worth. Why would one pay $300 for a designer pair of jeans? surely pants as a commodity are a necessity, but wouldn't a $7 pair of jeans from a thrift store serve the same purpose? In contrast you could pay an independent cleaner far below market value for the same job you would pay a company at market value or above. But would the quality of work be any better either or? There are options. It's about perception, quality of work, and the level of professionalism you receive with a commercial cleaner that most clients are interested in. A well respected attorneys office in a downtown metropolitan area doesn't want "Bob the Hobo" cleaning their office for $5.15/hr when they can have (INSERT RESPECTED CLEANING COMPANY HERE) clean their facility for 10x the hourly price and increase their image to perspective clients. As well as provide quality workers who have been properly trained, screened, licensed, bonded and insured. Now if we're talking purely residential cleaning, I'd personally go with "Bob the Hobo." lol. Just be sure he doesn't have sticky fingers.....


Subject: Wrong on all accounts

Heather, who do you work for? What are their business costs? Have you considered where you sit on the totem pole when discussing your pay? Your profession and pay has nothing to do with how much a house cleaner should be paid. Maybe you're just bitter because they spent less to earn more.

Unskilled Labor? Please tell us how to clean a low e window. What types of paint are safe to clean, and what products would you use? Can you tell us what MSDS are and why we need them? How would you clean tempered glass? How would you handle a carpet runner? What product would you use on wooden steps? What are the safety steps to practice while climbing a 30 ft. extension ladder? Please walk outside and identify your incoming power line, cable line, phone line, etc. What is the legal difference between a subcontractor and a non-exempt employee? What is the difference between an exempt employee and non-exempt employee? What are your state labor laws? What are the OSHA requirements in your state? How much liability insurance should a house cleaner have? Tell us about workers comp insurance. How long should I keep payroll records in an employee file? Should I continue?

Your comments are SO condescending, I question whether or not you have the character to work with special needs children in the first place.

And, your ignorance is glaring!

House cleaning, no matter what position you maintain in the industry requires a high-level of skill to be successful, period.

Marie Miles

Subject: Unskilled labor

Good housekeeping requires more than running a cloth over furniture, running a vacuum and mopping. My husband started an environmentally safe cleaning business seven years ago. He is college educated, and decided he was sick of corporate life. He performed research, bought the best equipment and supplies and quickly began getting new clients (via advertising and word of mouth). To properly perform duties, you have to be aware of what you are doing, and the proper materials or equipment to use for a certain situation. You're right, it is not rocket science, but to do any job properly, you should be informed. You unfortunately chose an area to work in that doesn't pay well, even though it requires a huge amount of training. Just because that is your situation, you shouldn't down play the efforts, knowledge and investment a cleaning business must make to do the work in your home. You would best be served to do your own -- people should not be expected to clean someone else's mess for little to no return on their investment.


Subject: Really? Being a teacher is a

Really? Being a teacher is a physically demanding as a maid? You've never cleaned a day in your life really have you? They make your life 1000 times easier. Just because they probably couldn't afford to go to school in the first place because they had families to support does not mean they simply don't deserve to make over minimum wage. It's unfortunate someone with that mentality is a teacher


Subject: RN and Cleaner

I put myself through nursing school by house cleaning. I've done more than my fair share of hands-on dirty work, and I can guarantee you that more of it came from house cleaning than being a nurse. I love being an OR nurse and I don't mind the grueling shifts and the long hours because what I make an hour is fair fair for the job I perform and I get overtime. Your $20 an hour for cleaning? HAHAHAHA definitely not a fair rate. I would gladly pay a girl $35 to come into my house and clean it because 1. I am very busy and do not have very much off time and when I do, cleaning is the last thing on my mind 2. it is a TASKING and TRYING job. have some respect. Do not sit there and judge these women on their living because they're not "professionals." I'd like to see you do their job for one month and not break down from it because I simply don't think you could. I do not care if you are a business person in an office or an LPN, the skills that a good cleaner has calls for double what you make every time.


Subject: RN/Housekeeper

I can't believe I'm reading such disrespectful comments. I cleaned houses to pay my way through nursing school. The way I was treated by the "affluent" left a bitter taste in my mouth to this day!
Every job has merit. To put more of an importance on one or the other is a ridiculous assumption.
Hey, if you think you're more important than the person cleaning up after you....then.....clean up after yourself . Save your money and take some classes on respect for your fellow man/woman/person. Good day to you....

Jae Lamore

Subject: You get what you pay for.

Its laughable! You'd pay $35.00 for someone to clean your house? Well while the crack head you hired, is taking all you precious items out the back door as soon as you blink. I hope you were smart enough to get a real name.
I've been housekeeping for 10 + years and I know for a fact that if someone is cleaning your house at a ridiculously Low rate you can expect to get what you pay for.
As far as these other comments go. If you think for one moment that a housekeeper does not have to be some what educated to do this type of're kidding yourself. If you dont have accounting skills you can expect to drown out here.
Not to mention the peoplee who hire housekeepers then quickly turn them into nannies and CNA's before they can even clean a window!
No one knows what we have to deal with until they put themselves in a housekeepers shoes. Most of you wouldn't last a house let alone 3 in a day.
You judge our mental capabilities when you'd never be strong enough to survive any form of constructive criticism let alone an over worked mother who's just in need of someone to take life out on.
I have no sick days no vacation time and no weekends off!
Yes I work 365, unless God blesses me with a snow storm. This year alone I've worked with a broken arm, ribs and a bad knee. No not at the same time. Yet none of the families cared. Why? Because of people like you who pass judgment and think we should be oh so greatful to clean your husbands dirty hanes, you never have time to.
For the record we make it possible for you to continue working and bringing home whatever amount it is you do. Without us, most of you would have a child neglect case for uninhabitable conditions. As most of you are so busy chasing money that you've become hoarders!
With that being said..I'll take your leave. Have a happy clean day!


Subject: Thankyou for your comment ...

Thankyou for your comment ... I have been a cleaner for nearly 20 years and have to say I am one if the best in business... We are worth our wait in gold!

Ann flor

Subject: How much can you charge

How much can you charge someone for a 4 floor townhome (city) that includes 4 bedrm 4 and half bathroom 3 living areas huge kitchen, huge stairways? Not by hour just a flat cost? Takes about 6 to 7 hours to clean?


Subject: Cleaning

I have read a few of these comments. I am trying to find a housecleaner and I am not having an easy time of it. I would like to pay 20 dollars an hour. I would like to have 4 hours of work. I am being told that 40 dollars an hour is the going rate. I do not live in a city, Iive in a very rural area and a poor state, so that is not the reason for the high amount. My last house cleaner wanted 40.00 per hour and decided to "give me a break because she liked me" and charged me 20.00 for 4 hours but ended up only being here 3 and I still paid her for 4 hours. Half of the time, my floors were not clean when I arrived home. I am a very nice person that works full time and raises a family that is very busy and would like to pay someone so we can have quality time as a family. But people want to be paid more than I get paid and I have a master's degree. I'm not being degrading and I really appreciate the help and the person that cleans for me, but I do not believe someone needs 45.00 an hour for this job. Am I being cheap paying 20.00 an hour? I don't think so.


Subject: So sorry!!!! Unfortunately

So sorry!!!! Unfortunately you can not decide how much is fair to pay any job. If you think $30, $40... is too much. Go clean by your self and see what you got.


Subject: Cleaning

I found your post and thought I'd give ya a good answer :) I clean for my friends and family. I do a really great job and I charge them 15 a hour which I always get more since I'm fast, good at what I do and always on time. I do charge them so little because they are family and I clean every week for them some times multiple days in a week. Now I charge 25 a hour if it's small jobs and the house has its own products and 35-45 a hour for bigger jobs such as base boards, cabinets any jobs that involve more scrubbing for non family and non close friends. I also would be charging for a deep cleaning that includes carpet cleaning spot cleaning etc. I offer lots more than just cleaning that is weed pulling, lifting organizing etc. that is usually a per day fee which is around 400 for the day which all is super cheap. I had the same rates when I lived in West Virginia and in California. So I personally think you got a great deal with the person that was nice and gave you a break people don't generally do that. I also have three little girls too feed and if I was getting 20 a hour only once a week you still pay taxes to the state and federal and so really your making under 20 if that's your hourly rate. If you don't want to pay much I'd look into a high school student looking for extra cash and pay them 20.00 hr your might get a clean house but at 20 and non family might be left with a half job. It's a job that uses a a lot of energy and time so you might only have two a day which one you feel worked out and I work 8 hours a day cleaning others houses then mine and have a regular job.


Subject: Cleaning

YES you are being CHEAP. For one thing by the time the person you are hosing by only paying $20 a hour to scrub your toilets pays the good old IRS, business insurance, gas, and cleaning supplies alone what's left??
Secondly housekeeping is hard work. You ever try it? Maybe don't be so lazy and cheap! Very degrading.


Subject: cleaning

Is it $25 per person Hourly or just $25 Per hour no matter how many girls go?I want to start my own house cleaning business anybody have any ideas at all or anyone willing to give me any ideas to get me started


Subject: Clients

My mother and I have been a little cleaning team for about 3 years. We have learned many valuable lesson over this time period. If you underbid your jobs, you will hate cleaning for the client. If they are looking for a deal, run for the hills! The work can be grueling at times and if you are doing it while being underpaid and undervalued you it will eventually show in your work. There are plenty of great people to work for who have had house keepers in the past, and are used to paying for quality work. Treat these clients like gold! We go above and beyond without a second thought and there really isn't anything we wouldn't do to keep them happy. Money is great, but much more than that is how they treat us! We have kissed a lot of frogs, just as it sounds like you all have to find these great clients. They are out there mixed in with all the cheap people who expect the world for a pittance. Hopefully, as you meet the better clients in between, you can weed out the bad ones!
I never consider any of the potential clients I meet as lazy, frankly, I think they are the smartest people ever! Everyone is so busy these days! Unless you absolutely love to clean, why would you waste your time on that when you could be doing something else! If they are secretly lazy, thank god because then we may have a chance to clean. I think the smartest clients are the one's that have their house cleaned before a party or when having out of town guests. Who wants to scramble around dusting, moping and scanning toilets inbetween frosting a birthday cake or puting a impromptu guest bedroom together? I never have that luxury but if I had the money, I'd be all over it.

People worth cleaning for are those that know how hard it is and are willing to pay for good work and good people. You get what you pay for and what most cheapskate's fail to realize is you are paying for much more than just a cleaning...You are paying for security, reliability, flexibility, discretion, honesty and time you would have to give up to clean on your own. If you want to get off cheap, you are not really paying for someone to put your best interests first and giving an underpaid person no holds barred access to all of your most precious things, information, etc. you may be paying much more in the long run. I'm not saying that all those who are making way below what they should have malicious acts in mind, I'm just saying we are in your home and whether you realize it or not there is a level of vulnerability there. Pay your people to keep your best interests in the forefront at all times. You will get your money's worth with a soild house cleaner in ways you never expected and if not, do your homework and look for referrals there are great house cleaners out there!

