How Much Does Insurance Go up after an Accident?

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Thane Ahrens

Subject: Clarification To My Previous Comment

I need to make a clarification to my previous comment, which is currently pending. I mentioned,

"A person in a store parking lot backed their car into mine (causing approx. $950 in needed repairs with a 4 day rental car). The person admitted it was their fault and it was determined this was true."

The clarification I need to make is that "with a 4 day rental car" means the other person's insurance will be paying for a 4 day rental car while mine is fixed. The claim from my insurance, that should not have been filed and was canceled the next day, had also included that I may need a rental paid for by them.

I don't want my comment to have anyone thinking the accident happened in a rental car. It was in my own vehicle that someone backed into.

Thane Ahrens

Subject: Question: Raising rates over a not at fault canceled claim.

Is it normal for your premium to go rise and to have a claim on your credit record if the accident was admitted from the start it was not your fault and put in the record that way as well?

Long story short, I have State Farm insurance. A person in a store parking lot backed their car into mine (causing approx. $950 in needed repairs with a 4 day rental car). The person admitted it was their fault and it was determined this was true.

I immediately called to let my insurance company know it happened and they opened a collision claim (I was given differing reasons why they did and said I shouldn't have told them about the accident). I had the collision claim with my insurance canceled since as I said to them (and they agreed) on the phone that I should not have a claim since I have a claim with the other person's insurance that is handling the matter & for the fact it was not my fault they hit my car.

State Farm claimed before this, all year long, my insurance would go way down after this year with them. Instead, it went up over $150 for the next 6 months. I got a similar price quote as my State Farm renewal from another insurance company I called (can't remember if it was State Auto or Liberty Mutual).

Out of frustration, I hesitantly called Geico and my quote was a few hundred dollars less but when they noticed the claim on my credit record, my quote increased by approximately $60. The paperwork they sent me mentions their quote is based on a credit check that shows a claim on my record.

Is this normal or should I be trying to find out how can I find out about fixing this? The person giving me the quote at Geico said it sounded normal but I am not sure that is correct.

Jenna Owens

Subject: Not Common!

Lisa - That's pretty strange. I got in what I thought was a very minor accident while covered by Geico. They found me at fault (although it was at least partially the other driver's fault), and within 2 months they had more than doubled my premium. No idea why they would hold off...

Lisa Eicholtz

Subject: Time to raise rates

Is there a time period in which a policy will see the rate increase when the policy holder is at fault in an accident. I had an accident in July 2012 and was at fault. It would be considered major from the figures above. I have paid 4 renewals since then with no rate increase (fall 2012, spring 2013, fall 2013 and spring 2014), I just received a letter telling me that my fall 2014 policy will be increasing by 18% because of my July 2012 accident.

I have a new State Farm agent (my last just retired). Is it typical for a policy increase to take this long?

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You could have paid a little more per month and gotten a lower deductible policy. The deductible is the amount you agreed to. To "get out of it" it is breaking the law. You probably thought, like we all do, that nothing will happen to me, so I'll get the cheapest per month. I think that's what most people do, so you're not alone there.  


See if you can make  a deal with the repair company; they may let you pay a little per month. The repair shop may be your best best bet in getting some sort of "deal". Nothing illegal, of course.....

Next time though, think about paying a little more per month for a little more ins. (One-day less fast food lunch, or movie night, or smart phone, etc) and you can reduce your deductible quite a bit.
Hope that last paragraph doesn't sound too judgemental, it's what I'd tell my son or daughter. (Before they bought the crap insurance in the first place, if they'd only ask, right?)  
Too late now though, just live and learn.

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