How Much Does It Cost to Clean Gutters?

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Subject: Gutter guards cost not worth it

I got 2 estimates on gutter guards and they were more expensive than quoted in the article. Even using the math in this article, 200 feet at $8 per foot is $1600, which is still a lot of money. If you can't clean the gutters yourself, hire someone. Even at $150 per cleaning every fall (and I pay less than that), it would take more than 10 years to approach the cost of gutter guards. Plus if you plan on moving within the next 10 years, that's even more reason not to invest in them. Just my 2 cents! :)

Leo Gonano

Subject: Cleaning Gutters of Leaves

I have found that on roofs with minimum slant, the most expedient cleaning tool is a blower and about 15 minutes. The only draw back is the cleanup of the leaves that are blown out of the gutter.


Subject: Cleaning Gutters

Where do you get these so-called "experts" from? This article says that if you have a low population of trees in your community, you do not have to clean your gutters at all. Wrong. Wrong Wrong. If you have an asphalt shingle roof, which most homeowners do, you MUST clean your gutters because asphalt particles come off your roof and accumulate in your gutters, affecting how water moves toward the downspout. In fact, these asphalt particles will eventually completely clog your gutters if not removed.


Subject: square feet?

I've always heard gutters referred to by the linear foot, not by square feet. Have I missed something?


Subject: Gutter cleaning

I have honey locust trees. They have very small leaves, large seed pods and leaf stems which fall in abundance this time of year. I've considered leaf guards but, as Gail has pointed out, the leaf stems would clog it up and I would end up on a ladder anyway pulling them out of the screen. If it has rained a leaf blower isn't going to work. Sometimes, in summer, I use compressed air. That works great until it rains or the pods start falling. So, up the ladder I go. Will do it myself as long as I'm able.

charles quigley

Subject: cleaning gutters

I have a 2 story house with an attached garage. The pitch of the roof is about 10%. I use a ladder to go up onto the garage, and the same ladder to go from the garage to the upper roof. I use a gas driven blower to blow out the gutters. It works great and takes very little time. It is safe, as long as you pay attention to what you are doing.


Subject: Gutter Screens

Gutter screens are great for leaves, but if one has a lot of pine trees around their house like I do, the screens are useless. The pine needles get through the holes on the screen, and then I have to take the screen off to clean out the gutter. We have so many pine trees around the house (not my choice) that I have to clean the gutters four times a year.

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Two notes #1 20 feet is going to cost you more per foot that 100 feet.  #2 All prices are relative to Your market ie Omaha is less expensive than St Lious.  Here expect to pay on the 100 foot job $5 to $6 per foot of gutter (5" aluminum) plus the $4 to $5 a foot for the downspouts and $15 to $20 for soffit and facsia covering ie vinyl soffit panels and painted or vinyl clad aluminum covering the fascia.  In the trade a soffit & fascia job. 

Jim Casper Gutter & Gutter Cover contractor in Iowa & Nebraska

ps see my website for blogs on gutters & covers

Leaf Filter doesn't work, it makes things worse. They are terrible. We spent $3,400 and didn't have an existing problem but we thought we could avoid having our gutters cleaned every year as we have a lot of large trees.  Now the water pours over the top. Our 4' overhang over our back deck is like it's not even there, the deck is soaked to the slider. Our firewood supply under the deck which is where we've stored dry wood for 8 years, is soaked. The ground around our foundation is soaked. Every time it rains, water splashes clear to the siding. Our boots that we leave on our covered front porch are all ruined as the water pours over the top and soaks our front porch. DO NOT install these. We have requested that they remove them and refund our money. They're so bad that, even if they refuse to refund us, I want the product removed and I will eat the $3,400.
Unless you are constructing a French Drain (dry well filled with rock or debris and no exit) style system you use a non perforated system.  Cut the plastic flush on the angle where it daylights if the slope is great enough,  If you need it river rock can be used to construct a dry riverbed type drainage ditch out from the daylighted drain.  
Old Waterproofing Contractor & Gutter Contractor
Jim Casper