b. mac

Subject: Don't ever criticize unless you've walked a mile in their shoes

First, I have to say that I usually just read posts and don't reply, but I feel obligated to say something to the people who are posting here that have no first hand knowledge of this job. If you have never walked a mile in a housekeeper's shoes, then don't you have no right to criticize or put them down for what they do, how much they charge or any other personal attack that has been posted to date. If you have never cleaned houses, then you have no point of reference for a logical and knowledgeable argument or rebuttal to any comment posted here.
I have recently started cleaning houses to help make ends meet. This was not something I just decided to without "doing my homework." I "job shadowed" (aka. worked along beside) several different people in the field for several months before I made the choice and decision to enter into the business. I have to say, this is NOT a field for the weak, lazy or unknowledgeable! I have never been afraid of hard work, but honestly, I had NO IDEA how hard this would be. Because I DO have a frame a reference for argument, I will address some of the more uneducated comments posted here.
1. " about getting a real job?" Well, I can't think of a job that is more real than cleaning! (Actually, is there such a thing as a "non-real job?") Definition of the word "JOB:" "a piece of work, esp. a specific task done as part of the routine of one's occupation or for an agreed price; a post of employment; full-time or part-time position; anything a person is expected or obliged to do; a duty; responsibility; an affair, matter, occurrence; the execution or performance of a task..." (
CLEANING is a job and is as "real" as any other job out there.
2. This job is NOT for the "unskilled." Yes, I too, used to think "what is the big deal about dusting, cleaning, vacuuming, etc.?" There is truly an "art" to doing this job and doing it well. The "art" is all about the process. For example: when you dust a table, you just don't take everything off, dust the items, put them somewhere else, dust the table and then put the items back. You have to put everything back exactly where it was originally. It is not your house, so where is everything "supposed" to go? You have to dust an object, pick it up, dust under it and then immediately place it back. Also, the more you handle an object, the more likely you are to bump it or (heaven forbid) break it, so the less you handle it the better. Better to pick it up once and that is it. Also, just like all other businesses, time is money. You have to coordinate all your work so you are not wasting a minute at any time. Some of my homes require linen service, so I am washing and drying bed sheets while I am cleaning. There isn't time to "wait" for the laundry to finish like you can at your own home. Before you strip a bed set off, if it is made already, how do you know if someone has slept in it or not? Well, the "art" of folding the sheets a certain way at the top and the bottom will tell the "skilled" cleaner if someone has been in that bed or not. There is much more to the "art" of cleaning--too much to mention here, but at least you have some idea...
3. Some people have chosen this as a profession while others are in the field because of other circumstances that are not by choice. Obviously, some people have no choice; however, making "sweeping generalizations" about if people want to make more than minimum wage should be getting another job is simply morally wrong. If you are not willing to pay for a housekeeper/cleaner, then that is your choice. If you want a housekeeper/cleaner and can actually find someone of any worth for minimum wage willing to do this for you, then God bless both of you!! You--for trusting someone with ALL of your possessions for $7.25/hr and them--for needing money so desperately that they would put up with you for $7.25/hr! If you do find someone to work that cheaply for you, then you better check and make sure they are not pawning your things off to help make up the difference in wages!
4. You are simple not paying someone to clean for you. How hard have you worked to get where you are? To buy your possessions? Your home? The person that cleans your home has access to ALL, I repeat, ALL your possessions and has the keys to your "castle." Part of what you are paying for is TRUST. Not only are they taking care of EVERYTHING that you have worked so hard for, but they know EVERY ONE of your little dirty secrets that even your best friend probably doesn't even know. The unwitting public has NO IDEA what all the housekeeper/cleaner sees that they NEVER tell outside people about. Your house cleaner would never tell your friends and neighbors that the man in the house never hits the toilet and there is dried pee all around the floor and running down the sides of the toilet bowl. What about the family dog (that is so cute to all your friends) who pees or poops in the corner behind the chair where no one sees? What about the status/cleanliness of the sheets, walls, bed frame every time after you have sex? What about the paperwork/receipts for places, items, services and people that the other spouse/friends/neighbors/loved ones should not know about? (I will leave this up to your imagination and your own thoughts because yes, I've seen it). Not only does the housekeeper not TELL EVERYONE about these dirty secrets, but they ALSO CLEAN UP these messes and more! People who don't clean really have NO IDEA what the cleaner really does see. Trust me, we see and more know more about you than we really care to know, but are willing to come back and clean for you in spite of it.
5. Last but not least (because I could certainly go on and on), ever heard of the "golden rule?" If you don't want, can't afford or simply don't like housekeepers/cleaners, then don't hire us. We do this job because we care, and silly as it might seem, some of us actually enjoy doing it. Yes, it might seem like a job that anyone can do, but so does a great deal of other jobs out there. What is so "big" about running a company? Being a Day Trader? Doctor? Lawyer? Chimney sweep? Candle stick maker? Cashier? Hairdresser? Street sweeper? Well, there is plenty! Some require formal education and other require informal education; yet, NONE are without merit or worth and ALL occupations help to make our society work. Be respectful and remember "judge not, lest ye be judged." There is no job that does not entail some degree of knowledge and yes, there is an "art" to almost every job that there is. Just because the "status" of the job isn't in the upper echelon of society, doesn't mean that it is not worthy of respect and the right to EARN a fair pay for the job. If you have any job, then be thankful because you never know what tomorrow holds (and karma has a really bad way of coming back to bite you)--you might be wishing someone would be nice enough to pay you to clean up after them!


Subject: cleaning skills

wow reading this comments here is a real eye opener I have run my domestic cleaning business now for over 14 years and it is growing to the point i have had to hire up to ten employees, its a skill worth a lot of money and the clients who pay and appreciate coming in to a clean tidy home, I see a lot of people I trial who have experience trained by so called old school cleaners who don't even vacuum or mop half the time because its clean enough so they can run away with the clients money thinking they don't notice well let me tell you they do and these are the people I take work away from, professional cleaners should be asking for minimum $30 per hour and up to 40 dollars an hour the amount of physical work required, the overheads of running a car to and from locations, the equipment maintenance, the amount of washing yes we wash mops and cloths every weekend and vacuum bags we work up to 8 hrs a day equivilent to a desk job would be a 14 hr day this is not a job for lazy people if you love it it is very rewarding and you reap the rewards if your smart, we work smarter now not harder there are a lot of things that make our job easier now days but you still need good old hard labour there are no magic chemicals that make things disappear you have to scrub sometimes, so please respect cleaners its still a job and someone has to do it. and yes we get great presents for our appreciation and bonuses at the end of the year and a holiday during christmas time.

Tiesea Fleming

Subject: starting a cleaning business

Im currently working a full time job, I'm thinking about starting up a cleaning business with my two daughters,thanks for all the advice &comments in the cleaning world, I had no idea,about start up cost or how much to charge but to also make a profit at the end of the week thanks for all the information


Subject: Oh come on people

I clean houses and offices and nail salons on the side to better my children's lives. It puts food on the table and a roof over their heads. I also clean for a a cleaning company as well. But, that just doesn't pay all the bills. Don't knock the house cleaners until you've tried it yourself. It's not as easy as you may think. It's a hard physical job. And until I started cleaning for a living I really didn't know what it was to clean until you had to do it professionally. I was doing it for years all wrong. There is a real technique to correctly clean. It is a skill! To all the cleaners, kudos to you and keep up the great work and keep it going. To all the haters, well obviously I don't need to emphasize to you what I think!


Subject: For everyone who is crying

For everyone who is crying over how poorly treated housecleaners are, get over yourselves. I can think of hundreds of jobs which pay less than 25-35 an hour and are much more dangerous, skill demanding, and intuitively driven. If you CHOOSE cleaning as your profession, I think you should expect to make the same amount as other unskilled jobs. Minimum wage. "Oh! But I can't live on that little money, I'm entitled to more!" How about maybe getting a real job? I can see paying more for supplies and travel expenses...but that number should never go above $15 an hour. This is like going to Home Depot to pick up some hired hands for yard work....and each one of them expecting $35 an hour. I don't think so.


Subject: hey for everyone how's crying

You obviously don't know anything about running a business. I'll give you some homework. How much does it cost to get business licence,and% of renewal, biz insurance, biz tax, workers comp per employee, and health insurance for owner and employee. Owning, maintaining,and growing a cleaning service could never be completed by an unskilled individual.


Subject: Stop crying

I like where you are going Kevin. I worked as a brick mason, in the heat and cold for 16 yrs and never made 25-35 per hour. I clean my own house for the own reason, can't pay for someone to clean my house for 35 per hour because they didn't get a education. I have dental techs that work for me now with education and not making that much. So the money will not be going to a housekeeper.



Subject: cheap people

Permalink, you should clean your own dirty house since you are so cheap.


Subject: Really????

For the inconsiderate person who posted "For everyone who is crying" (Kevin) I want to say that you have a sad outlook on life and people in general. Why is someone who cleans houses less than you? and should make less than you? It takes all jobs and hardworking people to keep a strong economy and the service industry up and running. My wife and I have a combined income of over 220,000.00, live in a 650,000 house that we own, have a good retirement and I would never say that someone doesn't deserve to earn a good wage. Remember, you may be one catastrophic diagnosis away from a terminal medical condition or a devastating blow financially. Get off your high horse and treat people the way the God would, with love, compassion and fairness. Why are they entitled if they are working hard. Entitlement should be a title left for people who are unwilling to work and laying around looking for handouts because they think everyone owes them something. You are right about one thing, people can't live on that little of money. You try it. Oh that's right, You're to good for that. You went to college or come from an affluent family. Me, I worked hard for everything I've ever earned, so I appreciate others who do the same.

Todd Bentley

Subject: Quite obviously, you haven't

Quite obviously, you haven't run a business your entire life. In fact, I'd be surprised if you did any honest work at all. Cleaning companies are a business, and EVERY business, whether they dig ditches or work on airplanes, MUST charge a certain amount to remain in business. A business has expenses, like electricity, phone, office rental, office equipment, Internet, cleaning supplies, company cars, fuel to get to your house, car maintenance, licensing costs, employees to pay, bookkeepers, etc. and the average expenses for a cleaning company can easily reach into the 10s of thousands of dollars each month (since they often use top-of-the-line industrial-strength cleaners and cleaning supplies, if their work is worth more than a grain of salt.) If companies don't charge enough, guess what - they don't stay around long because their debts will eventually drive them out of business.


Subject: I agree, im a nurse (LPN) and

I agree, im a nurse (LPN) and i dont even make $25-$35 pr hour, i only make $23.50, so I agree, it would be kinda silly to pay them more then I make, i think the prices should be more reasonable,

Holly Hugo

Subject: House Cleaning

I could not believe what Kevin said about house cleaners. How arrogant! Believe it or not I have a Bachelors degree in education but also have the gift of organization. Choosing to have a cleaning business and be more available as a mother to my 5 children was a logical choice. I left for a little while and my customers said they would pay whatever to keep me. I work hard at blessing them so after they get out of work they can come home to a clean, organized and restful place and know they don't have to fit in cleaning their homes, nights or weekends but can enjoy their families. Any one that works hard deserves your respect.

Wendy Heads

Subject: For everyone who is crying

I can not believe the response off Kevin. Housekeeping is bloody hard and not everyone can do it. (hence hiring in help) It is hard physical work I hate changing my bed sheets every week I get flustered especially after doing the bunk beds. Its a job were it is low paid and will never get much better but do you know what they are working and paying tax so that is a 'real' job. Make them feel appreciated by leaving a chocolate bar for them or a tip every once in a while and I know that will boost them by giving them much needed sugar and a thank you gift. I'm a private nanny and believe me it is hard work too yet people think how is that hard work???

Also look further that your nose have you seen what colleges charge for courses these days. People may not have the confidence to enrol back to a college due to issues that happened whilst at school. Or maybe just maybe they enjoy house keeping tasks. As a nanny I see ironing and tidying up as a break.

Do not KNOCK people who work no matter what their profession. Everyone would like to/feel they deserve more money. Have you never asked your manager for a pay rise?


Subject: What a sexist and completely male attitude you have

Dear Kevin,, I can sympathize with these women who are trying to offer a very needed service. You should try putting yourself in their shoes for one day, I'm sure you would not last.. Most women given the chance will work harder and longer and for not as much pay as 90% of men the out there.. I have seen this in my business.. You are obviously uneducated, sexist and of the typical attitude of men in this country today.. You need to grow up and realize that your opinions, as juvenile as they are, are of no consequence.. Further more, show your mother what you wrote and see if she agrees with your assessment of the situation... Bet your in for a serious awakening...


Subject: One more thing

Cleaners can only charge what people are willing to pay. Cleaners often start with a low wage and raise their rates as their cleaning becomes more in demand because of their reputation. The same is true for landscapers and any service oriented businesses. Some landscapers do get $35 and hour (I had a friend who had a landscaping business who had elite clients and he charged a lot) but you won't find them at Home Depot.


Subject: housecleaning, gardening/landscaping

how much would you charge if you were hired as a housecleaner to clean a 5 bedroom 3 bathroom house with living room dining room 2 kitchens a den and separate family room. And then they decided to use you as a gardener with a little landscaping.Llike lifting cinderblocks to put in a wheelbarrow to carry across the yard, weeding, raking, lifting 40lb bags of dirt, digging big wholes to plant bushes, and using a shovel to get dirt from an enormous heep to put in about 15 bags... also in the fall, raking leaves that fills about15 trash bags, at least. The front, side and back yard is huge! Usually its inside or outside. But sometimes its half and half. I get 50 a day once a week. for 7 hours of work.


Subject: You are getting ripped off!

You are getting ripped off! Housekeeping is a luxury, not a right. I think you need to stand up for yourself, refuse the yard work, and get yourself a raise! You should be charging no less than $10.00 an hour. If I were cleaning the house you described (no yard work) I would charge at least $150.00. I have been a housekeeper for over 15 years and have been taken advantage of in the past, but I have learned not to let that happen anymore. I came to Angies list to look at what other charge because Iv been cleaning so long I think its time to charge more for my hard work, and i was shocked to see what you wrote. Your time and work is worth more that you think. If it were easy, they would be doing it themselves.


Subject: Re: housecleaning, gardening/landscaping

I do all of the above - i.e gardening, cleaning many bedrooms, toilets, and cook three meals a day! I am not a hired maid or cleaning service. I am the lady of the house....aka....the mother, the wife whatever else we are called. I never get paid. I have no retirement. I get no manicure, pedicure, no special treatment, I do it all for love and the belief that my family will take care of me when I get old. How much should I charge?


Subject: holy poop

I came here to find going rate for housekeeping because I asked a co worker if she could do the job so my family has more free time together instead of spending all day cleaning. We plan to clean but just need someone to so that extra and maintain between the times we are able to do it.
You all lost me at teachers. Whats that have to do with it?
Anyways, is $50 a fair price to have her and living areas, vacuum, clean bathroom and kitchen? I think it will take about 3 hours to do the job...and I would probably havr her come twice a month at $50 a visit


Subject: $25 + per hour is apropos

Depending on what region of the country your live in, it should be about $25 per hour. You may pay as much as $50 + per hour in large cities.

One thing to consider is that no one comes in to clean and simply mops and vacuums. To get a realistic idea of what you're asking cleaning staff to do, sit down and write an honest list of every task involved in cleaning any one room in your house. My cleaning people earn every single penny I pay them. They come once a week to clean the entire house. Oh, and I pay them to come when I'm traveling. And bonuses of one weeks extra pay for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Busy Bee

Subject: Hourly rates

I was paying house cleaners $20 per hour. Plus $10 for transportation. Now this year I started paying $30 per hour since she does laundry and folding. And I Still add the $10 transportation. If I need extra items like boxes moved and taken to store in garage then I just tip $20 for effort. Considering she is bringing all of her supplies. I'm in the SF Bay Area. She
Comes biweekly so my home is well maintained so she doesn't have to spend many hours when she comes back.


Subject: not fair pay at all

The fair pay would be $30 an hour for professional cleaning and $20 for individual.
But again this all depends on everything they do and how well they do it.


Subject: Fifty Dollars?

Fifty dollars was the cost for cleaning a one-bedroom apartment, in 1990, in Arlington, Texas.


Subject: I am a house cleaner

I have read all 3 pages on this subject. I am wondering, for those bosses out there that want a basic clean, kitchen, bathrooms, dusting and vacuuming and linens, how do you do this in less time after knowing your house. besides searching for light switches and electrical outlets, if the things you want done take x amount of time, how do you think they will be able to do the same things in less time after cleaning for you for a while? are you leaving your home cleaner for them? I work by the hour, $20. if it takes me 20 minutes to change your linens one week, it is going to take me 20 minutes to change your linens the next time too. if it takes less time, you are getting shortcuts. and to the cleaners that posted here, how do you do a 3 br, 3 bath in 2.5 hours, something is not getting done???


Subject: toilet water in the eye

Here's a tip, have your client put linens on the bed to save you time, it should take no more then 5 min to make a bed. Here's another tip. Don't wipe things down 10 times. Once should be enough, with the right amount of strength behind it. That should cut some time off for you.

Jesus Reyes

Subject: Organisation and extra help

I suggest bring some extra hands (with experience) no friends, up your charge because is really low and make a better cleaning plan better. 3 Person can make a house like you said in 2.5hours without shortcut.

Mixael D. Contreras

Subject: I am the manager of a company

The reason why you can clean a house faster after a few times is because if they have set up multiple cleanings of at least once a week the house is not as dirty as the first time, also the cleaner realizes of what places are more used than others and in a base cleaning usually what has to be cleaned is what you will use more, as well as if the owner had a wild party last night and he did not want to clean it will take more time to the housekeeper to clean it, and if happens to be a really big mess that will take 1 hour more than the usual the price of that hour will be more expensive than the regular hours, but that is why is a good reason to do business with company, the company cannot afford to lose that hour even if you are going to pay, because it has more houses to clean, and a delay can mean a customer gone, to avoid going over the expected time the company will put as many cleaners as they believe to speed up that cleaning, also the mood of the cleaners have a lot to do to when cleaning, if they are not in optimal conditions or too tired it will take longer for them to finish a house or an apartment.


Subject: Some might say I've been short-changing myself!

I have...and can continue to underbid every poster on here, no lie. And my work is uncompromised and my refs are great. Look for me in the CL services-offered section in one of our south/central states and grab me up while you can. This blog was an eye opener and I will probably soon have more work than I can handle from now on, so get in while the getting's good. Whew!

Carolyn Dubé

Subject: Cleaning

wow I am really disgusted to hear the way people view cleaners...I have been a cleaner for a total of around 15 yrs. in my life & have seen a lot of bs. been treated like a slave..ripped off my pay..people downsizing my respect..etc. Us cleaners work super least I do. And is an art. I make $25/hr. residential...$30/hr. offices or cleanouts/move-ins...& I am thinking on increasing that rate as I am just NOT making enough when everything else just keeps going up. I never have enough money set aside for if I get sick...and feel like a hamster on a wheel. I love my job, but finding good clients who appreciate you, give tips or bonuses at Xmas, etc...are hard to find. I work my butt off, I am totally dependable, trustworthy, flexible when people cancel or want to change times, etc...I appreciate some show of my value to the client as I show them. We work damn hard for the $ is a physical job. Not some desk job or something. We sweat & men. Because it is a job a lot of people don't have time for...can't do...or just don't want to do. I wish I could afford a cleaner to clean MY house. As it is ME & MY KIDS who do ours & quite frankly..I am tired & could really just use a break. Increasing my rates... ;)


Subject: House cleaning

If I make $15 per hour in an office, why would I pay a house cleaner more than that? House cleaning is unskilled labor and it does not take a rocket scientist to do it. What do you think you would you get paid working for Home Depot or some other company?

Chon B

Subject: I clean too

People want you to work your a-- off for nothing. When you find an excellent client, keep them happy as they keep you! I very much appreciate customers who pay me what I ask for! There are some good people, when you find each other, stick with them. I make $20. 00 an hour. To the lady above- you deserve what you get paid!!!


Subject: Well Said!!

People want to pay you crap for all this work and don't even THINK about how much it costs for the gas to get there... the cleaning supplies.....the taxes that I have to pay every year ( I owe 800 a year) which I NEVER make enough to pay for...and all the physical demands it puts on my knees and back. Has anyone EVER thought about that??? If someone only pays me a measly $60, I have to take out $ for cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, & gas...what am I left with?b Has anyone EVER said to their house cleaner "You deserve a massage certificate:)" NO they don't & they SHOULD do that for their house cleaners because It IS hard work! If I had a house cleaner, believe me...I would pay that women ALOT of money and give her a massage certificate EVERY week because I KNOW how hard it is. I'm going to school now and CANT WAIT till the day I finish so I don't have to put up with anymore BS. I'm going through the SAME thing as you! You know what's funny? There's ALOT of people out there that don't even KNOW that they are suppose to pay their house cleaners at Christmas the same amount they normally pay her . So if you pay her $80 your SUPPOSE to pay her $80 as a gift to show appreciation. You don't have to give her crap but it's saying "Thank you for all the work you did EVERY 2 weeks for a year".
I work hard and do a GOOD job. Sometimes I only have 1 house a day. Who could live off of 50 bucks a day? Or $60 for that matter? We really do work hard for basically nothing. The only ones that benefits is the person your cleaning for. It's true....

Lorie Browning

Subject: cleanng

I am with Carolyn , that is the way clients view our jobs. We are also like nurses and clean up very dirty bathrooms as people do not realize what they do not want to touch , we do ! They should pay a high rate as we deserve it! We work hard for it.

Jimmy cooper

Subject: House cleaning

Our cleaning lady is paid 30.00 per hour, 5 hours , every two weeks. She comes on time, works hard, great personality, rides the city bus for an hour each way, hands and knees on kitchen and bathroom floors, does silver, washes appliances very carefully, bathrooms spotless. Worked for our neighbor, a doctor for 20 years. We think she's one of the nicest people we know. Part of the family. Bonus at Christmas.


Subject: Housecleaner

I would like to congratulate you for taking such good care of your house cleaner..I retired 2 years ago and decided to work for a cleaning company who has many store cleaning contracts.I clean 2 days a week for 15.00 an hour for 5 hrs a day
.I vacuum.,dust ,scrub floors.clean bathrooms ,clean lunch room.I have come to realize that while the company is making lots of cash.I am just getting by pay cheque to pay cheque.Its not the companies that do the work to fulfill the contracts but the workers.who physically exhausted and working their butts off for lousy
pay and no benefits.Take real good care of her and she will look after you as well. .


Subject: housecleaning

I just turned 70 and have been cleaning my home (married with three children) since I was 22 whether I worked outside the home or not. I just hate cleaning and have decided to do something about it. I used to be so immaculate and now it seems like such a waste of time. Now to fine someone.

Paula Norton

Subject: Normal rates?

What should I pay my cleaners for a "deep clean" and what does it cover?
What is the normal price for cleaning a fridge?
What would be a normal price for 5 windows and a slider?

Jane S

Subject: window cleaning

I'm not sure what "normal" rates are for a house cleaner to do windows, but I just paid a window company $12.50 per window. They cleaned inside/outside and did a wonderful job. I was told by one cleaning company if I wanted them to do windows, they'd just hire this same window cleaning company and charge me a surcharge. They said the window cleaning company's rates couldn't be beat by anyone else. I was already aware this window company cleaned the windows at my company and other large employers in my city so knew they were trustworthy.


Subject: Really??

I placed an ad for an "affordable" house cleaner and got many replies, but the funniest one was the "resume" that described basically 9 kinds of dusting and wiping surfaces for $25 an hour. I was thinking "gee I want YOUR job". When I have a cleaning person in, we're talking multiple loads of laundry, oven cleaning, heavy duty fridge cleaning, bedding changed, slipcovers changed, closets cleaned, probably a sink full of dishes and much sorting out to thrift. Dusting and wiping surfaces for $25? not in this economy, not ever. I never use an agency, why pay 3 people when you can pay 1?

Paula D

Subject: $10 /hr

I hired a housekeeper/errand person for $10/hr. Had several interviews..... checked backgrounds/ hired. I have a 4 bedroom, 3 bath home, they take care of basement and garage as well as my pets. I am not a slave driver, but they know what is expected of them. I take to lunch, give bonus, and let them know they are appreciated I am handicapped on a limited income. and cannot pay any more,......I did housekeeping before too, NEVER got more than $10/hr without benefits either. She is happy to have the job. Oh yes, its under the table $10 was not!!!! Unless heavy duty cleaning, nobody around here gets paid that kind of money. This does not say what area you are in, but here in New England you would not make anywhere near that unless you were in a really fluent neighborhood in the city.


Subject: Ignorant

Those who think cleaners are hired because the person is lazy are very ignorant.


Subject: House cleaners

Not unless someone is terminally ill or has some kind of disability, mobility problem, that limits her/him to do housework, then that individual is INDEED lazy! Think about it!


Subject: Housecleaning fees

This article is really helpful to me at this point in my life. I am 60 and currently undergoing cancer treatment, and feel like sleeping all the time. I don't have the energy to keep up with housework as I would like. I thought I should hire someone to do occasional housecleaning for me. I'd just like my house to be presentable when visitors stop by, but also the occasional big job like cleaning the refrigerator or the lanai. I really had no idea what it would cost, but this article and many of the responses have given me a lot of information. Thank you!


Subject: Per Hour rate

I clicked to find a once a week cleaner since I hurt my back. After reading the posts, I want to tell you I've been a teacher with multiple degrees and after 40 years I don't earn $25-35 an hour BEFORE taxes for an "official" 8 hour day (I have to work more unpaid hours to get everything done, as well as pay and take training every year to stay certified) and I only get paid 190 days a year! I have NO income during the summer. The dirt will have to pile up.


Subject: Cleaning

Yes, but we pay self employment tax (7.5) percent, deal with clients who cancel at the last minute (you draw a salary), no paid vacations, no paid holidays, no paid sick days, and receive no employer matched retirement savings. We also do not have employer subsidised health and dental insurance. Your effective pay rate is much higher when you factor in these additional benefits. And we have the pleasure of dealing with clients who can take the time to leave us a list of ten extra items to work into their predetermined time slot, yet cannot remember to leave the payment for our services. We work hard, are dependable, trustworthy and respect our clients time and business. But those select few who think we are mindless idiots who think their five year old can do our jobs, ought to walk in our shoes for a week. They will not make it through the first day.


Subject: Business expenses for house cleaners who report income

Perhaps you should consider cleaning homes for a living rather than teaching since teaching does not pay you what you deserve! I do not know of any areas in the country where teachers make less than a starting wage of $33,000 a year for elementary education teaching and that with benefits, including retirement and health insurance, that package does not round out well into the $50,000 range so perhaps a move would be in order? Many states have laws that require all teachers and government employees wages be posted so it would be easy for you to determine that.

House cleaners who report income (yes, you can ask for proof), have business expenses. The biggest one will more than likely be their self employment tax at 15.3 percent of their monetary intake before deductions. Automobile expenses are also higher because they will pay commercial liability and gas expense to travel between jobs whereas many people land at a job and stay there all day. Other expenses will be cost of replacing equipment, insurance, licensing, bonding, cleaning chemicals, gloves and cleaning cloths and the washing and drying of those, a minimum of one load per day. The home cleaner does not technically get paid to shop for supplies, wash and dry rags and the ten-15 minutes each visit to load and unload supplies. Based on $25.00 an hour, a legitimate home cleaner will pay about $3.82 per hour in self employment tax, they will also have applicable social security and medicare taxes to pay, operating expenses take another $2.00 an hour. They usually cannot clean homes full time for more than 10-15 years before their bodies give out. They also do not have unemployment, health or other insurance and certainly no government pension. A prudent house cleaner will set aside a benefit package for themselves by setting aside $5.00 an hour so that they can cover unemployment and health care should they become ill or unable to continue working in the filed.
Now if you hire an non reporting, under the table house cleaner, they keep everything and usually have very little business expenses! You then also contribute to the underground economy that negatively impacts all of us, especially we house cleaners that work within the law and choose to be contributors rather than free loaders. When you hire under the table house cleaners they don't pay taxes that support the schools many of their children or they themselves attend!


Subject: Yes, Cleaners..REALLY!

Wow, "Seriously". Why have you got it in your crazy head that just because someone hires out a job, whether out of necessity, or just personal preference that they MUST be "lazy"? I am 52, I have used house cleaners both private and services on and off for about 22 years now. I started just after my first daughter was born and I wanted to concentrate on spending precious time with her. Until about 3 years ago when finances became a bit tighter I've almost always had someone come in and help "put us back together again". Three extremely busy and involved daughters made for a very hectic household. But It wasn't that I was "LAZY", I was ALWAYS on the move..constantly! Working, volunteering at two different schools, taking one or another to the doctor (or the vet whichever was needed) rushing a forgotten lunch or report up to school, dropping one girl at dance and going back to catch another's basketball game. and then swinging over to pick up the dancer and the third one at the library before heading home to fix a hot meal. SO... I wasn't LAZY, I just simply HATED to CLEAN. And as time went on I learned to become all right with that. I also hated to shovel snow and we have a VERY long driveway so call me lazy, but I hired that out to a boy in the neighborhood who had a plow on his truck. I hate to sew, so I buy my clothes, I hate to change the oil in my car (even though I know how) nut I usually take it in, then they can also check other stuff. I hate to watch TV in the bedroom, so we don't have TV's in the bedrooms. And I hate shopping for swimsuits, so I avoid that for as long as humanly possible Of course we all straighten up, make our beds and keep it fairly respectable, (there's usually a fairly good dust bunny party going on under my bed between house cleaners). I just decided that it was worth it to me to spend the money rather than do something I absolutely hated when I would rather be spending time hiking with my girls, or watching them in the dance studio, or working with the elderly at our senior assisted care center. Or even changing the litter box! I honestly don't mind that! So in these 20 odd years of having the "luxury'' of being lazy and not cleaning my own house... I've had all kinds of experiences. some not so good, and some outstanding. I've paid hourly, and I've paid by the job. My last housecleaner became my very best friend. She saw me through my divorce, She help me get my kids through it, she taught me how to do the bills and refinance my house, AND get ketchup stains out of a tutu! She Always had a funny story to tell. She started at $10/hr she was with me for 13 years and was at $20/hr plus a tip or more if it was a hard job (and often times I worked or organized right along with her) She became a part of our family and we became part of hers. It was only when money got a bit tight for each us and she had to take a full time job that I had to stop using her. SO for now I'm doing without and again NOT because I'm LAZY.. , I still hate it, but do what I can, but I have extremely arthritic knees, fibromyalgia, which cause great pain in my shoulders hips and ankles, I have severe migraines causing nausea and vomiting at least 6 or seven days out of every month and I my last blood work came back showing extreme anemia. So it's a "controlled sort of messy." But..we're ok with that. I asked my own mother several years ago if our house was as messy as mine when I was growing up. She raised my 3 brothers and I as a single mother, so I just assumed it HAD to have been! She said, "Well Susan, you kids didn't have as many things as kids have today, and our house wasn't as big as houses are, and you had to play outside a lot more..but even though I didn't like cleaning I did the best that I could".

Funny, when I close my eyes and try to picture our house back then and try to remember ..dirty, clean, messy, tidy? I have absolutely NO recollection, all I know was it was fun it was happy and healthy and safe. And you know..that's all that mattered to me.
So "SERIOUSLY" who cares if you clean your own house or not, or wash your own car, or use Peapod, or have a private wardrobe stylist for that matter.. IT'S YOUR LIFE...LIVE IT DOING WHAT YOU LOVE TO DO!


Subject: Lazy!!??


Your first, and biggest, mistake is a glaring one. YOU DON'T OWE ANYBODY AN EXPLANATION OR APOLOGY FOR WHAT YOU DO--especially when it comes down to spending time with your family!! You sound like a wonderful mother and wife, and you don't have to justify yourself (especially to a bunch of anonymous people on a message board!

I say: hire your cleaner, go outside and fly kites and catch fireflies with your kiddoes! They (and you) deserve it!!

Carlena Saunders

Subject: Not everyone's talent

I have many, many talents, but house cleaning is not one of them. There is nothing " snooty" about asking for help when you know you need it. Working 2 jobs for 40 years to make it- I am more than willing to budget house cleaning - just like insurance, car repairs, groceries, pre cooked meals when I worked 10 hours and have be out of the house 12-- dry cleaning. Can't do most of those- so you pay for the services. Keeps the economy going and money in someone elses pocket. Most young folks spend that much in Starbucks coffee in a week.

okiana amiga barbie

Subject: cleaning

In the time it took you to write your comment you could have cleaned under that bed and done a few sit-ups. Yea, tuff to pay someone to do your own sit-ups! But cleaning is alot like situps, do it and you'll feel just a little better about yourself.


Subject: housecleaning

Ive had someone come to my house to clean for several years now. I have always paid her $10 an hour. BUT, she gets lots and lots of extras, like yard sale and estate sale items, cosmetics, clothing, etc. She often brings her sister or daughter and they work and receive $10 an hour too. She even helped me move...helped me pack and move boxes. She helps me with whatever I ask her to do, including cleaning the carpeting and sofa. She even has washed my car. The best part is, she has her own car and drives to my residence; I dont have to drive her anywhere. Judging from the other posts, I guess I have a good deal.


Subject: housecleaning

You have a PHENOMENAL deal!!!! You need to give that good woman a raise. I can't believe you think it's okay to gouge her because she gets first pick at your yard sale items. Shame on you!

Lisa Fallis

Subject: How to bring up criticism to your house cleaner

I have had the sweetest, most reliable house cleaner for nearly 3 years. She comes by herself almost all the time with the exception of occasionally bringing her 18 yr. old daughter or 13 yr. old son. I only give her an additional $10-$20 because I never know when they are coming and frankly, they aren't all that much of a help, quality-wise. What I need to bring to her attention is the tile floors after they are mopped. They LOOK clean, but I've taken a wet white paper towel after she's left and wiped over them and they are never clean. I realize I have quite a lot of tile but shouldn't it be pretty clean right after mopping? Also, she uses a swivel duster on all wood surfaces (I supply them; found a cheap place online that still sells the double sided yellow ones!) but would like to have a wood cleaner used every few months. And one other thing: When I vacuum my house, I have to empty the dust bin at least twice. When she vacuums, it's not full after she's done the whole house. She just gives it a quick, once over pass. I just can't stand the idea of hurting her feelings, she is so good to me and I think reasonable, $110 for 4-5 hours of work once a month, 2000 with two heavy shedding cats! She has a 45 minute drive in heavy traffic to come out to our house. This is the first time in my life being able to afford a house cleaner. I'm 62 and have fibromyalgia and it has been a godsend to me! Am I expecting too much?


Subject: tell her and you're not paying her enough

you should tell her - i would want to know - AND - you are not paying her enough, so it'll work out perfect! give her some polite criticism and give her a raise! you should be paying her $25 an hour (but not expecting her to stay for a max time). sounds like she has a pretty good drive, too!
good luck!


Subject: bringing up criticism

i own a cleaning company and she is doing you a favor driving that far. but you can ask her to try different things on the tile floor--i myself get on my hands and knees to clean the floors and i am 54 years old. i do not like a mop. i would also say i like the dusters but i think maybe we could spray a little polish on this time.


Subject: hiring a cleaning professional and their fees

I appreciate this article and the responses whether pro or con about cleaning professionals. Yes, I do consider them professionals. Like any professional, some do exceptional work and others just slide by. All people should receive a fair wage/salary for their work. When we have parts of our homes remodeled for mucho money, we pay it. We want our homes to be nicer/more functional for us and for those who come to see us. Many will refinance or acquire loans to pay for the remodeling whether it is a necessity or cosmetic. Cleaning a home is no different. They offer a service that we need/want. I feel we should all “step outside of the box” and look at the whole situation…..“put ourselves in their shoes”. I am 66 and grew up during a time when we didn’t have washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, disposable diapers and the other conveniences we have today. We are truly blessed. I started off life with a nanny/housekeeper. When I was born (3rd child), Mom really needed help. We were not wealthy, but my father had an exceptional salary and a job that required him to do his work and entertain clients…..not always at home to help Mom. My parents had four children in six years. She needed help in the home as she helped my father entertain his clients, take care of us and maintain the home. Can you image having that many children so close together and cooking three meals a day with no frozen dinners, fast food businesses, or boxed mixes, having to wash diapers, go to the washateria that had huge galvanized tubs, hanging clothes on the line 365 days a year, no permanent press fabrics so everything had to be ironed, and other chores all done manually……not by a machine? Our first nanny/housekeeper was with us 3.5 years, and she became part of our family. She worked Monday-Friday. We moved and had to have a new nanny/housekeeper. She lived with us for 1.5 years. My point is: even though things are very different from one generation to another, some of us need help in our homes with our children and cleaning. When our children are pre-school, and we work outside the home, don’t we look for the best person to take care of our kids? Some are fortunate to have relatives help them while others have to choose other options. As for us, we wanted the very best for our daughter as we both worked outside the home……secondary teachers. We were thrilled to pay our daughter’s babysitter for the love and exceptional care. Her family was our daughter’s second family. Our daughter would ask us if we needed to go dancing so she could go spend the night with Margo and her family…..genuine love. At times, Margo would call us and ask if our daughter could come and spend the night; we needed to go out and do something. Was Margo worthy of the fee we paid her? You betcha! Is your cleaning person worthy of their fee? If they are exceptional, you betcha. For me, exceptional means they do their job well, cooperate and listen to their employer, and bring good vibes into the work environment. When I was looking for a cleaning professional, my sister told me about a woman she knew personally and had worked in the same school as my sister…..who is a teacher. I called the lady, and we discussed her fee plus her duties. When she told me her fee and she wanted to come every week instead of twice a month, I thought her fee was too much. I am retired and the thought of paying that much money for cleaning “blew my mind”. Her fee was $75 a day, and she would be there until the work was completed….part of a day or all day. She would clean the windows, appliances, wash and fold clothes plus the regular cleaning.....whatever I needed done. My sister told me she worked for several teachers and other professionals, and her work at school was exceptional; she had worked in the housekeeping department. My sister has been in her home and said it was spotless. I checked her references, and they said they couldn’t live without her. I think interviewing a person in their home, if possible, could be a good indicator of their skill level. Well, I was very foolish! I didn’t hire her. (I have Multiple Sclerosis and fatigue is part of the package. When fatigue strikes, my housekeeping duties suffer. I was diagnosed with MS in 2001, and I am still at the 1st level. No one knows I have MS unless I tell them.) Was $75 a day too much to pay her for at least 8 hours a day? NO! My reasoning for not hiring her is I am a widow and live alone. I didn’t think I needed her every week…..$300 monthly. I must say, though, her help would have relieved some stress, and my house would have been pristine like I like it. All of us have to evaluate our financial situation and determine if some services are worth the fees. If you can afford it and want to have more quality time with those you love/ like and relieve some of the daily stress, an exceptional cleaning professional is priceless.


Subject: House cleaner

I have been cleaning residential homes for 18 years now. I originally charged by the hour but changed that soon after starting. I charge by the job.

When I see your home for the first time I tell potential clients that its sort of an interview for each of us. I want a good fit for both of us and if either feel that its not quite right we let each other know.

I charge most clients $65 per scheduled cleaning day. I usually spend 2.5 to 3.5 hours cleaning the average 3 bedroom home with 2 baths and kids and pets. If after a few months I find it takes longer or less time we can renegotiate pay. I only clean homes bi-monthly. No one gets 1x a week and I currently have 16 clients. I NEVER work on weekends or Mondays. I love my job!

I change the sheets if they have stripped the beds and clean bedding is waiting. I will wash dishes and wipe out microwaves but no ovens or fridges unless you pay extra since they take extra time.

I dont do windows...heck I hire someone to do mine!

I tell clients to leave an empty laundry basket out so if I have things to pick up I just toss into the laundry basket. I am there to clean your home not pick up after you and your children.

My clients call me their domestic goddess and they love me.


Subject: Charge by the visit

If you charge by the visit, you don't have to worry about whether or not it takes exactly 2 hours to clean the home. By charging by the visit, you can take 2 hours one time and 3 hours the next, depending on how YOU feel. If you've got a migraine, it takes a LOT longer to clean a house than it otherwise would.

Roger Barton

Subject: Things to check

I hire a housecleaning service to come every 2 weeks and do the basic stuff. They're thorough and the price is reasonable. However, I have 4 large dogs in the house, and two escape-artist cats, so I had to make sure the cleaners are pet-friendly, not afraid of big dogs (mine are friendly, well-mannered Rottweilers, but they ARE big) and careful about open doors. Also make sure the company or individual is insured and bonded. I love knowing that no matter what, my house will always be at least presentable if not spotless, and it gives me time to do the yard work and enjoy some free time instead of just housecleaning. Worth every cent, as far as I'm concerned.


Subject: House Cleaning Services

I am so disgusted at the responses of some of you comparing a business owner to a minimum wage employee. I'm sure most of us can get minimum wage jobs. But I'm sure the reason that people decide to become self employed is so that they MAKE MORE MONEY!! OMG where did you guys go to school?? They do a job that most of us would rather not do if given the choice. They charge prices that are pretty comparable to what most cleaners charge. Don't complain about the price someone charges for a job that you can't do or won't do. Don't be so stingy with your money. If you want something, pay the price that it costs, and be happy with what you get in return. You'll make more money. And if you can't afford it, then clean your own damn house like I do and don't complain. I personally have never paid someone to clean my house cause its something I can do on my home. But if it came to the point where I just didn't have the time to clean anymore I would be more than happy to pay $80-$100 per visit to have someone do it for me and decide how many visits per month I would require to keep my house maintained satisfactorily.

Devon Speiser

Subject: Cleaning

You are right on!!!!! Took the words right out of my mouth:)
I own a cleaning company and my houses are anywhere from $65-$120 per house. I NEVER charge by the hour, it's always by the job. I make ALOT of money and some days think its too good to be true, BUT I am doing work that most people don't want to do themselves. If someone hires a cleaning company they most likely have an idea of what it will cost and they can afford it. In my experience the only time people find others to clean for $10.00 an hour is when they can't find work elsewhere or they can't communicate (with language).


Subject: We've had someone clean our

We've had someone clean our home off and on for years. For us we have found it works best to hire someone by the hour for the first 4 cleanings with an agreed plan of what will be done and the max time frame allowed to perform the tasks.
After the 4th cleaning we just go to a flat rate for the job and not by the hour. A long term agreed set of tasks is established of what is to be done, with agreed exchanges (clean the deck and front walk way in exchange for cleaning a guest bedroom) if we elect an exchange. We build in the agreement what is done weekly, monthly, quarterly.
We find that the longer someone works for us the faster they can work. They are more motivated to get the work done and do a good job because it may mean that they get to go home earlier or take on another job. Thus they are more satisfied. We are concerned about the work getting done for a price we feel is fair and not the amount of time it took.
Normally a private person has been more accommodating and performed better for us. It is their business and it seems they are more concerned about the quality of work.
Additionally we have found that we may have to go through a few workers to find someone good but once they have proven themself over 3-4 months we try to make them feel we appreciate their work and provide little thank you. Might be a book, note, gift card, cd, etc... We try to know a little about whomever works in our home so we can provide something simple that has some meaning to the worker.
We usually wait till the 3-4th month to provide the worker a key to the home. By that time we have confirmed their phone, address, name, limited background, and generally have a feel for them.
At one point our lives were so busy I checked into taking our laundry to be done. It was so costly it was cheaper to pay our house cleaner extra to do 4-5 loads on the days she worked. I'd have a load in the washer and one in the dryer when she arrived. She would finish those two loads and do another 2-3 from beginning to end. It made such a big difference and she appreciated the extra $.
We have found that always paying one visit behind has keep our house cleaner from just not providing notice or not showing up. Further if you have a problem they are more interested in making it right, knowing there is a paycheck in the wings.
When we can afford it having someone come in the home and clean is well worth the cost.


Subject: Housecleaning

I'm amazed at the complaints concerning high price of cleaners. I cleaned for 4yrs, with an up and coming private owner. I cleaned as I'd want mine done, if I picked something up for dusting, it went back to the same EXACT place/position. I became very close to "my" families and knew I could trust them as much as they'd be trusting me. I was paid a fair wage and my tips, were mine to keep. Boss always my tip told HER I was doing the good job her customer wanted/required. If you don't consider their charges to be fair, then you should be doing your own cleaning.
Unless you've walked a mile in those shoes, you have NO idea how hard it actually is, how hard most of us work to satisfy YOU.


Subject: Cleaning

I agree... I do house cleaning... I was let go of a job because the people were being so cheap... To clean a two floor two bathroom plus kitchen and bathroom complete pig pen with clothes all over the place a dog and cat and only get paid $30 and be there sometimes for four five hrs once a week because the place is so bad is a disgrace and a rip off in my book. I am glad I am not there anymore.... The last time when I was there I didn't even get my full amount because the woman didn't have enough money on her and I had to go back the next day to get it. U know u are having your cleaning person come u make sure you have the money to pay them that day especially when the place is a pig pen.... That is a real disgrace and really put the icing on the cake...

m anderson

Subject: housecleaners

I just started cleaning for a home owner a month ago. I told her to determine after my first day cleaning what she felt I was worth,Last week she gave me 220.00 for 8 hours ,I work my butt off but find it satisfying as it is my name attached to the job and she absolutely loves my j
hard work and dedication I listen to what she wants and use the cleaning supplies she prefers but she also is very interested in the products I suggest we have a great relationship and I adore working for her . her only complaint is that I work to hard.I think we both can live with that.

Reality Check

Subject: Cleaning

I have hired many cleaners over the last 15 years, and I have found the services generally have the lowest quality, mostly because they underpay their staff. If I pay $30/hr I expect $30/hr calibre work, but if staff is getting paid $8/hr, they will do $8/hr calibre work.

A good cleaner is worth their weight in gold. I treat my cleaner well, tip generously, and make sure I get her what she wants & needs to do the job. However, I have let cleaners go for inflating their hours, the same as a previous poster. I pay an hourly rate based on what you are worth once you have the hang of things. So, if I pay $25/hr, for 4 hours, for a once a week cleaning, (in a very low-cost, low-wage area) I don't expect you to be as productive the first 3 or 4 times you clean as I would expect you to be 6 months in. That means you eventually accomplish more, because you have the hang of things, and I am paying you for your time, not by the job. I had one cleaner who claimed to be putting in the 4 hours, but her work never got up to what she should have gotten accomplished in that time. When I came home from work sick one day, I found out why - she had put in under 2 hours and left, but logged in for 4. When I talked to my retired neighbour, she said the cleaner never spent more than 2 hours at my house.

It comes down to what you negotiate. We agreed on 4 hours, rather than a per-job fee. I had outlined what I expected done in those 4 hours at first, and then for when she got the hang of things. She agreed to these terms. I wouldn't pay $100 for what this woman tried to pass off as a 'job', which were the tasks I set for her when she didn't know the house. The price would have been much lower. I had reasonable expectations for what could be accomplished in 4 hours, and this woman lied about her time spent. I fired her. A couple weeks later, she came back and apologized, and asked for another chance. I declined, even though I didn't have a replacement, because I couldn't trust her. If you can't trust a person to be honest with you, you can't let them have unfettered access to your house, pets and belongings.


Subject: hiring house cleaners

I agree with you. My cleaner just asked for a raise to $25 from $20, which is why I am reading these posts. I have used different services for years. I have been using this private individual for 2 years. I prefer her to a cleaning service. She comes first thing in the morning and works 4 hrs. I believe more time would be less efficient. I never let anyone in my home unless I am here. I don't believe in tempting someone who is in this position. She uses my cleaning she doesn't have to bring anything. She is very thorough. I am lucky to have her and vice versa. We have a good relationship. I treat her with respect and am generous beyond her costs. After reading these posts I plan to give her the raise. This was very helpful.


Subject: Good Cleaner

I have had my cleaner for the past 4 years and she is great. She comes every 2 weeks and cleans the kitchen, bathrooms, 3 bedrooms and fresh sheets too. Vacuums, dusts and she will check my washer to see if I need clothes placed in the dryer. I did set up a hidden video camera for the first year. She never was snooping around and mainly just talked to my dog as she cleaned. I even noticed she would refill the dogs water bowl. She works hard and I can't understand why some of the people on here who hire cleaners act like you are doing them a favor. Then are the ones who help us out with a clean house. They are doing the job that we as customers don't want to do. We paid our cleaning girl in the beginning $80 every time she would clean, but since she never asked for a raise my husband and I slowly increased her wage and now pay $125 every time she cleans. On top of Christmas bonus and her birthday bonus. She is like a member of the family to us. We don't want to lose her but I know we will in a few years since she has enrolled in a 4 year collage, 2 years ago.

As far as people saying that cleaners make too much for the job they do, you have to remember that they have expenses also. Besides gas, cleaning supplies, insurance, they also sometimes have to pay their own health insurance of a single or family plan. Just because they chose to be cleaners doesn't mean it gives people the right to look down at them. Or act like you are doing them a favor.

If you have a good cleaning person, treat them well. If you aren't happy with something they are doing just talk to them about and explain what you want from them. They can't read minds.


Subject: cleaning

HI, In response to setting up a camera: I have a cleaning bus. for many years...I cant blame u for setting up video, u never know?? I thought how much your review sounds like me/
Talking to your pet & changeing wtr, that's one of the first things I do..I love animals ;). I would like to thank so many for your great comments on my (the cleaners behalf), As with any business the favor aspect is two folds I make u happy/u make me happy

Patricia Adams

Subject: Housekeeper

I would love to work for you! I believe the employee has to prove how good is so soon or later she will be rewarded!


Subject: If everyone has such a

If everyone has such a problem with how people clean get off your butt and do it yourself! How do you think people who work take care of kids and cant afford a maid do it? Didnt your mom teach you anything? If you want something done right stop being lazy and do it YOURSELF!!!!

Jeb Jones

Subject: Almost impossible to find and keep a good cleaner

We had a housecleaner for a number of years. She did a pretty good job and was always punctual, but over time, she would also take less and less time to clean our house, and not because she got used to it (which she did), but because she would just stop doing certain things. We'd remind her and give her a list and then she'd skip something else the following visit. Frustrating! At a flat rate of ~$85, I felt ripped off when she would leave in less than 2 hours and not have done some of the things on the list. We weren't usually there to keep tabs on her, but we'd sometimes be back home 2 hours or less after she started and she'd be gone already, so it was clear how long she was taking. Also she would occasionally break something by accident, not tell us and hide the evidence. Accidents happen - but please tell us if there was one so we can replace the broken item if necessary, not find out about it later when we want to use said item.

Well, she moved away about 3 years ago - and boy do I miss her!! Since then we've had nothing that comes close. One woman cleaned our house for the first time in mid-December, then demanded a Christmas bonus of $150. The firms we've tried have sent a couple of teenagers that left the house hardly any cleaner than it was when they arrived. We're not slobs. We keep our house pretty clean ourselves and mostly just want someone to vacuum, dust, and clean the bathrooms and kitchen. We make our own beds and pick up after ourselves. We just don't have the time (or back health) to do the maintenance chores.

Our current cleaner charges by the hour ($25), which would be a reasonable rate if she cleaned any faster than a snail. We pay her for 4 hours of cleaning every two weeks, and she can't even do as much as our previous cleaner did in under 2 (and she doesn't do it as well). It's painful to be in the house while she is cleaning because you just want to grab the dust cloth or vacuum or mop and show her what a reasonable working speed is. I guess she doesn't want to accidentally finish before her 4 hours are up. Either that or she's daydreaming or writing the great American novel in her head.

Also, I have yet to meet the cleaner with the perception to notice that the drip-trays on the stove have an orientation (they are rectangular and fit under two burners, but each has one rounded corner). Even after pointing this out, they always end up in there backwards (and thus uneven and wobbly, because they don't fit that way).

If I could find a cleaner that could do a good job and consistently do everything on the list, I'd be happy to pay a flat rate of $100 or even $150 per visit (for our 2000 square foot house). And based on our previous cleaner, that could probably be accomplished by a good cleaner in 2 to 2.5 hours once they got used to the house. But that's a pipe-dream because if that person exists, they're probably doing something else.



Subject: house cleaners

My wife and I do house cleaning, $80 is our min.and that gets you 2 people for 2-4. Hours and your house is clean when we leave. Our average is $100 for every other week and if people think that is to high do your own house compleate, in 2-3 hours and then decide what YOU would charge to do it.

donna williams

Subject: housecleanes

I wish I could find a reliable housecleaner that would do everything I need done. we had a horrible experience with our last one and she stole over $7,000 dollars in items that I had collected and was to be passed down to my children. I thought I could trust her but in the end I should have been more careful to just rely on word of mouth when hiring someone to come into my home. now I need help desperately because I am disabled and cannot clean my house at all. so now I feel worthless and stupid for hiring someone like this. any advice would be deeply appreciated. thank for letting me rant a little bit.


Subject: house cleaning

I would call the police. You are not stupid you just got a creep this time. So Sorry as most are just trying to make lefe better for them. Their will always be some selfish ones. Help the police get them as I am sure you are not the only one.


Subject: Housekeeping rates

Darn it ....all those years of ED nursing making 18 dollars an hour with peoples lives in my hand and doing my own house work for free and now my own health s shot hahahaha well I never went into it for the money,,,, :-)


Subject: house cleaning

Well if anyone is paying someone only 80.00 dollars your getting over on that cleaning person and it makes me sick.I was a house and office cleaner for 25 years and I made dame good money.4 hours of work I made 150.00 and if you think thats alot of money did you ever think how hard it is trying to cleaning someone elses toilet or changing people nasty sheets ,like a lady said in one of these comments if you dont want to pay good money for someone clean your house once a week or biweekly then clean it your self and stop being lazy. I clean house because I wanted my own time and yes I had a 1099 and pay my own taxes.But now I do Real Estate and still clean my own house even tho i dont need too,why because im not lazy....big company will use same rags on your kitchen counter that they use on your toilet and they laugh about it .Small business of one or two people is the best they care about customers needs and wants no questions ask .I was good to my customers, I did alot of extra stuff at no charge. So some people her have no idea what they are talking about.


Subject: House Cleaning

I have worked at housecleaning for years on and off. Everyone is
different and charges according to what they think their labor is worth.
It is my experience that you should interview someone and hire them
if you are interested in them on a trial basis. $10 and hour is an insult
unless your house is a model home and you have updated bathrooms
and kitchens and just need vacuuming, dusting and basic cleaning of
kitchen. $15 an hour is very reasonable. $20.00 an hour is your average.
$30.00 and hour is for deep cleaning. Don't forget some homes are not
as clean as others so they will take longer to clean and requires a 'DEEP CLEANING" which take a lot of elbow grease and product.

THERE IS A SEPERATE FEE FOR JOBS OUTSIDE THE "BASIC CLEANING" FOR EXAMPLE: emptying inside kitchen cabinets and cleaning and reorganizing, organizing inside any other household closets, emptying out and cleaning the entire inside of refrigerator and freezer, cleaning the inside of the oven, washing windows inside and out including screens and tracks and sills,washing/drying and folding clothes, washing dishes, garages, lanais and sheds, scrubbing walls, shampooing rugs,

Remember these are human beings not slaves or robots. If you are a
decent human being you will pay your $15 or $20 and hour and keep the
person if they do a good job and pay them the EXTRA MONEY for the extra
jobs out of the "basic" as needed. also, REMEMBER If you want
a pristine job done don't expect it to get done all in one day either. Have the
person do one major job per visit this way you know it gets done correctly.

Dentist, Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants get paid their hefty hourly fees with
no questions asked and a housekeeper should be the same. She/he is a
professional and is taking care of your home and works hard for the money.
If you didn't already think so you would be cleaning your own home! Right?!
Then you don't have to worry about the money you pay. By the way it use
to be that only the well to do could afford "a maid" now everyone wants one
but don't have the money to pay. Solution: Do it yourself.


Subject: House Cleaners

I am a house cleaner and have been for many years. I work independently and charge a flat rate fee for my services. The supplies are usually provided by the client so that I know I am using what they prefer. I ask them to make a list of all areas that need cleaning and what items in each area. Example: Bathroom, clean sinks, toilet, tub, shower, mirrors, sweep, mop. I prefer that the client be there when I am cleaning so that everything can be check right away and I can correct anything that may need to be corrected. I normally charge $40 per home. Most homes take about 2 hours to clean and I use that 2 hours every time. If for some reason the job takes me le4ss then 2 hours I take off from my fee. House cleaners work hard to help your homes clean and many of use are reliable and dependable.

Rich C

Subject: The best way is to do it

The best way is to do it yourself. We should live in smaller houses and stop buying "dust collectors" from Target, Walmart, Costco ; Only buy good quality things that we really need. This planet is too small for us to keep making and buying junks

Lis Brown

Subject: Cleaners

I would like to add. Cleaning is an art. Anyone can drive a
race car but not everyone can win the race. There are people that wipe things down vac, dust, that's basic. Than there are some that can come in and polish your fiberglass shower till you have no scratches and water/soap doesn't stick. Or take your old scratched ugly hardwood floors and make them look almost new. Work all the stains out of your carpet ect.

Last but not least if you clean your own house good for you.
Not everyone is a cleaner, don't call them lazy. You probably spend hundreds on your hair and nails. Why not do that yourself? Because it's not your forte. Or maybe $200 to have your car detailed. Whatever is important to us we do.
To all of you very hard working cleaning/janitorial people,,,,

Mary Rose

Subject: House Cleaning

I have arthritis and it is difficult to clean, but I do it. I've come to the conclusion that I really need some help with it. Twice, people I've hired in the past (to clean the upstairs of my mother's ten room house, and once to clear her basement to move) have given me major attitude because I couldn't keep it up to their satisfaction. Frankly, I'm concerned about hiring someone. There were people who were wonderful, but I've had a very formidable fifteen years, and I don't need any kind of negativity. I've also experienced theft and major hissy-fits from cleaners and aides (for my mother). I need one major cleaning, then a cleaning every six weeks. I now live in a four-room apartment but it's still difficult for me to keep up. I have to give hiring a cleaner a second, third and fourth thought!


Subject: House Cleaning

As a personal Housekeeper, the article is pretty close to today's standards. Most personal Housekeepers that are bonded & insured do run around $25 an hour. Companies can run around $60 but usually that is a team effort. Everyone cleans differently but sometime having unrealistic expectations or being cheap can usually sour the deal.
I have been with the same families for years. I normally do not do dishes, windows, ironing or laundry for small weekly cleans. There is no time for deep cleans & all of that with in a 2-4 hours once a week clean. If am there a few times a week it's certainly negotiable. I'm always upfront and ask that my home owners leave me a note if I miss anything, so that there is constantly an open dialog. I am a top to bottom, hands & knees cleaner, who is not bonded or insured so I charge around $15-$20 hr depending on how much work is truly needed. I welcome back ground & references checks because my word of mouth is vital.
As home owners, it is important to not abuse the privilege and forget to leave the check, leave animal droppings, or hygiene products about. Yes, it gets done. I once had a lady who had more than 10 loads of laundry and kept her house in such disrepair, that she was upset because I could not get it all done in 4 hours. It was simply unrealistic & cheap. Most home owners though are truly wonderful and so grateful just to be able to come home & relax. Your home should be clean to the touch, smell wonderful, and to me- look welcoming to take a nap in. Best wishes-K. Myers


Subject: That's how I am too. When I

That's how I am too. When I clean a house you can eat off the floors. But I'm annoyed with myself for agreeing to do a job for too little and now the expectations are too high. Learn from my mistake; be very clear about what basic cleaning is and what extras are so there is no resentment.


Subject: dont be too cheap.

I am a cheap person...(you can ask my girlfriend), but I try to pay a house cleaner great, because quite frankly, I dont want them stealing my stuff, or feeling cheated when they are going thru my stuff. IF it get to the point that I need help, I pay them well.


Subject: Clean your own dang house! I agree!

All these people winging about other people changing "so much" for cleaning out their pig pens. I have a full-time job, a kid, a husband and two dogs. And we clean up our own house. It is part of being a responsible human being. If you you or your kids are not disabled and have time to watch television or play video games, you have time to keep your house clean. If that's not the case, your house is too big or you have too much crap. Sorry you're not landed gentry with a countryside of serfs begging to squeegee your shower door. "Seriously" hit the nail on the head -- clean your own dang house!


Subject: Treat others as you would like to be treated...

We've had success using individuals for 15 years..had no luck with companies. Two have returned to their home country, and then their relative takes over without a skip. They are so reliable, in all this time they've never missed a date. They are considerate, do an amazing job, I'm a hands off person - they do their thing while we're all out of house, and all I know is it's taken care of. I've referred them to many others in town. Their service is very important to me, and I treat them that way. It's not cheap, but every 12-18 months we increase their pay by $5/visit - it's gone from $75 to $130 in that time. And SO worth it...maybe we are too generous...but we demand reliability and trust (heck..they could steal our identity, forget about our belongings) and in all this time I've received that. They would never shortcut us, because we are one of their best clients - just referred a new neighbor to them a few months ago...they know if they shortcut me, they lose me. It's a symbiotic relationship. If you complain about their work or what they cost, then make a change, but don't expect them to do your cleaning if you are disrespectful or feel you are paying too much. After a long work day (I have a few kids and a dog) when I walk into my spotless wonderful smelling's priceless!!!

Respect your cleaners and you will be me that also means picking up the obvious gross-ness that you wouldn't want to clean either...if you have boys or teen know what I mean lol.


Subject: House Cleaning

I hear what everyone is saying here, wife is probably the most thorough
cleaner on the planet...and yes, she is OCD. If she were to clean your house, she would probably start telling you how to keep it clean. There is no way $15-25
an hour would cover what this lady does. Love u honey...:)


Subject: Cleaning

I'm disabled and finally gave up trying to keep the house clean on my own (hubby's been sick so he hasn't been able to help). I called several larger companies, and they never even showed! We're talking the initial walk-through just to see how much the job would cost...nevermind showing up to clean. I finally, via word of mouth, was told of a small local company. The owner not only was courteous over the phone, but she came over the day I called to give me the cleaning estimate. The final and ultimate compliment? My timid cat...the one who runs when he hears voices outside our front door...not only came out to see who was there, but even let her pet him! She was hired on the spot. She gave me a flat rate which I'm happy with...easier to fit in my budget that way. If I want extra work done, she offered me a very reasonable hourly. I'm incredibly pleased with the cleaning so far, the landlord is happy, and I'm actually glad that the bigger companies didn't think I was worth their time.


Subject: House cleaning

I have been providing house cleaning and personal care for ten yrs, for seniors who cannot do many of their own chores.I am a senior also. Most of my clients live in my senior mobile home park, so I have no transportation costs. I pass that savings along to them and charge a very reasonable fee of 12.00 an hour. Normally it takes 2 to 2..5 hrs. I do a very thro job. One client I have gone way beyond the call of duty for, and have been asked to take over her gardeners chore of pruning hedges, cleaning up dog doo doo weekly, cleaning out the fridge, cleaning cupboards and closets,have steam cleaned her carpets on 3 occasions. Held a yard sale for her, and even accompanied her on a weekend trip because she needs help getting around. Yes she paid the transportation, hotel room, and most meals, but paid nothing for my time.I had even taken time off from my regular job to go with her, and it was not a vacation for me, it was hard work. Any way to get to MY COMPLAINT she now wants to make a new deal. 10.00 an hour.REALLY??? Done being nice. After all Im a senior too.


Subject: Best baby shower gift I ever

Best baby shower gift I ever received was 6 months of weekly housecleaning services. Used a company, always had the same 2 cleaners who were efficient and thorough. By the end of the 6 mos, they were bringing trinkets for the baby! Wish I had it in the budget to keep them but it certainly made my first 6 months as a new stay-at-home mommy *much* easier!

J Pharr

Subject: house cleaning

This is very strange..... I just called a neighbor of mine so that he and his wife can come to clean house for me. I am handy-capped so I am very restricted in what I can and cannot do. I cannot use household cleaners (like for the bathroom because they choke me. I have had several very good house cleaners but they have gone to work making more money. I always offered them lunch and something to drink, like colas or tea or just water.
I hate the SERIOUSLY thinks people are just lazy. Because in my case that is not true. I do love to clean but I am now using a walker to get around (due to balance problems). Sometimes I have to do thing for myself and I sure get out of breath in the process but at least I try.
So please don't cal me lazy.


Subject: lazy?

Needing a housekeeper doesnt mean people are lazy!! There are many, like me, who are physically unable to clean a house. Illness and chronic pain are hard enough to live with, but I hate living in my house when its not cleaned.


Subject: Cleaners really?

Wow. I'm sure all the folks who make a living as housekeepers (assisting handicapped, elderly, single parents, etc.) appreciate negative comments like that. Moreover, they appreciate not having you as a client. Most of them need those jobs to survive and feed their families. I applaud them. Think. Then go find your happy place.


Subject: Yes; "cleaners really."

Yes; "cleaners really."

I have a friend whose company transferred him to Mexico, accompanied by his wife and two daughters. As a manager, he was able to rent a large, luxurious (by local standards) house and grounds. He refused to hire household help, since he hadn't done so in the U.S. and considered himself an "egalitarian." After a few months, one of his fellow managers (a Mexican native) took him aside quietly and explained that he was creating considerable ill will in the community. He told him that locals relied on such jobs and took pride in being able to work, especially for professionals and business people, whether native or expatriate. They interpreted his attitude as one of disdain for them personally, not to mention the fact that it hindered their ability to provide for themselves and their families.

Granted that things aren't quite as "classist" here in the U.S., but I think the principle of honoring people for whatever skills they offer -- and compensating them fairly -- still applies.


Subject: Home Cleaning- A reference from a friend is always best

We have had both cleaning companies and individual cleaners take care of our homes over the last 25 years. I have found the cleaning companies, we have used, start cutting corners after several visits and need to be reminded what their contract requires. They also seemed, unfortunately to have high turn over in personnel, which contributes to the issue of delivering on the agreed services.
The best result we have had has been by individual, independent cleaners who have been recommended to us by friends or colleagues. (Prefer personal friends, as they are more familar with expectations) Current housecleaner as been with us for 4 years, charges 130 to clean our 3000sq ft house. Some days take her four hours, some times less, sometimes more. As long as the result is the same, I dont hold her to a defined time.


Subject: Cleaning Service

Where do all these people get paid so much per hour (usually off the books too, to boot)........ I pay my lady that comes to help me $12 and hour, and I have to pick her up too since she doesnt have a car.....

beverly hood

Subject: cleaning responses

can't understand why people get so ripped up about cleaning rates and the narrative in responses, really, is that an issue that warrants tempers flaring? maybe these folks should go clean their own houses and work off their ire.

Karen Johnson

Subject: Agree -- ask trusted friend

I totally agree with Deborah from NYC above. I spread the word that I was looking for a reliable cleaning lady and my neighbor had a relative who was looking to pick up some work cleaning houses. She does a fabulous job. $80 per week for a 4-bedroom, 3 bathroom home. Our home is relatively neat (picked up), but she cleans kitchen (including wiping down appliances and cabinets, cleaning toaster oven, etc), bathrooms, vacuums, dusts, etc. Occasionally I leave notes to not do regular cleaning but to do special jobs such as wash windows, clean and organize pantry shelves, etc. And she is very trustworthy. I work fulltime and have two kids and a dog. Worth every penny!

jack white




Subject: cleaning

your a good guy! the world needs more people like you! everyone is always looking to rip people off and complain. but your a good guy not over changing and tipping good!


Subject: cost

I have a two bedroom, two bath condo in seattle. I have never been able to find someone who would clean the apt. for less than $75, one person for 2 hours. That seems very steep. Twice, it has been $100.


Subject: Cost of housecleaning

I live in Portland OR - I have a 1,500 sq. ft 2BDR - 2Bath townhome. I pay $140.00 a visit - they send 3 people and are here for about 2 hours. What you are charged is steep if they send only 1 person! With 3 people, my cleaners do such a detailed thorough job, including all the wood blinds.


Subject: Ask your doorman

I to live in New York City and live in a large alcove studio in a midtown apartment building. I found my cleaning person by asking my doorman. Doorman are excellent sources of information for such things. Anyway,the young lady that cleans my apartment is , reliable, honest, and a great worker. She is also flexible as to days when necessary. She usually finishs my apt. in 2 1/2 hours at a rate of $60. I glad to have her !

Kim Savoie

Subject: Charge by the job

Look at the rooms you are having cleaned. How much would you pay someone to come and clean your bathroom. Shower, toilet, floor. Then the Kitchen. Mop the floors, clean the surfaces. Vacuum all the floors. You people have to be realistic about how you pay a cleaner. We are worth the money we earn. It is hard work. I make 20$ an hour and It doesn't seem like enough when I make 40.00 to have cleaned two bathrooms, a bedroom, living room, dining room and sun porch. There are two of us. One takes the kitchen the other the bathrooms. We are well worth our money. Period.

john smoeth

Subject: Just remember, it didn't take

Just remember, it didn't take 3 to 4 hours for your home or apt to get that dirty, cut some workers some slack that's a very hard job, otherwise we wouldn't be paying someone else to do it for us.


Subject: Cleaning Person - Ask a trusted Friend or colleague

Greetings from New York City. I live in a studio apartment that is approximately 500 square feet and pay my cleaning lady $50 per visit. She cleans my apartment once every two weeks and does a great job. The best advice I can give is to get a personal recommendation for a cleaning person from a trusted friend or business colleague. I have always done that and never had any issues. You are taking a chance by hiring someone to clean your home if you simply did so due to a coupon on the internet or an advertisement in the local newspaper.


Subject: Professional cleaning

I've cleaned houses and offices professionally for the past four years. I charge $30 hour. I'm insured, bonded and I provide all the supplies. My clients love my work. I'm reliable, responsible, trustworthy and I help them monitor their homes for problems beyond just cleaning, as I see the entire house every time I come, usually every two weeks. My clients are always generous to me at year end. I have my own housekeeper, whom I value greatly.

I always introduce myself to visitors at my clients' homes as the psychiatrist. "I come clean and (my client) feels better."

p chandler

Subject: cleaning

I have been cleaning for over twenty years, I have cleaned apartments businesses, factorys and now i do homes only. i have gotten my business thru word of mouth, I have lost alot during my years due to death!! I dont charge by hr i charge by job. we have to buy supplies gas and wear and tear on our cars, i go all over as long as its a nice person! I am cheap i know by looking at some of whats being said on here. I love helping people and nothings better then coming home to a clean house after work i make peoples days. Just wish i had someone to do mine lol!! I have heard as much as 85.00 an hr.

Jo Ann

Subject: Not always "fly-by-night"

This is a very good article but I do take exception to the comment that most individual cleaners are "inherently fly-by-night". I have been providing private professional cleaning service for over 23 years and have known quite a few other people who have cleaned professionally for many many years. True, there are some fly-by-nights but that can be found in the large companies as well, including franchise companies which are often owned by people have never cleaned houses themselves but just bought a franchise as an investment.

As a private cleaner, my customers know who is coming into their house. Their kids know me. Their pets know me. In some cases, I become like part of the family. I am dependable and trustworthy as are the vast majority of people who are individual cleaners.

I have heard more stories about theft, unreported breakage, no shows and other such horror stories about the large companies that send various employees to people's homes. And I have in years gone by, hired employees myself but found it was not worth the headaches for me or for my customers. Yes, I do get sick or take a vacation once in a while. But people typically don't mind having their cleaning rescheduled occassionally.

Overall though, I appreciate this article and I think I'll print it out to give to potential new clients. Just recently, I priced a job really low because I really wanted the business and the lady still acted shocked at my price. Hey, I do my volunteer work at the SPCA. Everybody else has to pay the price. :)

gamble cleaning

Subject: cleaning

i also clean homes for a living and two rest. and some offices.since 99. what some people dont think about when the price is put to the gas ins taxes suppies auto. maint and time. we dont go to the office and stay 8hrs. we drive from job to job.and as gas goes up we still keep the same price but spend more getting to u. and supply cost go up also. i tell them a price rate if they like i get the job. do i charges more when the have guest or gkids visit or the pets they are taking care of no. of all the family i have the only ones to lose are the ones the ecom. has hit. my people aremy family they tellme there heartaches and hopes and dreams. we r family



Subject: House cleaning

I read the above comments. I have been Cleaning Houses now for very close to 20 years. I charge $30.00 per Hour for 2 people. I do however have a minimum of 2 hours pay. I do realize that it seems like the job gets done early after a few cleanings and the first time always takes longer due to the fact that more than likely by the time someone realizes that they need help cleaning it has already been neglected for some time and I do take more shortcuts in my own home than I would in a home where someone is paying me. The first thing we all need to remember is that when cleaning or working in someones home it is their home we are now invading their privacy by being there. If a person wants you to use glass cleaners and paper towes to clean something then thats what you should do. I always use what cleaners the homeowner chooses because of allergies and difficulty for the elderly with breathing and things like that. Today for instants I cleaned a entire kitchen with glass cleaner because thats what they wanted. I have cleaned entire homes with glass clener because thats what the homeowner asked for. If I can't clean something with the cleaner provided I will let the owner know immediately. And offer suggestions but ultimately ITS THEIR HOME ITS THEIR CHOICE. NO MATTER WHAT WE DO WHAT THE HOMEOWNER WANTS US TO DO BECAUSE ITS THEIR HOME. We have a minimum price because we would not be able to cover certain expenses if we did not.


Subject: not invading privacy

I have been cleaning houses and offices for 10-plus years. I work by the job. I lose money otherwise. I can't submit to an ever changing lists of demands. I discuss with the client up-front what they want and what I will or won't do. They don't pay for what I don't do and I often do extra things they don't know about. However, I am NOT invading their privacy. They hired me. They invite me in, give me a key, and we agree to terms. That is it. I use special cleaners because I have the allergies. And there is no contract, so they or I can quit any time it doesn't work out.


Subject: House Cleaning

You sound absolutely ideal and if I could get a cleaner who thought like you, I may actually hire one. Some of us have justified expectations, such as using separate sponges or other cleaning implements that are being used for the shower/tub, toilet, counter tops, as well as cleaning materials for mirrors, etc. Some cleaners will use the same sponge or rag for everything, EWWW. Same goes for the kitchen. I do not want my refrigerator cleaned with the same cleaning implement with which the cleaning person wipes down the island, on which I keep random items that are not "clean".
I do not want my headboard being dusted with the same cleaning implement with which the cleaning person cleaned the top of the desk.
I cannot follow a cleaning person around the house to make sure that no "cross contamination" is taking place.
I am quite certain all cleaning people are relieved that I do my own cleaning :)


Subject: the math

Self employed folks are doing well to bill 60% of their hours a year. Say 1300. there is scheduling flex, downtime, travel, marketing, accounting, etc. at $25/hour, that's $32,500 a year. Barely a living wage; sounds like low skilled work to me. Carpentry (let alone IT consulting) at $25/hr is simply not good business sense.


Subject: self employment

Based on the common 40-hour work week, or 2,080 annual work hours, $25 per hour works out to $52,000.00 per year. They are under-booking their time if they only work 1,300 hours a year and earn $32,500.00. That figure means they only actually worked 25 hours a week. $32,500.00 is not bad wages for a part-time job!

As far as the travel, accounting, etc. most of us have to commute to our jobs at our own expense, do our own household bookkeeping, or pay a financial expert to do it, and pay for our own auto insurance, homeowner or renter's insurance, wear and tear on our vehicles. Because the self-employed can deduct all the expenses you listed from their taxes, they can have equivalent or even lower actual costs than someone who works for a regular employer.


Subject: House Cleaners

Our personal experience with house cleaning companies has never been a good one. They tend to hire very young people who are out of work with absolutely no cleaning experience, pay them a very low hourly wage and charge me $30-$35/hour for the privilege of me training them. Every week, it would be a different crew, who didn't know my house, and what I wanted done. I even had members of such crews give me "attitude" when I pointed out areas I wanted more attention to or was not satisfied with. I had one member of one crew use a scratchy sponge pad on all my shower stalls (made of acrylic) and ruin them forever. When this company had the nerve to ask me for a rate increase, that was the end of our relationship, and cleaning firms forever.

We now hire independent cleaners that are typically more mature and experienced, and really want to do this work. They get to know our house and what/how we want to get things done. We pay them cash or personal check, but we check to make sure they are "legal" to work in this country. We usually find these people through word of mouth or via reference. We found that works best. Experienced cleaners do not necessarily mean good cleaners! We've had to fire a cleaning lady in her fifties that had 25 years+ plus of experience and did not do a good thorough job. She was also extremely defensive when we pointed out areas that we were not happy with. Bottom line is if you find a cleaning person that you are happy with, does a good job for you, shows up on a regular basis and on time, as scheduled, and puts in the time that you have agreed to, hang on to that person! They're worth their weight in gold.

A strange thing we've encountered is that a lot of cleaners do not want to work by the hour. They want to work for a set routine/price and rush through the work and leave. We refuse to do that. We insist on hiring by the hour, and we expect them to be flexible with the chores that we want done that week and stay for the amount of hours we agreed upon. One week we might ask them to clean the fridge or wash windows (from the inside) once in a while...why not? The work needs to be done anyway, and I'm willing to pay the same hourly rate, no matter what needs cleaning. If they don't want to do the work, I'm going to have to do it myself...

The other startling thing is that cleaners are expensive! In my part of the country (North Carolina) the typically hourly wage for a cleaner is $20-$25 per hour for what we consider low-skill work. I've hired skilled carpenters and painters for $25/hour! I've personally done IT consulting work for $25/hour! We just returned from a work stint in Europe, and the standard hourly rate there for a cleaning person is 10 Euros/hour ($13.50/hour at today's exchange rate)

Lastly, in response to a comment above about hiring a crew of 2 people for a set hourly rate...I assume the hourly rate of $15./hour was for each person, which was a great rate if they did a good job. We have hired a crew of 2 previously, at a set hourly rate, and that was a positive experience for us. Both ladies in this case were experienced cleaners, and had been working together for a long time. The advantage is that they get the job done in half the time, and they're out of your house. That is great especially when you're sick for example, and don't feel like having someone in your house that day.


Subject: $20-$25 per hour for what we consider low-skill work

Really? Maybe because you are employing people who you need to make sure are legal to work, as you stated already you had your shower damaged because a housekeeper scratched on your shower walls. One has to be knowledgeable. You ever wonder how the heck a skilled housekeeper is able to clean your 3 bed 2 bath home in 2 1/2 - 3 hours, when it would take you all day and and not be done even half as well? It takes skill, if it is low skill why are you not able to take a few hours every couple of weeks and do it? You are sure willing to spend allot of money on something that is so easy and takes no knowledge or skill base..... Maybe you keep getting those housekeepers that come in and just wipe things down and leave, when you find a good one you'll get it, or not.


Subject: House Cleaners

I would not work for you. The way to do this kind of of work is to agree on what is to be done on a regular basis(called maintenance) and what things are done periodically and at extra cost. Example: Floor stripping, inside cup boards, shampooing rugs, window cleaning, oven and fridge cleaning.
To enter into this kind of relationship is better for all. No surprises!

Jane Phillips

Subject: House Cleaners

Every house cleaner I have used include in their price, the bathroom, kitchen, dusting, vacuuming, and making beds with fresh linens. This is standard, and what I expect to be done for the $75 flat rate that I pay per week. If they do the work, why does it matter how long it took them. It is also the standard, that if I want windows done, the fridge cleaned out, oven cleaned, laundry pressed or washed, or anything else, there will be an additional charge which I am happy to pay. I would never expect anyone (no matter how skilled) to put up with less pay when they are cleaning my family's bathrooms, floors, and our general mess. I do not expect them to pick up after us, they are there to clean. Just because they are doing a "low skill" job, or because you yourself charge the same amount for your services as they do for their services, does not mean they do not deserve that money, they certainly do. You sound like someone who expects something for nothing, as you expect them to clean your windows simply if you put that on their list of things to do. Windows cleaning is a different business which charges by the window. Show some appreciation for the people that are willing to clean for you and put up with your crappy attitude.


Subject: reply to bigg on housecleaners

Before you complain about housecleaners charging the outrageous amount of $20 an hour, do you have any clue about what their business expenses are and how much they actually net? They have to pay for business insurance, bonding, licenses, gasoline, supplies, vehicle wear and tea, taxes, 100% of their social security taxes (employees normally pay only half) advertising, travel time, etc. Unfortunately, your condenscending attitude is the view of the majority of homeowners who hire cleaners. This is why I only work for businesses and only work for ones that allow me to clean after their business hours.

And, what are you doing by paying them and not 1099ing them? YOU are breaking the law. Now, I personally don't care what arrangements you make but you are saving money and IRS hassle by not doing that. Maybe think about splitting a little of that money with the cleaner?




Ann Hutchens

Subject: How much does it cost to hire a house cleaner?

When you use self employed people or individuals you take a real chance. Reputable businesses do background checks, have worker's comp and liability insurance as well as bonding employees. Otherwise you are at risk. Who pays if a person is injured while working in your home? What if things are broken or disappear.


Subject: housecleaning

i believe david got it wrong, it was $ 15 per hour PER PERSON a fair wage =
my daughter graduated from a really good college and is earning $ 15 an
hour == these are tough times -- people are lucky to have jobs


Subject: house keeping

I actually do this for a living, think about it 15 an hour for 2 hours, i get 30 if I'm lucky i clean two houses the same day, minus supplies, gas, child care, and i also pay taxes not only that but i don't have health insurance and all my health care and prescriptions are out of pocket, but at least i make it to all my kids app. And school activities when there's any

Jan Ryan

Subject: housecleaning

$15/hr is NOT a fair wage!! I charge $30/hr in Missouri. The last time I charged $15/hr was in 1990 and gas was lots cheaper then.


Subject: House cleaners

We hired house cleaners who were self employed. We loved the help. They charged 15$ an hour and always worked in pairs which was great. But after a few months of cleaning for 2 hours every two weeks, they started cleaning for an hour or hour:15 and charging me for 2 hours. That is when I stopped using them. They are welcome to give me a flat fee, but the agreement was based on per hour and it was not okay with me to pay for 2 hours and get just over half that cleaning. But it can really be reasonable to afford for lots of working families.


Subject: expensive

oh please , if you think they were ripping off , you are so wrong!!!!
especially cause they were cleaning your house every 2 weeks, omg I clean my house everyday and you should see the amount of dust is everywhere @
Iam sorry for people like you that take advantage instead of helping


Subject: Per hour

Once organized with a routine, what took 2 hrs in the beginning could be reduced to less time. Also, with the new math, any part of an hour is considered an hour, so if they were finishing in 1 hr 15 mins, they could claim 2 hours. It use to be anything half or over would be an hour. If two people were working, together they worked an equivalent of 2 1/2 hrs. I don't understand your complaint. You got a bargain.

Marcia Linn

Subject: House Cleaning

I cannot believe that this guy felt he was getting ripped off. It would take one person twice as long to do the job. If he truly was agreeing to 15.00 an hour for two hours, That would be 30.00. So if two of them are there working as a team and and they work for an hour, there is no difference in cost


Subject: re: $15 for 2 people for 1 hour...And that it's too much?

If I understand your complaint correctly, you are saying that $15 for 2 people for 1 hour is too much to pay?
Maybe your math is different than mine. $15/2= $7.50 per hour.... ..And that is charging too much?
I wonder, did you pay them for gas, auto maintenance, and materials? I bet not.
Did you think that you were doing them a favor? I bet so.

I also think that they probably felt too bad to tell you that they did not want the job anymore and were very happy when you let them go.

Bridget White

Subject: housecleaner

We've used a few different companies over the years. Some people hear this and assume we are wealthy, but we're just middle-class people who finally were willing to out a price tag on our free time. We have a 2-floor home, about 1600ST with 3 bedrooms and 1-1/2 baths occupied by 2 adults and 2 dogs. We paid an average of $75/week plus tip which we felt was well with regaining our own R&R time on the weekends. We dismissed one company after 3 visits because even after explaining precisely what we wanted in certain areas, they would do it their own way which did not satisfy us. One example: a large, mirrored wall that we asked them to clean with window cleaner and paper towels or squeegee, but they kept doing with a wet washcloth. Our best experience was a woman who left a company to work on her own because the company was making her take shortcuts to meet unrealistic timelines they'd set. She was thorough and careful of our belongings, nice tonight dogs and extremely reliable. Then she moved away so we found a new service which is pretty good but not always accurate in their scheduling. We're not using a service at present due to a change in finances, and we!


Subject: Mirror

Mirrors should be cleaned with plain water. Window cleaner can damage them.

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If the ducts are venting through a window I'm assuming the duct work is all easily accessible.  Lowe's and Home Depot sell a cleaning kit that uses an electric drill to spin the brush as it goes through the ductwork.  I've found it to work quite well and you can do it yourself.  It may take a few passes the first time to get everything out if it has been a while since it was last cleaned.  Just make sure you get all of the loose lint out after running the brush through from both ends and you're good to go.  Please note that if the line is not hard but rather a flex duct line you can easily puncture a whole in it with this kit and will do better to clean it by hand.

Todd Shell
Todd's Home Services
We have a 3800 Sq ft home in Canton, GA and pay $100 for one visit a month for one woman to come clean it. It is a new home so not terribly dirty yet and I give her all the supplies.
Hair spray is one of those things that is really bothersome.  We've run into this alot unfortunately.  And NOTHING we've found will actually clean it off.  The problem is that if you just paint over it, you still see shiny spots wherever the hairspray was.

Our companie's policy is to prime the area with any bonding primer.  This will seal the hairspray in and not let it affect the next coat of paint.  It would also be a good idea to lightly sand the area first.

Our recommendation for primer would be Zinsser's BIN Spray (red can) and can be bought at most paint stores or home improvement stores.  Other than that, any thing that specifically says "bonding" for a primer should be adequate enough. 
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